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My Dad And Me

By buddyup

submitted December 19, 2002

Categories: Sexual Identity Discovery, Family Fun

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Completing my final exams in the first semester of my senior year in college, I was looking forward to spending the holidays with my Dad, who lived in southern Florida. My original plan was to hang around campus for a day or two and then drive to Florida until the New Year. I had spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and her second husband up north, so I was really looking forward to some warm weather.

Dad and Mom had been divorced for about 15 years, and my Mom had generally raised me. Dad and I had nevertheless spent a lot of time together over the years and I thought the world of him. Being the product of divorced parents is never easy, but it never seemed to affect me in a negative way.

Instead of staying on campus, I decided to leave immediately after my last final. This would put me in Florida about noon the following day, given the fact I’d have to stop a take a nap or two along the way. The weather was good traveling south, although the holiday traffic was obvious.

After about 9 hours of driving and several stops along the way, I pulled into my Dad’s driveway about 12:30pm. Maybe he’d fix me lunch, although I’d had a pretty big breakfast at some truck stop off the interstate. Not knowing my Dad’s work schedule, I nevertheless rang the bell. No answer. I pulled out my latchkey and entered the house, which was vacant of any activity. Dumping my bags in the foyer, I headed towards the kitchen, mainly in search of food. I grabbed some cookies, stepped in front of the sink, and looked out the window. I could not believe my eyes.

There was my Dad on the patio next to the pool, sprawled out on a towel, and masturbating himself! The backyard had a six-foot fence and lots of those funny dwarf palm trees and tropical plants, so it was very private. But wow! I’d never seen my Dad naked, much less beating off. What should I do? Interrupting him seemed inappropriate, but watching him also seemed to violate his privacy. Nonetheless, I decided to watch.

I now knew where my big penis came from. Dad was huge, about 9 1/2 inches with bull balls, and almost identical to me. For those who think a big dick and balls are a blessing, it can also be a curse. As an example, you must watch what you wear. Tight jeans are out, since they very visibly silhouette your equipment. Dress slacks must have pleats and plenty of room to hold the goods. Boxers are a must, allowing for sufficient movement. And gym class is a nightmare. Everyone calls you “machine gun” or “missile man” or some other crude name. One time I had talked my girlfriend into giving me a blowjob (she was opposed to fucking on religious grounds). In the heat of the moment, I pulled my hard dick out but she refused to suck it once she saw its enormous size. Well, all this is yet another story.

So there I stood in front of the sink, gazing out the window, and watching my Dad beat off. He seemed to be enjoying himself. This went on for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, my Dad’s legs stiffened, his back arched, and out came the juice … and plenty of it. Dad took both hands and rubbed the cum all over his chest and thick bush. That must have been some nut.

Dad lay in the sun for several moments and then suddenly got up and dove into the pool. After several laps, I decided this might be a good time to announce myself.

“Hey Dad! It’s me, Hank!” I shouted as he continued to swim. “Hey Son! How are you! I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow!” replied Dad. By now Dad has stopped his laps and was resting his arms on the side of the pool. I wasn’t sure if he knew that I knew he was naked. “Yeah!” I said, “Decided to come early … hope it’s okay!” Of course there was no problem with my early arrival … we were both ecstatic to see each other.

“Hey Hank!” asked my Dad, “why don’t you join me in the pool?” It was unseasonably warm for December, and the pool did look inviting. “Yeah, okay,” I said. “Let me see if I have some trunks in the bedroom.” “Oh, never mind that,” said Dad, “just strip down and jump in!”

Well, I guess we’re both adults, and certainly Dad had seen me naked many times growing up. So I removed all my clothes and dove in the pool. Man, this felt great especially after enduring the cold weather up north. Dad and I did several laps, and then stayed in the pool and talked for about an hour. He was a great guy and I was lucky to have him as my Dad.

Later that afternoon I unpacked, took a shower, and dressed for dinner. Dad had a special place he wanted to take me to eat in celebration of my 21st birthday, which had been in November. We had a great time at dinner and of course I ate like a pig. Returning home, Dad and I talked until about midnight about everything from college to girls to even my Mom. Finally I went to bed.

I slept late the next morning, but was greeted with a huge breakfast upon my arrival in the kitchen. Dad didn’t know how one man could eat so much food. After breakfast, Dad announced he was going to the pool … and would I care to join him? “In a few minutes,” I said, mainly wanting to know if he would show up naked or with trunks. And sure enough, several minutes later here comes Dad through the kitchen, fully naked, dick and balls flopping around, and headed for the pool. “Don’t be shy,” said Dad as he exited the kitchen to the pool.

Well, again, he was my Dad. So I went to the bedroom, got naked, and joined Dad in the pool. We horsed around for about an hour, enjoying each other’s company. Exiting the pool, I wrapped a towel around me and sat down in one of two chase lounges. Dad took the other one, but hadn’t bothered to cover himself. I was hoping Dad didn’t see me staring at his huge member, remembering all the while that I was the recipient of apparently good genes.

We continued to soak up the sun and talk. Out of the blue, my Dad asked me if I’d ever had sex. “Ah, no, but I came close several times,” I replied, referring to the not-to-be blowjob from my girl friend. “Well, don’t worry, you have plenty of time,” said Dad, “and it looks like you have the proper equipment.” Yeah, thanks to good ole Dad. We continued to talk for a while and enjoy the sun.

“Hank, let me borrow your towel for a moment,” said my Dad who was still stark naked. I pulled the towel off my lower body and handed it over, leaving myself fully exposed. “You have a nice penis, Hank,” said my Dad, “can I touch it?” Well, I really wasn’t expecting this whatsoever! “Okay,” I replied, “it’s not as if you haven’t seen it before.” Which again was true. Dad picked up my dick with both hands and looked it over. Naturally it started to become hard. “This is nice,” commented Dad, “you should be very proud.” I made some mention of my heredity, with which Dad agreed. By now my dick was fully erect and frankly I was somewhat embarrassed.

“Hank,” said Dad, “I’d like to suck your dick. Okay?” Man, I was not prepared for this one. “Well, I guess it’d be okay, since you’re my Dad,” I replied, not exactly sure what was going on here. Dad then locked his lips around my throbbing dick and proceeded to suck the living hell out of my cock. Must admit it felt great. Dad must have done this before, although I had no idea what this was suppose to feel like, having never experience it before. After about 15 minutes of having my cock sucked, I informed Dad I was about to cum. Dad removed his lips from my penis and started beating me off, at which point I produced several large spurts of cum. I was generally exhausted after this little episode and told Dad I needed to rest for a few moments.

In the mean time, Dad’s dick had popped up in a fully erect position, apparently waiting for service. “Ever sucked a man’s dick, Hank?” asked my Dad. Well, no I hadn’t, but felt compelled to return the favor. “I’ll give it a shot,” I said, as I pulled Dad’s dick into my mouth. God it was big. Dad gave me instructions as I continued to suck on his oversize member. “I’m cumming Hank! Let up, let up!” screamed my Dad. Following his orders, I grabbed his dick with my hand about the same time Dad let loose with a goodly amount of cum. Wow! What an experience.

That evening, Dad and I discussed our afternoon activities. Dad explained to me that there was nothing wrong with what we did, as long as both of us got satisfaction from the experience. He also told me about his lifelong fascination with his penis and wanted me at a minimum to embrace my manhood, albeit with him.

Dad and I continued to suck each other off through the holidays. I would do anything to please Dad, and if this is what it took, then so be it. On New Year’s Eve, Dad and I went for an early dinner and were home by 8pm. Dad wanted nothing to do with the amateur drunks on the road, calling them a menace to an otherwise festive occasion. Once home, Dad popped a bottle of wine, which we consumed by about 10.

“Hank,” said Dad, “I’d like to fuck your ass tonight.” I knew this was coming, but just didn’t know when. “Uh, could we wait on that?” I responded, not yet exactly ready for that experience in my young life. “It won’t hurt, I assure you,” said Dad in a somewhat confident manner. After a lengthy discussion on how it would feel, I finally agreed.

Dad and I went to his bedroom, where we both removed our clothes. Dad was already hard, which was kind of scary, looking at that huge 9 1/2 inch dick which was about to find its way into my ass. “Don’t worry,” said Dad, “I’ll be gentle.” Dad instructed me to bend over on the bed, spread my legs, and brace myself with my arms on the mattress. The next thing I know, Dad’s penis had penetrated my hole. Dad had lied to me, as it hurt plenty! “Relax!” said Dad as his enormous penis continued to slide up and down my asshole. Finally, Dad pulled out and shot several loads of cum. Actually, once Dad had removed his dick, I felt pretty good.

Dad and I cleaned up and celebrated the New Year with another bottle of wine. We both fell asleep after about two hours of conversation about that day’s experiences.

I went back to college the following day, with a week of memories with my Dad. I had decided to return to Florida during spring break and spend another week with Dad. Maybe it would be my turn to stick my dick up his ass. Couldn’t wait to find out what it felt like.

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