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Jacking Off Friend Sleeping and Sucking His Cock

By latino22

submitted July 29, 2003

Categories: Friends

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Well you see me and my friends were chillin’ here in my pad. I am 22 Latino most Latinos from the college chill here at my pad. Anyway we all got messed up drinking and shit. I had my eye on one of my friends name for short was Age. Anyway all my other friends were leaving. My friend Age said to our other pals that he was going to just chill, so they all left.

I am straight and so is Age, we both get our good share of pussy. Our friends left and I was horny as hell. I asked him if he wanted to see a porno since we did not get any pussy. He said it was cool. I put on the porno and then he fell a sleep in the middle of the first scene. So I waited like 20 minutes. Age was fast asleep and I was horny as fuck looking at the porno. So I grabbed my fat uncut 10" and started jacking it off. I got kind of crazy hoping he’d join in, but he was fast asleep, so I stated grabbing is cock. It was soft. Then he was snoring, so I took advantage of the point and kissed him first, but no answer. Then I thought step two.

I worked my hand inside of his pants. He was on the couch with those Latino legs dripping to the ground. I then unbuttoned his pants and then to his boxers. It was a good feeling--his cock was warm and soft.

I then got his hand, which by the way was so soft, and put on my big fat cock and made him jack me off. It was a great feeling. I let him jack me off till I came hot loads on his hand. It was good but he was still sleeping, so I go down on his soft cock and sucked on it some. It tasted good, a bit salty, but good. I sucked on it for 20 minutes and then he became so hard—I like had 11" in my mouth.

Then I felt him moving. I freaked out. I moved my mouth off of his big rod and he was quiet for a while. And then I started jacking his hard cock nice and slow. Within two minute he cummed and I took that all in my mouth. So good and tasty you should try it. Anyway, when we got up in the morning he tells me, “Dog, my cock feels so sore, it's like I fucked all night.”

I smiled and said, "You were watching too much porno last night and that’s what happens if you don’t jack off.”