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My Nightclub Fuck Buddy

By Zay Scott

submitted April 18, 2003

Categories: First Time, Older/younger

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It was 2 am and the cub was kicking out. I looked around the dance floor. I had come for one reason and one reason alone…I headed towards the door and picked up my coat.

"Hey kid…" I heard. I spun around to see one of the doormen looking right at me.

"…you dropped this" he said. He was around 30, rugged, with jet-black hair and the brownest eyes. He was dressed totally in black, his long leather coat concealing his apparent muscled body, and a cigar balanced in his mouth. He handed me a wallet.

"You dropped on the dance floor. Be a little more careful next time…you listening to me or what?"

"Yeah, sorry, thanks" I managed to stutter. Watching as he flicked his smoke onto the floor, our eyes seemed to lock. He stood in silence for what seemed like a lifetime, but what was actually only a few seconds.

"You better get goin’ kid." I hated that. 19 years old and being called a kid!

I left the club and stood outside in the rain. I picked up my mobile and called for a taxi, although I knew it was going to be at least 30 minutes until it arrived. I stood against the wall, lit a cigarette, and waited.

About 15 minutes later, I heard a group of people leaving the club. They staggered out, laughing and joking. I could hear they were talking about the ‘pussy’ they had been eyeing up. They said their goodbyes and walked passed me. I recognised one of them as the doorman.

"Shit, you got no home to go to?” he asked.

"I’m waiting for a cab", I replied. “It’ll be here in another 10 minutes”.

"This isn’t the kinda place you wanna be hanginin’ around on your own at this time o’ night. Where d’ya live’?"

"Only about half a mile away", I smiled. His expression didn't alter.

"Wanna lift?"

"I’ve already called for a taxi" I said, secretly wishing I’d have waited.

"Fuck ‘em. They can't come straight away…their loss."

“Ok” I said. I pushed myself away from the wall and started walking with him. Five minutes later, we arrived at a large dark BMW. He unlocked the passenger door and I got inside. I looked over at the drivers door as it opened, hoping to catch a sneaky glimpse of his bulge. He removed his coat, and got in the car. It was then I saw just how well built he was. This guy could floor me. Although I’d seen him before, it was always in the doorway of the club, and he always had his large black overcoat on. I thought I’d better not let him catch me checkin’ him out, so I opened the window and looked out at the cold, wet night.

"Smoke?” he asked.

"Sure". He lit me a cigarette and handed it to me. I’d only just put one out, but there was no way I was turning down anything he wanted to offer me.

"You normally leave alone then?" he asked.

“Not always” I replied. He started the car, and we set off. Suddenly, realised that we were going the wrong way.

"Hey, I never told you where I lived.” I said.

"I know, I’m gonna show you something. Don't worry kid", he replied with a smile. I could feel my heart pounding as I became more and more anxious. Did he fancy me? Did he really want to show me something? Maybe he saw me looking at him as he got into the car, and was going to teach me a lesson. He was much taller than me, and twice as wide. Dressed in black he looked like a Mafia agent, and my mind began to wander what I was in for…I didn’t know what to do.

Several minutes later, he pulled the car over and stopped. It was a driveway of some kind…the sort that leads up to a small factory, not big enough to afford all night security. He reached inside the glove compartment, pulled out a cigar, and lit it.

"I’ve been watching you all night.” He said. “Don't worry…I ain't no fuckin' stalker you know…the name’s Jason."

"Mark. Why have we stopped here ?"

"Well like I said, I watched you all night…all that hot pussy you could’ve had. You didn't take any of it. So I reckon either you don't like pussy, or you have a piece of your own at home. Which is it?"

"Well...”. I didn’t know what to say. From the things he was saying, I got the impression he was definitely straight. I began to panic.

"Thought so…you’re a cocksucker”

I felt my heart beating so loud, I was sure he would hear it himself.

“Don’t worry…I ain't a basher. Quite the opposite in fact…how about it? You and me, right here and now.” he asked. My eyes were suddenly distracted by his hand, which was rubbing the bulge of his trousers. I sat there, silent. Was this for real, or was he trying to catch me out. He unzipped his fly and slid his fingers inside the opening. My mind was desperately trying to picture what was inside. His head fell back over his seat, still smoking his cigar.” I sat there for what seemed like forever, watching as his hand fumbled around inside his own trousers, occasionally letting out a satisfying moan in between thick clouds of smoke.

I knew he was right. I was desperate to feel what he had in his hand. My own cock was rock hard, pressing painfully at my jeans. I nervously reached over and put my hand on his. He immediately removed his hand to allow me access. I reached eagerly into his open fly. He was hard. He was wearing some kind of cotton underwear, but I could feel his cock, rigid and trapped. He moaned again as if to reassure I was doin’ it right. I looked up to see his head still tipped back, his eyes closed, as if to enhance the feeling.

I realised he was genuine, and this seemd to make me feel a little more relaxed. Reaching over with my other hand, I popped his button. His cock was pushing up into his briefs. I lifted the waistband of his briefs and carefully pulled them over his cock. The rush of fresh air stimulated him as he moaned again, and his cock lifted with extra rigidity. Grasping it in my hand, I started to pump it slowly. Now I could see it, I realised just how big he was. I was sure I could’ve placed both my hands around it and still have seen the head. His moans conformed he was enjoying it. I reached between his legs with my other hand to feel his balls. They were warm, and seemed to be resting between his legs and the seat.

"Suck it," he said.

I leant over and licked the shaft. His moans intensified. I licked again, enjoying the way in which each lick seemed to make his cock spring up in excitement. Grasping it at the base, I sank my mouth down onto him. It was hot. He pushed forward, as if he were trying to push it down my throat. Suddenly, I felt him lean over, pull my top out of my jeans, and lift it over my head. I lifted my head just long enough for him to lift my top over it, then eagerly sank back down onto his hard dick. He started thrusting in my mouth. His hands grabbed at my nipples, which he pinched and pulled.

"Yeah that’s it, fuckin' suck it. Get me ready."

Get me ready? Ready for what? This guy wanted to fuck, and I was the one who was gonna get it. I was so turned on my cock ached. I sucked harder and faster. His moans got louder, his thrusts; deeper. He removed his shirt, exposing his hairy chest. I wanted him. I needed him. I lifted his arse up off the seat and pulled his pants all the way down so I could lick his huge sweaty balls.

"Get naked and get out of the car", he said. I immediately lifted up, quickly pulled down my own jeans and pants, exposing my hard cock for the first time, and got out of the car. It had stopped raining, but it didn’t seem cold. He got out of the car and walked around to me, his hard cock bouncing with each step. Turning me around, he pushed me over the bonnet of his car and spread my legs with his feet. I felt his hands part my ass cheeks. Suddenly, I felt a warm, tickling sensation. He lciked my arse, his tongue flicking at the flexing hole. It felt good. I found myself moaning at these sensations of pleasure. I couldn’t help wondering if he was imagining my ass as a pussy. I was his pussy…his bitch, but I didn’t care…I was in ecstasy.

"You taken cock before?” he asked. I hadn't, but I didn't care. I wanted him to fuck me. “Yeah” I said. I heard him spit twice, and felt his cock nudge at my hole. His big hands pushed me down on the bonnet and he grabbed my hair. Slowly, he pushed the head of his big hard cock into my ass. It hurt. I wanted to scream, but I didn’t want him to stop.

"Do it man…” I said, “Do it…I fuckin' want this!"

He Pushed himself into me. Harder and deeper. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I screamed. To my amazement, this seemdto turn him on even more.

"That's it bitch, take it!"

His hand grasped at my hair while his thrust his huge cock deep into me. I couldn’t help thinking he must look like he was riding the ‘Bucking Bronco’ at a fair. He pumped into me, harder and harder. He wanted me.

"I’m gonna cum on you…I’m gonna cum on your pretty face" he said. He pulled out of me without warning, leaving my ass open and vulnerable. He spun me around and thrust his cock up near my face. His hand had taken over from my ass, and was jacking his cock. I reached out and held his balls, eager to have their hot contents emptied over me.

"Oh yeah…oh yeah!" This was it, he was gonna cum. I closed my eyes and continued massaging his big sweaty balls in my hand. Without warning, I felt his hot cum spurt over me. It seemed to cover me…in my hair, my eyes, down my face. Holding my head, he forced it into my mouth. I couldn’t have stopped him even if I wanted to…which I didn’t. I sucked every last drop of his hot, thick cum from his fat cock. I swallowed it all.

We got dressed and got back in the car.

"Okay bud, where ‘ya live?" I told him. My cock was so hard. I needed to cum. I’d have to wait until I got home. When I eventually reached my room, I quickly pulled my clothes off again, and almost jumped onto my bed…I wanted to wank while I could still feel him inside me. I lay there pumping my cock and fingering my hole while picturing my doorman fucking me over his car. It didn’t take long. I felt myself go rigid, and my cock suddenly shot thick streams of cum over my stomach…it was the best orgasm I’d had for ages. I’d been fucked…and I liked it. I knew I wanted him again, and set about wondering how I would arrange it...

Please let me know what you think or would like for future stories @ zayscott@zerocube.co.uk

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