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My Dong

By jaycruz

submitted April 1, 2003

Categories: College Days, Interracial, Straight Men, Gay Sex

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I had never met someone named Dong before. That was all I knew about my roommate. Coming from a small town in farm country, I hadn't met much more than a Robert or even a Vince in high school.

I sat around that first day here at university waiting to meet the man named Dong. I wasn't disappointed. Dong and I are complete opposites. He's hyper all the time; I'm calm and serene. He's already made dozens of friends here at school; I'm slowly working on a few select people. Dong is a short, Vietnamese guy; I, Hal, am a tall, Irish lad. Our biggest differences are physical. He's about 5 foot 4; I'm 6 foot 8. Dong has golden skin and jet-black hair; I have skin as white as alabaster and hair as red as a nearly ripe tomato. Dong has a tiny mouth and dark, beady eyes; I have puffy lips and round, green eyes. Dong has a wiry little body, honed by years of martial arts; I'm big, almost burly, from playing football and basketball in high school.

Being from a farm, I'm early to bed. Dong likes to party. And drink. And get in trouble. And did I mention, drink? We had roomed together for just two weeks, having barely spoken, when he came home really drunk one Friday night. He woke me up making so much noise as he stumbled through the door. I just lay there and pretended to be asleep, on my back with the sheets up around my nipples. It was a warm and steamy night.

Dong mumbled in his drunken stupor. "Damn, you dance so sexy, girl," I think is what he said. "Get me all hot and then leave with that asshole. What's up?"

I heard him rustling by my bed. His shirt fluttered to the floor. I opened my eyes a little. Normally I would have just gone back to sleep, but his ranting about this girl had made me curious. Dong paced in the center of the room, spinning a little, as he was drunk. His flicked his hands as if trying to shake off some dirt. He kept on whispering, "You got a nice little booty, girl. Come on, give it up to Dong. Dong'll love you real sweet, girl."

One of his energetic hands slid down through the air to his crotch. His wiry body shone blue in the dim light coming through the shades. Dong began massaging his groin. He moaned. That's when I closed my eyes again. I had never seen another guy masturbate before, but I knew when a man needed his privacy!

Dong kept on muttering about this hot chick he had been dancing with. He slurred some of his words. The floor creaked as he paced just a few feet away. I lay in my bed, my hands by my sides, remembering, for some reason, the movement of my roommate's hand on his crotch. His mumbling grew louder. "Don't tease me and leave me, girl. Get me all hot and leave me hangin'. That ain't right."

I opened my left eye and peeked. Dong was standing right beside my bed! His hand caressed his tight jeans from the V of his legs down the left leg. I could tell he was hard, and fairly long. I closed my eye.

"Such a hot little ass, girl. And those lips. Damn! That's all I need, girl. You don't gotta give it all up for Dong." I heard his zipper fall. Oh God, I thought, he's standing right next to me! I lay still and held my breath.

"Those lips, those puffy, pouty, pink lips. Mm-mm, girl. So pretty." I heard right by my ear the whispery sound of flesh stroking hard flesh. "Get me all hot. Whoa!" Drunk, Dong lurched sideways and his knees fell against my mattress. "Shit," he said above me. He giggled. "You sure have pretty lips. Pretty white skin."

Then I felt fingers lightly touching my left cheek. I lay frozen. What was Dong doing? Did he really think that I was this girl at the bar? Was he that drunk? I figured he'd realize his mistake soon enough and be so embarrassed he'd go to his own bed. But he kept on stroking my face, tenderly. "Damn, girl!" he said again. His fingernail traced my lower lip. "Pretty white girl," he said slowly.

I wasn't sure what to do. We didn't know each other that well, and I didn't want to embarrass Dong. How would we face each other every day? So I continued to lay there, with my arms at my side and Dong rubbing my pouty lower lip. His warm hands sent waves of hot pleasure throughout my body. I even felt my flaccid cock awakening. God, how I hoped Dong wouldn't notice. I figured he'd stop soon. He was so obviously drunk.

Dong was breathing hard. His knees were resting on the edge of the mattress, about a foot away from my face. He cupped the right corner of my jaw softly in his palm. "Ooh, baby, you look so fine," he said. I could barely hear him. I could sense his tight little body just a few feet away like a small sun warming a field. One finger of the hand holding my jaw drifted into my mouth. Dong touched my teeth. What was he doing? Why wasn't I stopping him? Probably because my dick had gotten so very hard in the last few minutes. Some part of my brain and body liked how Dong's light touch was making me feel. Besides, how embarrassing would it be for both of us if I stopped him now?

Dong breathed faster. The bed undulated as he brought his knee close to my neck. His finger slid along the inside of my lip. What was he doing now? I peeked. I couldn't believe what I saw. Dong had sidled up against me. His fly was wide open and his penis was loose. I could see the slender form silhouetted in the night. It looked wrong somehow beneath Dong's wiry body; his dick was long, longer than my own by about two inches. At the end of his eight inches was a big mushroom, the size of a black golf ball hanging just inches from my face. The rest of his root was slimmer than the end. He stroked it slowly, gliding his hand all the way down to the rounded head, then sliding it lovingly back down to where his small nut sac swung. His tiny nipples stood out hard from his rounded pecs.

I closed my eyes right away. Had I been wrong about Dong realizing what he was doing? He didn't seem to be shrinking away in embarrassment. He must still be really out of it. But what could I do at this point? It had gone on too long. If I stopped him now, with his hard cock wagging in my face, we'd really never be able to look at each other again. I prayed he'd stop in a second or two.

He started talking again. "I know you wanna help me out, don't ya? I seen how you look at me, baby." Something velvety and warm pressed against my lower lip. Dong's finger caressed the inner flesh of that lip. "I'm so hot, baby. You're so hot. Love that sexy, white skin."

His finger tugged at my big lip. Soon the hot flesh of his cockhead slid up against it. It was slightly damp too. The saltiness dripped onto my tongue between my teeth. I didn't move my head away. Dong's left hand held me lightly in place. And I didn't want to move away. I was curious. What was my sexy, Vietnamese roommate going to do next? How far would he go with my body laying there still under the tented covers?

I felt him pull my lip further down. His salty dickhead knocked into my teeth. He whispered, "Ooh, yeah, baby. Open up for Dong."

I thought of his wiry, muscular body up there, silhouetted in the dark. The poor guy was drunk and horny. My own dick was as hard as shale. I opened my teeth for him. His big knob was as soft as rose petals. The salty taste and the musky aroma entered my body at the same moment his leaking faucet pierced my lips. I heard him moan a little as my lips peeled back and wrapped around the thick end of his stick. It felt good, intimate, and warm, like a fireplace poker.

"Fuck," Dong said. "That's good, girl."

I opened my eyes a slit. In the dark I was sure he wouldn't notice that I was awake. Dong had his hand on the base of his cock, pulling the skin taut. It stuck out and throbbed as it slid into my virgin lips. Dong's small fingers pinched into his balls as he pointed his slender member toward my waiting mouth.

"Yeah, baby, take it," he said as the whole of his mushroom head popped between my lips. He moaned as I tightened my mouth around him. A drop of something salty fell onto my tongue. I lapped at his piss-slit with tiny little darting motions. He seemed to like it.

"Da-amn! Lick it, baby, yeah."

I did. My tongue ran all over the underside of his bulb. The taste of sweat and pre-cum was better than anything I'd ever tasted back on the farm. The best part was that my roommate was too drunk to know what he was doing! The worst part was that I couldn't touch my throbbing erection without Dong knowing I was awake. Dong slid his slender leg up against my neck. Our flesh met in a hot spark. He leaned forward, easing his cock between my lips. I lay perfectly still, letting him enter me. I kept my lips tight around his love-root, sucking a little as I breathed.

"Those lips are sweet, baby. Keep it up."

The slimmer portion of his cock met my tongue as he reached further into my mouth. We both moaned at the same time. He must have been too drunk to notice mine; he didn't miss a beat sliding his meat into my mouth. I lay there drenched in sweat. Where the sheet draped over my stomach and thighs, the moisture made it cling to my skin. The tip of my twitching cock dripped fluid; the cotton sheet stuck there like it had been glued.

My tongue was like a shoehorn letting Dong easily slip into my tight mouth. He moaned again as I sucked hard on the satin-smooth skin of his Asian cock. On my tongue I felt a protruding vein on the underside of his slender snake. It seemed hot enough to burn my tongue. I desperately wanted to jerk myself off. My lower abdomen was sticky with pre-cum. My dick arched up and throbbed painfully. The steamy night air was made hotter from the musky warmth of Dong's body beside my head and shoulders.

The fat head of his root bumped into the back of my throat. Without thinking, I swallowed, closing my muscles tightly around him. He moaned long and loud. I felt his pubic hairs tickling my lips. His penis completely filled my mouth. Through my slightly open eyes I watched my wiry roommate pinch his nipple with the hand that no longer needed to hold his dick in my face. He said, "Yeah, baby, that's real nice. Swallow Dong whole." He stroked his taut, flat stomach as he used his other hand to pull my face just a little bit closer to his body. I almost gagged.

Just as slowly and luxuriously as Dong had slipped into my willing mouth he began to pull out. The silky skin of his slender cock was even smoother as it wetly slid back through my sucking lips. I let my tongue barely touch him, tickling the sensitive underside of his veiny shaft. I heard him moan again.

He let the ball-like end linger between my gaping lips. My tongue roamed of its own accord. I lapped at the dripping, salty fluid like a hamster drinking in its cage. Dong stroked my face as my tongue slid into his moist piss-slit. I could barely believe what I was doing--or where the thought to lick my roommate's slit had come from! But the poor drunk boy continued to moan and call me "girl", so I knew he was getting pleasure from me. And he would never remember in the morning.

I just lay there and took it.

He let me lick for a long time at his piss-slit as a steady stream of fluid fell onto my tongue. His hand caressed all over my right cheek, my nose and lips, even slid over my eye as Dong said, "Yeah, girl, you're real good. Suck on Dong's lollipop."

He began sliding back in. I sucked him back in. With one eye half open, I examined Dong's body, dark in the lightless room. His toned thigh tightened and strained beside my face. He stroked his short torso, the muscles gleaming a little with sweat. His gaze was on the wall; in his head he was somewhere else.

"Shit," he grunted. "You like Dong, don't you, baby? You suck real good! Can't wait to watch you drink down my cum."

The thought of doing that kind of scared me. But I didn't care right then. I let my neck and throat muscles go limp as Dong began a slow in-and-out rhythm, humping my face. I let him use me. Slobber fell from the side of my mouth. The only sounds were Dong's raspy breathing and my mouth's hungry slurping.

"Yeah, you sexy thing. Fuck me with those sweet lips. Dong's gonna give you a tasty reward, baby."

His dick burned and swelled inside my mouth. The soft flesh of his massive glans got harder every time he banged into the back of my throat like a battering ram. His pace grew harder and harder. A drop of Dong's sweat fell into my eye. It burned. I tensed my sore jaw muscles for just a second, and my teeth scraped across Dong's prick. He slowed a little. I quickly fixed myself, and I hoped he hadn't noticed. His wet shaft rapidly picked up his frantic pace again. His small balls kept banging into my chin. I let him pummel my mouth with his hot root, not even blinking to get the pain out of my eye.

Dong held my right cheek with one hand; he held the narrow base of his erection with the other as he jacked it in and out of my mouth. He was really drilling me now, banging into the back of my throat. His breathing was really fast. His thigh beside my face was moist with sweat. His loose zipper tinkled. "Come on, baby," he said as he thrust between my lips. "That's it. Make Dong cum down your throat."

I was close to cumming too. But if I did, Dong would know I was awake. The stress was enough to keep me from cumming. Having my hard, hot roommate face-fucking me kept me painfully, throbbingly erect. My big body was so covered in sweat that my bed sheets clung to every inch they were draped over. My neck dripped with perspiration; the muscles of my chest and my pointed nipples were soaked. Saliva dribbled down my cheek as Dong's slender shaft continued its quick pace. My lips stayed tight around it. Dong groaned.

"Damn, I'm close, baby. Keep it up, keep it up! You sure are hungry for Dong's jizz, ain't you?" My mouth was filling up with salty fluid. Dong was so out of breath he could hardly talk. He slurred his words drunkenly. "Fuck. Fuck, fuck! Dong's gonna cum, baby. Get ready, you little slut. Here I come!"

With a few more animal grunts, Dong's body tensed up. I tightened my throat and mouth muscles, not really knowing what to expect. Dong pulled my face into his crotch. He was as far into my throat as he could get his slender, eight-inch prick. I gagged on him once. I licked and licked, and I felt his dick swell as he began to cum. Dong's cock exploded down my throat. Soggy, heavy stuff struck the back of my mouth hotly. My body jerked. I kept my lips planted against Dong's flat abdomen. I sucked and sucked on his root as he kept spewing. His dick bucked and throbbed as it deposited thick goo. After three huge drops I had to swallow. My tongue licked it off his cockhead as soon as it came out.

Dong said, "Yeah, baby, swallow Dong's load. That's it. You know you want it, white slut."

How I did want it! Four, five, six shots of musky manjuice--I couldn't believe how good it tasted, how quickly I swallowed it down. My tongue tickled his cock, begging for more. Seven, eight volleys--and Dong still wasn't finished! His slender prick coated my entire mouth and tongue with sticky ambrosia.

After the tenth shot his dick gave one last quiver and stopped. It stayed hard and hot in my sticky mouth. His body relaxed against mine. As I struggled to swallow all of his massive load, I peeked up at him. His wiry body was slick with sweat. His nipples were swollen and hard. His mouth hung open and his head leaned back.

I licked every gooey drop off his veiny rod. As I gulped down his meaty juice, Dong whispered, "Goddamn! Shit, that was good. Baby, you're real good. Real good." He patted my cheek lightly. His dick was still hard in my mouth. "You're the fuckin' best, man."

I closed my throat around him and swallowed down the last of his manly fluid. Dong stroked my lip one more time as he began to slide his slick cock from my mouth. I sucked on him as he left, hoping to draw his slender, Asian manroot back inside me. My tongue gave his swollen mushroom a farewell lick. I had sucked every ounce of cum off his hard prick.

Then he took his weight off my mattress and stood. Through my half-open eye I watched him look down on me. In his drunken state he grinned foolishly. He said, "Real fine lips, baby. You got Dong all hot."

He turned and walked away. I watched his tan-colored, tight ass as he drew up his pants over the round globes. His wiry back shone with sweat. He never got to fasten his pants before falling face first onto his bed. In a second he was snoring, with his hands under his body.

Since Dong was obviously asleep, I decided to jerk off. I desperately needed relief! I threw the sheet off me. It fell to my big feet with a heavy rustling sound. I gripped my dick--average-sized, sleek, missile-like head, pretty nice, if I say so myself. I slid my hand up the sweaty organ once, down, up again, down again, up again, and that's all it took. My shaft grew impossibly tight. My leg muscles quivered. I came painfully.

My stuff shot far into the air. I had never cum with so much force in my life. I even growled as my dick shot and shot. It was so tight it stood straight up on its own. I came and came without even touching myself anymore.

My jizz fell down with several splats all over my body. I rubbed it like lotion into my big pecs. I pinched my sensitive nipples; they needed release as well. My thighs ached. I felt as if I'd just run a marathon. My balls hung hot and sweaty after releasing themselves. I rubbed more cum into my chin. A huge steaming drop had fallen right below my lower lip. My lips tingled with my touch. They ached for Dong, I think.

I lay panting and drenched in sweat and semen. My gut was full of my drunk roommate's thick seed. I thought of my life back in farm country. I began to laugh, quietly. Even I couldn't believe I had just done what I did. As I tweaked my cum-streaked nipple, I wondered if I would ever do it again.

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