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By edscurt

submitted April 30, 2003

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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Clark Kent entered the big doors outside the Luthor offices and called out "Lex?"

Lex Luthor stepped into the room and said "Clark, I'm glad you could make it on such short notice."

Clark raised an eyebrow and asked "Lex, what is this all about?"

Lex answered "You see Clark, I've finally discovered your secret."

A horrible feeling came over Clark. It was always his biggest fear that Lex would discover that he had super-powers and hat he used those powers to rescue Lex from his car which fell into the river.

Clark tried to play dumb. "What do you mean "my secret" Lex?" I don't have any secrets from you. You're one of my closest friends."

Lex wasn't buying this act. "I know now why you could never commit yourself to Lana Lang. You're gay, Clark!"

Clark tried to look surprised, but Lex saw right though that.

Finally, Clark said, "Okay Lex now that you know, what do you want?"

Lex looked Clark straight in the eyes and simply said, "You."

Lex began to unbutton Clark's shirt, revealing his muscular and smooth chest. Then he began to lick Clark's right nipple then the left one, Clark began to softly moan.

Then, Lex dropped to his knees and undoing Clark's jeans, and took his cock out (which had now grown to its full erect 12 inches).

Clark said, "C'mon Lex, old buddy--suck it."

Lex took the whole foot-long member in his mouth,practically swallowing Clark's cock.

Clark felt himself close to cumming, but with his incredible stamina, he pulled his cock out of Lex's hungry mouth and commanded, "Bend over your desk, Luthor!"

Lex did what Clark told him to do.

Clark moved over to him and pulled down Lex's pants, revealing his nice young bubble-butt.

Using only Lax's saliva as lube, Clark slipped his mighty cock into Lex's awaiting ass.

Lex winced in pain at first, but eventually got used to his to the incredible feeling of his buddy inside him.

Soon, Clark was ready to cum. "Oh Lex", he moaned, "I'm gonna shot my load!"

Lex was ready too. "Let's cum together, stud!" he said.

With an earth shattering yell, Clark released his Kryptonian cum in Lex's hole, as Lex, with a grunt, shot his load all over his desk.

"That was super man!" Lex said almost breathless.

Clark nodded in agreement.

Lex led Clark up to his bedroom and they both fell asleep n each other's arms, not knowing that Lionel Luthor (Lex's father) had been watching them all the time...

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