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By romanticatlantic

submitted June 9, 2003

Categories: Camping

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It was great I was so looking forward to this trip away. I was going away on a biking with my older brother and four of his mates--Bill, Fred, James, Tommy and my brother Simon. Being only 20 I was the youngest James was five years older and the rest were in their early 30's.

We set off early on the Friday with the intention of coming back on the following Wednesday. It took about an hour to do the short run down to Dover, and then across on the ferry and we then made our way up to Lille. It was here on the outskirts that we stopped to camp for the 1st night.

It was after we had set up our tents and had a bite to eat that we were sitting round finishing off a few beers that James turned to Simon and said, "It’s time your brother went thought the initiation then."

"What are you going on about? I asked.

"Well if you’re on with us you have to join the gang that means going through the initiation ceremony. Stand up. "

So I did with that Fred and Bill grabbed each of my arms and led me over to a corner of the campsite where they pulled me so that I was resting over a tree that had fallen. With that Simon reached around and loosened the belt of my jeans and with one quick movement pulled both my jeans and boxers down to the floor.

“What the hell are you doing? What sort of initiation is this?"

"Shut the fuck up we all had to go through it!"

With that I suddenly felt something cold and wet smoothed on my arse and slipped into my crack, a finger just poked at my hole and I couldn't believe it I started to get hard. I had never been felt up before and whoever was doing it was good. They soon stopped however and all of a sudden a large fat cock was roughly shoved into my virgin hole. “Arrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

"Shut up or you’ll wake up the whole dam site!"

It hurt like hell but I couldn't move and I was roughly fucked for about 5 minutes all the time I was moaning, sobbing and pleading to be released. But no--it wasn't long before I felt whomever it was shoot their load deep into me and by the sound of it, it must have been James. I though that was it, but no, James was replaced by someone else as they each took it in turns to fuck me there in the open. By the time they had all fucked my virgin arse and released me as I stood up the sperm trickled out of my but and down my legs.

This was repeated every night up until Monday and on Monday I was forced to suck their cocks each one would fuck my face and leave their seed in my face hair and mouth, sometimes holding my nose and covering my mouth so that I had to swallow it.

On our last night, the Tuesday after dinner I dropped my jeans expecting it all to happen yet again. But it didn't they walked over and said, "Yeah he's looking forward to it--look at his hard cock." I looked down and they were right my 7" cock was rock solid. Tommy was the first, he dropped to his knees and slowly sucked my cock into his mouth, James went down behind me and started liking at my man pussy, bill and Fred started on my nipples--I was in heaven. Simon just kissed me full on the mouth after they had been doing this for a while and brought me so that I was begging to be taken over the edge, they all backed off turned around and bent over "Now its your turn fuck us!" And I did I fucked each and every one of them slow hard and repeatedly most of the night I don't think I have ever shot so much sperm in my life.

I left home a young and innocent 20 year old but after a week of being gang raped by my brother and his mates I came home a horny gay guy who knew just how to take a cock up his arse.

What a fantastic .