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Awesome Massage

By frankrandolph

submitted May 11, 2003

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex, First Time

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This is a true story of my first man-to-man experience, which happened on Tuesday. I started to go to the chiropractic office after seeing my holistic doctor. I went to the one he recommended in Westchester because he said that particular chiropractor provided physical therapy.

I made my appointment last week and went. I was given the complete analysis and was adjusted, which hurt like hell. Then I was led into the massage room and told to take off everything but leave on my underwear and get under the sheet of the massage table. After a couple of minutes, a beautiful woman came in and introduced herself as Nancy. She asked if I had ever had a massage before and I told her no. She explained what she was doing was helping the muscles reposition according to the adjustments I would receive. This would be a once a week event--adjustment, then massage. She said the pain of the adjustments would decrease with time, and that my over all health would be gin to improve.

Nancy gave me a full body massage. Massaging my ass muscles through the sheets. I enjoyed it so much I fell asleep. After about and hour of having my back, chest, head, neck legs hands and feet massaged, it was time to go. I made an appointment for the following Tuesday and the receptionist said that she would put me down for the same time every Tuesday after I finished work. I went home and told my wife that she had to go to this guy. These treatments were unbelievable. I felt so much better after one treatment.

So the following Tuesday I arrived at around 5:30 for my appointment and the doctor was sitting at the receptionist desk. We had the usual pleasantries. I filled out a chart showing where I had pain and he led me into the adjusting room. I asked if he was the receptionist today too. He told me that the receptionist only worked until 4:30 and that I had the last appointment for the day. So he just takes care of the deskwork until the last appointment.

After the adjustment, which was not as bad as the first time, I went to the massage room and got undressed to my underwear and got under the sheet. I lay on the table face down when I heard a knock and said it was okay to come in.

"Hi. I'm Kenny," a male voice said. I looked up to see this guy. He explained that he was the regular Tuesday therapist, and that Nancy was filling in for him last week. He asked if I minded being massaged by a male. I said no, although I secretly wished that the gorgeous Nancy was doing the massage instead. Her hands on my ass felt so good. Then there was a knock on the door and the doctor stuck his head in.

"Excuse me Kenny, I'm leaving now. I'll lock up. You have your keys?"

"Yep doc. See you tomorrow."

"Okay. Good day Mr. Randolph. See you next week." The doc said as he closed the door.

Kenny pulled the sheet down and in one movement, moved my underwear halfway down my ass with the sheet. I must have jerked at the sudden half strip.

"I'm sorry. Did I scare you?"

"Just wasn't expecting it. That's all"

"Oh, didn't Nancy move your underwear down last week?"


"I'm sorry to have scared you. It's normal practice to move the underwear down to not get oils on it. I could move it back up if you are more comfortable like that."

I felt really stupid.

"Hey, no problem. You can leave it there. As a matter of fact, I was surprised that I had to leave my underwear on. I thought that massages were usually done nude"

"It's totally up to you. Some people like them nude, others in their underwear. We usually just tell people to leave them on so that they are not self conscious. Some people just strip down nude when they get comfortable with the massage therapist."

"Well next time then."

"Hey, just lift your hips and I'll take care of it for you."

I wanted to die. I had never been nude of a man before, other than my doctor. And far less a stranger who was going to rub his hands all over my body. But being a people pleaser and not wanting to seem like a prude I reluctantly lifted my hips off the table. Kenny pulled off the sheet, and he removed my underwear in one fast sweep. It was very professional and almost sterile the way he did it. He replaced the sheet about half way up my butt and began his massage.

His method was a little deeper than Nancy's and it hurt a bit. He asked if I wanted less pressure, but not wanting to seem like a sissy, I said it was fine. He worked on my back and shoulders and then moved to my lower back. He then massaged my feet and calves. Then he moved to the back of my thighs. He spread my legs slightly and moved my legs in different positions, stretching them and checking for flexibility. He had pushed the sheet up and I could feel the cool air on the crack of my ass. At one point his hands came up my inner thigh and just barely brushed against my balls.


"It's okay," I said nervrously.

He then fixed my legs so that they were closed and covered me up completely with the sheet. He left the room and came back in; spread what felt like a towel on my back, and a heavy hot pack. The heat felt really good. Then Kenny raised the sheet to expose my butt He started to massage the outer cheeks, pushing deep into the tissue where the leg met the hip joint. It didn't hurt, but he pressure was intense. He then switched to the other cheek.

"Did that hurt?"

"Just felt like a lot of pressure. But it's okay." I said.

Kenny then applied more oil on my ass and rubbed it in deep into the cheeks, at times spreading the crack to expose my asshole. I was a little self-conscious. Then he stopped, took the hot pad and towel of and left the room. After a minute he came back and completely removed the sheet. He then gave a complete rub down with oil once more, but this time was gentler, like Nancy did. I got totally relaxed and began to doze off when I felt his hands go to my butt cheeks. He gently rubbed them and on an occasional pass, his fingers would brush my crack slightly. I did not respond, because I did not want to look like a fool, since I did not know if this was a normal part of the massage or not. No wonder some men don't want to get massaged by a man.

I lay and tried not to flinch. Kenny passed a couple more times and with each pass his hand got a little further down my crack. It felt really good. My ass loves to rub my ass when we fuck, but she never touched in the crack or the hole. I was beginning to get aroused. I couldn't believe it. A man was rubbing my ass, apparently really getting into it and I was getting a hard on.

Kenny's hand went deeper into the crack and then he spread my ass a little. I guess he saw that I was not stopping him, so he slipped his hand right up the crack to brush my butt hole. I involuntarily left out a deep moan because it felt so fucking good.

"Do you like that Mr. Randolph? Would you like me to continue?" he asked.

"Yes" I said, not believing I said that. I never had been with a man or ever thought of being with a man, and here I was on a massage table with a man playing with the crack of my ass.

Then Kenny took that as permission to go further. His hand went right down the crack and found my hole. He began to play with it. Slowly flicking the out side with his finger. I automatically raised my ass and spread my legs a bit for him to get easier access. I never had anyone play with my ass before and this was fantastic. Kenny applied more oil and just rubbed the finger around the hole gently prodding it. Then it went in slightly. I loved the feeling. I pushed back a bit, and he slid his finger right in my asshole. I swore I was going to come right there. He then preceded to finger fuck my ass and at the same time he dropped the other hand to play with my balls. I lifted my ass higher to free my now hard as a rock aching cock. Kenny pulled his finger out of my ass and asked me to turn over onto my back. I turned over, my erection harder than I could remember.

"May I call you Frank?" he asked

"Fuck yeah. I think that's okay considering the type of massage I'm getting!" I said.

"Ever been with a man Frank?"

"Never." I said

"Just lay back and enjoy the ride," he said.

Kenny got some more oil and applied it to my throbbing cock and slowly began to stroke me. He took his other hand and slid it back between my ass and found my hole. He penetrated my ass again and continued to stroke. I closed my eyes and thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Kenney then picked up the pace with his strokes. And matched his finger fucking my ass with his other hand. I could feel my orgasm building. Then he suddenly stopped. He turned and suddenly removed his clothes. He had a terrific body. He definitely worked out. He was also sporting a massive erection. He leaned forward and kissed my lip. I was so into this whole thing, I wanted to know what it was like to kiss a man. I grabbed his head and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He responded and we sucked tongues for a long time, with him rubbing my chest and the rest of my body. Kenny pulled away and smiled.

"Are you sure this is your first time with a man?" he asked

"Very sure." I said, Believe it or not I never ever entertained the idea. It's just something about the way you massaged me, and about you that I want to do this so badly."

Kenny smiled at me in a way that seemed to say he knew what I was talking about. He took more oil and applied it to my cock.

"Well Frank. Get ready for the best sex you ever had in your life," he said as he got up on the table with me and straddled me. His cock was really nice. I had never seen another man's cock in real before. I am an only child, and went to a school that did not have a gym facility. So there were no showers. Gym was last period, and you showered at home.

I could not resist, and I reached out to touch his cock when I first noticed that he had a foreskin. I gently stroked his cock and Kenny leaned his head back and groaned in ecstasy. I instantly wondered what it would feel like to suck his cock. He was so beautiful. It was as if I was being hypnotized by this man. I put both my hands on his hips and pulled him to come up towards my face. As he moved up his cock was right in front of me. I stuck my tongue out and licked the foreskin, tasting the slight saltiness of it. I then pulled him closer and put the head of his cock into my mouth. It felt so smooth, like velvet on a hand. I gently sucked on it, and Kenny pulled out slightly and gently pushed it back into my mouth. I could actually feel the foreskin slide back, and then I got the taste of his cock. I loved it. I wanted to suck on it forever. I sucked and licked the underside, and the more I did, I could taste what I assumed to be his precum, salty and sweet at the same time, ooze from his cock head. I continued to suck on his cock while Kenny rolled his head and groaned. I decided to return the favor and began to stroke his butt hole.

"Oh fuck, yes. Push your finger in Frank. Finger fuck me." He moaned.

I did as he asked and slid my finger into the very tight hole. It was tighter than I could have imagined. I have fingered my wife's pussy, and it was no way near this. I continued to suck his luscious cock and finger fuck his ass, when I could feel his cock get bigger in my mouth. I figured he was ready to come, and for a second I panicked that he would come in my mouth. Then I wondered what it would taste like. I never tasted cum, not even my own.

Kenny's thrust began to get harder into my mouth, at times making me feel like I would gag. But I got accustomed to the feeling of it hitting the back of my mouth. Then I felt the underside of his cock swell on my tongue. I knew he was about to come. He began to pull out so that he would not come in my mouth. But I held his ass, and pulled him back into my mouth.

"Oh fuck! I'm coomminng…"

I felt his cock head swell. I hand fucked his cock while just holding the head in my mouth and sucked. I wanted him to come on my tongue so I could taste it. He groaned deep and hard, and his leg muscles tightened on my chest. I felt the first spurt of liquid come him the back of my throat with force. Them glob after glob of thick cum flowed onto my tongue. The taste was unique--salty and sweet at the same time. He came and came, and I sucked and licked his cock.

Kenny pulled out almost immediately and dove to kiss my mouth, sucking and licking his own come out of my mouth. He groaned and gyrated his hips on my belly as he did this, obviously enjoying his own come. He kissed me for what seemed like an eternity, and then pulled away and smiled.

"I swear that was the best blowjob I ever had. Sure that you never did this?"

I smiled.

"Your cum was delicious. I would have thought that it would be bitter. It was kind of sweet." I said

"No red meat. Makes it sweeter." He said as he leaned forward and kissed me again, licking any remnants from the side of my mouth. As he did that, he reached back and held my cock and rubbed it up and down the crack of his ass. In one swift move, he sat back, and my cock slid right up his butt hole. The sensation was tremendous. I felt something hard and wondered if it was crap. My face must have changed because Kenny looked at me and smiled.

"It's my prostate. Don't worry."

He then began to ride my cock like my wife would when she was on top. Only this was far tighter than a pussy. I was in heaven. I loved this. I could not believe that I never even entertained the thought of man sex. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a cock up my ass. I lay there and matched Kenny's movements. Kenny's cock was back at full attention and I held it while he fucked my cock with his ass. I stroked him and he rode me harder. I could feel my self-coming close to shooting. I felt my balls get tight and I shot my cum right into Kenny's hot ass. He continued to ride my cock and I could feel my cum ooze out his ass onto my balls. After a minute or so, he stopped. And I lay there catching my breath. He leaned forward and kissed me deep, this time with a passion I never experienced before.

My cock slipped out and Kenny got off of me. He was still hard, and turned to get a towel to obviously clean us up. But I did not want this to end. No one else was in the office, and I did not know when I would ever experience this again.


"Yeah?" he asked as he started to wipe me off.

"Fuck me."

He stopped and stared at me for a while in disbelief.

"Are you sure?" he asked

"Yes. I want to feel your cock hard up my ass." I said as I turned onto my belly and raised my ass and spread my legs. Kenny smiled and told me to turn back on my back. I could not believe that here I was an hour ago not a thought of a man in my head, and I was begging to be fucked in the ass.

Kenny slid me to the end of the table and raised my legs up on his shoulders like a man would fuck a woman. He oiled up his hard cock and poured some on my ass. He inserted on finger and played with my hole for a little. The he pushed a second finger in. I could feel my ass stretch, but it felt good.

"Fuck, that feels good" I said

Kenny pulled his fingers out and I could feel him press his cock head at the entrance to my hole. I was scared, but anxious at the same time.

"This may hurt a bit. If you want me to stop, tell me. But I promise, after the pain subsides, it feels real good." He said.

"Go for it." I said I slid down a little more to feel his cock on my hole. Kenny told me to bear down like I was going to shit. I did what he said and he gently pushed cock into me. I felt my hole stretch wide as more of his cock head entered. It hurt, but now as bad as thought. At the same time it felt good. Then he got the head in, and I could feel my ass hole close a little around the cock, which was thinner than the head. He just stayed there allowing me to adjust to it. Then he slowly started to push into me. And then out, slowly, ever so slowly fucking my ass. The hurt subsided as he promised and was replaced with a wonderful tingling sensation I cannot describe or ever felt before. It was beautiful. I wanted more of it and I begged him to fuck me harder. He needed no more coaxing and began to fuck my ass with a power I never thought could come from a human. My ass was a mass of pleasure. The hole tingled and I felt a sensation deep in my hole that went straight to the root of my cock. I felt as if I was being fucked in my cock. I can't explain it. I later found out from Kenny it was my prostate. The sensation was building in my cock and my cock was not the biggest it had ever been. Then I could feel the surge building in my cock and I exploded. I came all over my belly and chest, and I never even touched my cock. At that point my ass clamped down on Kenny's cock and he screamed and shot his warm cum deep inside me. Kenny gave a few more thrusts then collapsed on my chest.

He lifted his head, and there was my cum on his cheek. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply. His cock grew limp and slipped out with a slurp. We lay there for a while and eventually Kenny got up.

"Hope that was a beneficial massage."

"Oh hell yeah. I never knew sex with a man could be like that."

"Unbelievable huh? So, do you want me to make this a regular appointment for you--the last appointment on a Tuesday?”

I kissed him again to answer his question. I can't wait for Tuesday to get here again.

I would love to hear from anyone else that had a similar experience. Email me.