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Wrestling With My Best Friend

By Chance G

submitted October 7, 2003

Categories: Best Friends, Wrestling, First Time

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My best friend Sean and I were cleaning up after eating pizza. Our girlfriends were gone for the weekend, so we decided to hang out. We had a stack of movies and video games to keep us occupied.

I was just putting the last of the trash up, when while bent over the trashcan Sean grabbed me. He tried to put me in a 1/2 Nelson, which I was able to get loose from. But when I tried to run out the other side of the kitchen to the living room he grabbed the back of my shorts. When he did the elastic waist made an interesting noise.

When I did get away I saw that the waist in my shorts was stretched beyond repair and my shorts were sagging. They were resting on my butt and right above the fly area of my CK's.

Sean acted surprised and tried to muster up an apology. He was "really, really sorry...” at least that is what he said in between snickering. I got pissed because these were my favorite workout shorts, and reasonably new at that. So as I was raised..."An eye for an eye."

Or in this case, my workout shorts for his--after all his were brand-new and a gift from his girlfriend. She paid way too much for them. So as I stewed, when I realized that if I made him feel guilty he would give them to me.

After several minutes of setting on the couch and watching several minutes of the first movie Sean looked at me. With his puppy dog eyes he asked me if I was mad at him.... I paused and said that not really mad, but these were new shorts...he kept trying to make things right. He wanted to know what he could do.... Finally I started remarking that he could get me a pair to replace them. Sean said he would do anything for me not to be mad...he wanted us to have a fun guys weekend since our girlfriends were gone and we didn't get to see as much of each other since we were both involved and not single studs anymore.

Before I could convince him that I would get over it he didn't have to buy me a pair of shorts like his to replace mine...Sean stood up and said here you can have mine. I was telling him that wasn't necessary when he stood up and dropped his shorts. He was standing with his back to me when he dropped his shorts. I was a little shocked when I realized he was wearing a thong.

We had been to the gym earlier and I asked him was it not uncomfortable for him to wear that thong while he worked out. He said it wasn't a thong it was a Y-back jock. I said okay. It just seemed uncomfortable.... but he could wear what he wanted...it didn't affect me.

Then he threw those shorts in my face. I told him to watch it or I would kick his ass. He razzed me and said in my dreams. So I charged him and bent him over my shoulder. So my hands were rapped around him right below his butt.

I realized that all he was wearing was this weird jock, so I tried to move my hands...but when I loosened my grip he wiggled and got hold of my shorts...the ones that he had already stretched out beyond repair. He grabbed them and pulled with all his might. When I got the sharp twinge of my balls being yanked up into my throat I threw him on the floor. At which time he started groaning and I started trying to locate my balls.

But after the last pull my shorts were finished. They had fallen to the floor. So I was standing in my white CK boxer briefs with my favorite shorts around my feet.

I heard Sean say his right hip/butt cheek was really hurting.... so I tried to help him to the couch. He must have hit harder than I had thought because he was already starting to get a knot, so he said. I scoffed and said he deserved what he got...when I said that he grabbed my hand and but it on his bare butt and said to feel...I did and there was a knot...then I said to let go he was bare assed. He laughed and said we might as well be brothers and had seen each other in the showers at the gym before...so what was the big deal.?...I said I guess nothing...I had never thought of a guy in a sexual way before...so I was just trying to not get grossed out by having my had on a guy's ass...(or so I thought.)

I told Sean I would get him an ice back for his hip...when I got up to get it he realized I was bleeding around my waistline. Sean told me to forget the ice pack and lay down on the floor. Then Sean got some gauze and ointment. He was really upset...he kept apologizing...He said he must have accidentally scratched me when we were wrestling. I said it wasn't his fault I had wrestled too. I told him not to worry about it but he told me to lie down...that I didn't realize how much blood there was...

So I did as he asked to try and calm him down...he was really upset. When he got back with the stuff he said the back of my shorts had some blood on them...Sean told me to raise my hips he was going to lower my boxers to fix me up. He rested the waistband right on my butt...after he started cleaning me up my boxers slid back up...Sean started cussing and told me to raise up again.

I thought he was going to lower them again, when he told me to raise up a little more... Then he lowered them, and lowered them, and before you know it he said he would be right back that he was going to throw them in the trash. At first I was caught off guard and then told myself that he just wanted to take care of me.

When he returned I started to wiggle I guess unconsciously while he mended my wounds. He kept telling me to hold still and asked me what was wrong. I told him that I was lying there naked and all of the sudden Sean smacked me in the ass. He told me not to be silly that my ass wasn't anything to look at...Well, he hit me hard and I jumped up and yelled at him. When he told me to lie back down so he could finish.

After I laid back down Sean put the gauze and tape on me...he then asked me if my butt hurt because there was a handprint on my butt. I said that it was just stinging a little...so all of the sudden he started to rub and massage my left butt cheek. It was making it feel a little better...then I realized my best friend was rubbing my ass. So I hopped up and started to try and make small talk...basically change the subject.

Sean asked me what was wrong and I told him that I just got weirded out because he was rubbing my butt...he got mad and asked what was the difference between that and the massage therapist on our swim team? I thought for a minute and apologized...but his feelings were hurt. I felt like crap. I apologized profusely...Sean said it was okay...but he asked me to stop the movie while he jumped in the shower. After he said that I started to laugh because he was hobbling. Sean started to laugh too because he said that he could barely walk not to mention any jumping...Sean said his hip was really getting stiff and soar.

I told him I would make some nachos to snack on while we finished the movie while he was in the shower.

I heard him start the water and yell some comments to me from the shower, to which I said uh huh...kind of mindlessly...and went on with the nachos...without even really knowing what he had said...when all of this sudden I heard a loud noise and him yell profanities from the shower.

I ran in there and asked if he was okay? He stated he was NOT okay. Did he sound okay? I said not really...he sounded like a butthead...when he said he was really hurt and had slipped while washing his hair.

I apologized for giving him a hard time...and asked him what I could do. He said it would be great if I would help him get the soap out of his eyes.

So I got him a washcloth and then was going to let him get back to his thing...when he said he had soap in his hair and needed my help because he couldn't stand up by himself. So I had him stay still. I told him I would go change out of my shorts I had put on after receiving first aid. He asked what was the deal...forget about the swimsuit and just help him. So I did as he said and dropped my new shorts and jumped in. I didn't want to say anything else about being naked together because I figured I was being stupid.

So I go in the shower and helped Sean up. I let him lean on me while I rinsed his hair, and then thought we were done...WRONG...Sean said he hadn't washed at all when he slipped.

So next I had to try and help him get washed...so I put some soap on a washcloth and handed to him and said I would hold him up.

We tried that until he about pulled me over.

That is when he handed me the washcloth and told me to do it and he would hang onto me and the one rail in the shower. So I started with this back and worked from top to mid section...then from feet to mid section. Then I figured we were done...That is when Sean said he wasn't all clean...I asked him what I was suppose to do about it!?!

I told him I was NOT going to wash his crotch. He told me that I was the brother he never had and that he thought I was being stupid...that he would have done this for me, and after all he wouldn't have fallen if I hadn't thrown him on the floor and bruised his hip.

Guilt is a terrible thing...

So I knelt down and started to wash his butt...and then without thinking I told him to turn around while I got some more soap.

When I looked back I saw that he was sporting a little wood. I tried to approach this task with this not being a factor...but I had never seen Sean with an erection. The closer I got the harder he got. I was blushing a lot when he looked at me and asked what the problem was...I said, "nothing" and he asked me to finish washing him...I said okay. Sean poked fun at me and asked me if I had never seen a hardon and asked him if I need some Viagra? And then he laughed.

At which I thumped him on the balls...and told him not to be a prick. He apologized, and I finished washing him. Then surprise, surprise I had to dry him off. At which I realized that I had to be best friends with this guy to do all of this for him.

After I dried him off he said he needed to return the favor in order to not feel weird about me handling his pecker. I told him not to be silly. I could dry myself off, so he got his feelings hurt...so I folded...

The weird thing was I felt a stirring feeling I had never felt. While he was drying my legs off Sean brushed his cheek across my dick. I started to realize he didn't seem that helpless anymore. I got nervous because I wasn't sure what was happening so I went to get some clothes.


Sean picked me up and threw in on the floor. We wrestled for several minutes before he pinned me. Then I realized he was rubbing his dick into my groin. When I realized I asked him what he was doing he leaned over and kissed me. When I tried to turn my head away he grabbed my d*ck and told me to look at him…when I did he kissed me HARD at first and then eased up and became more sensual.

Before I realized it I was kissing him back. Then he kissed his way down my neck and started to lick my nipples. I had never had anyone do anything like this. None of my other girlfriends had ever done anything with this much effort...almost as if he couldn't be stopped.

He made his way down my chest and torso...Then he kissed his way around my groin and down my leg. That is when I realized I was getting turned on. That is when Sean surprised me by sucking on one of my nuts really, really hard...when I said Ouch; he engulfed my dick into his mouth. He went all the way down on me. My current girlfriend would play around but would never go down on me like this and always made me stop her before I came. Which was usually not a problem...she usually complained about being tired of it before I was even close.

That is why I was really shocked that I blew my nut within five minutes...my girlfriend would usually quit after about 20 minutes and here I blew that quick and now Sean was ready to go again. But this time when I came, he paused for air and came up to kiss me...without thinking I kissed him....I didn't think about him having cum in his mouth...I was still swimming because it was amazing the feeling of him not stopping when I warned him that I was about to cum. When he kissed me he stuck his tongue in my mouth and I got to taste my own cum. I started to get a weird feeling so I...

Stay tuned for Chapter 2...

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