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Weekend Slave

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Steve P.

Slave arrived after a long journey without any bag or any thing except the clothes he was wearing. Master opened the door and let slave inside, then carefully locked and chained the door. As instructed, slave got on all fours and found Master's bare feet, and began to lick them. He licked one foot from toe to heel, then the other foot. When he thought he had finished, Master placed the first foot under slaves mouth, and his tongue began all over again. Slave was kept on the floor licking Mas- ter's feet over and over, until the Master order him to the open coat closet; without getting up slave was instructed to strip and place his clothes in the closet. Once done, the Master closed, and locked, the door. Slave was next led to the bathroom, where a large red bag hung on the back of the door, a long hose reach- ing down. Slave was instructed to place the nozzle up his ass- hole, and then Master opened the valve and let the mildly soapy warm water run into the slave. As more ran in, it became uncom- fortable, but kept running until the bag was emptied. Master waited for a few minutes before allowing slave to sit on the toilet and empty his asshole. With Master watching, slave dumped the contents of his asshole. Master prepared another, plain warm water enema, and gave the nozzle back to slave and the process was repeated. Once slave was emptied again, Master left the bathroom, leaving behind a large dildo, which slave was to insert in his asshole before crawling out to the Master. With much difficulty because of the size of the dildo, slave complied and crawled on all four out of the bathroom. In the main room, slave found his Master playing with his cock, now big and hot. Slave wanted to get his mouth on that cock, but knew he couldn't with- out direct orders. Instead slave was told to grab his own cock and play with it until he got himself hard. Abruptly, Master ordered slave to stop, and turn around. Master then pulled out the dildo and inserted his own hard, condom-covered cock, and began to fuck his slave. The slave tightened his asshole around his Masters cock, giving it the tight feel that Master liked. He almost thought Master would cum, but he pulled out. Slave felt incomplete, like he had not satisfied his Master; but Master had other plans. The big dildo was put back in, and slave sat on the floor at his Master's feet and both drank soda while watching a video. Soon a knock at the door and Master ordered slave to go open the door. Embarrassed at being naked, slave nevertheless obeyed his Master and went on all fours to the door and opened it. It was one of Master's friends who dropped by occasionally. The door was re-locked, the friend took a seat across from the Master, and all continued to drink soda. Master and his friend engaged in conversation, much of it about slaves and their duty to follow orders. Then Master said to his slave: "don't you have something to say right now?" And the slave, carefully briefed, recited his line: "Yes, Sir: I have to pee-pee." The friend was startled and asked the slave to repeat the line, which he dutiful- ly did. Slave was told to get a blue box from the next room: on top of it was a rubber sheet, which he was ordered to spread on the floor. Then the slave lay on the sheet while the friend took from the box a diaper and some baby powder. The Master then allowed the friend to slip the diaper under slave's ass, powder his crotch, and fasten the diaper. Then the Master and his friend sat in their chairs as the slave lay on the floor in front of them.

The Master then told the slave that he should pee-pee now, for he was properly prepared. With the two men looking on, the slave let go his load of piss into the diaper. The wetness showed through the plastic liner, and the friend congratulated the Master on having such a fine slave who performed so well. The friend was allowed to remove the wet diaper and wipe slave with a baby-wipe; then the friend left. The Master came back into the room and told his slave he had performed well. He pulled out his Master cock and allowed slave to suck on it...but only to get him hard. Then Master stopped him, turned him around, removed the dildo, and again fucked his slave, this time fucking so hard that he came. Without any further fanfare, the first night of the slaves visit was completed. There was very little force, almost no pain, in fact, many things the slave enjoyed. It was a quiet time, and as Master showed slave to his spot on the floor at the foot of Master's bed, there was a calm feeling in the slave...which he knew would eventually be shat- tered by Master's harsh discipline soon enough this weekend. slave awoke to the touch of Master pulling his hands behind him and tying them together. Then Master dragged slave off to the bathroom so slave could lick Masters ass why the Master washed and shaved. When he was done, Master gave the slave a short enema and sat him on the toilet until he was finished. The Master shoved a buttplug up slaves ass and had him follow behind on the way to the kitchen. Slave kneeled at the table while Master prepared a breakfast for himself, only at the last minute throw- ing some scrambled egg into one bowl and some coffee into another and placing it on the floor for the slave.

After breakfast, Master untied the slave and tied the laces around his balls, the other end he tied onto slaves buttplug. Then he had him dress for the morning outings. Slave followed behind as Master did shopping and picked up laundry, each time giving the package to slave to carry. When they came home and slave had finished carrying everything inside and helping put things away, slave was ordered to strip again, which he did.

This time, slaves hands were tied to two rings in the ceiling in the middle of the room. Master checked to see that his balls were still tied and his buttplug still in. Then, for various inconveniences the slave caused during shopping, Master took a paddle and whacked the slaves ass till it was red, and slave was asking him to stop. Master did stop whacking the ass, but he got out the titclips and attached several pairs to the slaves tits. slave was complaining about how they hurt, but Master didn't lis- ten, instead getting out the penis gag and buckling it around slaves head. slave was watching as Master walked around the room, getting out various toys, so the Master took the blindfold and tied that around slave too.

Master now took out some laces and placed then around the head of slaves cock, the dangling ends being tied to small weights. When he passed by, Master would start the weights swing- ing, causing slaves cock to have a constantly changing pressure on the end. Master took a pair of smooth leather gloves, put them on, and with just the fingertips, outlined slaves body from top to bottom. He could see slaves skin tingle, and his cock get harder, so he continued the gentle stroking; then silently he picked up the paddle and again began to whack at the ass. The slave was making muffled cries, which the Master ignored, prodding until they became almost whimpers.

Master stopped, he allowed the slave to rest, then he untied his hands from the ceiling, and tied them behind his back, allow- ing the slave to kneel on the floor and rest. Then slave could feel Masters bare feet playing with his cock, walking up his body to his tits, inching around his arms and pulling slaves body toward him. slave moved towards the Master, feeling his strong hairy legs on either side of him. Masters hand reached behind slaves head and removed the penis gag...slipping it out of slaves mouth so it lay right beside Masters cock. slave licked at his Masters cock until he was told what else he should do...like suck on the entire shaft. When that order came, slave dutifully opening his mouth and took the entire shaft in, burying his nose in Masters crotch hair, loving the smell of his Masters crotch. Master gave explicit instructions, which slave followed, licking and sucking, faster or slower. When done to Masters liking, the titclips would swing and create a pleasant/painful sensation in his tits...which actually made him work faster. Master finally grabbed slaves head, pushed it into his crotch, and shot his load to the pleasurable moans of the slave.

Master stared down at this slave...deciding to save some pleasures for later. He removed the titclips and the penis laces. He determined that the buttplug was still ok, and the lace around his balls wasn't hurting. So Master lead the blindfolded slave back to his place at the foot of Masters bed, had him lie down, covered him with the blanket, and left him to rest. Tonight was yet to come. Have could hear voices in the next room for some time before Master came to the bedroom to get him. The blanket was pulled off and slave could see four guys standing behind his Master. Each one eye balled the slave, and gave his approval. With this settled, Master took some underwear, t-shirt and jeans, and jogging shoes and gave them to slave, who was untied and told to dress. With everyone watching, slave dressed himself in the somewhat ill-fitting clothes, then was led into the center of a circle made by the five men. Each grabbed hold of the slave, tightly, for a short time, then let go...all at once. Remaining in the center of the group and guided by his Master, slave was led from the building to a van, where he was dumped in the back while the five men took seats...and the van drove off.

After about a half hour of driving, the van swerved into a drive and stopped. The five men got out, but Master ordered the slave to wait. They were gone a short time, then the Master reappeared at the back of the van and blindfolded the slave. He told his slave that tonight would be special it would be difficult...but he would do well. He had better not disappoint his Master! slave was led from the van into a nearby building, down some stairs, around a corner...to a room that had a peculiar smell he could not identify. slave was placed in the middle of the room, his Master placed handcuffs on him and said welcome. One of the men came forward, placed a gag in slaves mouth and said he expect- ed him to do well. The second man came forward, tied a short bar between slaves ankles and said he had no more to fear from them than from his own Master. The third man brought a collar, which he buckled around the slaves neck, saying his good performances had been reported. The fourth man came forward, his hands laying on slaves shoulders, then across his chest to his tits, which he grabbed, saying he had heard about their toughness, giving one more pinch.

The five men were surrounding the slave; he could feel their presence. Two on either side grabbed his arms and held him tight- ly. The man in front grabbed slaves t-shirt and ripped the front open. The two men on his arms moved one hand each to the nearest tit and rubbed it gently in a circle...making it erect. They got rougher, then stopped abruptly as the man in front clamped a heavy titclip on each one. slaves breathing increased, his body arched from the pain...and he felt his Masters face beside his head...his voice gently telling him to go on. Then slave real- ized his pants had been opened and someone was rubbing his under- pants, making his cock hard. The man played with his cock through the pants, then with a decisive movement, ripped open the briefs, letting the cock pop out. He took a lace and tied it around slaves balls, around his cock.

They let slave rest a short time, then someone grabbed the titclips and tugged at them...giving a sharp pain. Screaming under the gag, the slave slowly controlled himself as the five men looked on. When he was calmed, someone in back ripped his pants, letting them fall to the floor and rubbed his ass through the briefs. Master was nibbling at one ear, quietly telling the slave that all would be well. So far, slave had not seen the other men do anything excessive...but if they did, he want sure his Master could stop them. This made him uneasy. Someone un- tied his hands. Then the back of his shirt was ripped open by someone, then he felt something upon his bare back... a cool but coarse blanket or something. Then two men grabbed him under the shoulders, holding the thing behind him... Two other men lifted his feet off the ground...and he found the blanket followed him to a horizontal position...and it was fastened to the ceil- ing...supporting him...a sling.

Slave felt himself floating in the air as his clothes were removed, not gently, but by ripping each piece off. his hands were tied to two straps at one end of the sling...his legs to two at the other end. The men moved around him, their hands under the sling...he could feel it on his back. Then someone put a nozzle up his ass, and an enema was begun. He smelled something strange...sulphurous, briefly...then he felt the sharp sting of wax dripping over his chest and stomach. They came at regular intervals, in an irregular pattern...dotting his chest while the enema flowed in. Both stopped at the same time, and the hose was removed from his asshole. The pressure built in his gut, but slave didn't know what the was to do... at least, he couldnt go anywhere else...hands massaged his stomach and his bare ass, sensuously, his body swinging gently in the sling...when he final- ly had to let go... and the water flowed from his asshole to the verbal approval of his audience.

This was not the end...just the beginning...but slave was allowed a rest. When slave had rested, the men returned, his Master at his ass. With a well-lubed gloved hand, the Master began gently probing the slaves asshole. The four men stood two on each side, rubbing his tits, his balls, his cock. Soon the Master was preparing a large dildo to be inserted in the slaves asshole. The men on the side stood close to slave and he could feel their hard bare cocks on his sides as the Master inserted the dildo, slowly at first until all the way in, then in and out with increasing speed. As he became aware that slave might cum, he stopped and removed the dildo, preparing instead his own cock. Once dressed and lubed, the Masters cock was placed on the slaves asshole and the four men gently swung the sling so slave would be impaled on his Masters ass. As a rhythm was estab- lished, the four men held their own cocks in one hand as they moved the slave back and forth on his Masters cock. The Master reacted by shoving his rod into the slave, causing all the other men to feel his sexual power.

The intensity of the scene increased, sweat dripping from everyone, until the Master shot inside his slave, and the slave, with some stimulation from one of the men, shot on his own stom- ach. Then, too, the four men on the sides each shot off...till slaves stomach was dripping with cum from himself and four oth- ers. The fever pitch died down as the six men recovered. Move- ment ceased, breathing eased. The swinging of the sling stopped. There was a moment of complete silence...then slave felt the first of four streams of piss crossing his stomach, washing away the cum. Strangely cooling, the sweet smell of the piss managed to hide the previous smell of sweat...and all felt the recovery was completed. Cloths were brought to wipe down slave, who was removed from the sling and wiped down in a stand- ing position, front and back. Finished, he knelt before his Master, as each man came up, shaked the Master's hand, and slapped his cock on the slaves shoulder.

When the last man had finished, slave was given new clothes by the Master and told to dress quickly. Then, with the four men as escorts, slave and Master were led up the stairs to the van, slave again in the back, and the drive home began. slave could hear the men in the front talking about the evening, and congratu- lating the Master for such a good and cooperative slave. Master accepted the compliments on behalf of his slave, with some men- tion of shortcomings and future training. Arriving home, slave and Master entered alone, the door was locked, and slave was ordered to strip. Once naked and kneeling, the remaining blind- fold and gag were taken off, and slave was ordered to shower. When he was finished, slave crawled from the bathroom and was told by his Master to go to his place at the foot of the bed. Some time later, following at least one phone call, Master came to bed, finding the slave exhausted but not quite asleep. The lights were out when slave heard his Master summon him. He crawled beside the bed, where his Masters arm reached out to his neck and pulled the slave into the bed. He was told he did very well, that he made his Master proud, and that his friends were suitably impressed. Slave was to remember who trained him, who made him so worthy, and never never was slave to accept any propo- sition from the other men...he belonged to his Master...they knew it...he knew it...and the greatest disgrace slave could bring was to submit to another. slave promised, grateful for all his Mas- ter had done; and the Master's arms enfolded the slave, who cud- dled next to his Masters naked body, afraid to touch it, but oh so comfortable to be so close. With reassuring words that he had been perfect, the slave passed into sleep secure in his Master's arms, in his Master's bed.

The next morning began like two old college roommates...each finding their way around the place, sharing the duties...teamwork personified. You couldn't tell them apart, except that slave had remained naked. he was to leave shortly, alas, perhaps, he thought, without any further work. But Master needed to reassert himself, and after breakfast, ordered the slave into the bathroom for an enema, then into the bedroom across the bed for a good ass-whacking...then Master's cock needed servicing, and was made available for slave to suck. Crawling between his Master's legs, slave found and worked on the cock, sucking the symbol of his Master's superiority. Master grabbed the back of slave's head, holding it just as he shot off. slave found this the culmination of the visit, the ultimate reward. he was allowed to dress, and leave without any further word or contact...only when he got home did he find a beautiful token of appreciation in his bag...a personal reminder! slave knew his Master was something special and eagerly looked forward to another visit.

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