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My Neighbor's Son

By rkueider

submitted January 18, 2003

Categories: Friends, Family Fun

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I have been a nudist for about fifteen years. After buying my home six years ago I put up a ten-foot privacy fence, built a twenty by thirty foot deck, and installed a hot tub. My back yard is not very big but landscaped with lush green plants and fountains. It’s a nudist’s dream in the spring and summer. I did most of the work myself, but had some help form my neighbor and his son. My first project was the fence, that way I could build the rest in the nude, and then my story began.

I am a friend with everyone on the block, and they all know my lifestyle and my love of nudity. I have no qualms about walking around nude in front of my pears, yet I do not want to force it on anyone who doesn’t want to be around it. My back yard is my domain, my little piece of paradise. When I have visitors they simply ring the bell on my gate, giving me plenty of time to slip on some shorts.

I am five foot nine, brown hair, blue eyes, has a firm hairy body with a good size dick that nests on large balls. Being a nudist dose has its drawbacks; one has to stay in shape.

After I had finished the fence, I started doing the rest of my work in the nude. When Tom and or his son Paul came over to help they would ring the bell giving me ample time to put something on. However some times they would forget and just barge right in. I would be caught naked, having to through on something quick.

The day finally came when Tom said, “I have caught you so many times with your clothes off, why bother putting them on. I know that you’re a nudist and it doesn’t bother me.”

This was great. My nudity didn’t bother Tom and we spent many happy hours working together, he in cutoffs and me free and swinging. Paul, Tom’s eighteen-year old son, would come over and work with us mostly on the weekends. His father told him that I worked in the nude and to ring the bell before entering my back yard.

Tom had to start working at his job on Saturday’s, so Paul started helping. One day when Paul was helping during a break, he started asking questions about my nudity, he said he often walked around nude in his house, and that his father did the same, but that he had never been naked around anyone else. I ask him if he wanted a coke and he said yes. When I came out of the house he was setting in a lounge chair naked with his dick at half mass. The boy was absolutely beautiful.

Paul is a tall slim boy, with dark hair, almost black, blue green eyes and a pail completion. His dark body hair against his skin tone was a sexy contrast. Sparse hair surrounds his quarter size nipples, a little in the center of his chest and a small line coming down to his vary hairy bush. His large dick came out form that bush about seven inches and touched the lounge chair. Not being fully hard the purple head was not totally out of its cover, but you could see the thick veins begin to fill with blood. I almost dropped the cokes.

After the initial shock, my own dick started to rise. I handed him his coke and quickly sat down and crossed my legs to conceal the obvious. Here was my best friend’s son sitting in front of me in all his glory, catching me totally off guard. As much as I enjoyed his present state of appearance I could not let this go on. I tried to explain to him that I did not mind him being nude in front of me, however his dad might, and just having turned eighteen that he was just barely no longer a minor, and still lived at home with his dad. He told me than his dad would not care that they ran around naked at home often. I told him that’s different, and that his dad was not gay. I told him to talk to Tom and it was ok with him it would be ok with me, and until that happened I asked him to please put back on his shorts.

A couple of days went by, and one night Tom came over after I had gotten of work. He was in a pair of jeans and of course I was nude. We were talking and having a few beers when the doorbell rang. I quickly grabbed some shorts and answered the door. It was Paul. He was completely shirtless wearing a pair of shorts pushed down way below his cute little belly button and a pare of flip-flops.

Paul sat down and joined in the conversation. We were talking about different things just shooting the shit and enjoying each other’s company. When Tom and I finished our round of beer he asked Paul to get us another and to grab himself a coke. When he returned with the drinks his shorts had dropped another two inches. You could see the top of his public hair. After he gave us our drinks his father made the comment.

“Son, one more inch and I could see the top of your dick.” Paul stuck his hands in the top of his pockets and in one fast push; his shorts came down to his knees. He sat down on the sofa and finished pulling them off. I quickly grabbed my beer and took a big slug, not knowing what was going to happen next. Tom’s face turned bright red, but he kept his composure. Paul said that he had talked to his dad about being nude in front of me, and that as long as I was comfortable with it he didn’t care. Tom then told me that it’s was cool with him, but he wasn’t expecting Paul to do what he did. I said it cool also, and changed the subject.

We were talking about the deck they were helping me build, and how we were going to solve different problems concerning its construction. It was hard for me to concentrate on the subject matter with Paul’s beautiful body right in front of me. My eyes kept traveling to his big boy dick. I tried to keep my glances quick, not to be noticed. Tom went to the bathroom, and while he was gone, Paul placed his hand around his dick and asked if I liked what I saw. Not waiting for an answer, he said,” I know you do. I can see that column running down your shorts.”

As Tom was walking back for the bathroom, Paul asked his dad to sit by him. After Tom sat down next to him, Paul put his hand on his dad’s crotch and said, “Mr. Bob likes my dick too dad.” I could not believe this, there was Paul rubbing his dad’s cock through his pants and playing with his big dick at the same time. Tom started to resist, then Paul suddenly kissed him long and hard. After the kiss was over, he looked at me and asked, “Would you like to see my dad’s big honking dick?”

Without an answer, he unbuttoned his dad’s jeans and unzipped his pants, pulling out a huge dick just like his own. Paul was slowly jacking his dad’s big dick pulling its foreskin back and forth over a huge purple head. I could see the clear pre-cum coming from his large pee slit. Paul bent down and licked the head of Tom’s dick clean. Paul then came to my chair and slid my shorts off, grabbed me by my rock hard dick and told me to stand up.

I was in a daze. When I stood up he went to his knees and took the head of my dick in his mouth. And then he took all seven inches down his throat. He sucked for all he was worth. My knees were getting weak and I was about to bust a nut. His mouth came off my dick; he looked up and said, “Not so fast old man. I want to see you suck my father.”

Tom looked at me and said, “Even though you are my best fried, and I have always wanted to have sex with you, but I was too shy to do anything about it. My son and I have been having sex, in fact he brought me out of the closet and now he’s opened another door. Enough of that come suck my dick.” That’s all it took.

Tom looked like an older version of his son. I spread his hairy legs and kneeled between them, taking the long thick dick in my mouth. I pulled back the foreskin and licked the clear fluid just as his son had done a few minutes before. I licked up and down the shaft from the head of this dick to his hairy balls. Tom’s head was thrown back on the couch and soft moans were coming from his mouth. As I took one of his big balls into my mouth, I felt Paul’s hands on my ass. He spread the cheeks of my ass and was blowing gently on my hole. Pre-cum was dripping from my dick like a faucet I was so hot. As my mouth took Tom’s entire dick, Paul’s tongue entered my asshole. As I continued to suck Tom’s cock, his son’s tongue was eventually replaced by a finger and then two. The feeling was unbelievable. Paul told his dad to come suck his ass.

“I want to fuck the shit out of Mr. Bob.”

I felt the huge head of Paul’s dick pressing hard against my ass. I relaxed as much as possible to accommodate the girth of his dickhead. “Are you ready for my big dick? Answer Mr. Bob, you want my big dick up your ass, don’t you?”

I answered, “Yes Paul, give me that big assed dick.” He rammed it in and I thought my ass was going to split. Tears came to my eyes--the pain was so intense. He fucked me hard and soon after the pain subsided, I was begging for more. After a few minutes he would pull slowly out, and as his dickhead cleared my ass, he would ram it in again. He was howling with pleasure as he fucked my ass while his dad shoved his tongue up the boy’s butt hole with each back thrust.

After a while Tom announced to Paul that he wanted to take his place. After pulling his long dick from my ass, Paul flipped me over on my back and soon squatted over my face. He rubbed his bull sized balls and ass over my face. My tongue was having the time of its life as Tom began fucking me the living hell out of me.

“Fuck him dad. Ram that big dick up his tight ass!”

Paul bent down and took the length of my dick in his mouth, as I did his. My legs rested upon Tom’s shoulders, while getting one of the best fucks I had ever gotten. Paul’s mouth went from my dick to my balls. Tom’s dick was going in and out of my ass as Paul would lick it and his father’s cock.

“Lick that dick that made you boy.”

Tom quickened his pace. Paul went back to sucking my dick and I never stopped sucking his. I could feel Tom’s cum shoot up my asshole, and his son’s filling my throat. When Tom pulled out, Paul moved down my chest and sat on my throbbing dick. His tight ass gripped my dick like a vice. He rode my dick fast and deep. I gasped for breath as I shot the biggest load ever up his boy ass.

He bent down and kissed me, then said, "I told you my dad didn't mind."