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Everybody Loves Raymond

By edscurt

submitted May 1, 2003

Categories: Celebrity Fantasy

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It was the end of a long and tiring road trip for Ray Berone.

Following the Mets around for NEWSDAY and watching them lose had taken a lot out of him.

Now he just wanted to lie down and relax.

Stripping out of his clothes, he laid down completely naked with his smooth chest bared to the air and his hard Italian American cock extended to its full 8 inches.

He started to think about all the Met players he had seen in the locker room (most of the half or completely nude), and although he was a happily married and a father of three, he started to jerk off to the images in his head.

He stated to moan and stroke his hard cock even faster, then with a huge grunt shot a humongous load of cum all over the bed sheets.

When he opened his eyes he saw the entire team of The New York Mets applauding him and saying, "Everyone Loves Raymond"!

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