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Cop Ass

By Jkitty

submitted June 26, 2003

Categories: Cops

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Gary jumped out of the car and had the cop’s hands behind him before he could even reach for his gun. It was a good thing he only wore his green BDU’s for easy movement and his green t-shirt. He grabbed the first set of handcuffs on the officer’s belt and dropped them on the ground as the cop was trying to kick him in the balls. Gary grabbed him by the buzz cut head of his and rammed him into the back hood of his car. Tim started to get out of the car to watch what was happening.

At six foot four Gary stood only one inch above the police officer, but he easily out weighted him by about one pounds of muscle. His shoulder were broader and even his legs were bigger than the cops. It was hard for the cop to move as Gary held him against the car hood. He looked up at the young kid approaching him.

“What happened? What are you doing?” asked Tim walking back to the back of the car. Tim looked down at the cop lying against the hood of the car. His dad was holding the cop pretty good, but then, Gary was a former SEAL . “This fucker,” said Gary putting the dropped handcuffs around the officer’s wrists, “or should I say, punk, tried to kick me in the nuts” said Gary. The officer looked up dazed at Tim. He pulled his arms tighter together; the cop’s broad shoulders were going to be to big for one pair, so Gary reached for his belt for the other pair in the next case, but Todd decided to fight back trying to head butt him.

“Fucker let me go!” yelled Todd. Gary laughed and reached around and found the young cop’s gun.

“Listen pig.” Said Gary his hand on the officer’s gun, “let’s be careful and think about who is in control of this situation.” The officer began to shake as Gary reached for his gun snap he knew he was in trouble he looked over at Tim who was about only three years younger than himself. The kid just kept watching what was happening, standing there in his t-shirt and jeans. “Please dude.” With both his hands now cuffed behind him he was defenseless.

Gary reached down and fondled his balls a bit. He was starting to get hard, all the action of subduing this hot looking cop made him hard. Gary stood back a bit and looked at the cop for a second. He was tall, maybe about 6’2 or 6’3. He was maybe early twenties or mid-twenties. He had blond hair cut into a crew cut, along with a large well-built chest that flowed into his smaller size 32 inch waist. He rubbed his balls harder. Maybe he needed to teach this cop about how to fight clean. He reached into his side cargo pocket and pulled out his pocketknife. “Tim, keep a look out for me” said Gary opening his knife.

“Dad what are you doing?” asked Tim getting closer.

“I think the officer here needs to learn a lesson” Said Gary grabbing his balls and continuing to shake his ten inch dick which was begging to press against the fabric of his pants.

“What?” asked Tim coming over to try to separate the two men. Gary pushed Tim away and felt the officer trying to push up against him. So Gary jumped onto his back, the cop’s flashlight knocking his knee. “Damn it,” he punched the cop in the back. “What did I say earlier, bitch?” said Gary pressing his ten inch cock against the officer’s ass. He leaned down and whispered into the cop’s ear “What do you think of that? I bet you won’t mind doing some community service, would you officer?”

Gary started laughing, “I mean for me and the boy that is.” Gary started to open the officer’s legs with his own knees, but just then the cop grabbed his balls in his pants and squeezed hard.

“Fucker” said Gary hollering in pain, as the cop started to squeeze harder. It was Tim that ran up to the cop and punched in against the side of the head.

“Let go fucker!” said Tim, hitting the cop in the back, and arm several times.

The officer looked over at Tim smiling up at him, he spit at Tim.

“Gross dude” said Tim backing away from the spit on the car.

“Bitch,” said Gary, “Now is that any way for a professional to act?” He pushed the cop’s legs apart, he was careful to make sure the officer could not reach his balls again. “I think since you’re so interested in playing with touching my balls, you should be able to feel them don’t you?” he said looking toward Tim. Gary started grabbing the utility belt and pulling Todd toward him at the same time he enter his knife into the back of the cop’s trousers and cut down the back of the seam . “I’m no fag, you faggots!” blurted the officer starting to buck against Gary. “You’re going to be sorry you fucker!” he yelled as he felt the sharp knife slit the back of his trousers open and Gary reaching into his pants and feeling his smooth ass . “Well, well, this here pig is not even wearing underwear.” said Gary as he leaned back down to the officer. “I knew you liked dick, boy. Now let’s see how well your ass can fit around this.” Gary moved to where his ten-inch cock laid on the cop’s ass. He looked over to Tim and shouted, “Boy, I want you to watch me fuck this pig, so later in life you can see, how it’s done. You either fuck the pigs or the pigs fuck you,” said Gary sticking a finger up Todd’s tight asshole as he spoke, the officer started to shake, “Now this can be easy or it can be your nightstick up your ass, so which do you want?”

“Dad, you’ll kill him with that big dick!” said Tim looking at his dad’s long thick penis . Gary reached down and pulled his whole cock through the opening of his button fly BDU’s. It was going to be a bit painful for this young cop, but he had to learn sooner or later. “You’re right,” said Gary holding his dick out to the officer. “You better take him first, breaking him in for your old man.” He pushed himself down on top of cop spreading his legs at the same time. “Listen fucker, you just let the boy fuck your ass, then I’ll fuck your ass. If once we’re done, and your tight cunt has drained our balls, I’ll let you go. But if you cause problems or fight, I’ll take your ass over to my friend’s house, and I’m sure the brother would love some nice white cock ass to fuck with,” said Gary laughing harder.

Tim unzipped his zipper and pulled out his smaller dick. He grabbed his dick next and but the tip at the hole of officer’s ass. He leaned down and whispered into his ear. “I’ll try to pull out before I come, but I’m getting the feeling you have one hot tight asshole.” He shoved the first three inches into the cop’s tight ass. “Oh God what a tight ass, it’s tighter than pussy!” yelled Tim shoving his entire seven inch dick into the cop. It was a lot harder than he thought it would be. He moved the officer back down the trunk of the car so he could get more force in each thrust, but the pigs flashlight and handcuff cases kept getting in the way of his power thrusts.

“FUCK!” said Tim pushing into the cop again he felt the shaft push up into him the tight walls holding his dick like a vice. He looked over at his dad and watched him play with his dick in his hands. “FUCK I can’t last much longer!” he yelled to his dad.

Gary held his ten-inch dick out of his BDU’s he was leaking pre-cum already. He looked over to the officer and then grabbed him by the neck, causing Tim to stop trusting as he pulled the cop’s face to his dick. “I need some lube, bitch.” Gary put the tip of his dick next to the officer’s lips, “Come on open up that tight mouth of yours and get me nice and wet.” Gary moved both his hands to hold the cop by the ears as his son started to fuck the cop’s ass. “Come, on, I bet you’ve done this before.”

The officer slowly opened his lips as Gary pushed the first few inches into his mouth hole. “Fuck yeah!” yelled Gary, sliding more of his thick dick down the officer’s throat. “Now, take the whole thing bitch!” Gary pulled out and pushed back into the cop’s mouth. “Take it again,” Gary grunted, and so did cop as he was being fucked harder as Tim was beginning to cum, and starting to yell. “Tim, shoot your load into this pig so he knows who not to fuck with!” yelled Gary holding the cop by the ears. “Pull it out and shove it back in harder making sure...”

But Tim could not hold it any longer he shoved once more into the cop and fell onto the back of him, as his cum shot into him. “Ohhh, shit,” he yelled releasing his load into the cop’s ass, he felt the cop’s wallet rubbing his leg, as his last few shots enter his ass, he reached down and took the cop’s wallet out of his back pocket.

“That’s it boy, get rid of that ball juice!” yelled Gary still holding the cop by the ears. “Pull it out nice and slow.” Said Gary he shoved his entire cock down the cop’s tight throat and shot his own big load. “Yeah, man, suck it down! Eat my man cream you cop whore!” Gary pulled his softening dick almost out of the cop’s mouth, reached down and squeezed his dick causing several small drops onto the tip of the cop’s tongue. “Just to remember me by,” said Gary removing his dick from the cop’s mouth and letting go of the cop’s head.

Tim opened the wallet and looked through it. Nothing important, a driver’s license and a few pictures of people, a blockbuster card, an ATM card, and two twenty’s were all it contained. Containing nothing of interest Tim threw it over his head and into the bushes.

The officer started to move his head from side to side and started to get to his feet, trying to regain a foothold as Tim was going back to the patrol car. It was Gary who saw this sudden movement and ran over grabbed the officer by the head and pulled his face up to look him in the eyes. He looked at his badge number, which read 42, he then kissed the cop on the lips and as his tongue entered the cop’s mouth, he rammed his right knee straight into the cop’s balls.

The cop dropped to the street, his hand still behind him, he was unable to protect himself as Gary kicked him again in his balls. The officer tried to roll over to his side, a coughing fit keeping him from moving too much, as the pain in his balls soon replaced the pain that he had felt in his ass.

Watching the cop lying in street trying to protect himself made Gary’s cock start to grow again. Gray reached down and pulled the cop up by his shirt and shoulders. “I know it hurts. But I wanted you feel what it was like since you tried it on ME!” roared Gary, he moved the cop onto the trunk of the car and spread his legs again. “Now let’s see how well your ass does with my man meat,” said Gary pulling out two fingers from the officer’s ass. “Now watch this son,” said Gary moving the head of his cock to the tight opening.” He pushed the first two inches into the cop’s ass. “Fuck, stop!” whispered the officer, the pain in his balls making him sick, he started to throw up onto the trunk of the car, as Gary shoved two more inches up his ass.

“Damn it, bitch.” Yelled Gary and shoved the last six inches into the cop’s tight ass. “Now you pissed me off!” He pushed harder and harder as the cop tried to force him out of his ass. Gary held him down on the trunk of the car and looked over to his son. He noticed that Tim had sprung another boner and was feeling the need for some relief. “Boy you want a blowjob?” as Gary continued shoving his dick harder up the tight hot ass to make him yell out.”

“Hell yeah!” Tim replied grabbing the cop by the ears like his dad had done and held the head close to the tip of his dick. He put the tip of his dick next to the cop’s lips as the officer slowly opened his mouth. Tim slipped the first four inches into the cop’s warm tight mouth. He was not going to last long. The blowjob was better than fucking the cop’s ass that was for sure. He rolled his head back and smiled at the blowjob he was getting as he watched his dad fuck the cop’s ass. He smiled over to his dad as he grabbed the cop by the ears and then pumped his load of man cream into the cop’s mouth. “Oh, yeah, suck it harder cop! Suck me dry bitch! Suck my dick, pig.” Tim grew harder as he yelled insults to the cop, his Dad only laughing and grunting his approval as he fucked the cop’s ass raw.

Tim watched as Gary moved in and out of the cop’s ass and then he stopped and pulled out. “Dad, I’m going to shoot my load!” yelled Tim holding the cop by the head. He gripped his ears and shot his warm salty cum into the cop’s mouth. “Damn, the cop faggot sucked me dry in seconds,” said Tim pulling his dick out of the cop’s mouth and shoving his hands in his back pockets . “Yeah, I bet you’re not the first cock this cop has tasted,” said Gary driving his shaft into the cop’s ass again. He pulled out and pushed in again holding onto his hips, “In fact the way this fucker is riding me, I bet this is not his first time at taking it up the ass either,” said Gary laughing as the officer tried to struggle against him again. It was getting harder for him to control his thrusting, he was going to shoot his load any minute but he did not know if he wanted to shoot his load in the cop’s ass or onto his face.

He leaned down to the young cop’s ear and pressing his hard sweaty muscular body down onto the rookies. “I think I’m going to shoot in your ass, bitch,” said Gary reaching down and grabbing his balls, he pushed in a couple more times. “Do you like my nice dick in your ass?” Gary watched Tim zip up his pants and get into the car and fall asleep. “But first I’m going to fill your ass with real man juice and not some young boy’s cream,” said Gary starting to tremble as his impending climax was about to happen.

“Yep, going to fill your tight ass up real good,” Gary grunted louder. “I’m going to shoot so far up your ass you’ll be shitting my man jizz for a week.” He grunted and then shoved hard pushed the cop into the trunk with a shove and shot his first volley into the young cop. Gary grabbed the cop’s head by his short hair and pulled him back to kiss him on the neck as he continued to shoot his warm load up into his ass, grunting the whole time. “Fuck yeah, bitch, take my entire load!” He shot again. “Make me a happy man.” He shot again. “You’re draining my balls good, boy” he shot again.

“You’re so hot in that uniform I can’t stop shooting my cum in your ass.” He shot and collapsed onto the officers back he reached around and grabbed the cop’s dick. The officer grunted as he felt the hand grab his hard cock. Gary then dropped the cop onto the car as he slowly removed his cock from the cop’s ass. “Man, you’re a good fuck,” said Gary putting his man weapon back into his pants and buttoning his fly.

“Damn,” said Gary holding his balls and rubbing them in his pants, “you drained my balls good, officer.” And he pushed him onto the street got in his car and drove off, leaving the cop still handcuffed.