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Group Sex In a Bar (true story)

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This is a true story that happened to me about two weeks ago. I’m writing it here for you guys to read, so enjoy. I am a good looking, ordinary, muscular guy about 30 years old. I’m not very experienced for a gay guy. I was in Florida for a few days so I thought I’d see what was happening at a local bar. A few of my friends had warned me that it was a pick-up joint, and being horny, that made me want to explore it all the more.

My first visit was casual and ordinary. Nothing really happened other than some guys following me into the bathroom to get a look at my cock. The bathroom had a central metal trough as a urinal, and everyone could see each other’s cocks. I gave a little bit of a show for the men who followed me in. I became semi-erect at the urinal because I knew they were watching me, and I gave myself a few strokes, zipped my jeans and left the bar with a semi hard-on.

My second visit found the bar a lot more crowded, and I was a lot hornier. I had to take a piss, so I headed for the bathroom. This time, there were four men looking down at my cock while I was pissing into the trough. I’m not pee-shy, and I actually started to get aroused by them looking at me. I have an 8-inch dick, but it’s much smaller when it’s not erect, so I was glad I had grown a bit. In mid-stream, one of the men across from me reached out and stuck his hand in my piss stream. I knew it would be a fun night.

As I was sipping my fourth Bud, this dark mustached guy about 15 years older than me approached. I could tell he was pretty lit from his slurred words. He was trying to get me to take him home and fuck him. He was good looking. I concentrated on his soft lips and mustache, and his dark eyes, which formed into tiny slits when he laughed. I wasn’t ready to leave with him, and he got the hint, so he disappeared.

I took my beer and walked upstairs. There were a lot more guys up there in the dark, and I was curious to see what was going on. I scanned the room. There were all kinds of men. Mostly older, hairy men lined up around the room. Some guys had actually checked their jeans with the bartender and were standing in their underwear. I went over to very dimly lit corner where there were a few shadowy figures huddled around each other. As I got closer, I could see they actually had their cocks out, and one guy was on his knees in front of them, giving them each head. I walked over to the group, reached out and grabbed someone’s hard meat. My fly was unzipped in no time, and someone was stroking me. I couldn’t believe I had my hard dick and balls out in plain view. I cautiously let everyone who was there give my cock a few strokes before stuffing the hard thing back in my jeans. It formed a very obvious outline in the fabric.

The smiles I got from the guys I walked by in that dark upstairs room told me something was up. I had no idea what until I got to the far side of the room. There, under a red spotlight, was a guy bent over a barstool, completely naked, getting fucked in the ass by a larger guy in jeans and a flannel shirt. Most of the men in the bar were in a crowd around them, watching the scene. Of course, I approached them. The guy getting fucked was actually the mustached guy I had met downstairs. When I stepped up, the man fucking him pulled out of his ass, and urged me to give him a try. My naked buddy saw me there and handed me a condom. His ass was already nicely lubed, and he invited me to fuck him. He looked anxious to receive my dick, which was incredibly hard by now. I unzipped my jeans and slid the slick condom onto my hard cock. I penetrated him smoothly and easily, as his ass had already been worked over by the other guy. I ignored everyone watching us, and took off my tee shirt, and powerfully fucked this guy right there, working his ass doggy-style harder and harder. He enjoyed it. Soon, the onlookers each had their cocks out and were letting my buddy suck them off in turn. I gave them a show, letting my shaft come completely out of his ass before plunging back in. I wondered if I too should be naked; so I slid my jeans down to uncover my ass. Soon, I felt someone behind me, and not wanting to get fucked, I pulled my jeans back up. Everyone was having a really good time, and although I definitely had some reservations about what I was doing, I put them aside and just let myself enjoy the moment.

A guy on my left positioned a barstool under him, and slid down his jeans, in the same manner of my fuck-buddy. A couple of guys led someone in who wanted to fuck. This guy was built and brawny with a soft beard and a baseball cap, which hid his eyes. He pulled his equipment out from his jeans and let everyone take a look at it. Some guys on my left said enthusiastically, “this guy’s got a huge dick”. I grabbed hold of the thick slab in my hand and gave him a “what’s up” nod. He smiled at me and lubed up his bare cock. I watched it slide in the guy’s ass with no effort at all. He looked straight ahead and pounded rhythmically. I looked down at the two naked men getting fucked in front of us, and at our horny witnesses who were growing in numbers. “Do you want to trade?” I asked my counterpart.

“Sure” he said. I slid out of my buddy’s ass easily and we switched partners. I pushed my cock into the other guy and watched my partner do the same. The onlookers were amused. I pounded this new guy for a few minutes, and blew my load in the condom. I pulled out, and let the full condom fall onto the floor. I zipped up and stood back. The two other guys just kept on fucking, and someone soon filled in for me. I was entirely shocked at what had happened, but I’d do it again any time.

On my way out, I noticed more guys playing with their cocks, some right at the bar. I thanked the bartender and said I’d definitely be back.