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Future Father In-Law Examination

By blindside

submitted February 27, 2003

Categories: Doctor

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After returning to college after the holiday break, I was introduced to Michelle by one of my fraternity brothers. My name is Gary. God she was pretty…and smart. Michelle and I fell in love immediately. We were both in our senior year and would be graduating in May. I couldn’t believe the luck I’d had, finding the perfect girl.

By early March, Michelle and I decided to get married following graduation. Yeah, it would be a quick courtship, but when you’re in love it really doesn’t matter.

I approached Michelle with the idea of having sexual intercourse, being the horny bastard I was. She wasn’t sure. Maybe later was her response. Then one Saturday night we were making out in the car and Michelle reached for my crotch and brought me to a full tilt erection. My cock was dying to escape. Michelle unzipped my pants and held my seven-inch rock hard-uncircumcised penis in her hand, slowing masturbating me. Before the evening was done, Michelle had given me a blowjob. I was sucking on her tits when I shot my load directly into her mouth. Michele devoured every drop. Later I tried to finger her cunt, but she said that was off limits for now.

Michelle loved my British accent. I was born in London to American parents, having lived there for the first eighteen years of my life. Being in the United States was like being in a foreign country, even though I was of course, a citizen. Actually, everyone loved my accent … the trouble was; it was they who had the accent, not me.

Being an old fashion guy with a British pedigree to boot, I told Michelle it would be necessary for me to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. “Oh, isn’t that sweet!” was her reply. To accomplish this, we decided to fly to her home on spring break and make the announcement. I would have preferred Mexico as my Spring Break destination, but time was running out.

It was a Saturday morning when Michelle and I flew to Texas for a weeklong stay with her parents and my future in-laws. Upon arrival and after the introductions, we drove to Michelle’s home in a very ritzy part of town. Michelle’s dad was a Doctor; her mom appeared to be a social butterfly.

Michelle and I crafted a plan for that night. Doctor “Ben” as he was called, and his wife would be taking us to the country club for dinner. While we would be waiting for dessert and coffee, Michelle would excuse herself. That would be my opportunity to ask permission to marry Michelle.

Just on queue, Michelle excused herself. Her parents and I chit chatted for several minutes, and then I blurted it out, in my most sophisticated British accent. “Michelle and I have decided to get married, but first I want your permission to do so,” was my line, having practiced it in my mind for the last two days. “Oh Ben!” said the mom, “Wasn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?” I could tell the Doc was pleased as well. Michelle returned to the table, all smiles. She hugged and kissed her parents. It was then that I presented to Michele a 1.5 ct. solitaire diamond ring, set in platinum. Cost me a fortune. Mom flipped when she saw the stone. With dessert and coffee served, we finished the meal and returned home.

It’d been a long day. I had been deposited in the guest room on the opposite end of the hall from Michelle. In between was her parent’s room. Forget it Gary, I thought to myself. I could picture myself making love to Michelle for the first time, slipping my cock into her virgin vagina. Almost made me cum just thinking about it.

Sunday morning, Michelle and her mom went to church. The Doctor and I hung out, reading the paper and watching the talk shows. I wasn’t too big on church … hope that wouldn’t be a problem. After the girls returned from church, Mom fixed a light lunch since we were all still stuffed from our meal the previous evening.

The phone rang and the Doctor answered. Suddenly, he slammed down the phone. “God damn it!” said the Doc, “That bastard Sweeney cancelled our tennis match! I’ve had that court reserved all week!” He was pissed. “Doctor,” I said, “I’ll take his place if you like.” The Doctor was thrilled to have a tennis partner. I failed to mention that I had been a ball boy at Wimbledon all during high school, and would probably pound his ass on the court.

Doc and I were exactly the same size, so he provided me with tennis clothes. He offered me a selection of racquets. We took a change of clothes, since we’d be meeting up with the girls for a 7 pm dinner.

We drove to the country club and entered the locker room. What a place! There was a steam room and whirlpool, not to mention the attendant who promptly took our gym bags and very neatly hung our clothes up. Doc and I headed to the courts.

I decided to let Doc beat me, although I was careful not to get smeared in the process. He actually was pretty good for an old fart. Game, Set, and Match were completed in a little over two hours. “Come on Gary, let’s hit the steam room,” said the Doc as we returned to the locker area.

I undressed and chucked the tennis clothes in a locker. The attendant handed me a large towel, which I wrapped around my now naked body. Doc was undressing next to me, grabbed the towel from the attendant and said, “follow me,” as we headed to the steam room. The Doc hadn’t bothered to do anything with the towel, walking across the room naked.

Doc opened the door to the steam room, jerked the towel off my body, and told me to enter. So there we sat across from each other on the benches, buck-naked. Doc kept looking at my uncut cock, as if he’d never seen one before. Doc’s dick was just a stubble, but at least it had produced Michelle or at least I assumed so. After twenty minutes in the steam room, the Doc and I went to the communal showers. I decided to tease the Doc a little bit, so I lathered up my crotch, pealed back my thick foreskin and cleansed my penis. Doc appeared fascinated with this little exercise.

We met up with the girls at 7 pm for dinner. Home by about 9pm, where Michelle and I watched TV and smooched on the couch when her parents weren’t looking. Michelle even rubbed my crotch several times in the process, setting the stage for a masturbation session that evening.

Michelle and I went shopping on Monday, looking for various things we’d need for the wedding. It was basically an uneventful day.

Doc returned from work about 8pm that evening. He had a general practice but also taught one class a week per semester at the med school. Doc looked disgusted and fixed a drink. Somewhere around 9pm, Doc asked if he could see me in his study. I guess this was going to be the “talk.” Like, “don’t even think of fucking my daughter until you’re married,” or something along those lines. I left Michelle and the TV and followed the Doc to his study. He shut the door.

“Gary,” said the Doc, “I got a big problem you can help me with.” “Sure,” I said, not having a clue as to his request. “Tomorrow”, continued the Doc, “I am teaching a class at the med school on the uncircumcised penis. The young man scheduled to be my patient has regretfully had to cancel, due to a death in the family. I noticed yesterday that you are uncut. Can you help me?” The Doc seemed desperate.

“Sure, I guess,” I said, “What should I expect?” Doc explained the procedure and promised not to embarrass me.

The next morning I rode with Doc to the med school. Upon arriving, Doc escorted me to a dressing area, just outside the small classroom. He asked me to disrobe. This is Doctor talk for get the fuck naked. Removing all my clothes, Doc had me jump up on a rolling exam table, where he covered me with a sheet except for my head. He then rolled me into the classroom, where six potential Doctors awaited. Thank God they were all men.

“Gather around gentleman,” the Doc ordered the class. Doc was on one side of the gurney with the med students on the remaining three. Doc removed the sheet, exposing my naked body. “This gentlemen, is an uncircumcised penis,” as he grabbed by dick and held it up. “Notice the foreskin and how it’s shaped around the gland,” the Doc continued. Then the Doc took both hands and stretched my foreskin down, exposing the head of my dick. Doc started talking technical stuff about the uncut dick, none of which I understood. In the mean time, I began to form an erection. This was going to be embarrassing for sure.

“Are their any questions?” asked Doc of the class. “Does the foreskin remain over the head of the penis during erection?” asked one of the students. “Not necessarily,” replied the Doc, “It depends on the thickness of the skin and shaft of the penis.” Another question, as my dick is now fully erect, foreskin still attached over my mushroom head. “During sexual intercourse, is there an advantage to having an uncut penis?” asked another student. “I don’t believe there are any conclusive studies on that,” replied the Doc.

“Notice the patient now has an erection, and as to the first question, the foreskin has remained in tact over the head of the penis,” said the Doc. “I want each of you to step forward and examine this young man’s foreskin,” the Doc ordered the class. This was not the deal, I thought, petrified at being man handled by six probably horny med students.

The first student ran his finger between the inside of my foreskin and head of my dick. It only accelerated my erection. The second student actually stretched the foreskin away from the head, apparently fascinated by what he was doing. The sixth and last student slid my foreskin down over my erect shaft, where is promptly stayed. By this point, my balls were aching something fierce, begging for the opportunity to release their contents.

“Hey Doc,” I said, “I think I’m about to cum.” All the students took a brief step back, as if I was in possession of a fire hose. “That’s fine Gary, any time you’re ready,” said the Doc, as all eyes of the students were fixated on my manhood. Within the next fifteen seconds, my dick started to twitch uncontrollably, as I released several shots of cum. For some reason I was sweating. My dick immediately went limp.

“Now then gentlemen,” said the Doc, “Notice that some sperm has been trapped between the gland and foreskin”, as the Doc pealed back my now sensitive member. Several of the students looked at each other, nodding in agreement with the Doctor. “This is why it’s important for your uncircumcised male patients to keep this area extremely clean,” the Doc concluded as he dismissed the group.

Doc and I returned to his residence, and thanked me profusely for my participation in his class. “Just another life experience,” I said as we arrived home. The girls had gone shopping, so Doc and I went to the club to play tennis. I whipped his ass.

Prior to the wedding, Michelle agreed to have sex with me. We fucked like minks the entire month of May. She also became a champion cocksucker, fascinated with my thick (and apparently famous) foreskin. I told her about my med school experience. She was positively horrified that her Dad had actually touched my dick!

Michelle and I were married in June at an elaborate ceremony, all planned by Michelle and her mother. My folks even came from England. The reception was held at the country club and must have cost a fortune. Doc and his wife gave Michelle and I a bundle of money as a wedding present, which was enough for a down payment on a house.

Because I had majored in biology, Doc talked me into attending medical school, paying for the entire four years. After graduation, I specialized in…you guessed it… urology!

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