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Future Father in Law

By freeride

submitted May 5, 2003

Categories: Family Fun, Straight Men, Gay Sex, Sexual Identity Discovery

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My girlfriend and I were both 19 and had been dating for 10 months. We had a good sex life, quite adventurous even to the extent of swinging. We had joined a couples club and had many a good time in the ‘chill out lounge’. Saturday night was couples only but Friday’s single guys were allowed in. It was through these adventures I started looking at guys in a different way.

Many times I had been within a few inches of some guy’s hard cock and desperately wanted to touch it or suck it. One of my biggest sexual thrills to that date was when we went to a guy’s hotel room. We had a threesome and when he shot his load, I got some of the blast and got my first taste of spunk. I felt so turned on I knew from that moment I had to find a guy of my own.

I searched the net until I found a site with regional dating. I posted a message and it didn't take long for the replies to start coming in. Most got deleted but a couple interested me. One was a guy my age and the other was a 43 year old who sounded real nice. I chose the older guy and we started corresponding through e-mail and mobile text messages. Over a period of a couple weeks the messages got raunchier. We had exchanged some deep (and kinky) personal thoughts and I was soon begging for him to meet me so it was arranged.

I turned up at the bar just out into the countryside. I sat in the car and gathered my thoughts; look for a guy in a blue shirt and silver tie that would be sitting by the door. I had described a sports shirt I would wear that I got from a trip abroad so I knew no one else would be wearing the same. I went into the bar but couldn't see him, part of me felt relieved because I was so nervous but another part felt real disappointment because I wanted this guy so bad.

" I was starting to think you weren't coming," a voice behind me, I paused then turned to greet him, SHIT! The guy I had sent so many filthy messages about what I wanted to do with him and received in return was my girlfriend’s father!

I stood there in silence while he started to get real restless. We eventually got drinks and sat down to talk and sort out this mess. He told me about how he got into liking guys and that he had been with about 5 different partners. He started to open up and told me some very personal details of his wife (my girl’s mother), about how she had experimented with women and multi partner sex. As the night wore on we had both relaxed knowing nothing would be said. He had arrived by taxi so I offered to drive him home.

In the car he started chatting about the messages we had exchanged and said how turned on they got him. Suddenly he said he was hard just thinking about them and without warning he unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock and started playing with it.

"You don't mind if I play do you?"

I shook my head but I couldn't concentrate on the road I wanted to see his cock and touch it myself. I pulled into a lay by and watched as he wanked himself gently. He looked me in the eye and asked me if I was hard, I nodded and he reached over, put his hand on my crotch. I jerked as the electricity went through me; he took my hand and placed it on his cock.

I started wanking him quicker than he did but I couldn't contain myself, I lowered myself down and licked his cock head. I could taste his pre cum which spurred me on more so I took his cock into my mouth started to take him as deep as I could. I just did the things I know I liked done to me by his daughter.

Within minutes he was bucking about getting close to shooting. He pulled my head off him and shot his first big load on his leg and my hand. I was so turned on I wanted more so I went back down and took him into my mouth again. As soon as I went deep and started to come back up another load hit the roof of my mouth. I had no choice to but to swallow so I kept sucking until he was done.

We kissed for a few minutes then he started to suck me. I had never felt anything so good, I thought his daughter was good--but she didn't come close. Then the phone rang, it was his wife wanting to know where he was. He told her I was with him and we would be back in 5 minutes so our little session got cut short, but he promised me he would make it up to me...

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