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Love Black Men's Cum

By whtbt4blktp

submitted January 12, 2003

Categories: Interracial, Tales From The Moviehouse, Bathroom Tales

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I love getting fucked by black guys...and this has placed me in dangerous situations several times.

I used to go to a very low life drug ridden XXX movie house in New York. I loved it there because a lot of the straight black guys didn't care who sucked their dicks...they just wanted to watch the XXX movies and get off. I would go in and sit in the back until I could see the place was a mess. Some of the seats were missing and this was great for a cocksucker like me. I would see if any of the black guys were stroking their dicks. That was my opening to offer good head.

I was in the movie house one time and this very rough looking black man was rubbing his massive dick through his sweats. He saw me noticing him, and he immediately motioned me over. I sat next to him and he took my hand and placed it on his dick. I moaned my approval and he smiled and said, “I knew you loved black dick! Now, listen to me. I have a big dick—even by black standards. I want you to get on your knees and mouth my dick. Lick my balls—you service me ‘till I’m ready to cum, and when I cum, you’ll swallow my juice—you understand? I’m giving you a treat boy—so I expect you to be good!”

I was now a bit scared. He was so demanding and rough. He was apparently used to intimidating white boys. I got to my knees and started to kiss his hard dick through his sweats. His eyes were on the screen. I lowered his sweats and saw the biggest and thickest black dick I’d ever laid eyes on. He was uncut too. About 8 inches thick, and a true ten incher! I proceeded to lick him clean, suck his balls, treating him with the total respect his superior dick deserved.

He was quiet, and I wasn’t sure I was pleasing him enough. I stopped my sucking and looked up at him. He looked down at me and said, “Continue boy. You aren’t too bad.”

Now I tried harder. He started to get very hard and his dick got even thicker. He was too wide for my mouth. He looked at me and took the back of my head, then told me to open my mouth really wide. He the proceeded to put his dick through the hole in my mouth, but his dick head was just too big now to get in.

He started to cum. I loved it. He shot about four heavy loads at my open mouth. I didn’t miss any. He noticed that and later told me he was glad I loved his cum.

I was about to get up after I cleaned off his dick, but he told me to stay on the floor. He liked to piss after he cums.

I wasn’t into this and told him so. He grabbed my arm and snarled, “Don’t be stupid white boy! I don’t care about what you are into!”

I got back down on my knees and placed my mouth over as much of his dick as I could manage. In seconds, I was swallowing his piss…and I liked it.

After that, he stood up and left. I was now hornier than ever. As I stood up, another black man came to me and put my hand on his dick. He said he wanted me to suck his black guy dick, and that I was a good-looking white boy. He added that he loved white boy ass. He pulled me into the bathroom, which smelled of careless piss. Several black guys were in there smoking and doing an assortment of drugs.

I was really scared now. My man nodded at the other guys and moved me to a booth. He told me that I’d better be good, or he’d let the other guys fuck me too! I sat on the bowl and started to suck his dick. He was a good 9 inches thick!

Once he was hard, he told me to get up and face the wall over the bowl. I did as I was told, and he took my pants down. My white ass was ready for black dick. My ass lips were swollen. He saw that and just laughed, “You’re a pussy for black dick aren’t you boy?”

I said, “Yes” and then I heard the rest of the guys in the bathroom laugh. My man wasted no time. He lubed up his dick and without hesitation, fucked me hard. I opened up for him with ease. He knew I was a “cum hole”. Very soon afterwards he declared that he was going to cum in me.

I said, “Please.”

He just laughed and unloaded. Following the last blast, he pulled out fast, which surprised me. I was about to turn around, but he instructed me not to. Then I felt hard dick in me again, thinking he apparently wanted to bust another load in me. But he felt even bigger. I looked over my shoulder. My man was gone.

The booth door was open and one of the other black druggies was fucking me as his friends watched. I was scared, but willing…

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