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Sauna Suck

By chrisd_19

submitted October 1, 2003

Categories: Gym Workouts

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I'm 29 years old, and gay. At least I’m gay in spirit - I’ve never done anything with a guy except watch porn on line, chat once in a while, and go to a few adult bookstores. I'm pretty good-looking - 6'2, 180 pounds, dark short hair, killer smile. I'm smooth, and would be a bottom if I was anything. I'm in great shape - gym rat 5 times a week. And I have a nice looking 7.5 " uncut dick.

I work for an equipment manufacturer, and once in a while i do trade shows for the company. My friends say it's cause I’m good looking - they don't want some old troll trying to sell the product at trade shows.

Earlier this month (September 03) I was assigned to a one-week trade show in "a major American southeastern city". I checked into the hotel, checked out the fitness area, which was pitiful, and went over to the conference center, which was a 6-block walk. I spent the rest of the morning and half the afternoon setting up the booth and making everything right. Finishing at 3 in the afternoon, I hiked back to the hotel, went to my room, and changed into my exercise clothes. I don't wear a jock--too confining. So I pulled on my navy blue boxer briefs, grey sweat shorts, and white muscle shirt, and went down to the second floor to use the equipment.

Like I said - it is pretty pitiful, but I had a good workout on the treadmill, did a few rotations on the universal, and finished on the treadmill. Then for my treat--off to the sauna.

The locker room actually had two saunas - one was on and I felt the door and poked my head in - it was working. Two guys in the sauna said, "Hey - come on in." Really friendly southern boys. I went in the locker room, stripped, and grabbed a towel. In the sauna I like the top seat - it's hotter. The guys were sitting one on the bottom and one on the top - opposite from each other. They were covered with their towels - maybe a southern thing I thought as I walked in holding my towel and put it on the bench to sit on.

Soon they both removed theirs and sat on them too. As my eyes adjusted to the heat and the dark I checked out my mates. The one on the top bench with me was early 20's nice build, little bit of hair, cute face, and pretty built in the dick department. The other guy was older, maybe 35, pretty hairy, and had a huge dick - uncut like me. We said ‘hi ‘- usual BS, and the older guy gets up to go shower off - man - nice dick I thought. But it's not easy to get hard in a sauna so no worries.

When he leaves, the other guy is sitting with his hand covering his crotch - and I’m laying back with my head against the wall - eyes partly closed. I'm noticing this guy move his hand to his mouth and back to his crotch a couple of times, and then I look and he's beating himself off - nice 7" curved dick. He stretches out his leg and his foot touches mine. Oh shit, I think - is this gonna be my first time with a guy?

"You always do this in the sauna?" I ask. "Well, me and Mark were getting pretty horny before - kinda getting it on with ourselves.'

"Cool," I said.

Just then Mark comes back in and is seeing the young guy stroking himself. He looks at me and smiles, and starts stroking himself - but he isn't nearly hard yet. He's definitely the biggest of the three of us, even not hard. I'm touching myself, and starting to get hard.

"Hey Adam, come over here and suck me," says Mark.

"You come over here". So Adam stands up - pretty hard now - at least 8", and walks over to Adam, who just bends down and gulps Mark's dick - not all the way but like 3/4 in his mouth.

Okay - so now I’m completely hard, and I take a gulp and say to myself - now or never dude. So I climb down and kneel in front of Adam and lick his curved dick. It's my first man meat, and I tell them both I’ve never sucked dick before. Mark smiles - I can't tell what Adam’s is doing cause about 3" from me Mark's dick is sliding in and out of Adam's mouth. So I figure - if he can take that much - so can I.

I start putting major suction on Adam's dick and it's so hard and curved towards his belly. I've always wanted to do this but didn’t know how good I’d be. Adam puts a free hand on my head, and guides me down so he hits the back of my throat - and I am LOVING it. I figure, what the fuck, and push deeper - I feel his head pop into my throat - no pain no problem. And I start to go crazy on him.

Mark sees this action and decides he wants some of me so he pulls out of Adam's mouth and starts rubbing his hard dick all over my face. Adam pulls out of my mouth and Mark stuffs his dick in - and it fills my whole mouth - hitting the back of my throat. But he's only half way in. And he's big. So I’m content with sucking - putting some major suction on his dick. I hear the noise of my slurping - his dick is really wet with saliva and precum. I tongue his slit and he's talking to Adam telling him he can't believe I’ve never sucked dick before. He tries pushing his head into my throat, and I wanna take him so bad - I’m almost in a frenzy over his dick. So I try to force it, and I gag but get it in - but still gagging. He is leaking so much I can feel it. I pull off and he shoves his balls in my mouth and i suck them too - he's goin’ nuts. Then the dick is back smearing all over my face - my tongue is out - and I’m licking his slit again. Once more into the mouth - this time straight for the throat and just a little gagging and he's in - and I force him farther so I’m to the base of his dick and gulping to massage his dick.

Adam stands up and wants some of me and Mark pulls out. They are standing next to each other - Adams dick in my mouth and Mark's next to his.

I reach around and grab one butt cheek of each with my hands and pull them both to me - and HOLY FUCK - I had two dicks in my mouth. These boys are sweaty - from the sauna and from the action. I pull one butt cheek and one dick is in my throat while the other is still in my mouth - I let go and pull the other one in - talk about a mouth full of precum – man!

We play tag team for a few minutes? An hour? I don't know. I take my hands off their butt cheeks and reach between each of their legs. I grab their balls one pair in each hand - and squeeze - mmmm. - They both moan. I reach further and start to stroke their ass cracks and these guys are goin’ nuts - I pull each of them into my throat in their by poking my finger at the entrance to their hole. Adam pulls out - "Fuck man – I’m gonna pass out!" He sits and mark fucks my throat with my finger up his ass - he's moaning really loud and leaking even more. He pulls out, grabs his dick, and shoots all over my face - in my hair, and down my back.

"Bet you'd be a good fuck too," he says to me as he leaves the sauna to get a shower. Adam is sitting on the bench - still hard and stroking lightly but exhausted. I crawl over to him and take him in my mouth. He's very close. He starts to pull out, but instead I dive all the way down on his dick, and feel him erupt in my throat - i pull off to feel and taste his load--very sweet.

After a minute I leave the sauna. Mark is in the shower - and I get in with him and give him a kiss - and let him taste Adam’s cum. Then I jerk off for him.

I'm the first one out of the locker room - just towel off and throw on my sweaty gym clothes. I didn't realize ‘til I got back to my room that I had Mark's cum still in my hair. Will I see them again on my trip to the south?

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