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Father And Son

By spankscotty

submitted December 13, 2002

Categories: Family Fun, Older/younger, True Stories, Discipline

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Rick heard the sound of Timmie's little car rolling up in front of the house. He sighed, relieved to know his son was okay. A millisecond later his anger overtook that feeling, and he walked briskly to the living room to confront the 18-year-old.

Timmie opened the front door. Despite the total lack of light in the hallway, he felt the presence in the darkness, knew before the shadow fell across his face that it was his father. With a quickening pulse and a sickly rise of fear in his belly, he knew the reckoning had arrived: No way he could explain this infraction. His hand stayed fixed as if frozen on the doorknob as he waited, his eyes locking with his dad's, fearful and wide.

"What the hell do you have to say for yourself?" his Dad roared.

Timmie couldn't answer. He fumbled with the doorknob, stammered, but said nothing. If there was to be a lecture, he deserved every word. What he didn't expect was his father's hand on his arm, leading the boy painfully toward his room and hurtling him inside.

Rick was beside himself with fury, and he had no words to express his anger at the boy. Instead, he dragged Timmie to the bed and shoved himself down onto the mattress, pulling the frightened kid with him.

The boy stood, trembling, in front of him, and he barked, "I m going to give you the spanking of your life, boy. You'll remember this forever, I promise you that! Take your pants down -- now!"

His son stared at him. While Rick knew Timmie was too old to be spanked, and while he was usually the gentlest of men--had, in fact, only punished Timmie physically a handful of times in their life together, and always across the backside, never in the face or on the legs--he was too angry to think of anything other than striking the kid, and hitting the boy's ass was the safest action for both of them. The conscious thought that it might also be the easiest way to bring about his great desire did not occur to him. Not then.

The sick roll of aching fear in the boy's belly grew to a feeling of abject terror, and beyond, into something weirdly close to the strange anticipation he'd felt those few times as a child when he was about to be spanked: dread and keen, masochistic pleasure at the painful attention his buttocks were about to receive combined to form a terrible pre-sexual kind of aphrodisiac.

And now, that same panic seized him but mingled with something again like the anticipation of a reward, long sought, and about to be bestowed. Realizing that his dad was serious, Timmie nervously fumbled with his zipper and snap, but his father was too furious for patience, and he took the boy's arm again, roughly, brought him forward and shoved the jeans down around the teenager's ankles. Then he pulled him down over his lap. He held the boy down with his left hand--tight, across the boy's back--and raised his right, bringing it down sharply across the underpants-clad butt-cheeks.

The snap of flesh on flesh broke the death-like silence of the room, and Rick was frustrated to realize that the punishment would not make itself felt sufficiently through the cotton briefs. The feel of round, plump flesh against his palm lacked a satisfactory snap to diffuse his fury, and he put his hand under the boy's elastic band and jerked violently, hauling the underpants down past Timmie's smarting butt, leaving a pouch in front that housed the boy's penis, keeping it safely away from the flesh of his own leg, and one behind that hid the teenager's scrotum from his father's view.

Rick fell on the boy then. He hit Timmie's naked buttocks with a severe blow, the sound of the smack--that nearly wet slicing noise, the beat of hard on tender flesh--ripping through the room. A beat ahead of the sudden jolt of pain in his bottom, another surge of heat plowed its way through Timmie's belly and enveloped the head of his cock. He cried out.

Again the palm made contact with his smarting, unprotected flesh. Again a concentration of stinging, startling pain in his rump and through to his crotch where it emerged as pleasure, the electric thrill of sexual desire, long suppressed, receiving its due. The blows began to fall hard and fast now, smacking, stinging, hurling wave upon wave of fresh pain into his ass, each slap causing him to hurl his crotch against his father's leg, resulting in still another stab of pleasure in his penis, even as he almost involuntarily thrust out his reddening, rosy-tinged ass toward the punishment it was receiving, willing it to continue, inviting it by closing the gap between palm and butt-flesh.

His poor penis, trapped in the pouch where it nestled, grew hard and wet and pressed between his body and his dad's naked thigh, its contours thrust high up into the pouch where it protruded against the white cotton like a throbbing little pup-tent, shaming him. His balls, encased in cotton behind him, roiled in their sac, drawing up tight.

The blows abated for a moment as Rick paused in his spanking. His hand raised above his head, he stared down, seeing fully the rose-red buttocks burning beneath his gaze. Then Timmie felt a callused palm against the smarting, enflamed heat of his ass. Rick held it there, its dampness cooling his teenaged son's poor battered, reddened rump, then hauled it away and brought it down again, hard, swift, in sharp contact with the boy's smarting, stinging bottom.

The feel of his hand-flesh on the boy's nakedness made his penis jump. Rick threw himself into his actions once more, pausing now and then to rub Timmie's poker-hot buttocks briskly before smacking them again with his meaty paw.

The boy was moaning and squirming now, as much in sexual heat as in pain, and his father's rhythm altered. Rick began to spank the boy fully, not concentrating as he'd done at first on first one and then the other reddening cheek but engaged in the task of bringing his palm against as much of the angry crimson butt as he could reach with every new blow.

Timmie's penis thudded against Rick's leg, nearing release, when his dad stopped suddenly and, after a moment and still holding the boy down with one hand, he stopped paddling the teenager's ass and used his free hand to unbuckle his belt.

Timmie turned his head up toward his father and stared, frightened now, tears glistening in his eyes: hands were one thing, belts were something else. Then he saw that Dad did not remove the leather strip, but merely unzipped his trousers. Picking Timmie up and laying him face down across the mattress, Rick stood and pushed his trousers down and off.

Rick had felt the unmistakable prodding of his son's cock, rock-hard against his thigh. When it registered fully that Timmie was being turned on by the spanking, Rick had a moment of stunning clarity. He saw all that lay unspoken between them, revealed by that single hard shaft of flesh between his son's thighs. Whatever his thoughts, his fears, of his own desires had been, he knew now with unbridled certainty that Timmie shared them. That his hands on his boy's naked ass--that beautiful set of firm, round buttocks he had been trying not to look at as his beating had turned them crimson--was exciting Timmie just as it was driving him to an erection fuller than any he'd ever known.

Timmie's staring, tear-brimmed eyes took in the unmistakable, massive pillar of hard sex bursting beneath his father's underpants before Rick slid these too away from his body and reached his right hand down to his big cock, throbbing before him, where it made a fist and encased the big shaft. The purple head was drizzling cum, and his balls were drawn up tight in their sack. He sat on the bed and let his hand travel coolly and soothingly down the boy's back to his reddened rump, where it caressed with loving care each stinging, scarlet inch of Timmie's ass.

Rick's eyes were clamped shut and his mouth was slack as his big fist beat up and down on his massive prong. The rough hand on Timmie's whipped ass-cheeks ministered to the damage with tender erotic touch, rubbing and stroking gently, lifting first right then left cheek, parting them as the hand slipped between the crack of their round red contours and was engulfed by the furnace heat of the teenager's naked ass.

The feel of his father's hand between his ass-cheeks, so close to his puckered hole, that place most intimate in a male, made the boy swoon, and he felt his balls draw up too as his cock gave way, splashing the pup-tent of his shorts as he came with an intensity he'd never felt before, his anus clamping tight, his butt-cheeks squeezing against Rick's palm.

His dad's hand stiffened at that minute, and Timmie felt a shower of hot liquid on his ravaged butt as Rick came, splashing the boy's red-hot ass with his cum. When their bodies had stopped convulsing, Rick placed his hands gently on Timmie's sides and turned him over before laying his big body on the boy's. He raised his body up until the spent penises touched, dribbling fresh semen on each other, and sought the boy's lips with his own.

"Oh, God, Timmie, God help me, I'm so sorry for this," his father wept over and over as they kissed.

Timmie threw his arms around his dad's naked back, pulled him close and whispered, "No, no, Daddy,” the boy rasped, “I wanted it, I did, I want you. God, you're so hot, I want you, want your cock, want you, Daddy, I do, I want you," over and over as their lips merged and parted, melting together and turning attention now and then to a boyish breast, a fatherly shoulder, their cocks re-engorging now as they writhed in tormented passion together on Timmie's bed.

Rick took his son's face in his hands and stared at the boy in disbelief and wonder. Timmie's eyes shone feverishly. He pushed his thighs apart beneath his father, and, wriggling his torso, managed to manipulate his buttocks until they spread just above his dad's hardening penis. Rick gasped at the feel of his prick embedded between his son's sweaty cheeks. The boy closed his buttocks together on his father's cock and stared into his father's eyes with purpose. He leaned his head up to his father's face and kissed the man softly on the lips. Then he whispered a trembling command: "Fuck me, Dad. Fuck me, please!"

Rick stared, open-mouthed. Then he lifted the boy in his arms and took him out of the boy's bedroom. His son pressed his face to Rick's chest and nuzzled his nipples. Rick felt his hands so close to his son's naked ass and shuddered in desire. He carried Timmie into his own bedroom, laid the boy in his bed and knelt to take a tube of lubricating jelly from a drawer in his bedside table. The boy meanwhile pulled the comforter and sheets down and Rick's eyes noted with pride and delicious desire the gracefulness of his son's slender body, the beauty of his backside, the lithe legs, the slender belly, the emerging chest, and the jut of his erect young penis. Timmie laid on the bed once more, his arms open, and Rick fell into them, his mouth hungrily searching for his son's sweet lips.

After kissing for a bit, Rick moved his lips down Timmie's chest, nipped at the hardened nipples, ran his tongue along the soft down of his son's lean belly, and took the tender cock in his mouth, suckling the head, lapping the shaft, kissing the tufted balls. He gently spread his son's thighs and dipped his face toward the sweet scarlet buttocks. He kissed the firm mounds and let his tongue trace a line from the scrotum down to the crack between Timmie's superb young cheeks. He ate his son's asshole with a passionate desire he could no longer recall feeling for anyone before, male or female. The sweet, acrid scent of his boy's most secret place intoxicated him, and he felt his cock rise even further as his tongue slid inside Timmie's asshole.

Timmie gasped, closing his legs around his father's body, his head thrust back against the pillow. The thought that the tongue now thrust entirely up his hot bottom belonged to his father made him swoon with pleasure. His cock throbbed painfully as Rick kissed his anus, all of his desire now concentrated in his butthole, conscious only of the need for this man's cock to take the place of the skillful tongue now loosening him up.

Rick reluctantly pulled his tongue out of Timmie's sweet behind. He spread the jelly on his fingers and thrust them between his son's cheeks. Penetrating the velvety membranes with a single push, he teased the boy's anus, drove his fingers past it and up into the enveloping heat of the teenager's bowels. His index finger massaged the boy's prostate and Timmie gasped and cried out. Slowly, he pulled out once more. He globbed a hefty amount of jelly on his cock and on his hand and spread it around, feeling he could come now, no, not yet, not until...

He positioned himself over the boy's body; his head parallel with his son's, his cock pulsating now between Timmie's thighs. Leaning his face down to kiss his son's eager lips, Rick let the tip of his wet oily cock rap lightly at his son's virgin anus. The boy relaxed and Rick let the tip slip inside the boy, then feeling no resistance, pushed a bit harder until he felt his son's asslips kiss his cock-head.

Timmie gasped suddenly then sighed, and his butthole relaxed, and suddenly, Rick was embedded deep inside his son's asshole. He kissed the boy again, and began to piston in and almost out, his son's thighs clamped now once more across his back, and as his son's ass commenced to push back to receive a more active fucking, Rick began to hump the kid unmercifully, fucking him hard and fast, his balls slapping the boy's hairless cheeks, as his passion mounted and his rhythm increased its velocity, his eyes brimmed over his tears, and his lips sought the boy's own, and he kissed his son, fucking his son's sweet tender ass, and wept tears of release, gratitude and love as the boy began to raise his hips spasmodically.

He felt a splash of hot liquid against his belly at the same moment that Timmie's anus clamped down hard on his cock, and he came in a gush, spraying his son's ass walls with spunk as he cried out and Timmie gasped and groaned and he arched his back as he came, then fell with exhaustion on his son's shuddering, heaving body and their lips met once more and they kissed as his cock slowly slipped its way past the anal cavity and flopped out to rest against Timmie's oily wet asscheeks.

"Oh, Dad," Timmie sighed as his father broke the kiss. "You're the best fuck ever!"

Rick grinned. "Didn't I tell you this would be something you'd never forget?"

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