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First Time Suck, Fuck and Spanking

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I was visiting my brother in Madison. His roommate was gone for the weekend so I was going to stay in Mike's room. But his girlfriend showed up and they didn't want me there, so he asked his friend Todd if I could stay with him in his room. I had never met Todd before, but when he came over from his room and walked into my brother Mike's room, I couldn't believe how hot he was. He was blonde with green eyes and since he only had on a loose pair of shorts, I could see that his body was smooth like mine. He walked right up to me and stuck out his hand. I reached out and we shook hands. "Why don't you come to my room now Scott? Then these two can have all night together and then we can all hang out tomorrow." I looked at Mike and his girlfriend Niki. "That's cool," Mike said. "Is that okay with you Scott?"

"Yeah. No problem," I said, "Let me grab my stuff."

Todd reached out his hand again and I took it and he pulled me to my feet. But he pulled a little to fast and I fell into him. I put my arms out to break my fall and ended up hugging him. He put his arms around me and said, "Bet you're gonna want to kiss me too, huh?"

"Not on the first date," I said as I grabbed my duffel bag and backpack.

Todd and I then left for his room after agreeing to meet in Mike's room at 10:00 o'clock the next morning.

In Todd's room he told me that the bottom bunk would be mine. He then said that he had to take a shower and that he'd be back in maybe 20 minutes and then we could figure out something to do.

He left and I couldn't help looking around the room. There was a picture of a really hot chick on his desk that must have been his girlfriend I figured. I was about to check my email on his computer when he walked back into the room.

"I forgot a towel," he said, "Hey. Do you wanna take a shower too? You can see what dorm showers are like then. Are you planning on going to college next year?"

"Yeah. Probably here. I need a shower, but I didn't bring a towel," I said.

"Oh. I got extras," he said. He pulled one out of his closet. "Lesson one: You don't want to wear anything besides your towel when you go to take a shower or it will probably be stolen." Then he bent over and pulled his shorts off. He was facing kind of away from me, so I got a good look at his round firm ass. But I had to force myself to look away because I was afraid of getting hard in front of him.

I pulled my shirt over my head, then took off my Teva sandals and then my shorts and boxers.

"Damn!" Todd said, "Do you work out a lot? You're in better shape than Mike."

"Yeah. Mike and I worked out for a couple hours a day when he was home, but he says that he can't find that sorta time anymore." I wrapped the towel around my waist and followed Todd out the door.

It was all I could do to not pop a boner in the shower. Todd and I were the only guys in the shower area, and he spent a long time washing his hair facing away from me, which gave me lots of time to check out his smoking hot butt. But I started to get hard again, so I forced myself to look away again.

Todd didn't say anything to me as we walked back to the room. In the room, he closed and locked the door and then walked right up to me. "I noticed you looking at me in the shower. You're gay aren't you?"

"What? Shut up," I said, "I wanted to see what sort of shape you were in, that's all. I'm not gay."

"Right. So how come you were only looking at me when I was facing away from you. I could see you in the reflection of the shower control ya know. I think you were checking out my ass."

"Yeah. Whatever. I'm not gay," I said.

"Really? What about that 'don't kiss on the first date' comment in Mike's room. I bet you really do want to kiss me, don't you?"

"Shut up," I said, "Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not gay and I don't want to kiss you."

"Okay," Todd said, "if you're not gay, can I give you the gay test? I bet that within five minutes you will be asking me to kiss you."

"What the fuck?" I said, "Yeah. Go for it. What's the test?"

"You think you can handle it?" Todd asked me.

"Go for it," I said.

"All right. The test is if you are hard within five minutes and also ask me to kiss you."

"Go nuts," I said.

Todd moved behind me. "You do have a nice body boy. Smooth and firm." He reached out and started a slow massage of my shoulders. Then he slowly moved his hands down my back. "Nice strong back." His hands slid over the towel and onto my butt. He gently squeezed my buns and rubbed his hands across them. I could feel my cock getting hard.

He knelt down behind me. "I think it's time we got rid of this towel. He leaned forward and took the towel in his teeth and pulled. It came undone and fell off. I was now totally naked. My cock was about half hard. But I knew that he could not yet see it. He blew gently on my buns and that got my cock hard immediately. He put his hands on my ankles and then slowly slid them up to my butt. He cupped my buns and then began rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks. "Nice smooth tight ass, Scott. I bet you like it when I squeeze your buns."

I didn't say anything.

He pulled my buns apart and blew on my butthole. That got me so turned on that my body kinda shuddered. "You like that, don't you boy?" And then he squeezed both butt cheeks and kissed each one a few times. "Such a sexy little kissable ass you got, Scott. Turn around and face me, let's see how your cock is doing."

I turned to face him. My cock was completely hard. It's 6" when hard, and now there was a drop of pre-cum at the tip.

"And you still wanna tell me that you're not gay?" He looked up at me.

"I would get hard if anyone touched my ass and blew on it, so don't flatter yourself," I said.

"So this means nothing, huh?" he said as he reached out and wrapped his right hand around my cock.

I gasped as he began stroking me. "Nice cock. Nice and thick. Mmmm. That pre-cum looks good." He blew on my cock and that made my stomach flutter.

He looked up at me. His lips were inches away from my cock. "You like that when I blow on your cock boy. I bet that feels real good."

He began stroking me faster and faster. "You got a big cock for a high-school boy. I can't even get my hand all the way around it." He stroked me very fast for a little while then slowed down to firm slow strokes.

"You are fucking sexy as hell. Nice smooth body in awesome shape. Hot fucking little ass, nice big cock that looks good enough to eat."

With that, he took the tip of my cock in his left hand and pulled it off the side. His right hand now went back to my butt and he began squeezing and rubbing my left butt cheek. He moved forward and began to kiss along the length of my cock. He was moaning and talking very soft. "So hot. Such a hot ass. Such a hot cock, so thick and big." he looked up at me. "I bet I could still deep throat you."

I was so turned on now. "Go for it," I said.

"Mmm. I'd love to suck you off. Slide my lips up and down your cock. Feel it sliding in and out of my mouth and into my throat. I never sucked a cock as thick as yours, but I'd love to try." He was now holding the length of my cock with his left hand and planting little kisses all over the tip of my cock. I couldn't stop watching him.

His right hand had stopped rubbing and squeezing my butt and now I felt a finger against my butt hole. He slowly rubbed around and around my butt hole pushing more and more.

I watched him as he would kiss all over the sides of the tip of my cock and then plant his lips right on the very tip and then just hold his lips there, with the tip of my cock right against his lips. "You want me to suck you, don't you? You want me to open my lips and take your cock in my mouth. I bet you want to just grab my head and ram that big thick cock into my mouth. You want me to give you a blowjob, Scott? Is that what you want?"

"Fucking-A dude. I'm so hot and horny now. Yeah. Suck me. Go for it."

His finger popped into my asshole. He began a slow rhythmic in and out motion with his finger. It felt incredible. I began thrusting forward and back. He held still. I would push forward and push my cock against his lips. I would push back and feel his finger enter my ass. I began pushing forward farther and back farther. Most of the times when I would push forward he would keep his lips closed, but sometimes he would open them just a little and take maybe half of the tip of my cock into his mouth.

Then I would push back farther and soon I knew that his entire finger was sliding in and out of my butt.

"Oh yeah," Todd said, "I knew you would like this. You love having me finger-fuck that hot tight ass of yours, and you want me open my lips and let you fuck my mouth, don't you?"

I was sticking my butt back and Todd was wiggling his fingers in my ass making me feel like I was about to shoot my load. He had moved his other hand to my right butt cheek and was squeezing it and giving it a slap every now and then.

He opened his mouth wide. "Come on. Shove it in. Ram that cock into my mouth. Make me suck it. Shove it all the way in. I want to feel that whole big cock of yours in my mouth."

I moved forward, but just as I was about to slide my cock into Todd's mouth, he closed his lips.

Then he stood up. He pulled his finger from my butt and grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled me to him. He put his face right up to mine. "I will suck your cock, Scott. I will get on my knees again and take your cock in my mouth. In fact, I want to give you a blowjob. I want that big hot cock of yours in my mouth. I want to look up and see you watching me suck your cock. I want to rub and squeeze and slap that sexy little ass of yours while I do it.” As he said this, he rubbed my buns, gave them both a very firm squeeze and then a several very hard and fast slaps before he firmly grabbed them again.

"I will give you an awesome blowjob. I will lick your butt hole. You can cum in my mouth. All you have to do is ask me to kiss you."

"Kiss me," I said.

Todd leaned in and put his lips against mine. I pulled his towel off and slid my hands down his firm back onto his muscular little ass.

Our mouths were pressed against each other. He sucked on my tongue and then I sucked on his. I felt his finger enter my butt again and I reached down and slid a finger into his ass.

Our tongues were swirling around against each other. With one hand I was sliding a finger in and out of his butt, while my other hand was rubbing and squeezing and slapping his sexy smooth buns.

Todd broke our kiss and said, "Now I am going to give you the best blowjob you ever had. I want you to let that big cock of yours shoot in my mouth."

Todd knelt and took my cock into his right hand. His left was still finger fucking my ass. He guided my cock to his lips. While looking up at me, he slowly opened his lips and took the tip of my cock into his mouth. It felt incredible. He was moaning now as his lips slid down my cock taking more of it into his mouth. I felt another finger enter my ass. He backed off a little on my cock, only to move forward again taking a little more of my cock into his mouth. His head began to bob slowly back and forth. Sometimes he would go back and forth, sucking on only the length of my cock that had already been in his mouth. Then he would move forward more, taking a little more each time in between his lips.

His fingers were increasing their tempo and he was wiggling them around inside me.

Then he stopped bobbing his head. He just held about half of my cock in his mouth. I could feel his tongue going in circles around the tip and rubbing back and forth against the sensitive bottom of my cock.

In one move, he took the entire length of my cock into his mouth. I gasped and nearly fell over. At the same time, he slid the two fingers all the way up my butt, along with a third finger.

My entire body shook. I grabbed his head to steady myself and then began to fuck him in the mouth.

"Yeah! I'm gonna cum! Shit yeah. That feels great. Don't stop! Suck me harder! Keep ramming your fingers in my ass."

I began to thrust faster and faster. He started slapping my right butt cheek. Very fast and very hard, but it was a huge turn-on! Here I was, a high-school senior, in a dorm room with my brother's hot friend, who was on his knees giving me the best blowjob I had ever had, while ramming his fingers into my ass and spanking my bare butt.

I felt the cum boiling up inside me and I grabbed Todd's head and pushed my cock all the way into his mouth. Looking down and seeing his lips stretched around my cock put me over the edge and I let myself go and shot load after load of cum into Todd's gulping and sucking mouth. I kept bucking and thrusting, even after I had stopped cumming. Todd pulled his fingers from my butt. He then licked my cock clean and stood up.

"I don't think that we are going to get much sleep tonight," he said.

"I hope not!" I replied as I wrapped my arms around his naked body and put my lips against his.

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