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My First Time With A Redhead

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There’s something liberating about talking online with someone. It seems you can always convince yourself and the guys you’re talking to that you are fearless. Daring even. I can’t count how many times I’ve done that only to find myself nervous as hell if and when it comes time to meet up. This is one of those stories.

I was 21. I remember that specifically because I have always looked many years younger than I actually am … something I’ll be thankful for someday everyone tells me. In fact, when I met up with this guy, I had to show him my ID before he’d believe I wasn’t jailbait. Anyway, I was 21 …

I was finishing up my junior year in college and found myself spending too much time chatting with hunks online and not enough time going to class and studying. This was one of those days. I quickly found myself chatting with this guy named Andy. We were drawn to each other so quickly because we were both in Kansas City and were both students at the same point in our lives.

Now, I had only fooled around with a couple guys in my life. Once, repeatedly, in grade school with a kid who knew nothing more than I did about what the hell we were doing. And then throughout high school with a guy who was in a couple of my classes and through a few weird circumstances found out we had a mutual interest in guys. I was always into getting off with this guy from high school, but again, I don’t think either of us were too sure what to do because we didn’t want to admit we were really gay. So that ended up being just a lot of dry humping and mutual jerk sessions in various locations around the school and at his house.

Anyway, back to Andy… we chatted for a while that afternoon. I remember it was in the summertime because it was warm, and I was in shorts. We seemed to hit it off well and soon agreed to meet. He suggested one of the large-chain bookstores in our area as a safe meeting spot. We could take it from there if we were interested in more. You see, neither one of us had a picture to share, so we agreed if we weren’t into each other that we would just go our separate ways and it would be no big deal.

Andy asked me how he would know which guy was me, so I told him I’d hang out in the magazine section of the bookstore and that I’d be wearing a white t-shirt and pair of black soccer shorts. He said he’d make himself known to me when he found me. I got dressed accordingly and headed out. I went inside the bookstore and took the escalator to the second floor by the magazines. I wandered around in there looking for something interesting to read while I checked the faces of all the guys in there. Very subtle.

Too subtle I guess, because I passed this one hunk several times as I walked around. He was about 6’1, red hair, amazing blue eyes and a great smile. To top it all off, he was built like an Abercrombie model…muscular but not a meathead. He was wearing black baseball cap, a grey tank and cargo shorts.

I was beginning to think Andy had stood me up or seen me and taken off because he didn’t like what he saw. When I finally locked eyes with this red-haired cutie, he smiled and gave me one of those “whassup-reverse-head-nods.” Shit, could this be my guy? Could this be Andy? While I glanced back down at the magazine I had picked up, I stood there wondering what to do next. When I looked back up a moment later, my hunk was gone. I quickly scanned the area and caught a glimpse of him leaving the magazine section. He was headed towards the restrooms and before he disappeared down the hallway, he stopped, turned to look over his shoulder, caught my gaze, and again, using only his head, motioned me to follow him.

I practically dropped my magazine and quickly made my way across the store to follow this guy. When I reached the restroom door, I took a deep breath and stepped inside. There were three urinals and two stalls. To my disappointment, there was an older guy standing at the urinal in the middle. The redhead had positioned himself at the urinal closest to the stalls. I stalled for a moment by stopping to wash my hands and check myself in the mirror.

I don’t know if it was because I was excited about what was about to happen, but I looked at the t-shirt I had chosen and how it clung nicely to my well-developed 6’0 frame. I stepped back and looked at my crotch in those soccer shorts. Andy had instructed me to wear a jock underneath and I could already feel my cock beginning to strain against the fabric. My toned and tanned legs looked great as they were covered with a light dusting of brown hair, just like my chest. I always love the way the hair on my legs got lighter and lighter, as my tan got deeper and deeper throughout the summer. That day, I was looking good.

The old guy interrupted my self-admiration by asking if he could squeeze in to wash his hands. I murmured an apology and moved over to replace him at the center urinal. I stepped up a bit timidly and pulled out my dick pretending to relieve myself while we waited for the old guy to leave. Once the older guy exited, I stammered out an “Is your name Andy?” to the guy on my right.

“Yeah. Mark?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said as I exhaled deeply. “How are you?”

“Impressed,” Andy replied with a bit of a laugh.

“Yeah, me too,” I grinned.

“You wanna …” he asked as he again motioned with his head…this time towards one of the stalls.

“Sure, let’s go.” I surprised myself with my daring confidence.

Andy stuffed his dick back in his shorts and stepped away from the urinal. I let him lead the way, but quickly coaxed my cock back under wraps as I followed him into the cramped stall.

Andy sat me down on the john as he took a moment to lock the door to the stall. “Pull your feet up,” he instructed. “We don’t want anyone to know there’s two of us in here.” I did as I was told.

“Now let’s see your cock, bro,” Andy said a bit forcefully.

I loosened the strings to my soccer shorts and worked my thumb underneath the elastic of my jock. I pulled downward with that hand and fished out my nearly hard tool from its confines with the other. I allowed my dick to lie across my palm for viewing by my new friend.

“Nice dick, bro,” he admired, “wanna see mine?”

“Fuck yeah,” I nearly hissed.

“Then come find it,” Andy ordered.

I didn’t have to be told twice. My hands were on his crotch faster than I thought possible. I was surprised to find his dick was about 6 inches long and hadn’t even begun to get hard yet.

“Wow, I bet that thing gets huge dude,” I said in wonderment.

“Yeah, it takes a bit to get it up, but it’s a full 9” when it’s at full staff,” he reported proudly.

“Man, I’d love to see that, bro,” I said while trying not to drool too much.

“Not here, Mark,” he said, “you wanna go to my place? I’m only a few minutes from here.”

“Sure,” I said nervously. “I guess I’ll just follow you in my car?”

“Yeah, meet me out in front of the store first and I’ll show you what my car looks like,” he said and then almost vanished from the restroom.

Once we got out on the street, this is where he asked to see my ID. After asking me several times, he was finally satisfied and he said he’d wait for me to pull up in my car before taking off.

His apartment was just a few blocks away, but unfortunately gave us both an opportunity to “cool down”, because when we made our way into his poorly lit place, we sat one his couch and talked for about 20 minutes. The conversation seemed forced at best. We talked about school, and he told me he was pre-med. He also said he was glad I turned out to be so good-looking. I thanked him and told him that he was quite a hunk himself. He blushed as if I was the first guy to ever tell him that. Not likely.

He went on to apologize, that he had slept in late and had just gotten online after rolling out of bed. He hadn’t had time to shower for the day yet and hoped he looked okay. I don’t know if this was just a line he was using on me. But he didn’t seem to be the kind of guy to be coy, so I think he was telling the truth. If he was feeding me a line, I took it. I suggested that we could take a shower together, if it made him feel better. He reached out and put his strong hand on my muscled thigh and squeezed. He leaned in and gave me a short but sensual kiss on the mouth.

“Great idea,” he beamed, “Let’s go.”

Andy paused to turn on the stereo. He said he had to do something to keep the neighbors from hearing what we were about to do. I assumed his walls must be pretty thin, or he must get pretty loud. Andy put on a CD with a hot beat…great music to fuck to. He started the shower and went to get a couple towels for us to use later.

“Feel free to get in when the water’s ready,” he offered.

I stripped and stepped under the warm spray of the shower. I anxiously awaited his return, as I couldn’t wait to see him in the buff. And buff he was!

“Damn!” I called out as he stepped in the shower and closed the door behind him. “You‘re a fuckin’ hunk, Andy.”

“Yeah?” he grinned, “You’re looking pretty good yourself, Mark.”

I loved the way his torso looked. His pecs were even broader and thicker than they had appeared under the tight fabric of his tank. His nipples looked absolutely edible and were surrounded by a few red hairs. His abs sported even more red hair that rolled across the rippled terrain of his six pack … into the pit of his navel … before plunging towards his crotch where it flourished into a thick patch of fiery red hair that seemed to explode from his cock and spill deliciously down his rigid thighs.

This was the first redhead I had seen up close and personal like this and I was in awe! He took his hands and rubbed them over his pecs, across his abs, down his thighs before they came to rest in a sexy pose one hand planted on each cheek of his muscled ass.

“Lather me up, bro,” he ordered.

That was an instruction I couldn’t wait to follow. I quickly found the soap and began to wash my newfound friend from head to toe. I started at his broad shoulders and covered his muscled arms with soap. His biceps were big and were pretty veined. I got into that big time. I moved to his chest and washed each nipple individually; taking time to make sure they were each hard before I moved on. I washed his abs and lingered in the hair I had admired when he first stepped into the shower. The lather clung to it and really turned me on.

I reached for his cock, which had only begun to get hard, but had already swelled considerably. I noticed it was starting to curve to the right. Something I attributed to years of having to stuff the length of it in jocks, shorts, and jeans. A low moan escaped Andy’s lips as I slicked up his tool with the suds.

“Damn that feels good, bro,” he said. “but, aren’t you going to wash my pits?” he asked with a grin. You see, Andy had remembered from our online conversation that I mentioned I had a bit of a pit fetish.

“Arms up!” I ordered.

The sight I saw next made my cock come to full attention. As Andy raised both arms over his head, he slowly exposed two of the most delicious armpits I had ever seen. They too were perfectly adorned with the fiery red hair that was so well placed over the rest of his muscled frame. Little droplets of water were clinging to the ends of hairs and I could no longer simply admire them from afar.

I stepped closer and knelt slightly so that my face was just inches from the inviting depths of his left arm. I inhaled deeply as if I was savoring the bouquet of a fine wine. His armpit was scented with a variety of aromas. I could smell the faint layer of deodorant from the previous day, along with traces of soap, but more overwhelming was the smell of a guy who had recently had a good workout.

Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the kind of smell you would try to avoid. Rather it gave further evidence that Andy even sweated to perfection. It smelled of power, strength and confidence. I could take no more. I placed both hands on Andy’s back and pulled him towards me; taking that pit deep into mouth. The blend of odors was only further enhanced by the fact that I could now taste Andy’s essence as well.

“Oh, Fuck!” Andy cried out, “That is so fuckin’ hot!”

I chewed and licked Andy’s pit until he began to squirm. This is the part of going down on a guy’s armpits that I really dig. When they start to lose a bit of control and they begin flexing almost involuntarily. Andy could soon take no more and grabbed me by the back of the head. He pulled my face from his delicious pit and engaged me in one of the hottest kisses I have ever experienced. His lips were beautiful. Full and wet from the shower. And, he hadn’t yet shaved for the day so the rough stubble really got me going.

Andy kissed me in way that can only be described as forceful, yet sensual. His moist tongue engaged mine in a playful exchange as he continued to hold the back of my head. My hands were still caressing the muscles of Andy’s back and shoulders. With his free hand, Andy reached down and stroked both of our cocks simultaneously. The water and remaining suds provided perfect lubrication for his efforts and my nearly hairless chest was pressed tightly to his.

At that moment, I had an overwhelming sense of the power we shared. Here we were, two muscled hunks, lip-to-lip, pecs to pecs and cock to cock. The strength between us was intoxicating.

Andy’s hand moved from our cocks to my ass and he pulled my crotch into his. He ground his hips forcefully into mine as he began to lick and suck my neck. I was completely his.

“Let me taste you, Andy” I pleaded.

With that, he released me and allowed me to work my way down his full chest and across his ripped abs with my tongue. I followed the red trail to my prize. I started with his ample nuts. Licking his sack with long strokes of my tongue. Feeling the water from the shower rush over my face while I devoured first one, then the other large egg. They hung low and were quite large. I tried to get both in my mouth at once, but was unsuccessful. I had no idea how I was going to work his man-sized tool down my throat.

Andy moaned in pleasure while I worked him over. I decided it was time to try and swallow his cock. I allowed my tongue to work its length a few times before concentrating on the head. I loved the way his cock tasted and how I could trace every prominent vein with my tongue. The ridge on the bottom of his cock used to deliver his seed was as thick as one of my fingers and I knew I would be in for quite a load when he began to unleash his load.

As it was, his cock had begun to leak the sweetest pre I had ever had the pleasure of devouring. I remember thinking that it’s good he had lots of natural lube for when he decided it was time to pound my ass.

Andy’s large head looked angry and red and its heat felt like it would sear through my tongue as it began its decent into my throat. I was just getting comfortable with the first few inches when Andy grabbed me by the back of the head again and forced his entire length down my throat. I gulped and gasped trying to catch my breath and grow accustom to the feeling that I was going to choke.

My lips and nose were buried in the fire of his crotch and I found myself suddenly pleased with my abilities. I had a hand on Andy’s ass and the other was still working his low-hangers between his strong thighs. It was at this point I decided that if Andy could surprise me with his entire length at once, that I’d surprise him by shoving a finger in his ass.

I showed no mercy and didn’t allow him to object. I simply slid it in with one quick, short stroke. He yelped in pleasure and surprise, but I didn’t let up. I dug for his prostate with my index finger and found that it was ultra sensitive to my touch since Andy had never been fucked. Given that, he took my finger like a champ so I tried a second one. The whole time, I was doing my best to bob up and down on his fat cock, though my mouth was stretched beyond my own known ability.

Having two fingers poking his prostate had Andy’s cock drooling tons of precum. I could taste its salty sweetness and could feel it filling my throat. He definitely had more pre than most guys even cum…so much I had a hard time keeping up with his flow.

“I’m ready to fuck you, bro,” Andy informed me, “I want you in my bed.”

I reached behind me and turned off the water as Andy stepped out of the shower.

“Forget the towels,” he ordered, “Let’s just get to it.”

Who was I to argue? Here was this incredible (and dripping wet) stud telling me he couldn’t wait another second to get his dick in my ass. I practically ran to catch up with him.

When we got down the hall to Andy’s room, I saw that his bed was still unmade from his night of sleep and it looked very inviting. Andy turned and grabbed me by the shoulders leading me to the bed. He pushed me back until I was lying in the puddle of sheets and he climbed on top of me. He again began to kiss me and stroke my wet hair. The weight of him on top of me gave me the first inclination that he was once again in control.

Andy‘s hands were all over my body as mine re-familiarized themselves with each of his thick muscles. He groped at my thighs and I soon found myself spread eagle with my ass exposed to his manhood.

“I’m totally clean, Mark,” he whispered, “Can I fuck you bare?”

I hesitated before I finally realized at that point that there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t let this stud do to me, including ride my ass uninhibited by a condom. “Just take it easy on me, Andy,” I consented, “Remember, this is my first time and you’re a big boy.”

Andy just grinned and said, “Hey I thought you liked it rough…that’s the only way I know how to fuck.”

A partial look of fear must have crossed my face because Andy just kissed me and said, “Don’t worry though, we can work up to that. You want me to rim you first?”

“Uh, I dunno, I’ve never had that done to me before,” I answered honestly.

“Really?” Andy said in near disbelief. “You’ll love it,” he said with assurance.

With that, Andy slid his way down my still damp body and lifted my ass and legs with his strong hands. He blew two wads of spit into my ass before lowering his face to my virgin hole. What I experienced next is nearly indescribable. The stubble on Andy’s face that I had enjoyed while we were kissing was now scratching at my back door. The roughness of his chin was doing a number on my ass.

My cock was starting to leak as Andy’s had done in the shower. I had one hand on the back of Andy’s head indicating my approval. With the other I was rubbing my own chest … that was still wet, this time from the heat and sweat Andy was generating in me.

Andy licked and sucked at my ass until I begged him to fuck me. He wasn’t about to deny me. With my legs still in the air, Andy pulled my ass towards the head of his monster tool. Once again I experience the heat of his cock as he pressed against my tight hole.

“Don’t hold your breath, dude,” Andy instructed, “I’ll never get it in there.”

I sighed deeply and began to pant like an animal. Andy eased the head inside my ass and I gasped in surprise and pain. The pain radiated into my belly as I tried to remember to keep breathing. When I was visibly calmer and the pain had lessened I gave Andy permission to continue.

“I’m good, bro…keep going.” I asked pleadingly.

With that, Andy began to have his way with my ass. He inched his way deeper until he had nothing more to give.

“Incredible,” he hissed. “That’s one tight ass, Mark.”

I just smiled my approval and begged him to plow me good. Andy sure knew what I needed because his hot dick began what seemed like an endless assault on my ass. He had one hand holding my left ankle and the other planted firmly on my stomach preventing me from getting away. I was stroking my hard cock with my right hand and working Andy’s chest with my left.

With each stroke he was dripping water and sweat from his hair and chest. I couldn’t have imagined a feeling of pleasure greater than the one I was having…until Andy’s pace began to quicken and his cock seemed to swell inside me.

This caused my own cock to grow in my hand and brought me to the edge as the onslaught in my ass increased in intensity. Before I knew it, I had my chin pressed to my chest awaiting my own release, hoping to land some of my own seed on my face. I was quickly rewarded as Andy fucked the cum right out of me and my cock volleyed three thick ropes across my face and into my mouth before the rest began to spatter my pecs and abs in a wash of steamy cum.

Andy tossed his gorgeous head backwards and exploded inside my ass. My hole was so wet with his incredible amount of precum that his load came oozing out my hole with each intense stroke of his cock. Andy pulled out of my ass and shot his last few drops onto my cock and balls before collapsing on top of me in exhaustion.

“That was better than I could have imagined,” I sighed.

“Yeah man, I can’t believe you took my dick like a champ,” Andy admired.

With that Andy began to lick the remaining cum off my face and we shared more hot kisses. I fell into a deep sleep with a hot hunk by my side for the first time.

I guess it pays not to be shy.

This story is 100% true and is my first attempt at writing from my own personal experience. Comments please! -- topmepls@hotmail.com