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The Gang's All Here, Part 1

By storydude11

submitted August 26, 2003

Categories: Interracial, Orgies, The Trades

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This story is part fiction/ part true story. All characters are/ were willing participants. Names have been changed for anonymity. If you are under 18 years old, please do not continue.

The Gang’s All Here

Waking up the day after moving is always a frightening thing. There are boxes to unpack, things to organize, things to clean. I climbed out of bed around 10 am and staggered out to my living room. The place was relatively small. One bedroom with an adjoining bathroom on one side and a living room and kitchen on the other. I had just moved to Milwaukee to go back to school and I was truly lucky to find this place as quickly as I did.

Standing in the living room in a pair of boxer briefs, I managed to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror that was too big to pack away and leaning against a stack of boxes along the wall. Not bad. I was 27 years old, just over 6 feet tall, about 170 pounds of good, solid muscle. I admired my strong arms as I flexed for myself in the reflection, running my non-flexing hand over my smooth chest. My hand felt its way across two erect nipples and two impressive pecs, then down towards my stomach. I had been working out ever since my wrestling days in high school and all the hard work had definitely paid off. Although I had no 6-pack, I had the coveted “V” shape that disappeared underneath my boxer briefs. Also vanishing beneath the waistband was a thin treasure trail that started just above my navel and joined my trimmed bush a little further south. That marked the extent of my hair between my neck and my cock. My dick itself was nothing extraordinary, but I never had any complaints either. About 7.5 inches and cut, I was blessed with about 6 inches of girth that many had trouble forcing down their throats. Even better were the nuts. I had naturally low hanging balls that were plump and hairless thanks to regular visits from my razor. My ass, on the other hand, never managed to grow any hair. Aside from a light dusting in the crack, my muscular, wrestler’s ass was simply smooth.

As I admired my physique, I was startled back to the task at hand by the sharp buzzing of my doorbell. The cable guy must have arrived. The night before, after the long, exhausting move, I had set up my TV and VCR on my entertainment center to make it easier for the cable installation AND to watch some good gang bang porn a friend gave me as a going away present. I had needed the release after a hard day of lugging boxes from point A to point B. After buzzing in the cable installer downstairs, I waited by the door for the knock. Little did I know what was about to arrive.

When the knock finally came, I opened the door to find not one, but two, very attractive light skinned black men standing there in tool belts and carrying supplies. The each had a big smile and it was at that moment that I realized I had forgotten to dress myself. Standing there in my briefs, I took a brief second to absorb the sight of these two cable guys. The one in front was about 6’5 and about 190 pounds of solid muscle. His hair was styled in cornrows and he had a thin goatee across his chin and lip. He was wearing his company’s shirt, but his pants were typical ghetto fashion, fallen off his hips and providing a glimpse of plaid boxer shorts. I also noticed his huge hands and even larger feet hidden in big bulky work boots. His partner, standing a bit behind him, was also tall, about 6’4, and had the same build. He was dressed in a similar manner, complete with the low-slung jeans. I was in heaven.

“Oh, hi…uhh, come on in, boys,” I said, moving to the side to allow their entrance.

“What up,” the one in front muttered in a thuggish drawl. “We’re here to install your cable. I’m Terrance. This here is Jerome. He’s my bro. Training him about installation and customer service.”

I had a few ideas how these two studs could serve me…

“Well the entertainment center is over there. And I, uhh, think I should probably go put on some clothes…”

Jerome, speaking up also with a deeper, thuggish voice, chimed up, “don’t have to get dressed up for us, dawg. It don’t bother us.”

I smiled, still a bit embarrassed, but agreed and moved over to the loveseat that I had jacked off on the night before and was set up a few feet from the television. The studs got to work hooking up my new digital cable receiver. As I sat there, they talked to each other about the job they were doing, sounding a lot like surgeons working on an unconscious patient. Occasionally, they talked about drinking and “smoking” and eventually the started talking about girls. I reached for a cigarette.

“Hey, dawg, you think I could bum one of them squares,” Terrance asked, moving in my direction.

“Sure, help yourself. It’s early and stuff, but I have some beers too if y’all want one.”

They both loved the idea, throwing out “Fuck yeah’s” and “Hell yeah, dawg’s”. I retrieved a beer for each of us. As I got back to the love seat, Terrance had sat in the seat beside me as he smoked one of my cigarettes. I handed each of them a beer, and Jerome continued hooking up wires and screwing screws.

“Yeah, so J. here and I were just talking. We each went out with some hoes last night. J. got some, and my bitch wouldn’t put any shit out,” Terrance said, sounding sexy with his rough voice. “You ever get that problem?”

“Don’t really date much. Love jackin’ off though. Just did last night to some porn,” I said, not really trying to get anywhere. You know how it is when you realize that you might be out of your element? That maybe you might get your ass kicked if you say the wrong thing?

“Yeah, I jack this snake off all the time,” Terrance continued, using his hand to imitate jacking his dick above the crotch of his pants. “Most girls are scared of it anyway.”

Not really having any experience with any black guys, and having heard the rumors, I said, with a bit of mock innocence, “So it’s true what they say about black guys?”

“Hell yeah, haven’t you ever seen a black dick?” Jerome asked. “Me and Terrance are real brothers. We both got big dicks. So do all our friends.”

“Yeah we banged this white girl a few days ago. Me, J., and about five of our other friends. That girl was stretched when we got done with her,” Terrance said, laughing and looking at Jerome who joined in. “You really never saw no black dick?”

“No. But I always heard they were pretty big,” I said coyly.

“Damn dude, pop in some porn. We all like to jack. We’ll let you see if you think its true,” Jerome said, standing beside the entertainment center and drinking his beer. Suddenly his work seemed less important.

“Well lets see what we got then,” Jerome said, reaching over and turning on the TV and pressing Play on the VCR at the same time. I hadn’t remembered until it was too late that the porn in the VCR was gay until an image of one white guy getting banged by 10 black, white, and Mexican men popped on the TV.

Quickly standing and grabbing the remote, I said, “Oh, let me grab a different one. You guys won’t like this.” I moved to the open box of videotapes I had rummaged through last night and found one of my few straight tapes, also a gang bang porno. “This one is better,” I continued as I moved to the VCR. Jerome moved to the side, but the VCR was literally right beside his crotch, which he aimed, in my general direction. I noticed a rather thick tube forming down the leg. I looked at him as I moved back to my seat and he had a bit of a smirk on his face. Terrance had the same smirk.

As I took my seat, I realized my cock had been swelling pretty steadily and was barely contained in my shorts now. Terrance noticed. “Looks like you’re eager to stroke,” he said, as Jerome moved to the other side of me and sat back on box. I was surrounded by a lot of hot black man and a lot more of hot black cock. I pressed play on the remote. An Asian woman lay on a stack of boxes and was surrounded by a large group of men. One was fucking her pussy while a few more were taking turns forcing their dicks down her throat.

“Oh yeah, that’s nice, dawg, I love that interracial shit,” Jerome said, admiring the image.

“Reminds me of that white chick, only those dudes’ dicks is smaller than all ours,” Terrance added.

Knowing how close I was to having these two dudes fuck my holes, I was hard as a rock and I really wanted to see their big black dicks. “So how big are they, boys?”

With that, Terrance and Jerome looked at each other with big smiles on their faces and simultaneously began removing their tool belts. As the belts moved away from their crotches, I was greeted by a couple of denim tents--large denim tents! They both started working on their belts and zippers. Terrance stood to pull his pants down some and when he sat back down, I saw one of the largest dicks I had ever seen. It was easily more than 10 inches and as thick as a beer bottle. It was hard as a rock with big veins running the entire length. His balls hung down between his legs like two giant eggs. Jerome also had his pants down around his knees now, and I turned to see what he was stroking. Being Terrance’s brother, I see some things really do run in the family. It was nearly identical to his brother’s cock: long, thick, veiny, and black with a large head. As he stroked his cock, his equally large balls swayed back and forth beneath his shaft. I was in awe.

“What do you think of these big black dicks, white boy?” Terrance spoke up from my right, stroking his cock slowly, almost playfully. “We told you they were big.” I was dumbfounded and couldn't speak with my mouth just hanging open in awe.

Terrance noticed and said, "better close that mouth, white boy...one of us might stick somethin' in it..."

“Yeah, bro, its too bad we don’t got no chicks here to fuck,” Jerome added, smiling slyly in my direction.

I was suddenly very nervous. After all, there was about 21 inches of dick within feet of me and my mouth and my ass. I liked big dicks and stuff, but these dicks were practically unmanageable. I had been fucked many times, but rarely by anything that big. “Yeah, sorry. No girls here. Can’t help ya.”

We continued stroking for a minute. Terrance, eagerly fisting his dick and playing with his taut pecs and nipples, spoke up. “Maybe you can help us, bro. Maybe if we can see your ass it’ll make us think of some pussy.”

“Yeah,” Jerome added, “since there isn’t no chicks here and shit.”

I mulled this over for a second, and then decided there would be no problem with that. “How do you want me? How should I sit so you can see my ass?” I asked. With this, Terrance had me get on my knees on the loveseat cushion, but had me facing away from him towards his brother who was playing with his balls as he stroked. He then had me bend over at the waist so my ass was sticking out at him and my elbow rested on the arm of the seat.

“Yeah, that’s a fine white ass, baby,” Terrance said as he continued fisting his shaft. He reached his huge hand up to my cheek and began squeezing it and rubbing it. “Real nice piece of meat here, J.”

Standing up, Jerome moved to a box about a foot in front of my face. “Yeah, I can see that. This boy’s got a nice ass alright.” As he stroked his dick, he would occasionally aim it directly at me, and being as big as it was, it was about 3 inches from my mouth. The bit of precum forming at its tip suddenly had my mouth watering. Meanwhile, Terrance began rubbing his fingers along my ass crack, every once in awhile stopping to give my ass cheek a nice hard slap. I was so turned on that I just wanted him to shove his whole cock in with one hard thrust.

“It’s a shame you’re not a girl, I wouldn’t mind fuckin’ this ass,” Terrance half-moaned/half-said as he rubbed the tip of his middle finger right against my ass hole.

“You’re not playin’, bro. I wouldn’t mind fuckin’ this mouth, neither,” Jerome added, still stroking and now pinching one of his nipples.

Suddenly unable to control my eagerness any longer, I looked over my shoulder and said, “The lube’s in that box right there…go ahead.” Then turning to look back at Jerome, who suddenly had a pleased smile on his face, I continued, “And I guess we should get that wet too…you’ll get a turn back there as well, you know.” With that, I reached forward and grabbed his muscular ass cheek and pulled him closer. He took his cock in his hand before I had a chance to open wide and hit it against my face first. The bit of pre-cum that had formed made contact with my lip and stretched out, which he saw and responded with a moan. He held his dick up towards his abs and pushed his nuts closer to which I gladly obliged. I took the first one in my mouth – it was totally shaved – and rolled it around with my tongue. They were entirely too big to have both in at the same time, so I made sure not to ignore the other one either. I know guys say that in these stories all the time, but in this case, they were actually very large, like two chocolate Cadbury Easter Eggs in his smooth chocolate sack. And I couldn’t get enough chocolate…

After I got Jerome’s nuts nice and wet, he lowered his cock again, letting the side of his shaft move along my tongue and open mouth. When I got to the tip, he repositioned, and in one quick motion, shoved his big black dick as far back into my mouth as he could. I was completely caught off guard, usually building towards the relaxation that allows me to deep throat. Quickly getting my bearings back, I was able to relax and he got about 75% of the shaft into my mouth and throat. He responded with another moan. Then, to Terrance, he said, “Oh man, bro, this dude’s got a dope ass throat. You gots to try it out.”

“Oh don’t worry, J., just wanted to try this ass first,” Terrance replied. As I focused on getting more and more of Jerome’s cock into my throat, by this time all but an inch or so, I heard the wet sounds of Terrance lubing up with my KY, then felt his fingers rubbing some of the lube onto and into my ass hole. I knew what was coming when suddenly his fingers were replaced by something much, much larger. The head of his cock was pressed firmly against my hole and I tried with all my might to relax that muscle as well. In one swift motion, Terrance plunged his fat black dick into my ass with a nice low moan. I had a terrific knack of being able to shift my focus away from pain, so I through all my energy into Jerome’s dick. By this time he had decided it would be better to fuck my mouth rather than let me just suck it. Grabbing hold of the sides of my head, he used my mouth as the surrogate pussy that he really wanted to be fucking. Thrusting in and out as hard as he could, I could feel his still wet nuts start to slap me against the chin.

Meanwhile, behind me, Terrance was finding his rhythm. Pushing it all the way in hard, then removing it slowly, all the way. Then all the way in fast, followed by pulling out slowly. When he decided that I was actually able to take his black dick, he decided there should be no more games. “Hold on, boy, I’m gonna show you what its like to get plowed by a big black dick. I’m gonna fuck you like I shoulda fucked that bitch last night.” With that, he began fucking me hard. And I do mean HARD. While Jerome’s balls were slapping me in the chin, I could feel Terrance’s nuts behind me slapping me hard against the back of my thighs. I was in heaven. And I was surprised by how little pain there really was.

As both continued pistoning in and out of me with tremendous energy, Jerome looked at Terrance and, between pants, said, “This ol’ boy’s got like 21 inches of black dick in him. You like that, boy?”

He pulled his dick from my throat and pulled up on my chin so I was looking up at him. I smiled. “I wouldn’t mind 10 more.”

Jerome liked this, and as Terrance continued pounding my ass, and as J continued stroking his own cock, Jerome reached for his tool belt and removed a cell phone. “Ask and you shall receive, you white faggot.” He punched in a few numbers and held the phone to his ear as he moved his cock back into sucking range. He began fucking my mouth again. Then I heard him speaking. “Yo, Tyrone, my man. What’s up?” He paused, listening. “Right on, right on. Hey dawg, you gots to get over here. Me and Terrance gots us a white boy who needs more dick.” Pausing. “We both are, right now.”

Then he looked at Terrance and said, “Yo, bro, Tyrone wants us to put them in deep.” With that, Jerome’s dick found my throat and Terrance’s cock was buried deep in my ass, pressing against my prostate. It made me want to shoot all over my loveseat right then and there. Back into the phone, Jerome continued, “Yeah, dude, he’s got both in him right now. All of ‘em. He wants more.” The both continued fucking hard.

“Yeah, T, 41st St, apartment 322.” Pausing. “He won’t care, bring them to.” With that, he hung up the phone. “10 more inches…? I hope you don’t mind 30 more,” Jerome laughed.

Thirty? I was gonna get fucked like I had never gotten fucked before, and it wasn’t even 1 in the afternoon yet.

Behind me, I heard Terrance’s moaning increase. “Dude, this ass is hot. If I keep going, I’m gonna shoot, bro.”

“Switch me, dawg. And if we nut, we nut. Tyrone and the boys is just gonna have to deal with a used ho is all,” Jerome replied. With that, Jerome pulled his dick from my throat, and moved behind me. I felt Terrance remove his dick as well from my stretched ass and he moved to the front. He was wiping lube off his dick with some Kleenex that he found nearby unpacked. “Lets see if this mouth is as good as J says it is.” With that, he plopped his big black head on my outstretched tongue and then stopped wasting time, immediately continuing the deep action his brother had just stopped. His brother, meanwhile, now had his lubed dick against my ass.

“You ready, dawg?” Jerome asked, and then quickly forced his cock all the way in and held it there. “You were right, bro, this ass is dope.” With that, they both continued fucking me mercilessly hard. Their strokes were matching each other, both pushing in at the same time and pulling out together a second later. I was loving it. I began backing up as best I could to meet Jerome’s intense thrusts, and this backing away seemed to make Terrance think I wanted my mouth fucked harder. Well, which I did. A few minutes into this, Jerome said, panting quite heavy, “Damn, Terrance, I see what you mean. I’m gonna bust this nut any second.”

Terrance then said, “Lets do it on his face…Show Tyrone and the boys just how dirty and hot for black dick this white faggot is.”

With that, Jerome pulled out of my ass and quickly moved up to my face. Terrance also removed his fat dick from my throat and they both stood a few inches from my face furiously fisting their cocks. Then Jerome spoke up, “Hey, boy, get down on the floor, on your back.” I quickly jumped down there and lay on my back. Jerome quickly came over, still pumping his shaft, and put one knee on each side of my head, then sat on my chest. With one hand jacking his cock, he used the other to pull the back of my head up so that my mouth was aimed right at his huge cock. I could see Terrance standing off to my side watching the action. “Oh fuck boy, I hope you’re ready for this shit.”

I could see him putting on his “cum face” and I could also see his balls up tight against him. With that, he said, “Oh fuck, faggot, here it comes,” and with that, the first spurt hit me directly on my lips. The next came a second later, followed by another, then another…7 heavy spurts in all, plastering across my face, getting in my hair and pooling around my mouth. I had never felt or seen so much cum in my life. He was almost done, but he continued to quiver. He then looked at me and said, “Look at this faggot bro.” Then he squeezed his shaft one more time and a big milky white drop of cum oozed out, and he said, “Lick this off me, boy.” I did, opening my mouth and extending my tongue to his piss slit, sucking down the cum that dribbled into my mouth when I opened it and savoring the fresh juice that came right out of his cock and into my mouth.

Then Terrance, still pumping his own dick said, “Looks like he likes the taste of black jizz, bro, now you better get up…” With that, Jerome quickly got off me and Terrance took his spot. He also held the back of my head up, but this time Terrance said, “open that faggot mouth for me.” I opened up and he placed the tip right at the opening and continued jacking off. As his moans increased and reached fever pitch, I felt the first shot hit the back of my throat. Like his brother, this boy could cum. And since he did not score with his bitch the night before, he had even more. About 10 full shots of cum dumped into my throat, hitting my teeth, my tongue, the roof of my mouth. It was nearly gagging me with the sheer volume of it all. And I swallowed every drop. It was slightly bitter, but at that moment, it was better than wine, beer, and chocolate, anything else period. He, too, squeezed the last few drops out onto my tongue.

“Man, I wished I had thought of that, bro,” Jerome laughed.

“Well, its still here, ain’t it.” With that, Terrance used his semi-hard, yet still enormous cock, to wipe up his brother’s cum and pull it into my mouth. There was nothing hotter than sucking one brothers jizz off his very own brother’s cock. As Terrance made one last pass, dragging more and more of his siblings cum over to my lips and tongue, everyone was suddenly startled.

It was the doorbell. The friends had arrived. Terrance and Jerome looked at each other with wickedly thuggish looks on their faces. My day was just starting.

To be continued…

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