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Suck Slave Superman, Part10b

By Hector Oppenheimer

submitted January 27, 2003

Categories: Super Heroes

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"He's hungry for it, stud," observed the doctor as he caught Gunnar's eye and glanced towards the drooling Superhero. "If this isn't proof that Superman is a faggot, then nothing is," he continued as he watched Gunnar lower his hard cock so that it hovered even closer to the mouth of the cum crazed Superhunk.

"You really need this baby, don't you?" asked the smug blond stud as stared contemptuously into Superman's eyes. "You really are a cocksucker, aren't you?" he asked as he dipped a finger tip into the pool of pre-cum that had formed at the end of his cock, and then thrust the pre-cum moistened fingertip against Superman's left nostril.

Superman's whole body shuddered with frustrated desire as his mouth silently formed the words, "yes," "please," "help me," yes."

Withdrawing the cock a bit the proud 19 year old smiled wickedly and said, "Not much longer, cocksucker. You're almost there. You've got a little spark of independence left in you, but once we burn that out -- and it won't be too much longer--we'll give you all the cock your faggotty little mouth desires. You're so close, but you've got a little hang up with obedience. Once we get past that barrier, your life will make sense to you. You'll know your place. And you will never be without a cock to suck again. That's what you want Superman, isn't it? You want to obey Mr. Luthor, don't you? You want him to protect your dirty little secret. You want to make Mr. Luthor happy."

As the Man of Steel nodded a broad smile broke out across the face of the triumphant young blond hunk. "Good," said the ecstatic 19 year old as he swiped his cock slit with his finger tip and placed a droplet of his pre-cum onto the tongue of the Man of Steel. "See how nice we can be when you accept what you are," observed the arrogant hunk as he watched an expression of joy flash across Superman's face as the cum starved Kryptonian stud tasted the sacred fluid. "You're almost there. It won't be much longer..."

Gunnar's taunting monologue was abruptly interrupted when an expression of pure terror swept across the face of the Man of Steel. The expression of joy triggered by the droplet of pre-cum, was replaced by horror and agony. Even though it was imprisoned by the Kryptonite lined clamps, the awesome body of the Man of Steel began to buck, shake, writhe and spasm. Superman's startled 19-year-old tormentor had to grab a hold of the Superhero's head in order to keep from being tossed onto the floor. It was as if a docile mare had suddenly been transformed into a bucking bronco.

Turning his head the young Swedish stud soon saw the reason for the sudden change in the Man of Steel. Behind him was the sweating face of his Chinese cohort, framed by Superman's spectacular legs. As the body of the Superhero broke into a cold sweat while continuing to buck and spasm, Gunnar looked down and saw the cause of the dramatic transformation of the Man of Steel. The entire right hand of the Chinese stud was buried inside of the magnificent ass of the Man of Steel. Wu was fisting Superman, just as they had planned all along!

Wu had been carefully following Gunnar's monolog while simultaneously gauging the degree to which Superman's sphincter had been weakened by the non-stop massaging with the Green Kryptonite tainted gel. From the volume of gel that had been disappearing into the rectum of the captive Man of Steel, Wu had judged that particular moment was the time to launch his vicious surprise attack against the captive hunk. It had taken every ounce of strength he could muster, but with one determined thrust the sadistic criminal had succeeded in wedging his entire hand inside of Superman's buttocks. Even in defeat, the pressure generated by the breached guardian was incredible. Wu's wrist felt as if it were caught in a vice. But once the penetration had begun, Wu was determined to complete it in spite of the throbbing pain in his wrist. Using his free hand, the quick thinking Chinese torturer slathered handfuls of the Green Kryptonite gel at the juncture of his wrist and Superman's sphincter. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the incredible pressure on his wrist began to ease up a bit, allowing him to insert even more of his arm into the debauched Superhero's hole.

The Man of Steel had never experienced such a pain in his entire life. Excruciating was simply an inadequate term to describe what he was feeling. Held captive by the powerful Kryptonite laced clamps; his voice muted by the Kryptonite saturated cloth that lay over his larynx; and his iron will broken by Luthor's conditioning and his prolonged ordeal of semen deprivation, the defenseless Superhero simply dissolved into an uncontrollable flood of tears--a torrent of rarely seen Kryptonian tears streamed out of Superman's eyes, as his magnificent body was wracked by intense, but silent sobs. As the arm of the sadistic Chinese gymnast plunger ever deeper into his body, the pitiful Superhero could do nothing but endure the hideous pain.

For the first time in his life, Superman understood that his very existence was in the hands of others. Whether he lived or died depended upon a sadistic Chinese gangster; an arrogant 19-year-old male; a callous physician; and a ruthless master criminal. None of his good deeds meant anything. None of the countless thousands he had helped over the years could save him. None of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was completely submitting to the will of these men. Only total submission would save him. If he obeyed them, they would let him live. Yes, if he turned his life over to them, they would take care of him. Yes, thought the nearly pain maddened captive, submit and they will take care of me. They could be kind. Hadn't the young blond man allowed him to taste a droplet of pre-cum? A really cruel man wouldn't have done that for him. Yes, that was an act of kindness. They were doing this for his own good. He had been ungrateful going off on his own. Yes, he, Superman, was the one who was wrong. He had raped the Polish sailor. He had sucked off all those men in the video store. Lex Luthor had kept his filthy secret from the public, and had supplied him with all of the cock he could possibly want; yet he, Superman, had selfishly gone out seeking dick on his own. It was suddenly becoming very to clear to him. His entire life before that fateful encounter in the basement vault had been a fraud. Luthor had forced him to confront that fraud. Yes, now it made sense to him. Although in the beginning Superman had bitterly resented what Lex and his gang members had done to him, it was because he didn't understand. They knew what was best for him. It was all making sense. His super stud image was a complete sham. His heterosexuality was an utter fraud. His masculinity was completely bogus. Both Jorel and the Kent’s had lied to him. He wasn't supposed to serve and protect mankind. He was supposed to service--men. He wasn't supposed to stand proudly above the cities of Earth. He was supposed to kneel meekly before its men. The pictures of him flying proudly across the sky only served to perpetuate the fraud. Pictures of him on his knees with a hard cock thrust into his mouth were his real portraits. Everything suddenly made sense. This was for his own good.

The look of pain that had spread across the Man of Steel's face was suddenly replaced by one of peace and acquiescence. The violent thrashing of his body suddenly eased as the Man of Steel mentally capitulated and accepted his fate. As the violent thrashing stopped Wu noticed that Superman's legs were actually moving further outward--a move that would only facilitate Wu's fisting of the Superhero. Wu was absolutely dumfounded when he felt the magnificent buttocks of Luthor's arch nemesis actually push downward against his butt encapsulated arm, an unmistakable sign of a desire to have more of his gel coated arm inserted into Superman's ass.

"Whoa," said Wu as he watched Superman's beautiful butt cheeks willingly impaled themselves on his arm. "This is unfucking believable! Gunnar, check this out."

"We did it Wu," observed the young Swede as he studied Superman's face. "We broke him. He's ours. This is incredible. What shall we do next?"

"Take that Kryptonite soaked cloth off of his throat. I think its time to talk with our new pet," said Wu as he began to slowly and gently piston his gel coated fist in and out of the totally violated hole of the Man of Steel.

Dr. Naguib, who had been standing along side the table, immediately removed the larynx paralyzing cloth from the smooth throat of the handsome Kryptonian male.

"Hey cocksucker," said the 19 year softly as he stroked the cheek of the Man of Steel tenderly. "Looks like you're ready for some cock. Am I right?" he asked looking directly into Superman's eyes.

"Yes. Yes I am Gunnar. May I please suck on your cock?" asked the Man of Steel in a voice of deep quiet sincerity.

"I think we can arrange for that." replied the 19 year old hunk as he smiled down on his prize captive. "Do you mind if Wu keeps fucking you?"

"No, not at all,' Superman replied. "It hurts a great deal, but I understand that he is doing it because it is best for me. I didn't understand before, but I do now,” continued the totally subjugated Man of Steel. "I was arrogant and vain. I didn't appreciate what you were all trying to do for me. I apologize. I now know and accept what I am. I know my place. I now understand why I was sent to this planet. I am sorry for the problems I caused you and Mr. Luthor. Wu can do whatever he wants to do to me. I would just like to be able to thank him when he is done. I think I know how I can express my gratitude to him.

"You mean by sucking him off?" Gunnar asked.

"Yes. He might like that," replied the completely docile Superhunk.

"He might," replied the young hunk as he gently caressed Superman's face. "He might."

Gunnar sat on Superman's chest for the next ten minutes, slowly playing with himself, while Wu continued to slowly fistfuck the Man of Steel's magnificent ass. Superman's eyes never left the phallus as the 19-year-old leisurely stroked it. Wu would periodically ask the vanquished Superhero if it hurt and whether or not Wu should continue fisting him. Both questions were quietly answered affirmatively by the formerly spirited Kryptonian stallion. Yes in many ways the Man of Steel had been transformed from a proud stallion into an obedient member of the herd. His spirit of independence was gone forever; he would spend the rest of his life in the service of those who had broken him.

Wu enjoyed fisting the Man of Steel in a way he had never expected to enjoy. Strictly heterosexual, shoving his fist up some faggot's ass wasn't Wu's way of getting off. But this case was very different. Wu, the son of Chinese peasants, had just helped defeat, conquer and defile the most powerful male on the planet. The man, in whose ass his arm was embedded, had the physical power to literally smash Wu into atoms. Yet there he was lying on his back, softly moaning, while Wu stripped every remaining shred of masculinity from him. Wu's victory was all the more incredible in that he had not only helped to overthrow the Man of Steel, but also had succeeded in converting him. This was the complete subjugation of the epitome of masculinity. It was the ultimate power trip. It was a moment to be savored.

As he reluctantly withdrew his slick arm from its rectal sheath, Wu nodded to Dr. Naguib that it was time to clean out the rectum of the Man of Steel. The last thing on earth that Wu and Luthor wanted would be for Superman to succumb to Green Kryptonite poisoning. Superman was going to be the crown jewel in Lex Luthor's criminal empire. The conquest of Superman was the most spectacular achievement in the history of criminality. He was an asset that had to be protected.

As with his previous douches, Superman's restraints were removed, and he was helped into the shower by Dr. Naguib and Wu. The Kryptonian hunk was exhausted and still weak from the Kryptonite gel that remained in his gut. It took a while, but with the help of a high pressure hose that was initially inserted directly into the still open sphincter of the Man of Steel, all traces of the lethal green substance were flushed out of the rectum of the son of Krypton. The only thing that remained before presenting the completely tamed and now willingly submissive Superhero to Lex and his top associates, was to allow the handsome Kryptonian hunk the privilege of sucking Gunnar's dick.

It was a very revealing drama that played itself out once Superman had been thoroughly cleaned up and dried. Gunnar, who had gotten dressed while Superman was being cleaned, slowly walked up to the Man of Steel. Not a word was spoken as Gunnar looked into Superman's eyes and nodded. A look of deep gratitude appeared on Superman's face as he quietly whispered "thank you,” and began to descend to the floor. The unspoken ritual of surrender was underway as the physically indomitable Kryptonian male submissively dropped to his knees, extended his hand and unzipped the fly of his young master. Naguib and Wu watched silently as the dethroned icon of heterosexual masculinity gently removed the hard, fleshly penis of the blond stud from its underwear cover, and brought the proud organ into the light. Gunnar looked down in silent triumph as the head of his penis was gently kissed by transformed son of Krypton.

Looking up into the smiling face of his benefactor, the Man of Steel felt as if he had been reborn. This was so natural to be on his knees before this man. This was so right, he thought as he stared upwards with gratitude at the real man who towered over him. For the first time in a very long, long time, the Man of Steel felt secure. His self-doubts had vanished. The feelings of hate, fear and shame that had dogged him since that first night in the vault were no more. This is where he belonged. Look at how masculine Gunnar looks, Superman thought as he looked upwards into the face of the smiling 19 year old. Look how proud his cock is, observed Superman as the rigid male organ twitched in anticipation of entering the Kryptonian hunk's mouth. Look how powerful that awesome symbol of manhood is. I feel so safe looking up at it. It's like a divinely created arrow, pointing me in the right direction; guiding me; ruling over me; giving me purpose in life. It’s like a deity who is destined to rule over me. It's incredible that he would allow a loathsome creature such as myself to commune with that magnificent piece of flesh. How extraordinarily generous and kind of him to allow me to partake of this divine shaft's seed, thought Superman as he pressed the warm, velvety head of the phallic missile against his lips. I must make certain to please him and to make up for the disrespect I showed him and his shaft in the past.

The 19-year-old hunk was exhilarated beyond words as he watched the mightiest male in the universe form his powerful lips into an oval and place those lips onto the very tip of his straining cock. And it was with utter contentment that the smiling blond stud watched as his cock passed effortlessly through the tightly clenching lips of his Kryptonian fellator as Superman slowly impaled himself on his new phallic god. The feel of Superman's tongue sliding underneath his hard shaft was out of this world. The sensation of his young cock colliding with the back of the throat of the Man of Steel and then beginning its descent into Superman's willing throat was exhilarating. Feeling his scrotum come to a rest against the chin of Luthor's subjugated foe was awesome. Watching his blond pubes form an obscene mustache on the upper lip of the Kryptonian Superstud made the blond Swede almost giddy. Gunnar was on the ultimate power trip of his life, and it was a trip he fully intended to take over and over and over again for many, many years. Oh, he would lay his share of hot women before eventually marrying the right one, but none of that would prevent him from re-enacting this scene with Superman again and again. Yup, these nuts will make enough juice to satisfy any woman, and to keep this faggot well fed, he thought as he felt Superman begin to slowly piston his lips up and down the entire length of Gunnar's cock.

Superman's silent oral adulation of Gunnar's cock continued for nearly half an hour. Although his craving for semen was almost unbearable, his desire to serve his generous benefactor was equally as powerful. Pleasing the hot Swedish stud was the most important thing he could do thought Superman as he lavished oral attention on the hard studly organ. If he did this right, he knew that Lex and the others might reward him with additional cocksucking privileges. He had to please this young stud at all costs.

Unlike any of the previous blowjobs Superman had been coerced into giving, this one was different. The transformed Kryptonian hunk genuinely tried to please the blond stud whose cock was now dominating Superman's life. He recalled all of the various fellatio enhancement techniques he had been forced to study by Luthor and his henchmen. The debased Man of Steel employed all of them as he slavishly suctioned away on the hard slab of dick that now ruled his mouth. Lavish attention was paid to the young Swede's cockhead by the tongue of the anxious to please Superhero. Gunnar's urethra--the portal through which the semen Superman so desperately needed--was repeatedly visited by the tip of Superman's tongue. Even the sides of the 19 year old's fuckpump got special service from the Man of Steel's powerful lips. And when the blond stud occasionally removed his well-sucked rod from Superman's mouth, and silently pointed to his scrotum, the Man of Steel unhesitatingly lavished them with oral attention.

The head Gunnar received that day from Superman was the best suck job the young stud had ever received in his life. None of the previous blowjobs he had forced the Man of Steel to perform had come close to this one. It was obvious from Superman's skilful use of his tongue, the suction he applied, and the depth into his throat which he plunged Gunnar's cock, that Superman truly wanted to please his young master. The super man had become the super cocksucker.

Although Gunnar wanted the blowjob to last forever, even he was eventually forced to yield to the skilled, determined and relentless cocksucking of the former icon of heterosexual maleness. The pleasure he was receiving from Superman's mouth was just too much and soon the young stud's body was demanding release. The horny 19 year old held back as long as he could but even he was unable to withstand the voracious cocksucking of the awesome Kryptonian male who knelt at his feet. He had to let go!

Superman had been paying particular attention to the under surface of the blond stud's cockhead, when the incredibly aroused Swede let loose. A large blast of warm gooey semen shot out of the tip of the young male's cockhead instantly flooding the tastebud laden surface of Superman's eager for cum tongue. This was followed by a series of sperm loaded cum wads, which rapidly filled the mouth of the cocksucking Superhero.

Looking from the Wu and Naguib saw an expression of incredibly joy break out across the face of the debauched Man of Steel as Gunnar emptied his nuts into Superman's mouth. Wu quietly slapped the ejaculating Swede on the back and whispered, "Mission accomplished. He's ours." as Wu looked down on the pathetic cum swallowing Superhero sucking away on the 19 year old's semen-jettisoning organ.

Once the eager to please subservient hunk detected the warm, viscous male juice's presence in his mouth, he immediately began lapping at the spewing cockhead, anxious to savor every drop of the fluid he craved. With superhuman efficiency each syrupy wad of Gunnar's semen was tasted, lapped to the back of Superman's mouth and eagerly swallowed by the cum addicted Kryptonian male. When the hunk continued to ejaculate, the debased Superhero finally impaled himself on the Swede's firm cock, burying its still spewing head deep inside of his throat. With the cockhead trapped inside of Superman's powerful throat, the now shameless cocksucker wrapped his lips around the base of the 19 year old's cock and gently nursed on the proud rod in order to make sure that it gave up every single one of its sperm.

Even after the orgasm had ended, Superman kept working his well-experienced lips along the whole length of the shaft until not a single drop of the sperm enriched juice remained with it. The blissfully exhausted Swede had to physically remove his cock from its Kryptonian lip prison.

As Superman's cum addicted pleasure centers detected the presence of semen in his bloodstream, they triggered a deep sense of joy and pleasure throughout the body of the defiled Man of Steel. Looking up past the softening penis and into Gunnar's eyes the transformed Man of Steel once again whisper "thank you," before leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss of gratitude on the head of the penis that had once again desecrated him. "I finally understand," whispered the Man of Steel. Pointing to his knees and then gesturing upwards towards the smiling male who towered over him, Superman quietly observed, "This is where I belong."

Wu, Dr. Naguib and Gunnar quickly exchanged glances that proclaimed victory, triumph and deep satisfaction. Their stars would be riding very high in the Luthor organization.

"We're glad that you finally understand, Superman," said Wu in a calm and controlled voice. "It's taken you quite awhile to accept what you are. You've come a long, long way. Everyone needs to find his place in life. Now that you've found yours, your life will be so much simpler. Lex will be really happy to hear the good news," Wu continued. "And I'm sure you'd like to tell him yourself. We'll take you to him in a little while, but first we have to take care of a few things, starting with this," said the grinning Chinese gymnast as he walked up to the Man of Steel and unzipped his fly. "You know what do to Superman."

A few seconds later Superman extracted the hardening rod of Chinese hunk, enveloped it in his mouth, and began performing the ritual he had performed so many times in the past. Only this time there was no revulsion; no sense of humiliation; no disgust; and no shame. There was only submission; complete, total, unconditional and blissful submission.

As the conquered Man of Steel docilely fellated the triumphant Chinese stud, Wu turned to his two colleagues. "Gunnar, please call Lex and the others. Tell them Superman will be ready to present himself to them in about an hour. Naguib, when I'm done with our cocksucking friend here, why don't you give him a taste of Egyptian cock. After you've fed him, we'll need to spruce him up a bit and make him presentable to Lex."

"Ain't life grand?" observed the smiling ex-gymnast as he reached down and tousled the hair of the degraded Superhero who quietly nursed away on Wu's cock. Looking down at Superman as the mighty hunk's lips obediently worked up and down on the saliva coated rod, Wu answered his own question: "Yes!"

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