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Shaving Private Ryan

By sonic

submitted July 2, 2003

Categories: Friends

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My friend, Ryan is going to stay a night with me because his parents and mine are going for a business trip so left us to accompany each other. We are both 18 and I hadn't seen him for about 5 years since the last time we went to traveled together with our family.

He became cuter and more handsome than the last time I saw him. We spent the evening watching TV and chatted until we felt tired and decided to go to bed. We slept in my bedroom because I have a twin bed. I usually sleep in just my brief so I took off all my clothes without any hesitated while he pulled out his pajamas. He looked at me funny.

"Why do you wear just your briefs, Shane?" he asked.

"They are cool and really comfortable." I replied.

He told me that he never sleeps with underwear so thought that would be fun. I asked him to try it since we are both guys in the room. He nodded in excitement. I started to watch as he unbuckled his pants and slid them down, showing his long slender legs and white brief. I could see the outline of his adolescent cock in that tight, thin fabric of his brief. He got a nice cock, and I realized then that my cock started to rise.

"Well, it looks like you enjoy them," he said, pointing at my cock.

I turned red and giggled.

"Don't worry, mine does that too," he said, trying to make me feel better. "You got a nice cock."

We both stood there for a moment looking at each other's naked body and our rising briefs. We had not really seen each other before and it was to compare ourselves. It was really weird cause we just stood there looking at each other for a long time. Then we switched off the lights and got back into bed.

We continued to chat for a while and told each other about how the sheets felt while being nude in bed. Then we started talking about other things and rapidly got to the subject of sex. For a long time we talked about other guys we knew and what their cocks looked like and how much hair they had when in the toilet and locker room.

"Do you jack off a lot?" Ryan asked.

Of course I did, I did it almost everyday after seeing those cute guys naked in the toilet and locker room. But, I lie. "Once a week," I answered.

He told me he jacked off everyday (same as me) and sometimes even 3 times a day and sometimes did it as school. He then told me how much bigger I looked since 5 years ago and how we both now have hair growing around our dick.

Suddenly he asked, "Shane, did you shave your pubic hair before?" "Nope, did you?" I replied.

"Yup, it's feeling cool and smooth like a baby," he said and inviting me, "Wanna try it?"

I hesitated for a while and then nodded my head in excitement and a bit nervous. We talked for a moment and agreed we would shave each other. We would do it in steps so we were sure each other was going to go through with it. We switched on the light again and get the razor ready.

Ryan wanted to shave me first so I could see how he did it. "Ready?" Ryan grinned.

I nodded and dropped my brief, and my nice 4 inches soft cock explored. I leaned back on my arms and spread my legs so he could start. Ryan dropped to his knees. I covered my cock and balls with my hand because of nervous as Ryan began to shave.

"I'm going to have a hard time doing this with your hands in the way," Ryan said, looking straight at me.

I nodded again and moved my hand away. Ryan moved the razor carefully around my cock. As he shaved, my cock was twitching and getting harder.

"Enjoy yourself?" Ryan smiled. He wrapped his left hand firmly around my now throbbing cock, holding it out of the way as he continued shaving. I was moaning in pleasure and breathing heavily as my cock continued to get harder in his hand. This was the first time my cock in another guy's hand.

When Ryan moved the razor to my balls and started to shave my hairy balls, I grunted in pleasure and I shot my white-hot load in his hand without any pumping or jacking. This was amazing. The warm fluid ran down my cock and covering Ryan's hand in stickiness. He then chuckled and pulled his hand off my cock, wiping it on his brief.

"Enjoy that?" asked Ryan.

"I'm sorry," I said in blushed as my cock started to get softened. "I just felt that really good and excited."

Ryan shrugged as he stood up and dropped his white brief, kicking them off to the side as he sat down. His soft cock hung heavily against his thighs, resting neatly on his balls. He was cut, 5 inches soft cock with a red helmet head. He had trimmed his pubic hair, so all that was left to do was shaved it clean.

"Your turn," he said as his cock started to grow.

"You got a nice, long cock," I said as I nodded and took the razor, rinsing it clean before I began to shave him.

Ryan's reaction was the same, his cock throbbing as I shaved him. I tried to avoid touching his cock but when I moved the razor to his balls and began shaving there, Ryan took his cock in his own hands and wrapped his hand around his cock and began stroking it slowly. He stroked as I continued to shave him carefully.

"All done," I said while putting the razor aside. "Its makes make your cock look bigger."

Ryan still stroking his cock, he looked down and nodded. I stayed kneeling in front of him as he continued to massage his cock, moving fully up and down the cock. I dared myself and reached out and rubbed my fingertips over his cock head, smearing the pre-cum dripping from the slit. Ryan moaned out load and thrust his hips forward me.

I kept moving my thumb over Ryan's cock head as he stroked his cock faster and faster. The pre-cum flowed more steadily out of his cock. I leaned forward and took his now 7 inches hard cock into my mouth. My mouth was flooded with sensations and he moaned. His cock was smooth and warm, had a lightly salty taste to it. It was all enough to drive me crazy and my cock was getting hard again.

I licked up and down his cock and Ryan began thrusting in my mouth. He moaned screamed, "Ohhh… Suck it… Ohhh…" And he was playing with his smooth balls. "Keep doing that. Ohhh… I wan you to suck me off. Suck it. Ohhh… That's it. Keep doing it like that. Suck it. Ohhh… Ohhh… I'm going to shoot."

My head bobbed up and down his cock. Ryan's cock started to swell in my mouth and his breathing become heavily. His legs tightened up. "Ummm… Ohhh… Ohhh…" he screamed. He gave one hard thrust to my mouth and I felt the come rush out of his cock and into my mouth. I swallowed quickly and wanted to take every drop and more. My tongue kept working at the tip of his cock, wanting more and more cum until he started to go limp.

"My turn," I said in excitement.

Ryan's hand slowly reached out for my cock. He touched it and lightly stroked the skin. He seemed fascinated by my cock. I lay on the floor with my eyes closed. His other hand was slowly massaging my balls. I spread my legs my legs a little bit more to make it easier for him to get my balls. I felt a warm sensation flood into my cock and I opened I eyes and saw Ryan's face was buried between my legs and was sucking on my cock.

"Umm… Aahhh… It's amazing!" The longer we did the faster Ryan sucked on my cock. My cock was rock hard and pulsing in rhythm to Ryan's sucking. I knew it wouldn't be longer before I would shoot.

"I'm about to shoot. Umm…" But Ryan didn't stop, didn't change his rhythm at all, just kept on sucking like mad. My load was ready to explode. I could feel it flowing from deep down in my balls. I could feel pressure building inside my cock and my whole body tensed as the hot load shot into Ryan's waiting mouth. "Aahhh… Ummm…"

We lay there for a second and caught our breath. We then got back to our bed completely naked. We finally fell asleep talking about something I don't remember.

From that day onwards, I really hoped that I could meet Ryan more often.

Mail me at icy_sonic@yahoo.com if interest to know me...

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