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Titan Twins Muscle Challenge

By MuscleMaster

submitted July 7, 2003

Categories: Athletics, Gym Workouts, Jockstraps, Muscle, Twins

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Rob and Rick have always pushed each other and their muscles to their maximum physical limits. As twins you couldn’t tell them apart. Both guys had worked their bodies into lean, massively defined muscular perfection. Their bickering came to a head one day when Rob pushed Rick over some boxes and sprained his ankle. Rick decided to challenge his muscular brother to a gut punching, body abusing, slugfest to see once and for all who had the toughest body and abs.

Rick said they would have to throw a rope over the upper beam and tie off one wrist due to his swelling ankle. Each guy started slugging away at the other tough muscular body while hanging by his tied off, muscle straining arm. The sight and sounds where unbelievable. Their solid contacts would swing their target around or back and forth with an echoing thud and grunt. Facing each other each blow was planned for maximum effect as each man swung around helplessly. Sweat highlighted each muscle of their tanned defined bodies. The scene was really erotic. I became so intensely aroused. I have only seen one other muscle challenge that was hotter.

Last fall two bodybuilding fighter buddies of mine decided to challenge each other’s muscle strength and endurance. They were equally matched in their wrestling and boxing skills, both having equal strength and skill they decided to up the ante a little. They proceeded to put on their ankle straps and hanging boots. Jumping up to the high bar, each started pumping their arms up by doing chin ups. As blood surged through their bodies and their muscles began to swell each swung their feet up over their heads and attached their feet to the bar. They too started to swing back and forth, facing each other. Each blow solidly met its mark with a force that drove their fist deep into his opponent’s abs. After an hour of abuse, each was sweating profusely, breathing really heavy, and starting to weaken. As their arms dropped from exhaustion, they both became really venerable to their opponent’s blows.

The longer our muscle studs hung there the weaker they got. Every time Steve did a crunch to un-hook his feet Mark would pull him back down by his hair. Lifting his massive body up again, more slowly each time and Mark would yank him down just as he was about to reach the bar. His ripped 8-packed abs were breaking down. The pain was so intense he couldn’t raise himself up again. Steve had over worked his ads to failure trying to stop Mark. Both muscle studs just hung there, upside down, like two slabs of muscled beef--arms hanging weightless toward the floor.

Just then I hear the back door slam shut. In walked Mark and Steve’s worst enemies. Greg and Brian. They were competitive body builders who lost a modeling contract to these guys. Greg had vowed revenge, and now was his time to get even. Greg handed Brian one of his pairs of boxing gloves. The night was still early, and they where just getting started.

Now, Back to Rick and Rob, who were just hangin’ around, remember them?

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