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I Fucked the Crap Out of Justin Timberlake

By Hottest Babe Around

submitted April 14, 2003

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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As I was walking down the street on a hot summer’s night I saw what I could swear was Justin Timberlake, me obviously being a bit tipsy rushed over to him and gave him a huge tongue kiss before being quickly being pushed away by his security guard. I apologized quickly and said, "I don’t know what got into me, and I’m so sorry can I offer you a drink?" Thinking the answer would be no, I turned around and was about to walk away when I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was Justin and straight after I heard, "A drink'll do me good".

We went to the closest pub around, without his security, and had definitely more than one drink. We sang, we drank, we laughed and sang a bit more until the sun started to rise. As we walked out of the pub Justin invited me to go over to his hotel room because since that kiss I gave him all he thought about was fucking me, so we quickly ran to his hotel room. As we walked into his hotel room all I could think was "Shit, it’s bigger than my apartment!" but those thoughts were quickly out of my brain because soon after Justin closed the door, I could feel his arms around my stomach and as they slowly went down stroking me I began to unzip Justin’s pants and stroking his huge pulsating cock.

I knelt down in front of him and said just to make sure, "Are you sure you want this?" And he replied with a horny tone his voice, "You better make it good!" So I started to lick the top of his prick with just the tip of my tongue, which quickly made his dick grow bigger than it already was, which trust me, was more than big enough, he started to moan and plead for me to suck so I did. I sucked every inch of it until he came and I didn’t let one drop of sperm fall out my mouth, which was really hard 'cause the loads just kept on cumin.

Then I got up and shared his load with him it was one of the most passionate kisses I ever felt, when his tongue played with mine and caressed my cheeks through the in side the kiss must have been at least 5 minutes long but after that I asked, "So do you want to fuck me now?" To which he replied, "I've fucked too many times in my life, I want to feel what it’s like to be fucked."

And his wish was my command. I threw him onto the bed, threw his legs over his head and started to lick and spit on his beautiful tight little hole. I put one finger, then two and three to widen it and then finally I came in with my huge erection. He screamed and cried, but never old me to stop as I slowly entered him. Then once I hit the bottom, I got my dick all nearly out and with one thrust it was back in again, Justin cried for more and so I brutally popped his cherry. It wasn’t long till I came, but I was so horny that it was quite a while till I stopped cumming. I shot half my load in him and the other half on his face.

We started to kiss madly and to finger each other until we fell asleep. Later that night I woke up with a maid in my room he said, "Mr. Timberlake has left and he has left you this note, I would very much like that you would get dressed quickly for we have clients waiting for this room." And with that he gave me the little note, which read, “That was the best fuck ever and I couldn’t have chosen better person to pop my cherry. Be sure that the next time I’m around, I’ll find out were you are!