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Workout With Grandpa

By SanPalo

submitted May 29, 1998

Categories: Family Fun

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"Hi" Grandpa, "you ready to workout?

"Yes" son, "let me put on my jock and shorts."

"I'll meet you in the garage," grandpa.

I went to the garage and started my daily routine of warm-ups then grandpa came in wearing tight workout shorts which to me looked more like bike shorts, I could see his jock through the thin material. We both continued to stretch and do warm-up exercises. Then I lay on the bench to do some bench presses.

Son, "you want me to spot for you while you workout?"

"Yeah, that would be great," grandpa. "What made you wear those shorts today?"

"I don't know," son, "I just saw them in the draw and thought they would be great to wear, as long as I have my jock on I don't need any thing more for support."

"So," grandpa, "you could workout in just your jock if you wanted?"

"Yes," son, "I did workout in just my jock before you moved in with me."

Granddad, "that makes me feel bad that you can't be yourself now that I live here. Please be yourself I feel it is very important for both of us to be ourselves at all times. Take those shorts off I want you to do exactly as you would if I was not here. Here step over here and let me help you off with those."

Grandpa steps in front of me and I reach up and grab the waist band of his shorts and slide them down his legs. Grandpa steps out of his shorts and I throw them on a chair nearby.

"Wow" grandpa, "you sure fill out your jock, don't you?"

"Well I have a fairly big set of balls and my dick is fair for an old man. Take off your shorts also, I don't want to feel awkward being the only one in his jock."

I reach down and quickly remove my shorts and lay back down to do more bench presses.

Son' "it looks like you have a fair set of balls also."

"Well my cock is not quite as large as yours."

"They might be more even when they are both hard, you know what they say about cocks hard and soft."

Grandpa walks back to the front by my head to be my spot, I can't believe my eyes when I look up and see his huge package sticking out over my head.

Grandpa, "I have never seen anyone that big before."

"What do you mean," son.

"From down here it looks like your balls are four inches across and the cock head is pushing out over your balls."

"Well," son, "I do get a little hard when I workout in my jock, it is just a natural thing I guess between the rigorous exercise and being almost nude. They both seem to be a stimulus for making me horny. I always shower and jack off after my workout. Do you find the same thing happens with you?"

"Yes I sure do," grandpa, "I thought I was going to be embarrassed if I got a hard on working out with you."

"Don't worry," son, "it is natural and nothing to be ashamed of, I used to see my daddy and grand daddy all the time with their hard cocks sticking straight up. If you are not too bashful we can shower at the same time and jack off while we shower."

We continued for about two hours doing all our exercises and all the while each of us were getting harder and harder, finally grandpa said he had to take his jock off because it was hurting his cock.

Son, "do you mind if I take off my jock."

"No," grandpa, "I don't mind at all, if you want tomorrow we don't have to wear a jock as far as I am concerned, who is going to see us no one. I sure don't have any problem with you being nude in front of me and I feel you don't object either to seeing male nude bodies. Now let me do another round of bench presses."

We were both nude now both having removed our jocks, I lay back on the bench again and asked grandpa to spot again for me. He stood at my head and helped a couple times when I got in trouble.

"Grandpa, "you are dribbling something on my forehead."

"Sorry," son, "I dribble a lot of precum when I get hot and horny, here let me wipe it off."

Grandpa reaches down and cleans my forehead with his index finger. I was surprised thou when he brought the precum to his mouth and licked his fingers clean. He did not seem to mind that I was watching him as he clean the head of his cock and licked that off his fingers also.

Grandpa, "do you always eat your precum like that?"

"Yes," son, "when I get real horny I like to taste the precum and cum when I shoot off."

"Do you eat all the cum when you are horny?"

"Yes, I usually eat all of my cum."

Grandpa, "if you feel comfortable doing it why don't you go ahead and jack off on my chest and then scoop up your cum and eat it."

"You don't mind if I cum on your chest?"

"No," grandpa, "I don't mind, it comes out of you so it can't be bad."

"Well if you don't mind," son, "I can shoot off on your chest, you want me to turn around or doing from standing here."

He was still above my head and I wanted him to stay there. He wraps his big fist around his cock and begins jacking, I don't know what possessed me I reached up and felt his balls and held them as he continued to jack himself. I ran my other hand up and down the inside of his muscular thighs. Soon grandpa started squirting cum everywhere, all over my chest, face and neck, I have never seen so much cum. Grandpa stood over me and milked the remaining cum out, he seem to be aiming it for my mouth. I left my mouth closed though as three or four large globs of cum fell on my lips and around my mouth. Grandpa recovered and looked down at me and started laughing.

"Open your mouth," son, "see how grandpa's cum tastes."

I obeyed and slowly opened my mouth and let the cum ooze into my mouth. I use my tongue to roll the globs around in my mouth and taste the rich sweet flavor of grandpa's cum. Grandpa then takes globs of cum off my chest and feeds them to me until there was no cum left anywhere.

"Well," son, "it sure looks like you enjoyed your old grandpa's cum, I was so hot I lost it when I started cumming and wanted to stick my cock in your mouth and empty my cum on your tongue. I was not sure how you would have handled that, but now I think you would have liked that. Maybe next time you might want to let me stick my cock right at your lips and squirt my cum into your mouth. That way you don't lose so much from it being smeared on your body."

Grandpa' "I was really surprised how good your cum does taste, I had tasted mine before and thought it was good, but yours is so rich, creamy and sweet. It must be your age that makes the difference. I will try next time to let you just squirt your cum right into my mouth, I would not object to that."

"Well," son, "you need relief and since you made no objections to eating my cum I want to return the favor for you, I want to get the cum right from the source though, not after it leaves your cock."

"What do you mean," grandpa.

Son, "I hope you have no objections, I want to suck you off instead of jacking you off or letting you jack off in my mouth. Have you ever been sucked off before?"

"No," grandpa, "what do you do when you suck me off?"

"Well you know what sucking is, but what I will do is take your cock in my mouth and suck it and use my tongue on the cock head and do many other things to make you feel good and cum for me. I did not tell you before, I sucked my granddad and daddy until they passed away. I was always between one of their legs sucking. They were always willing to give me cock. They both told me I was the best cock sucker they had ever had. One of them would let me sleep with them at night and I would suck them all night while they slept."

"Please," grandpa, "you are making me more hot, please suck me I need to get my nuts off."

Grandpa kneels down between my legs, takes my Cock head into his mouth and tongues the head and sucks me, I could not hold back I started squirting cum immediately. Grandpa continues to suck while I empty all my cum. After finishing sucking all my cum out he looks up at me and says.

"You sure have a short fuse," son, "I hope next time I get to suck you longer. It was a big load though, sure tasted great, sweet and creamy."

Grandpa, "I promise next time it will be longer, it was such a great feeling being sucked for the first time I could not control myself."

"Well I am sorry your first blow job was so short, but one thing I can promise it will not be your last. I plan to suck this thing every night, soft or hard it does not matter, as long as I get to suck it."

Grandpa , "you think I would like sucking your cock?"

Son, " I really think you would, you have already tasted my cum, so now all you have to do is put my cock in your mouth, hold it there until you get used to having a cock in your mouth and then slowly lick, suck and what ever your feel like doing to it, except biting. The next thing is being able to handle the cum when it starts shooting out, you can let it go straight down your throat or let it shoot in your mouth. I like to let it shoot in my mouth and then I can savor the taste of the sweet cum. You will develop your preferences after you suck me three or four times."

Grandpa, "will you need to be sucked tonight, why don't I sleep with you now since we know each other better." As I wink at grandpa.

"Yes," son, "I sure will, I get excited sucking cock, if you want to you can suck me off before we go to sleep."

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