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First Black Cock

By obtmtom

submitted September 6, 2003

Categories: Black and Beautiful

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I had been suckin’ cock since I was 18, but I had never had black cock before and had always fantasized about it and wondered what it was like. I had been fucked when I was 19 and I was just about 20 and cruisin’ in the park when I got to go down on my .

I saw him drive by in a van once and then a few minutes later he came back driving slower, he stop where I was and called me over to the van. As I got closer I could see he was real dark and had a goatee. When I got to the window of his van on the passenger side he came right our and asked me if I liked suckin’ cock and told him ‘yes’ right away.

He said, "You want some of this?" and I looked down at his cock and he already had it out and was strokin’ it. I started getting hard just looking at it. I said. “I'd love some of that..” He said, “Get in and we'll go some place.”

I was a little hesitant at first but got in, then felt a little better when I saw the wedding band. I asked where we were going and he told me he knew where there was a bar parking lot that's private. We drove for about 10 minutes and I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock, it was dark by now so I couldn't see a lot except when we went under a streetlight.

He knew I was staring at his cock and said he wanted to fuck my mouth. I told him I wanted that, I was so hot for it. He told me he liked white boys suckin’ his cock cause they can't get enough black cock. We finally pulled into the parking lot of the bar and he took a spot towards the back, he turned off the engine and told me to get in the back. When I got in the back I saw there was a car seat there along the one wall. He followed me back and sat on the seat and told me to get on my knees between his legs. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and started strokin’ his cock. He was about 7" cut and thick too, I went to stroke him and he told me not to touch him yet, just watch.

He was teasing me; he knew I wanted it real bad. Finally I said, "Please let me suck it." He said okay and I took him in my mouth right away. I was so hot for it. I jerked him off while suckin’ on him; then he started a fucking motion with his hips. He told me to take my hands away and just use my mouth. I was able to keep him in my mouth as he fucked my throat. I almost gagged a few times.

He told me to take off my t-shirt; I did and went back to his cock. He kept telling me how he liked white boys suckin’ his black cock and how they liked it when he would cum in their mouth. He said, "You want my cum don't you white boy." I shook my head yes without letting go of his cock. By this time my lips were stretched around his dick so much they were starting to hurt, but I was loving it when I started tasting his precum leakin’ out.

Then he took hold of my head and I could tell he was getting’ close. He kept telling me how much I was goin’ ta love his cum. The he held my head still and I tasted the first few ropes hit the back of my throat. "Swallow it slut!" he roared. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and ripped a few ropes on my face and on my chest. There seemed be so much cum.

I got a good taste of what he gave me in my mouth and swallowed it all, then he started rubbing his cock all over my face, neck and chest in the cum he had just left there. He leaned back and told me to clean his cock real good. I was all over his cock with my tongue and got him good and clean. He told me to get back up front. I started to look for my t-shirt but he told me not to put it on. I had cum on my face and my chest as we rode back to the park. He asked if I wanted his cock again and I told him ‘anytime’.

He said he'd be back in a couple weeks and that next time he wanted my white ass. I told him I'll be waiting and got out of the van with his load still on my face and chest.

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