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The Bike Ride

By hotbooty

submitted July 14, 2003

Categories: Athletics, Chance Encounters, Outdoor Sex, Sex In The Park

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This is a true story…this actually happened to me on Sunday Morning 7-13-03.

Hi again! It's been a while since I have had an adventure to write about. I was on my usual Sunday bike ride, and I was thinking about some personal things, when I ran off of the trial!

It was a hot—102 degrees Fahrenheit, and there was practically no one riding. I wasn’t hurt, just frustrated that I messed up my bike. I had a flat tire and was without a repair kit. I was about 5 miles from my car, so I gloomily headed back with bike in tow. Out of nowhere it seemed, a handsome, shirtless, strong, bronzed, young man about 25, pulled up and asked if I needed any help.

YES--man was he to die for! He was wearing blue biker shorts, and by the bulge in them, he was packing some heat. I am not bad myself. I am 5'10", 195lb, and black, bald, strong. I have great pecs, big arms, a tight 6-pack, and I pack 10inches of prime cut, grade AA dick. I also have great tight ass, that loves to be plowed by big dick, and lips that love to be wrapped around a horse hung cock! Doesn’t matter what color, as long as it’s hung!

Back to the story at hand--I stared in amazement, until he spoke again. "Do you need some help?"

By then my asshole was twitching, as I started to get a rise. "YES. I could use some help” I gladly replied.

He noticed me staring at the bulge in his shorts, and out of the blue says, "9inches, and 7 thick. "Want some?" Off we went into the woods, and to a secluded place. We tore at each other. We started kissing; I began rubbing his naked, big and strong chest, pinching his nips. I started on his neck, then down to his nipples, and dropped to my knees to his stomach. My cock was stretching the material, as I nuzzled his sweaty shorts!

Finally, I dropped his pants, and WOW--WHAT A DICK! Rock hard and mean looking. Head the size of a plum, thick veins, meaty, yet a hard as steel shaft, with big, hairless balls to match! My mouth was watering, as I slowly licked the crown, and I went up and down that monster. Pre-cum was dripping, as I tasted that nectar. MMMMM SWEET!

I engulfed the big head, opening wide to take it all in. I was now using my tongue as I continued to go down further, and further down the shaft. It’s so big, that I can only get about 5 inches in the first stroke. As I worked up and down the shaft, I was able to take more of it until I was finally deep throating that whole thing.

He was amazed, and started to slowly fuck my face as I was still in control at this time. I alternated by deep throating him, and pulling all the way to the tip, leaving just the cockhead in, licking the head, and then all the way down! He was going insane, telling me that no one had ever been able to do that..

I would bring him to the max, and then tease him back down.. By now, my asshole wanted him! I was not even thinking about getting my dick licked, I just wanted to fuck the stud! I lay him down on his back, and what a scene! This hot stud was naked, with his dick hard, huge, and wet from my saliva, sweaty, and breathing heavy. I immediately stripped, and turn my back to him so that he could see what kind of ass he would be getting. I told him that I wanted to ride that dick like it was my bicycle!

His cock was so hard that I didn’t need to use my hands to guide him in! I teased him with my hot pussy at his tip. This was going to be a major joy ride because this was such a beautiful dick. I slowly fucked just the head, in and out, and then as I got used to the size, I slid all the way down to the hilt, and squeezed my ass hole, and ground from side to side, and then back up to the head. MAN I LOVED IT!

I was being stretched like never before, and I was tingling all over. I picked up the pace, while telling him to fuck me--over and over again. He would grab my ass with his big hands, and start to really fuck my wet man pussy. I bent down to kiss him, as our sweaty bodies slapped against each other. I told him to fuck me doggie style, as I slowly pulled off of the dick, and got on all fours.

God what a site, to see this hunk’s hot body and piercing eyes, as I pushed my sweet ass out for him to enjoy. In he went, and he started power fucking my pussy, as I met him thrust for thrust. "Man I love your ass!!" he managed to utter between heavy breaths.

"Fuck me!!" I would tell him. Looking in his eyes, as he did. We had changed positions, as I was now on my back, legs high, as I watched his dick slide in and out of my ass.. Suddenly without touching myself, I felt the cum starting to boil in my nuts, and by the way he was stroking he was about ready as well.


He started to pick up the pace, long stroking my ass, until I felt him swell inside my ass…

“YOU WANT IT BABY? YOU WANT MY DADDY JUICE?" growled with an evil grin.


He pulled out, and placed the head of his monster to my lips. As I sucked the big head, swirling my tongue all around it, it lurched. "I'M CUMMING!!!!" he says, as I watched him jerk his monster dick, with me waiting on that cum. He cums a bucket blasting again and again all over my face, and I cum as well, shooting all over the place.

We said nothing, as we catch hold of ourselves. He gets up to dress, as I watch him. "See you next Sunday," he says as I just lay there limp, still in a daze.

As I am getting dressed, I hear a deep voice." So…leaving so soon?"

I look around and there are 3 guys with dicks ready! But that’s' another story...

Stay tuned. YOU’LL LIKE IT!

Email me at greg1232002@yahoo.com, and let me know.

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