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Earning Money Sucking Cock

By freeride

submitted December 30, 2002

Categories: The Trades

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I never got the same feelings for girls as I do for guys, I tried and classed myself as straight, just thought I hadn't met the right girl. That was right up until I had my first man on man experience.

The feelings I got were so intense. I felt more alive than ever. I was a nineteen-year-old thinking about sex every minute of the day. I went through quite a few guys whilst discovering myself and took a few virginity's along the way.

It was one of my "virgins" that opened up new talents within me. I knew I could give better head than any woman, and on this occasion I thought I’d give this guy a treat. After some intense but gentle kissing and fondling, I released his cock and went down on him. I slid my mouth over his cock and sunk it deep before slowly coming back up sucking hard. He was already in heaven and my second swallowing of his cock was too much, he jerked his body and filled my mouth with his hot cum. Instead of making me sick, I got incredibly turned on and almost came myself. I continued sucking his cock with cum dripping from the side of my mouth.

One afternoon at the local park, a well-known hang out for gay guys, I was approached by a middle-aged guy. "Hey son, how much for a blow job?"

I protested, feeling insulted.

"I know you're good, I seen you around here before, and word is you give the best head!"

I tried to argue I was not a rent boy, but didn't get the chance.

"I'll give you 30 to blow me right here, right now. What do you say?"

What the hell I thought. "Okay mate, you’re on."

He led me into the bushes and had his cock out ready before we found seclusion. He was already hard so I sank to my knees and took his cock in my hand. I didn't fancy this guy at all, but he sure had a great cock, about 7.5" and thick. I licked his balls while wanking him.

"Please suck it, let me fuck your mouth."

He was getting hot and started thrusting his body quite violently fucking my mouth. Suddenly one last jerk forward and his hot load hit the roof of my roof, then another load. I had quite a mouthful so I looked at him and let some drip out of my mouth down my chin. This always seems to get guys going. I wanked his softening cock then slid it into my mouth for one last suck to clean it. He zipped up his trousers, paid me and handed me a business card.

"I have some colleagues who would like to meet you, it could be prosperous too, call me" With that he left me in the bushes and disappeared.

As I walked home I started thinking how easy it was to get that money and decided to start earning, doing something I love. Since that first time I have built up a regular client base. Some guys want a blowjob and others just want a hand job. I also have some clients with strange fetishes.

Look out for part 2

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