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Surprised In the Woods

By rod palmer

submitted July 9, 2003

Categories: Caught In the Act, Sex In The Park

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I was sitting in my favorite forest preserve parking space when a striking looking man pulled next to me in a black pickup truck. I was extremely horny that morning and was stroking myself through my tight gray cotton bicycle shorts. My dick was looking huge that day and when this guy parked next to me he could look right down into my car at it. I knew he wanted sex otherwise he had no reason to park so close.

I kept stroking. He slid out of his truck and began to walk into the woods. He looked like Billy Ray Cyrus in a too tight white t-shirt that had a logo of a gay bar I had been to. Blue jean 501 cut-off shorts with a button or two undone and construction worker boots. His muscles were phenomenal!

As I was getting ready to follow him, this old guy who I’ve seen before slowly passed me so I feigned sleep to get rid of him. As soon as I could I headed back to the clearing where I’ve serviced more men than a shop full of barbers. As I approached the clearing I received one hell of a surprise. My god had stripped down to just his work boots. He was strutting around with his 10" cock bobbing in front of him, a silver cock ring catching the sun.

I screamed when all of a sudden I was grabbed from behind and forced out of hiding. "This boy loves dick!" my captor said. Then he handed the stud a blindfold and put it on me. I was stripped of my few clothes and I was pushed to the ground.

"Suck his dick!" my captor whispered in my ear. At that point, I could feel a large cockhead at my lips and began sucking with a hunger. As I was on all fours still sucking I felt a tongue on my pussy lips getting them good and wet.

"You suck him while I fuck you." was the last thing I heard before a bottle of poppers was shoved under my nose. That spelled trouble! Poppers and me are a lethal combination! A hit of them and I am anybody's fuck toy. I sniffed and practically backed my ass against my fucker.

He entered me with a little pain and then began fucking me like mad. My head was spinning as he grunted in my ear with each thrust pushing the stud's dick deeper in my throat. Suddenly I was flipped over onto my back. The fucker lifted my legs and forced his fuckmeat into my cunt again as I took another hit of the poppers. I was about to scream, "FUCK ME!" when the stud straddled my head and fed me his monster again. The fucker started shouting, "I’m coming!" then he pulled out of my ass and shot his semen all over my cock and balls.

At about the same time the stud began shooting his load all over my face. That's when the blindfold was removed and I was looking up at the hard slimy cock and furry pecs of my stud.

"That was unbelievable!" I managed to say.

"I’ve wanted that ass for months! Thanks for helping me get it!" I heard the fucker say. Then my stud god got up and for the first time I saw who gave me that wild fuck. It was the older man who drove past me before!

Then he pulled out some money and stuffed it into the stud's cut-offs and left. My head was spinning! He paid a guy to help him get into my ass! My stud was still nude kneeling between my legs when he said that he was paid for two hours and there was still time left. So he took the bottle of poppers and put them under my nose. I took a deep hit, and lowered my head to the ground as my ankles were once again lifted skyward. The stud easily slid into my well-fucked ass and fucked me long and deep.

Maybe I should sell my ass to the older guys who come in here...

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