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My First Boyfriend

By kiwixpress

submitted May 25, 2003

Categories: True Stories

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This is a true story about my first true boyfriend. David and I were together for 6 years. He was 12 years older than I was. We broke up when I was in my 20s, but the sex I had with this man was one of the best I ever had. Our relationship was tumultuous, but our sex was heaven. That is the reason we lasted over 6 years as a couple. It was all in the sex. He was a very butch and strong man who could carry me over his shoulder. It was his manliness that made me so attracted to him. I was the first person younger than him that he ever dated. I was 5’4 and weighted at that time 135 pounds (how I wish to be in that shape again). When we first dated, I had no idea what he liked to do in bed, and I did not care, for I was attracted to his masculinity at that time. So it was really a delightful shock to find out on our first night having sex that he was a total bottom. Being a top, this was nice. Most of the men I met like their Asian man to be bottom and submissive.

We used to see each other about every other week when I would stay over the weekend. After the usual dinner and a movie routine, we always end up in bed late Friday night/Saturday morning. This is when we had our best sex of the week. I was a young Asian man yet already a top and I was fortunate enough to have a butch boyfriend who was a total bottom. David was in his thirties, with a strong, hard and hairy body and lots of hair on his asshole. We would strip naked and lie on his large bed and started tonguing each other deep and hard. After making out for about 15 minutes, I would lick his entire body from his face, to his full beard down to his hairy armpit, to his hairy chest, large nipples, toward his belly and down to his musky hairy crotch. The sight of the soft brown fur on his crotch was just unreal. I was in love with his crotch, cock and asshole. David’s cock was uncut just like mine, and when it gets hard, it curves upward. His balls were large, loose and hairy.

I would then place my tongue over his cock and started to lick the cockhead and proceed to deep throat his cock, going all the way down until his cock touched and tickled my throat and his pubic hair would touch my nose and face. I moved my tongue back down to his crotch and licked his hairy balls and then placed his legs over my shoulder and raised his hairy buns up in the air and begin to make love to his hairy ass, licking and feeling the hair on my tongue as I ate his ass hole.

After feasting on his hairy ass, it was my turn to be pleased. I would lie flat on my back and he placed his ass on my face so I can get more of that hairy ass. He then bend forward and licked my cock and played with my foreskin with his tongue. Then he moved his body between my legs and began his round of making love to my crotch. He licked my large lose nuts and massaged my crotch with his tongue and raised my legs up and attacked my tight ass hole with his wet tongue. He would harden his tongue and fucked the tight opening of my hole with it. It was heaven. Between the constant pressure of his tongue on my ass and his hands playing with my hard nipples, it was a miracle that I still have not cum yet.

He then moved his lips and tongue upward on my cock and turned his body so that we were in a 69 position. At this point, I put his cock in my mouth, and sucked his for all its worth. I then smeared my fingers with KY and placed one finger easily into his loose ass hole. David’s cock would get even harder every time I stuck a finger up his hole. I fingered his ass hole for about a minute or so then I stuck the second finger in and began to fuck his hole with my two fingers; driving deep as I can and wiggling them deep in his loose ass and watching the hair on his ass moving back a forth with each stroke I made.

After about an hour of this hot man-to-man action, the best part has come. I always cum two times each time David and I made love. The first cum is the fucking part. I started out with him laying flat on his belly and I lie on his back and stick my hard uncut cock into his loose ass hole and pushed my cock deep inside him. There I fuck him first slowly but each stroke was deep. From this position, he got onto his hands and knee and I continued to fuck him doggy style. I then put him on his back and draped his legs over my shoulders and fucked him face to face, driving deep with each stroke until both of us were in a moaning and groaning frenzy and I shot my cum up his well lubed ass hole as his cock shot its cum all over his hairy belly and chest.

After resting a few minutes, he proceeded to make love to my smooth ass hole. I would lay on my back with my legs over his shoulder as he rimmed my hole tickling my buttock with his beard as his tongue feasted on my ass hole. He than took my uncut cock in his mouth and deep throated me, sucking me like a vacuum. At this point, there was no holding back; I shot my second load of cum deep into his throat as he greedily sucked my cock. We were exhausted after our sex escapade and would lie there in each other arms, French kissing each other and then I would sleep with my face pressed against his hairy chest.

The morning comes and he would wake me up by licking my ass, balls and cock. I would wake up to a wonderful sight of him feasting on my cock and I would shoot my cum down his hungry throat. He then would sit on my face and I licked and rimmed his ass as he jack off, shooting stream of cum all over my belly. Now you see why it took me six long years to break up with this man.

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