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Superman vs TriDeathStar, Part 5

By davidcirce

submitted October 7, 2003

Categories: Super Heroes

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The Drones keep blasting Superman with kryptonite. He drops to his knees; his grip on TirDeathStar stops and his arms go limp. Then he slumps to the sand, his eyes bulging out while he is moaning and groaning loudly. His pecs are indenting wildly as his super strength drains rapidly from his body.

TriDeathStar falls to the ground barely alert; he starts sneezing hard--time after time--and itching and shaking hands trying to scratch. The one Drone that did not blast Superman with kryptonite takes TriDeathStar away from the others and Superman. From out of the Drone an injection devise goes into TriDeathStar, then a red bean comes from it and envelopes the dazed Villain fully.

TriDeathStar stirs and stands to his feet and says something to the Drone. The Drone blasts a more intense blast of red light at TriDeathStar, and then TriDeathStar says something else to the drone. The red beam stops then a yellow beam envelopes TriDeathStar for a good three minutes and then stops.

The handsome Villain says something to the three Drone's zapping Superman. The green beams stop TriDeathStar walk over to the weak and dazed MAN OF STEEL and pulls him to his feet. His hands go on the insides of Superman's neck area of his costume his biceps flex and he pulls roughly and rips Superman's new costume down the front and all the way down to his yellow belt. He lets Superman fall to the sand then removes his boots and finishes stripping Superman.

When he is done Superman lays on the sand completely naked. Superman's eyes are bulging out and he is totally drained of all his super strength. He's so weak now his pecs can't even indent. TriDeathStar tells his three Drone's to take the naked Superman to his hideout and tells them to blast him with more kryptonite if he try’s to escape. They dutifully obey and carry the zapped out Superhero away.

TriDeathStar reaches down and picks up Superman's ripped costume he picks the red briefs out and holds them aside from the rest, then he throws the rest of Superman's new costume to the ground. He then orders his Drone to destroy the rest of the costume. The Drone obeys and from out of it a powerful wide green and red beam emits on to the costume. It goes up in flames, but the Drone does not stop until Superman's new costume is completely destroyed.

Then TriDeathStar orders the Drone to fly with him back to his underground hideout. The door opens; TriDeathStar and the Drone go towards a chained-up, naked, and limp Superman. Superman's chin is resting on his muscled pecs, he's very weak looking. TriDeathStar goes to his computer area and pushes a button; then from the ceiling, beams of sunlight shine down. He pushes another button and a wide beam of sunlight shines on Superman. In a few minutes Superman becomes more alert and starts getting stronger and stronger.

Superman asks, "Why are you doing this to me? Please stop this madness!"

TriDeathStar doesn't answer Superman and walks up behind him and shoves his arm in between Superman's legs and grabs Superman's balls and puts a very rough grip to them and starts to squeeze hard.

Superman lets out a loud yell, “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

TriDeathStar puts a death grip on Superman's balls and clamps down hard.

Superman yell, "Oh,no-no-no-please-please-please-STOP! It-it-it-hurts-hurts-OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

TriDeathStar says, "I thought I would show you how it feels Superman--it doesn’t feel so good does it?"


TriDeathStar keeps his grip on Superman's balls and in eight seconds Superman is out cold, his handsome head down and his chin resting on his muscled pecs. TriDeathStar smiles and goes to his computer console. He opens a drawer and pulls out a silver pair of gloves and some type of light-blue bullet looking drug. He puts on the gloves and walks back over to the unconscious Superman. He takes the bullet-looking drug between his index finger and thumb and then with his other hand, he spreads Superman's ass crack open.

He sees Superman's exposed asshole and inserts the drug into him and runs a long finger all the way until it stops, and leaves it there for a minute or two. Superman does not stir he's still out cold. TriDeathStar goes back to his computer console and turns a dial. An even greater wide beam of sunlight shines down on the unconscious Superhero. TriDeathStar walks around to the front of Superman and grabs him ruff by his jet-black hair and yanks his head back. He begins to slap Superman hard from side-to-side saying, "Wake up Superman!"

Superman starts coming around waking up, but still very groggy. TriDeathStar walks backwards just far enough to keep Superman from being able to kick him. Then TriDeathStar says, "My Drones are going to inject you with a couple of drugs now. Superman if you try to make a move on any of them they will blast you with so much kryptonite you will piss yourself, I promise you!"

Superman says, "Please don't do this to me--stop this PLEASE!"

TriDeathStar does not answer Superman he orders his Drone's to move in on Superman and inject him. The drones do as they’re told and move towards the chained up hero. Two from the side and one comes around to the front of Superman. A look of fear spreads across Superman's face, but he does not resist.

The Drone coming at Superman from the front lifts Superman's limp penis and balls and then a green needle inserts into Superman's penis base.

Superman yells loud, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Then the two Drones from the side insert green needles into Superman's neck. Superman's head yanks back hard his eyes open wide with a shocked look on his handsome face. Superman's pecs start to indent at his nipples making large circles his entire body starts to shake.

TriDeathStar says, "Oh don't worry Superman you will still have your super strength, but your super brain will be drugged out with a powerful mind control drug and the other a fear drug."

The Drones retract the green needles and Superman's head falls down hard, his eyes open wide unblinking and glazed over. TriDeathStar says, "You will obey me Superman, won't you?"

Superman says with fear on his face, "Yes I will do whatever you want me to do. Please don't hurt me PLEASE!"

TriDeathStar says, "You’d better do anything and everything I tell you to do Superman, is that clear?"

Superman answers, "Yes I will do whatever you tell me to do, please don't hurt me, I will obey!"

TriDeathStar grins with satisfaction and then tells Superman, "Okay I'm going to un-cuff you now Superman and take you over to my bed. I'm going to suck on your fat penis. I want your super sperm. Then I'm going to stick my fat 1- inch cock into you and pump you until I shoot a good ten loads of my red radiation sperm inside you. Is that a problem Superman?"

Superman answers, his mind on auto pilot, "No that’s not a problem TriDeathStar, please suck on my penis and shoot your cum inside of me. I'm yours to do with as you please. I will do whatever you want, please don't hurt me, I will obey!"

TriDeathStar spins around fast and when he is done he is completely naked his fat limp penis swaying from side to side. He walks over to the chained up Superman and un-cuffs him. Superman is cringing and is very scared looking. TriDeathStar pushes Superman down to his knees and tells Superman to suck his cock. Superman obeys and begins sucking TriDeathStar’s cock, now going rock hard cock.

TriDeathStar now starts pumping Superman's mouth with his fat 10-inch cock going deep and sometimes choking Superman, and then pulling out then pumping faster. TriDeathStar tells Superman to wrap his lips around the head of his cock and Superman obeys. Soon TriDeathStar starts to cum and shoots a huge load into Superman's mouth. He orders Superman to swallow it Superman easily obeys. The red radiation tainted sperm goes down Superman's throat. TriDeathStar pulls his rock hard cock out of Superman's mouth and then looks down at the conquered hero. The sperm has made Superman very weak TriDeathStar pulls Superman up by his shoulders and walks him over to his bed. Superman's penis is rock hard and bobbing up and down as they approach the bed.

TriDeathStar turns Superman around and pushes him into the bed and then climbs up and pulls Superman to the middle of the bed. TriDeathStar starts sucking Superman's erect penis Superman moaning, "Oh-oh-oh-yea-yea-yea-it-it-it-feel-feel-feels-so-so-so-goooooooooooooooooooood!" TriDeathStar darts a finger into Superman's asshole and pushes it all the way in and starts sucking harder. Superman's penis starts oozing pre-cum and his moans start getting louder and louder soon he starts ejaculating hard.

The drug TriDeathStar inserted into Superman is working and Superman cums for a good 10 minutes, TriDeathStar swallowing down every drop of Superman's super sperm. Superman's well rounded and muscled pecs are rippling wildly and indenting at his erect nipples. When Superman is done cumming, his super brain is down for the count and his eyes are bulging out, his head jerking back and forth.

TriDeathStar says, "Oh yeah Superman, your sperm tastex so good and makes me feel really great! How do you feel Superman?"

Superman replies with incoherent words, "I'm-ahhhhhhhhhh-sperm-sperm-can't-can't-think-think-I'm-ahhhhhhhhhhh-to-to-much-much-cum-cum-cummmmmmmmmm!"

TriDeathStar says, "That's what I thought Superman, now I'm going to stick my cock into you and shoot load after load of my red radiation tainted sperm into you. What do you think about that?"

Superman says, "I'm-ahhhhhhhhhhh-I'm-ahhhhhhhhhh-your-your-sperm-sperm-makes-makes-me-me-weak-weak-weakkkkkkkkkkkk!"

TriDeathStar says, "Oh I know it does Superman, but you want me to don't you?”

Superman answers, "Yes-yes-your-your-sperm-sperm-into-into-me-me-meeeeeeeeeeee!"

TriDeathStar smiles and grabs Superman by his balls and picks him up and looks down at Superman's asshole. There is pre-cum oozing out of TriDeathStar's piss slit. He puts the head of his throbbing cock to Superman's asshole and slides it in fast. Superman's head jerks back hard and he moans loud. TriDeathStar starts pumping Superman faster and faster, soon he starts to shoot a huge load of his red tainted radiation sperm deep into Superman. He keeps on pumping Superman, and he cums three more times deep inside of Superman.

Superman is getting very weak, the full sunlight recharging Superman slowly, but TriDeathStar’s rapid ejaculations are draining Superman's super strength faster. Then a strange sound starts and blue lights near the ceiling start flashing. TriDeathStar pulls his cock out of Superman and gets off the bed and walks over to his computer station and looks down.

He exclaims, "That’s odd! Thunder storms heading this way fast--that wasn't supposed to happen!"

He then says something to his Drone's they all go into a clear cylinder and he pushes a button, then they vanish. TriDeathStar walks back over to the bed and crawls back in and goes and takes Superman by his arm and pulls him to the side of the bed. He lifts Superman to his feet, but Superman is too weak to stand. He then bends Superman over the bed and spreads his legs apart.

He slides his still rock hard cock into Superman until it bottoms out, then shoves it in roughly, making Superman moan loud. He then turns Superman around and starts walking him over to his computer console. Superman's arms and legs are limp and swaying back and forth. TriDeathStar is also holding Superman up by his still rock hard cock. Superman has a very contorted drugged out look on his handsome face.

TriDeathStar reaches his computer console and pushes a button and turns a dial. He walks himself and the defeated Superman into the cylinder. Then they vanish. Meanwhile back at the JLA Headquarters, a meeting has just adjourned and three of the members leave, and then go out into deep space.

End of part 5 David Circe.

Superman and the JLA Headquarters are property of DC Comics. This is work of adult fan art. No Copyright infringement intended. TriDeathStar is my creation.

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