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Seduced By Straight Men, Part 1

By Basketballs

submitted July 25, 2003

Categories: Straight Men, Gay Sex

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By Basketballs

The following chapters are based on actual events. Names and locations have been changed to protect the guilty. If it is illegal for you to view fiction of an erotic nature, then I suggest you take a hike. Who knows? You might have an encounter of your own. I am writing this to arouse other gay, bi and bi-curious men. If literature like this offends you, then you wouldn’t have come this far, so I hope you enjoy it. I appreciate all feedback and try to reply to most emails.

Chapter 1 - Young & Hung

Gary wasn’t the first straight man to seduce me, but my experiences with him were the most memorable. Gary was eighteen when I first met him. He was my friend Jennifer’s boyfriend. Jen and I became friends six years earlier when we both were cast in a dinner theatre production of Oklahoma! I was a senior in college and twenty-one; she was thirteen and in middle school. We stayed in contact over the years and when I relocated to the city where she lived, we became reacquainted and she introduced me to her new boyfriend.

Gary was eighteen, Jennifer, nineteen. Gary was a ‘street-punk,’ tattooed and pierced; Jen was an English major and a 4.0 student. I thought they made an odd pair and when I casually mentioned this to her, she told me quite frankly that Gary was hung like a horse and the sex was fabulous. I took her word on that and grinned.

Gary had dyed reddish-brown hair, which was long, down to his shoulders. He always wore tattered black clothes. He was about five-nine, lean, and he was chiseled in all the right places--especially his biceps. Both were covered in blue-black ink. I could never tell what the pictures on his arms were. His eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, nipples and navel were pierced and he had a thorny ring around each ankle and some kind of Arabic hieroglyphic design across the base of his back.

Jennifer and Gary used to come by my apartment for dinner and we’d get high and watch rented videos. Actually, Gary would watch them and Jennifer and I would gossip. I was twenty-seven and ‘out’ at this time and they both knew it. I often questioned Jennifer about her dating Gary; after all, he was younger and seemed like he was headed nowhere fast. I could understand the physical attraction. But after sex, what was there to talk about? Jen was like my little sister and I loved her and wanted to protect her, but she was headstrong and determined to ‘save’ Gary who, incidentally, had an identical twin, Terry.

Two years into their relationship, I get a desperate phone call. Jennifer needed to talk and I told her to come right over. Twenty minutes later she arrives. I opened the door and she came in and walked to the living room.

“I’m pregnant!” She spilled as she sat down on my sofa in tears.

“What? What are you going to do?” I asked her as I put my arm around her. She buried her face in my chest and cried. I’m a big guy, six-foot-two and two hundred and twenty-five pounds. I work out three times a week and have a solid frame. I am especially proud of my legs and chest. I wear a beard, closely cropped, and have a fairly hairy chest. “Whatever you need from me, just remember, I’m here,” I reminded her.

After about twenty minutes and a good soaking of my shirt, Jen righted herself and spoke. “I’m getting an abortion.”

Now I am not personally in favor of abortion, but being male, I figure I’m not in any position to comment. Part of the trouble with this country is men trying to tell women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. I listened and offered my help in any way that I could, which was all she needed to hear. Jen still lived at home with her parents, and wasn’t going to inform them of her situation. Gary was going to take her, and they wanted to come to my apartment afterwards for her to rest until the anesthesia wore off.

The day arrived and I went home from work on my lunch hour to check on her. She was asleep in my bed and Gary was lying on the sofa watching a movie. I had about five hundred VHS tapes and he’d picked Lawrence of Arabia, which surprised me at the time. I really didn’t know Gary very well. Jen had a slight fever and I called my cousin, who was a GP, and informed him of the situation. He advised me to give her two Tylenol and just let her sleep it off. Gary mentioned that they gave her pain medication at the clinic and he told me what exactly, but I can’t remember it now. I told my cousin this, and he said that extra strength Tylenol—but only two—wouldn’t hurt.

After checking on Jen, I sat on the sofa and ate a sandwich. Gary plopped his feet in my lap and we chatted. He went on about his plans for their future and I knew this was the beginning of the end. Gary was a sweet kid, but still just a kid. He had no clear responsibilities in the world and wasn’t eager to gain any. He could never maintain steady employment. I knew that the next big party that occurred, he’d be there, bells and all, and then be too fucked up the next day to go to work. This was the cycle in which he chose to live his life. I guess the sex was that good!

One month later, Jennifer had finally come to her senses and had broken up with Gary. All was well with the world and we went about our routines. I was sitting at home after work one Thursday evening about 7:00 when Gary knocked at my door.

“Hey, dude!” He said and I let him enter. I hadn’t seen much of Jennifer since the abortion and having a surprise visit from Gary was odd to say the least.

“Hey, Gary,” I said, “Come on in.” Gary was dressed as usual in ragged, skater-type, baggy black pants and a black T-shirt and black combat boots. He walked into my apartment and I offered him a seat on the sofa.

“You’ve rearranged the furniture!” he said as he sat. My apartment was the lower half of a three-story townhouse-like building. There was a garage on the ground level with steps on the outside of the whitewashed cinderblock wall that led to my entrance. Once you stepped inside you were in my kitchen-dining area, which had a tile floor. Where the carpet began, was my living room. It wasn’t much, but at the time it was all I could afford. I had recently moved to Charleston, West Virginia, having landed a job with AT&T and I hadn’t yet made it out of training. Once all the way inside—and on the other side of the room—was another door, which led to my bedroom. The bathroom was through there.

The sofa was against the wall—opposite of the bedroom. There was a large window above the couch facing the two-bedroom unit across the patio. The wall at the back of the room had another window that afforded a view of Kanawha State Forest. My television and VCR were in the corner of this wall and the entrance to the bedroom. There were two armchairs, divided by an antique end table in the center of the apartment. They faced the television.

I sat where I normally did when entertaining, in the chair nearest the sofa. Gary sat on the sofa at the end nearest me. We chatted for a bit and I offered him dinner, which was about to arrive, and he accepted. I had purchased some marijuana from Gary previously and he wanted to know if I would like some more. I accepted and we made the transaction before loading the bong and commencing to fry ourselves.

When the pizza arrived I got up and paid the delivery guy and brought it over to the coffee table, which was in front of the sofa. Gary made us a couple of glasses of diet coke and we sat down and ate. We talked, ate, drank, smoked and laughed until 10:00, and Gary asked if he could crash for the night. Some friends had dropped him off and had never come back to get him. He tried calling them, but to no avail. I assured him it was no problem and asked if he minded watching TV while I showered. He didn’t; so I departed, leaving him to his own vises.

While showering, I thought to myself that Gary was a very unique individual. I hadn’t really taken the time to get to know him before tonight—he always seemed quiet around Jen and me—but tonight, on his own, he was a gifted communicator and we discussed many subjects. The next conversation took me completely by surprise. I had finished my shower and dressed in a pair of tight thigh-length yellow running shorts. It was August, and if you haven’t been to West Virginia in late summer, let me tell you, the humidity is something fierce.

I was tanned, tall and athletic, with great legs and a firm stomach. My pecs were just right, not too big but well defined. My chest was covered in light-brown hair and I was proud of my physique. I had my share of sex, got laid whenever I wanted and, though I had my pick of the local gay crowd, I was into straight masculinity. If I wanted a nelly-boy, I’d have stayed straight myself.

I walked through my bedroom and saw Gary lounging on the sofa, his boots neatly arranged on the floor and his T-shirt folded on top of them. He was watching a porn flick, one of the many I had hidden in the entertainment center. He had to have rummaged around looking for them in order to discover them. This particular tape was my favorite. It had four full-length features all from Falcon Studios. There was one starring Aiden Shaw, another with Ken Ryker and Hal Rockland, one of the Aspen videos, and the final flick was a compilation of director’s cuts, just the hottest scenes from varied films. Gary must have just started it when I entered the room. The first scene was a hot duo with Aiden Shaw and Rob Cryston.

He looked up at winked and said to me: “I couldn’t find any straight porn so I thought I’d check this out. I’ve never seen a gay porno before, do you mind?”

“Knock yourself out!” I told him and stretched out, propping my feet on the ottoman. In the opening sequence, we discover a couple of buddies visiting a farm. Right away Rob Cryston assists Aiden Shaw with dropping his bibs and goes down on him outside the barn. He takes his magnificent uncut 9-inch bone down his throat in every position imaginable. It’s really hot!

“That’s about what my cock looks like.” Gary informed me. “Only mine doesn’t have any curve to it like that dude’s, and his is a bit thicker at the base. My dick is as thick at the head as it is at my balls and my head’s bigger.” Okay, I thought to myself—not that I am complaining, trust me—but that’s more information than I ever expected.

“Really?” I managed to say, trying to suck the drool from my lips back into my mouth. Not that I’m a size queen. I’m not, really! I just love their boyfriends.

“Yep, my brother and I measured ‘em once, 9 inches when fully erect.”

“Really?” I managed again, “9 inches.” I stated, flatly.

“Yeah, his balls are a bit bigger, too.”

“Really?” I gulped, “Your brother’s?” Oh the thoughts going through my brain.

“No, dude, his.” Gary said and pointed to the screen, his eyes fixed on the action. Rob Cryston was really going down on him now. Aiden Shaw had his legs spread out, standing with his hands behind his head, thrusting his hips deep into Rob’s eager throat. Rob grabbed Aiden’s balls as he sucked.

“I’ve never been sucked like that before.”

“Really!” I blurted out. Just stop it, Danny, this boy is straight and doesn’t realize that he’s making you absolutely bonkers. When the duo finally got around to fucking, Gary got wide-eyed. Rob was getting pounded in every known position and loving every inch.

“Now, that’s gotta hurt, dude. Do you do that?” It was his first reference to my sexuality since I’d known him.

“Uh . . . I prefer to be on top, but, hell yeah, I do it! I’d do THAT, anyway,” referring to Aiden Shaw.

We watched the entire video and Gary made comments. He was curious why some of the actors didn’t get completely hard. He inquired why they didn’t maintain their erections once they achieved them. He was also very inquisitive about why in most of the oral scenes, one guy was well endowed and the other guy could deep throat him. That’s Falcon for you.

We took a short break after the first video because Gary wanted to shower, and I loaded another bowl as he did. He came out in his boxers and nothing else. After he sat down we turned the video back on. I lit the bowl and we took turns hitting it. I was getting very high and very horny. The second video was about two ‘straight’ dominant tops that let guys suck their dicks as they traveled about the countryside on a motorcycle. There was a particularly hot threesome that Hal Rockland spied on that really peaked Gary’s curiosity. There was lots of rimming and Gary asked a lot of questions.

“Dude, I could never do that.”

“Do what?” I asked innocently, hoping to involve him in a graphic discussion of what I’d like to do to him.

“Stick my tongue up someone’s ass!”

“Have you ever been eaten out?” I asked.

“No, man, girls don’t do that.”

“Sure they do, all you have to do is ask. I’m sure you could get someone to suck your hole good for you.” I became braver as I got higher. “I love to eat butt!” I informed him. “It’s one of my favorite things to do to a guy, especially straight ones."

The guys alternated fucking and sucking one another until they each shot loads of cum in the air and onto each other’s bodies. They ended up in a three-way lip-lock.

“I shoot that high, dude, every time. Do you?” he asked and I smiled. He was finally asking about my sex life.

“Not always.” I told him. “If the sex is really hot and I haven’t cum all day then sure, up in the air it goes. But if I’ve cum say in the morning and I cum again at night, it only shoots a few inches.”

“I also like to take a lot of time and fuck real slow for about an hour or more before I cum. I’ve never gotten off from a blow job.” Shit--the bed—the things I could show him!

“How do guys get into the porn business, I wonder?” He continued.

“Not sure, man, but I think they get an appointment with a studio and audition. They probably have to get naked and hard in front of the director/producer and if they’re at all interested, they might ask them to jack off in front of them.”

“I could do that. I could jack off in front of a guy. How much money you think they make?”

“Probably not very much. I hear most of these guys are straight and they do club appearances and escorting to make their money. The videos get them the notoriety they need so their name can be recognized.” I said, emphasizing ‘straight’ and ‘escort.’

“What’s that, dude? Escort?” he asked.

“Well these guys make dates with other guys and let them blow them for money. Stuff like that.” I made the whole thing up, but I bet I’m pretty close to the truth.

“Hell, do you think guys would pay me to suck me off? Shit!”

“Fuck yeah, I do Gary. I bet you could make a great deal of money at that.” Well I did!

“I wouldn’t let ‘em kiss me; I don’t think I could do that. They’d have to pay me a lot for me to suck their dicks.”

Did I just hear him correctly? Did he say he’d suck a guy’s dick for money? Where the hell did I put my checkbook!

The video ended with Ken Ryker and Hal Rockland making love in a tent. They both shot their loads all over each other’s chests.

“Those two guys are supposedly straight.” I emphasized ‘straight’ again.

The next movie began and it was after 2:00 am. I had my last day of training tomorrow at 3:00 PM so I told Gary I needed to get some sleep.

“I’m going to bed, dude. It’s late and I have to work tomorrow.” My excitement was overflowing. “Listen, Gary, I don’t mean to get too forward with you, but I’m high and we’ve just watched three solid hours of hot porn and I’m really horny. Would you mind sleeping in my bed so I can jack off? I’m going to watch some more and get off.”

“Sure, dude, no problem.”

“Shut the door, man, I might get a little vocal. Also be warned: I will get completely naked.” I advised him.

Gary got up from the sofa and said goodnight and went into my bedroom and shut the door, but not tight. I turned off the lamp and removed my shorts. My 7-inch cock was fully erect and very wet from all the pre-cum I’d been leaking all evening. My dick is real thick and my balls are very big. I have a large mushroom head, and when erect my pole stands straight up. If I stand, it points out. I have a nice dark bush surrounding my cock and I keep the hairs on my balls trimmed, but not shaved. The third movie was on and I started to stroke my cock slowly, gripping the base and squeezing it, using both of my hands. I like to take my time and left the head of my rod alone, for now. I used this patient technique through the first couple of scenes, then lubed my hands by spitting on them, and jacked my dick with one hand upside down and backwards. The way a guy would pump me if he were sitting on my cock facing away from me. My first load was building up in my balls and I stopped for a minute. I looked up, and Gary was standing in the doorway, with his big erection pointing out of the slit in his boxers.

“You mind if I join ya?” he asked and I said not at all as he crossed the living room and sat back down on the sofa, as close to me as he could get. I kept stroking my hardon and watched Gary as he tentatively started the play with his cock. We kept watching the video and stroking for a few minutes when Gary spread his legs and pulled his balls from his boxers. Our knees touched as we watched the porno and stroked ourselves slowly, teasingly. After about thirty minutes, the video ended and the next one began. Gary lifted his hips and removed his shorts and I got to see for myself the prize he had hidden all the time I’d known him. Gary stretched his legs, put one of his feet on mine, and placed his knee back against my knee. Now I can be pretty blind when someone I think couldn’t possibly be interested in me forwardly makes advances; but my idiocy at this moment was beyond belief. It still never crossed my mind that Gary might be interested in experimenting.

During the middle of the first scene of the new video, Gary and I were still tentatively playing with our hard cocks. He wasn’t lying when he said his cock was like Aiden Shaw’s. It had to be at least nine inches long. It was as thick at the base as it was at the head, which flared out and rounded up. His foreskin disappeared he was so hard. His balls were low hangers and loose, just begging me to release their load; but I just stared at Gary staring at the TV screen. There was a lot of kissing and rubbing—it was a foreplay bonanza—and when one guy started sucking on the other one’s cock, Gary finally spoke.

“Mmm, that looks so good.” I can’t believe what I did next. Maybe it was all the porn dialogue in my head, but when I finally summed up the courage to approach him, I said: “Would you like some help with that?”

“Sure man!” Gary said and stood up and faced me, his large erect hard 9-incher pointing right at my mouth. I took the head between my fingers, lifted it towards his stomach, and started with his balls. When my tongue touched his sac, Gary cried out: “Oh, yeah, lick’ em!”

I got into it. I was so fucking horny for him—his smell, his taste, his texture—that I wanted to lick and suck every inch of his body. His sac hung low from his cock and I nibbled and licked the little wrinkles of skin above his nuts. I licked his sac and his balls, which caused him to moan.

“Oh, God, that’s good, dude! Lick my balls, I love that!” I pinched and squeezed the head of his dripping cock, stretching his foreskin as much as possible as I ate his balls. He loved it when I gently slid them in and out of my mouth. I licked lower to his perineum, that space between has balls and ass.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it dude!” He said as I added pressure to my tongue on his spot. I licked lower and he bent forward as my tongue met the crevice of his ass.

“You wanna eat my ass dude?”

“Fuck yeah!” I said and buried my face in his crack. I licked him up and down, never pausing on his hole, teasing him. Every time my tongue swiped his cherry, he whimpered. I squatted behind him as he touched his toes and spread his cheeks and there it was—straight teenage boy pussy, my favorite. There was no space between the sides of his sphincter, and I licked all over his virgin entrance and he really got into my rimming.

“Fuck yeah dude! Put your tongue on my hole, I love it! Eat my ass, dude!” Gary encouraged me. I then began to lick his hole rapidly, about ten swipes of my tongue, and then I would pull back and stretch him wide to see if I could get him to open it up for me.

“Come on, man, open up that ass. Let me get my tongue up there!” I growled as I inserted my tongue inside his hot ass ring.

“Oh fuck, dude, tongue that hole. Yes!” Gary said, as I thrust my tongue in as far as I could force it. I slowly took it out and then rammed it back in again. One more time I fucked my tongue in and out before pausing.

“You like . . .,” I kissed his hole, “my tongue . . .,” I licked his cherry two or three times, “up there?” I asked between kisses. I went back to plowing his virgin wetness with my tongue.

“Oh yeah, man, eat my ass! Do me!” and I did. Finally, after about a good, hot twenty-minute rim job, Gary stood up. He turned around, stroking his cock and he looked at me.

“Dude, that was awesome. I never knew it could feel so good having my ass licked. Now suck my cock!” Gary said and stopped stroking as I wrapped my lips around the ridge of his dick, taking the head of his enormous bone between my lips. I sucked his teen-boy pre-cum from him and swallowed half of his massive hard 9-inch fuck stick.

“Aw fuck yea, dude, swallow my meat. That feels great!” I let up on his cock and grabbed his balls as I kissed his delicious dick head. I licked his shaft up and down before swallowing it again--this time I forced it in my throat and my lips touched his pubes.

“Oh shit, take it all!” Gary said and he grabbed the back of my head and forced me to remain with his uncut monster wedged inside my mouth. He held me there for a few seconds and then withdrew. I held onto his balls with my right hand and squeezed his ass with my left. Gary fisted the base of his cock and assaulted my mouth, ramming it in halfway three or four times then letting go and allowing me to swallow him whole. His cock started to thicken so much that I couldn’t keep my teeth off of it.

“It’s never been this good, dude, let me fuck your face a while.” Gary said and I held on to his ass and he slow fucked my mouth for ten minutes. In and out, that pussy-fucker thrust, and I licked the head when it was barely between my lips and lapped his shaft as it disappeared down my throat. I needed to switch positions, as my legs became stiff. I eased his big long rod from my mouth and looked up at him. Gary had his arms crisscrossed across his hairless chest and was twisting the rings in his nipples.

“You’ve got a great cock, Gary!”

“You like it, dude?”

“Fuck yeah, let’s go to bed.” I said and led him to the bedroom. I guided him onto the bed and told him to sit back on his legs so I could get at his cock and balls easily. Gary assumed the position and I lay on my stomach and swallowed his rod once again. Gary immediately thrust his hips upwards and nearly choked me on his ‘straight’ 9-inch bone!

“Fuck, yeah, dude, I want to cum in your mouth!”

Gary had mentioned earlier that he’d never cum receiving a blowjob. Well hell, it’s no wonder! I don’t know too many women who claim they can deep throat a monster like his. I proudly increased the tempo of my sucking and once again grabbed Gary’s balls and went to town. I swallowed as much of that cock as I could, as fast as I could, and rolled his nuts around in my fist and started humping my mattress like there was no tomorrow. It took another fifteen glorious minutes before Gary started to show signs that an explosion was near. Knowing how much he liked my tongue up his butt, I figured if I could sneak my finger up there, that fat lady would start to sing!

“SUCK MY DICK! YES, DUDE, SUCK ME!” Gary started to yell and I sneaked my finger to his unsuspecting hole and thrust it inside him in one swift motion. Gary thrust once more into my throat, screamed, and withdrew most of his fantastic cock till just the head lay on my flattened tongue.

“FUCK YEAH, DUDE, HERE IT CUMS!” He shot at least ten times inside me. I thought I was going to drown. He just kept cumming and cumming, hot blasts of his sticky thick boy cream shot in my mouth. There was no way I had enough space for his gigantic cock and all that jizz; something had to give. I swallowed as much as I could and as he thrust his rod in my throat one more time, gobs of cum erupted from between my lips. Gary was smiling as I sat up and mirrored his position sitting back on my bent legs and jacked on my dick. Gary seemed interested in my performance and tweaked my left nipple. As soon as he touched me, I announced:

“OH FUCK, I’M GONNA SHOOT!” I came hard, shooting seven streams of jizz upon my chest and onto my chin.

A few splashes landed on Gary’s chest and thighs, and he commented: “Hell yeah, dude, shoot that cum all over me. Hot!”

We lay down on the bed, Gary on his back looking at the ceiling and me on my side facing him. Guilt began to pour over me as we lay in silence. Finally breaking the peace, I said to Gary: “Are you okay with this?”

“I don’t know dude. I never thought about sex with a guy before. I liked it, but don’t know if I want to do it again. It was just something I wanted to try.”

“Gary, listen to me. I don’t want you to get all weird on me now. I know you’re going to question your sexuality and blame me for seducing you. Remember, it was you who made the first move. All guys experiment with other guys. What did you do that was so queer? Allow a male friend to service you sexually as you’ve never been serviced before and you enjoyed it. So big deal! Let’s not let this spoil our friendship.”

“Dude, I like you. You’re fun to get high with and I don’t want to stop visiting you, but just don’t expect this to happen every time I come by. Is that cool?”

“Sure, Gary, it’s cool. If you ever want to get your dick sucked, just say the word. I won’t ever force you into anything or hint at you and make you uncomfortable. If you want to get off, you have to tell me. I won’t ever refuse to get my hands on your dick, so don’t worry about that.”

We got up and went to the living room. It was now 4:00 AM and I had to be at work in eleven hours. We smoked another bowl and Gary offered to sleep on the couch. I went to bed and fell asleep. The last thing I heard before unconsciousness was what I thought sounded like Gary weeping. Shit!

I woke up, startled, from a deep sleep and Gary was standing by my bed. He had his hard cock in his hands and was stroking it. I glanced at the alarm clock and saw that it was 5:30.

“Gary?” I asked.

“I want to do it again.” He said and I opened my mouth and he slid his cock inside. He stood there slowly stroking his cock in and out of my mouth and I took it and loved it. He withdrew it so I could kiss his head, then he slowly eased his way back in.

We did this for about ten minutes and then Gary said: “I want to try fucking you. Let me stick this big fucker in your ass.”

“Gary, I don’t know if I can take it; it’s so huge!” I said as I retrieved the K-Y from my nightstand. I greased up my hole and Gary greased his cock. I rolled over onto my stomach, and he lay on top of me and tried to get the head inside my ass, but it wouldn’t fit. He then surprised me by thrusting a finger in and out of my hole before recommencing his attempt to throttle my ass with his log, but he couldn’t get it in.

“Roll over dude, let’s try it another way.” I rolled onto my back and Gary helped place my ankles onto his shoulders. I took a pillow, placed it under my ass, and got a better angle as Gary put his head against my hole and pushed. My ass opened and allowed the head of his dick to penetrate.

“Easy!” I warned and he backed out and slowly eased it back in.

“Yeah, dude, I have trouble every time I fuck; your ass is no different from pussy.” He added a bit more cock and stopped.

“Oh yeah, your ass is tight!” and he added a bit more. Gary was very gentle with me and took his time reaching inside my ass to depths that had never been reached before. After five minutes, he gave me the ninth inch.

“Oh yeah, Gary fuck me!” He pulled it out and thrust it slowly back in a few times.

“You like that? You like having my big cock up your ass?”

“Yeah, oh yeah, fuck my ass, come on give it to me!” I begged but Gary was a slow fucker. He wanted it to last and it did. He screwed my tight chute for an hour, deep long slow thrusts before reaching his climax. He then rammed it in me as hard and fast as he could for the last few minutes of our fuck session.

“Oh, God, Yes, Oh, Fuck, Yeah, Oh!” I said as he raped my hole. Finally, not being able to hold back any longer, he shot his wad up my ass and I could feel it as he came. His cock jerked as it was lodged deep inside my ass and on each spasm, a stream of his jizz soaked me from within. I shot my load as soon as his first jet escaped his dick and my cum hit him on the face, chest and arms.

“OH FUCK ME, GARY!” I cried as my cock erupted, untouched by either of us.

“I’M GONNA CUM IN YOUR ASS!” Gary cried as he shot.

We collapsed on the bed and this time neither of us spoke. Gary wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep together like lovers.

I awoke with a big piss hardon, got up and took a leak. When I came back to bed, I noticed it was 11:30 and I could sleep for another hour or two before I had to get up and get dressed for work and take Gary home. Gary was stroking his cock beneath the sheet that covered his hot nineteen-year-old skater-dude body. Without pausing, I sunk to my knees, sucked him off, and shot again against the side of my mattress as Gary unloaded his load in my throat.

“Dude, I’m gonna shoot!” He said before unloading. It was a short blowjob, lasting only about ten minutes. I got in the bed and Gary looked at me and said: “Kiss me.”

I had sex with Gary many times after that, but the first time was the best. I taught him how to get off while being sucked and he showed me that no man is completely off limits. __________

I hope you enjoyed this tale. Email your comments to dray1101@yahoo.com. Also, check out my other series, “Two Straight Jocks”

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By Basketballs The following, though based on some of my past experiences, is a work of fiction. Its purpose is to arouse gay men. Therefore it involves sex between consenting males, mostly teenagers. If such literature offends you, or is illegal for you to view than proceed no further. Otherwise let me know if you got turned on! Chapter 2 - Making Love We finally made it to Robin’s... read more

By Basketballs The following, though based on some of my past experiences, is a work of fiction. Its purpose is to arouse gay men. Therefore it involves sex between consenting males, mostly teenagers. If such literature offends you, or is illegal for you to view than proceed no further. Otherwise let me know if you got turned on! Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the previous two... read more

By Basketballs The following, though based on some of my past experiences, is a work of fiction. Its purpose is to arouse gay men. Therefore it involves sex between consenting males, mostly teenagers. If such literature offends you, or is illegal for you to view than proceed no further. Otherwise let me know if you got turned on! Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the previous... read more

By Basketballs The following, though loosely based on some of my past experiences, is a work of fiction. Its purpose is to arouse gay men. Therefore, it involves sex between consenting males, mostly teenagers. If such literature offends you, or is illegal for you to view, then proceed no further. Otherwise, let me know if you got turned on! Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the... read more