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Truckers' Bunkhouse

By SirRichard

submitted December 10, 2003

Categories: Gay Erotic Stories, Sex On The Road

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This is a story of man-to-man sexual encounter. If this offends you or you are not of legal age in you country or state, please leave now.

Story by Richard Barber EyeMrich1@hotmail.com

Part 1, Trucker’s Delight

I left the mall restroom nearby, where I had just serviced several hot dudes at the glory holes. I guessed I had been there for about 2 hours and needed to stretch my legs and rest my jaws.

I walked over to the nearby truck stop restaurant to have a cup of coffee and perhaps some pie to get my strength back. I soon finished my coffee and pie while observing the studs that were eating, or shopping at the Trucker's Store and Gift Shop. I advanced to the entrance of the trucker's restroom and showers that adjoined the Bunkhouse. I was still ready for action and since I was here, I might as well take advantage of it, besides I know how horny those truckers get riding in that rig all day. I was here to service a few hot cocks and relax them for their next long haul.

I entered the shower and locker room and headed into one of the open toilet booths nearby. A couple of truckers just entered the room from the Bunkhouse side, and were getting ready to shower. One of the men headed towards one of the three booths in my area. I had been here before so I knew to take the middle booth where more large glory holes had been cut on each side. I would have more selection this way. The toilets had two good size glory holes in the walls, and lots of writing. One of the graffiti markings especially caught my eye. It said, "TRUCKER'S DELIGHT, GET SUCKED TONIGHT".

I was in position, and ready for action to give a few truckers more delight. As I continued to read the wall graffiti, waiting for the trucker to get settled in the other booth. Then I observed he was taking off all of his clothes. He was either shy, or wanted some action here in the booth, before he entered the showers. First, he started pulling off his cowboy boots and socks, and then the remainder of his clothes. When he was completely naked, he pulled a bath towel from the bag he was carrying, and then sat back down. He didn’t make use of the stool but leaned back so I could observe him as he pulled on his semi-hard cock and caressed his low hanging balls. When he was stripping earlier, I got a good look at his soft cock and his firm ass. He had a perfectly shaped cock head and a nice set of hairy balls. His tulip shaped cock head had developed a small clear drop of pre-cum at his piss slot. I loved a man that oozed pre-cum from his penis, anticipating some head action. The other trucker with him, had gone to the locker area to undress, and was now in the shower, leaving us in the booths alone. I knew now he had known about the glory holes, and wanted some action. I made the first move, and ran my finger around the opening of the large hole. He did not hesitate but quickly stood and placed his semi-soft cock directly into the hole for me to service.

I was thrilled with his pleasingly shaped cock and tasty large cock head. He also positioned his balls into the hole along with his cock. I first licked them, savoring the masculine musky scent of this trucker’s body. I would rather suck a musky flavored cock, than one that is scented with soap or men’s cologne. I guess I preferred a more natural man. I didn't mind if they had a slight scent of pre-cum on his cock or under his un-cut cock foreskin or even a light scent of manly sweat.

I continued to service his cock and balls as the trucker's partner was still showering. I used all my special methods on him, sharing with him, my expert cock sucking before he would have an orgasm. I was delighted to suck this trucker's dick, and by his reactions, and small moans of gratitude, he was enjoying it as well. His buddy had finished his shower and was now at the sink shaving. He called out to his partner.

"Brian? You still here?" I was wondering if Brian was going to pull out suddenly and end this great session. I knew he was ready to cum any time now and neither of us wanted to stop.

Brian answered back. "Yeah. I’m still here. Be out in a few. I’m getting my cock sucked."

I heard his friend laugh and say, "Okay, take your time. I'll be right here."

I was a little taken back by his comment, but kept on sucking. I assumed they had done this type of thing before, so I had nothing to worry about. I continued to service my stud trucker's cock. I thought it was exciting and a bit kinky, sucking his cock while his partner waited for him to be pleasured by a cocksucker.

I continued sucking his cock until I began to taste his cum, first in little spurts, then a gusher of cum, as he let lose with a full trucker load. He let out a soft moan, then several gasps as he continued to release his manly sperm into my receptive mouth. I gladly drained his long thick cock and milked down every savory drop. He remained at the partition hole to enjoy the last pleasure of his orgasm, and then he reluctantly pulled away. He remained standing until his sensitive hanging cock started to soften. He gave me the ‘high sign’, picked up his things, threw his towel over his naked body and headed out the booth and to the showers.

I heard his buddy come over to him just before he entered the shower, and ask, "Was that as good as it sounded?”

"Hell yes! Man, I needed that too. You should give it a try, Jerry, that cock sucker is good, real good!"

"You always seem to find the sex holes," Jerry replied.

I smiled at the humorous conversation I was hearing about me, and it made me proud that I could service this stud and make him feel good. I was wondering if Jerry was going to take advantage of my cock sucking talents like his truck driving partner, Brian. The booth door soon opened, and there was Jerry standing next to the hole. He unbuckled his cowboy belt, lowered his jeans and remained, exposing his big uncut cock at the hole. The foreskin covered the head of his long soft cock, and his golf size balls firmly braced his beautiful manhood.

I was impressed with this hunk's mouth-watering meat, and knew he would be as good or better than his buddy Brian. He stood taunting me, knowing I wanted him as I continued to admire his cock. He slowly moved closer to the service hole as he pulled on his cock to milk down a clear pearl of pre-cum at the entrance of his lacy cock. His cock must have been a good 7 inches, soft. It looked fantastic and I was so impressed by his manhood that I almost forgot to motion for him to slip it through the hole so I could make love to his proud cock.

Brian spoke softly to me thru the crack in the booth door before he went into the shower. "That’s a big piece of stud cock, don't you think? You should watch him fuck some pussy with that weapon, or break in some hot ass."

I didn't say anything in my mesmerized state, but gave a motion for his cock to be placed into the glory hole, for the sucking of his life. He guided the foreskin covered cock head in carefully while; I reverently placed my fingers onto this beauty. I then placed my tongue inside the velvety opening of his uncut cock and gently licked around the head going very slowly. His cock started to get hard and the foreskin slowly moved over his now swelling 8-inch cock. I tasted a bit of pre-cum and it was sweet and clean. The opening of his cock was cool from his recent shower, but was warming up quickly as I nibbled and tongued his foreskin. He moved into the booth partition and relaxed to enjoy his cock being appreciated and loved, as it should be. It was probably a rare thing for anyone to love his cock as I was doing and he knew right then, he was going to enjoy a much-needed orgasm. I knew this trucker’s cock would release a huge amount of sperm but. I was going to take my time and enjoy this cock and let him enjoy the pleasure as well.

I could hear the shower waters running as Brian showered himself, and the sound of other men talking in the other room. This did not disturb either Jerry or myself because we knew no one could see us. The booth's wooden partitions and doors went all the way to the floor and were tall enough that no one could see over them. It was ideal for private cock sucking. The second booth from me also had a large hole in the wall for cock sucking, and was next to a shower stall and dressing area. I knew that one had some good action when both areas were occupied because I used it one time several weeks before. I remained on Jerry's cock for some time as we both enjoyed the sex. I reluctantly knew he was about to cum any time so I let him release his truck driver load. He started to shake and tremble then "wham!" it shot out of his cock.

I sucked and pulled the foreskin back and forward over his cock. I realized how sensitive a cock could be at this point. I held my mouth over his cock as he shot his hot tangy cum into my mouth. I took a breath and moved back just enough for me to savor the taste of his man juices, and run my tongue around the head to taste all of remaining juice. He was pleased with my service, and I sensed he did not want to pull away. I kept pleasing his cock, as he gasped and moaned with occasional body spasms. I carefully licked and wiped his cock clean of cum then dried him with the warmth of my breath, before he pulled away. Jerry stood briefly for a few minutes and then he pulled up his jeans, buckled his belt, turned to the door and left.

Brian had finished his shower and shave while Jerry and I were busy enjoying our pleasures of man sex in the booth. When Jerry left the booth, he went over to Brian and they proceeded to have a short conversation.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, Brian returned to the booth again for another round of fucking my mouth. He quickly directed his hard dick into the hole again for me to suck. He placed his body against the wall of the booth and let me suck him as before. I was enjoying the sucking again, when he pulled away, dropped his towel to the floor, turned around, spread his buttocks and placed his pink asshole to the opening and center of the glory hole. I heard him say in a deep and commanding voice, "Eat my asshole cock sucker!"

I eagerly followed his command placing my face as close to the glory hole as I could. He moved back to the hole as I placed my tongue into his ass. I tongue fucked him and lapped at his tight butt hole, working it up and down the crack of his ass and then deep into his sweet anus.

“Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. That’s the way I like it." Brian said as I worked his now eager hole. The vibration of the truck motor and bouncing around in the cab of a truck caused many trucker eager to get a warm tongue, finger or even a penetrating cock up their ass to relief of an internal itch. It was not a queer thing. It was just a desire or lust to have the deep inner parts of their love canal touched. The rubbing of the prostate gland for sexual relief was a desperate and desirable need. A need that only another man's cock could satisfy. The need to have the asshole penetrated with a warm tongue or hot cock was part of the manly desire to be satisfied. The feeling of another man's warm masculine body pressing against theirs in a loving and lusty desire of relief was most desirable to another man in his search for man-to-man love.

He was jacking off while I licked away at his asshole. I was eager to please him but the temptation was too great for my hot cock. I needed to be relieved of my load of manly juices as well. I stood quickly and placed my pre-cum wet cock into the hole. It automatically found the moist hole to be penetrated. Brian was aware of another object touching his itching asshole, but he didn’t pull away. Instead, he helped my throbbing cock to guide into the warmth of his body. Perhaps he had hoped I would to fuck his ass because he carefully grasped my hard cock and guided it into the right direction. He paused only briefly, and then backed into my 7 1/2 inches of eager throbbing cock. I gasped when he pushed back onto my cock, and buried it in one full sweep. It was awesome. The warmth of this hot trucker’s ass hole and body was most desirable.

I was going to move in and out of his tight butt hole but he began the motion before I did and before I realized it, he was fucking my cock with all its worth. He was emotionally overcome with the feeling and would gasp out louder and louder with each plunge of my cock. My nuts needed releasing because of all the good men I had sucked off today and I was overwhelmed with desire and lust. I started to cum. I grasped at the walls of the partition, and held my body against the hole as Brian’s asshole was being satisfied by my deep penetration. I emptied my flow of cum into this man. I cried out with pleasure joining Brian’s moans and groans of pleasure. The walls shook as he pounded his butt against the wall an onto my cumming cock. I was in ecstatic ecstasy.

I could tell he was going to get off soon as his body's internal muscles gripped my cumming cock as I touched and massaged his prostate. I was relieving his internal itch and now he was starting to cum.

He suddenly pulled away from the position at the wall. My semi-hard cock was released from the warmth and pleasure of his ass. My fuck was over. He quickly turned his gushing cock back into the hole while frantically shooting his load into the hole. Much of his cum squirted on my cock and balls before I could drop to the floor and take his full gushes of cum. Most of the remaining cum gushed on my face and trickled down my face, neck and chest. I had no time to go down on him before his orgasm but it was exciting being covered with his love juices. It continued to run down my lips and chin as I licked away at his cock. I finally got control and licked up the remaining juices from his man cock. He stayed in the hole as I lovingly savored the remaining cum from his cock, my chin and my hands. He pulled out after I cleaned his last remaining cum then he said in a soft low voice at the hole.

"Thanks. You are the best thing that has happened to us in the last 5,000 miles. I hope we cross paths again. Man, that was a good fuck. Perhaps next time we can do it in bed or the bunk of my cab."

I had enjoyed myself as well but was satisfied knowing that I had pleasured these two hot Knights of the Road.

Part 2, The Bunkhouse

I left the trucker’s restroom and shower area and thought I would look over the bunkhouse. I had been here one time before so I knew my way around. I did not feel out of place because I dressed and looked the part of most truckers. I would start to check out the TV room first. Very often, there were a few hot young truckers sitting around just waiting for something to happen.

When I arrived in the TV room there was just one young dude sitting there looking very bored. I went up to the VCR and slipped an ‘X-Rated’ fuck film from my travel bag. When the movie started, he looked up and said. “All right!”

I turned down the lights and left the room to walk down the hallway of the bunkhouse. It had about 16 small cubicle room stalls and a larger bunkroom with 4 bunks that could sleep eight. I could look into most of the rooms because many of the truckers would leave their doors ajar. In some of the rooms, holes had been drilled through the thin cubicle walls used for peeking at each other or sucking dick. Truckers would lie there until an offer was made for them to get sucked. Then they would place their dicks in the hole to get sucked off before going to sleep. This was a nice way to relax after a long day on the road. Most truckers don’t object to getting a blowjob, ass rimming or even an ass fucking. They are different, once they are away from their home surroundings. I walked around the bunkhouse to get the mood of the place. When I returned to the TV room, I discovered five truckers sitting around engrossed in the ‘fuck movie’. A trucker, just finishing a shower, walked into the room wrapped only in a towel. He liked the movie, nodded to me, and then sat down next to me in the back of the room. He became excited quickly and was reaching under his towel to play with his cock. That looked like an invitation to me so I slowly placed my hand under the towel to help him out. He did not object to my movements and seemingly didn’t care if any one was watching us. He lifted his towel and exposed his now hard un-cut cock. I was ready to drop to the floor between his legs and suck on his cock before he got too excited and came. I went to the floor as he spread his legs to let me have full control of his cock and balls. I started pleasuring my newfound friend's cock as another trucker sat beside us. He pulled his cock out and started to jack off. Things were beginning to get interesting.

I continued sucking my trucker’s hard cock and licking the juices from his un-cut cock-head down to his firm hairy balls. I wet one of my fingers and placed it near his asshole. This aroused him more. He started to get hot and pumping his body up to meet my mouth started to release his load in my mouth. He started to moan and then said. “Oh Shit man! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” and shot his load into my eager mouth.

He came too soon for me but I was happy to serve him, besides I knew I had some more cocks to suck off here before leaving. The trucker sat there relaxing while I continued to suck his soft cock. The trucker next to me was ready to shoot his load so I immediately slipped between his legs to take his hot load. By this time, he had taken his pants down to his ankles. I could taste the pre-cum from his throbbing cock. He had a nice size cock with a nice size head. Good for sucking. I knew he was enjoying it because of his body language. I felt some other person standing next to him watching and rubbing his cock through his jeans. I continued servicing this trucker’s cock and licking his balls. That really seemed to turn him on even more.

Lots of women will not suck cock or balls especially rim assholes so when another man does these things to them it is a new and exciting experience. They love it and need it. I could feel him about to blow his wad. He held my head down on his cumming cock as I drank all his sperm. I finished him slowly then pulled away.

He got up and left without saying a word. I took a deep breath, reached up, and took hold of the other trucker standing over me. He offered me his hard warm cock. It was another nice hot cock that I was ready to release the love juices. I looked up and saw a hairy chested stud with a nice trim beard. His cock was very large around with a big head and firm ball. I was willing to release his warm cum into my cock sucking mouth. I started licking my new master’s big thick cock. He watched me as I started servicing his cock.

He knew I was enjoying sucking his cock and that my mouth was his to use. He stood there with his hands by his side completely relaxed. He had taken off his T-shirt exposing his manly hairy body. I loved his big thick cock and big balls. I knew this one was going to give me a well-deserved load. I looked out of the corner of my eyes and could see in the now dark room several truckers jacking off while watching the movie. I could feel this trucker’s cock starting to cum and letting it flow into my mouth. I gently drained his cock, milking down every wonderful drop.

Still on my knees, I saw other cocks waiting their turn for release. I had more cocks to service. I saw a naked young trucker sitting in a chair close to me. He was ‘kicking back’; eyes closed waiting for me to service him. I went to him dropped to my knees again and went down on his semi-hard 8-inch cock. He never opened his eyes but let out a pleasant sigh and a gasp responding to the pleasure of my cocksucking. He had a smooth hairless body and a great cock. His arms were behind his head exposing his sexy armpits. He placed one of his bare feet on my leg and let me service his cock and balls until he was ready to cum. He made no effort to remain silent when he was ready to cum instead he started to moan as he was cumming and said.

“Damn, that’s good. Keep it up cocksucker. Suck all that love juice out my cock. Drink it all down, man, drink it all.” Then he shook and came about eight long and deep spurts. He then opened his eyes, looked at me and said. “I’m in cubicle 6. Come visit me again before you leave. I’ll need to be sucked again tonight.” Then he picked up his shorts and left.

When that last trucker let out his moan, others turned to watch. They were all getting turned on and wanted released too. There were only about six guys remaining in the room. I had several truckers that still needed sucked off. I remained on my knees to offer my mouth to the next horny trucker.

Another hot looking trucker walked up to me unzipped his pants and offered me his cock. He had a very nice lengthy cock that hung out of his pants like a hose.

“What a beautiful cock, I said as I held it in my hands pulled it up to my lips and face to caress and kiss. I wanted to ‘make Love’ to this hunk of a cock. I knew he had pleased many with his beautiful cock. I was especially engrossed with the nice shape and the nice cock head. I was drooling over the taste of his pre-cum as I started to pleasure his cock. I continued on him until he could no longer hold back then he cut lose with a long pounding load.

He was wearing boots and a cowboy hat when I first saw him. This cowboy knew how to stud out. I rubbed his ass as I sucked him and placed one hand on his boot in appreciation. I felt something on his boot. It was a freshly cum filled rubber from one of the other men. He had just finished jacking off, took it off his cock still filled with stud juice. He dropped it on the boot or perhaps threw it to me as an offering. I picked it up so I could taste it later.

My present stud started to cum. I let it flow down his hose shaped cock and into my mouth. It was perfect. I took a deep breath as he held on to my head forcing the cum down my throat. He then gently pulled away and rubbed my head as to thank me. He put his cock back in his jeans and walked away. I had so many big and perfect cocks this evening I wondered if it could get any better.

I was admiring another hot looking dude earlier but he looked mean but very sexy. He was watching me suck off the cowboy trucker with interest. I decided to make my move. He was sitting there with a bulging ‘hard on’ pressed against his shorts so he did want something. I went over to the back row where he was sitting. He gave me a mean look, took my hand and placed it on his cock. I leaned from my chair so I could reach his cock when he said to me in a deep voice rough voice, “Get down on the floor where you belong, cocksucker, and service me.”

I knew I was ‘In love’ with this stud. He had a hairy chest and a shadow of a beard and dark penetrating eyes. His dick was cut and had a big round head. His balls were round, firm, and full of his manly sperm. He wanted to fuck my mouth and give me his load. I fell to my knees to my new master. I licked his big heavy veined cock and balls letting my nose and tongue drop under his balls scenting his manly odor. He had a nice musk scent to his body. I am sure he just got off his truck and had not even showered yet. It was such a turn on to me. I would rather have the manly body odor than one of cologne. I serviced my newfound master until he graciously gave me his load. He pulled it out for just a squirt to shoot some of the cum on my face and lips. Then back into my mouth to let me drink the rest of his manly nectars. He let me savor the taste for sometime then pushed me away. “You fuckin’ cocksucker!” he said. “ I want to see you at my wake up call at 6 am. My asshole needs licking before I leave. You understand?” he said.

“Yes, Sir!” I responded.

“That’s 6 am in room 9. Be there!” Then he pushed me again with his foot and left. I knew I was “In Love”…again. I looked up as another hot looking trucker was watching my last session with my last master. It must have turned him on because he grinned and rubbed his balls. He was only wearing a leather jacket and his biker boots. He had removed his jeans exposing his big thick uncut dick. He was playing with his balls and ass and was offering me his manhood. How lucky I was tonight to get so many hunks. I knew I should take his special offering of hot cum. He sat there watching the fuck film while I started to suck him off. He was hot and almost came after 8 or 10 gulps but he pushed me away so as not to cum too quickly. I started by licking around the head of his uncut cock placing my tongue under the tasty skin. As I licked his cock, I could taste some of his sweet cum from a previous fuck. I saw his wedding band thinking he recently fucked his old lady and I was tasting the unwashed pussy juice from his cock. It was exciting to be cleaning his cock for him with my tongue and for his appreciation; he would shoot another load of sperm into this cocksucker fucking mouth. Here he had a cocksucker that would worship his manly cock; a cocksucker that knew how to do it right and give him pleasure.

He could not hold any longer and suddenly shot his load into me gasping with pleasure. His spurts were long and deep as he gasped in complete ecstasy. He relaxed on the sofa chair and fell asleep with his cock still exposed for another blowjob later.

I had spotted another hunk earlier in the shower room when I was sucking off Brian and Jerry. He was sitting in one corner of the room watching me suck off a few of his buddies. He seemed shy at first but was now sitting naked with a big hard on. He had a small mustache and a nice smile. He was tall with a nice trim body and sexy hair on his stomach. He was already hard but patiently waiting for this cocksucker to service, his big cock. I was well pleased with the size of his hard cock. I took his firm balls and cupped them in one hand then firmly placing my hand around the shaft of his cock while placing my tongue carefully over the slit of his cock head. I could taste the sweet pre-cum as I ran my tongue up and down his cock. He was hot. The head of his cock was big and so nice. I didn’t want this one to shoot off too quickly but I didn’t want to lose it either. I was really getting into sucking him when he bent over to me and said.

“Would you come to my cubicle? I want to take my time and give you all of my attention? I’ve not had any head like this since I was in high-school.”

I said, “Yes” then we went to his room together. He quickly threw on his pants and threw his shirt over his shoulder. As I followed him, I was checking out his ass. Perhaps I would also lick his asshole out. He looked great. I was looking forward to this stud.

We arrived at his cubicle and he stood there while I took off his pants again kneeling down in front of him and taking his cock into my mouth as he stepped out of his pants. His cock was semi hard so I could take it all the way down before he started to get hard again. He loved it almost as much as I did. I continued to make love to his big cock as it grew in my mouth until I could no longer go all the way down on it. It was larger than I could handle. I lightly pushed him down on his cot never taking my mouth from him. He was leaning back enjoying the service I was giving to him. I licked his big balls then back up to his shaft then back to the head of his cock.

I wet my middle finger on my left hand and had placed it close to his tight asshole. He did not mind any of my movements and was gasping and sighing at each stroke. I went for his balls again then lifted his legs over my shoulders. I started licking the underneath side of his balls while moving closer to his sweet ass. He let out another gasp of pleasure and spread his ass so I could put my darting tongue deeper into his pleasure hole. I worked my tongue faster and faster lapping at his tight asshole deeper with each movement. It was very gratifying. I let his legs go back to the regular position while taking his cock back into my mouth. This time he started to cum. I held on and let him cut loose his mighty load of hot warm sperm until I milked out every drop.

He kicked back and was in such a relaxed stage that he fell asleep with my mouth still around his cock. I quietly pulled away drying off his cock and balls with his towel. He stirred as I pulled his legs upon the bunk. Looking down on this beautiful trucker stud, I could see how peaceful and content he was. I was happy I could service such a hunk. I covered him with a sheet then left him to sleep. Perhaps I would come back later for another round.

Part 3 More Truckers

I just finished a nice long session in the TV room after I inserted an X-rated movie in the VCR. I had lost track of all the trucker’s cocks I had sucked or the loads I had drunk but I was well pleased. I really got the truckers going because as I walked around the bunkhouse several hot looking truckers were sitting or lying on their bunks showing their big hot cocks. They were ready to go and I was willing to take them there.

I came upon a trucker about 40 to 45 years old. He motioned me to come into his room. He looked good so I wanted to obligate him. He still had on his boxer shorts but was not showing a hard on.

“Hey there.” He said. “I want to ask you to do me a favor.”

“Sure what did you have in mind?” I assumed he wanted me to suck his cock but he made no effort to make a move.

“I have a ‘helper’ with me, an 18 year old, good looking but shy. He went to the TV room when you were entertaining the drivers. He came back, told me it turned him on but he had never had anyone suck his cock before, and wondered how it felt. I told him how great it was with the right person and perhaps he should experience it for himself. Like I say he is shy, so I would like to introduce him to you and if you like you can give him a suck job. Are you willing to check it out?” he asks.

“Are you kidding? I would be glad to check him out. So where is he?”

The driver said for me to wait here and he would bring him to this cubicle. He was in the next cubicle and they returned quickly. The boy looked younger than 18 but was well built. He had dark hair and eyes with long eyelashes. He had on a dark denim jacket, jock strap and white sweat socks. I thought this might be just a snack but I could see a large bulge pressed against his jock strap. The head of his hard cock was peeking over the top. His driver said, “Take your time and enjoy. Both of you.”

He was nervous but told me his name was Jake. I told him to relax as I proceeded to pull down his jock strap. Much to my surprise, his cock popped out like the branch of a tree. He was hung very large for such a small boy. He must have had a good 8-inches of cock. I reached for his cock, took it in my hands, and caressed it very carefully knowing how some of these teenagers cum so quickly. I dropped to my knees to worship this young god’s staff.

I started by placing my tongue on the head of his sweet tasting cock. I knew he must be a virgin in every respect. I glanced up at his lean body as I took his tight balls in my other hand. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he would shoot his load because his balls started to tighten up. I should let him cum because he was so hot his balls were probably hurting.

Suddenly he bent backwards and let lose his cum. There was so much of it coming down his sh

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Trucker's Parking Area

Jan 15, 2004

Truck Parking Story by Richard Barber EyeMrich1@hotmail.com Part 1 - The Parking Lot Encounters. I left the Trucker’s Bunkhouse and headed for the truck parking lot outside. This area was reserved mostly for trucker’s overnight parking. However, an occasional auto would wander into the area. These were mainly “ladies of... read more

Sailor's Delight

Jan 15, 2004

Story by Richard Barber This fantasy story contains domination, anal penetration, golden shower activity (urination) and man-to-man sexual contact. All the characters are over the age of 18. If this type of story offends you or you are under the legal age, then you should leave. Part 1 Let’s Go Roll Some Queers. Our ship had docked after being out to sea for several weeks. We were... read more

The Cop Sucker - Part 1, Forced Entry Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@cox.net I was always attracted to a man in uniform. I conjecture it was because when I was a kid all military men had to wear their uniforms when on leave or shore duty. Of course, there were always the firemen and police. So, maybe it was hero worship. At the time this story takes place, I was living in an... read more

Written by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com PART 2, “Willingly Forced” That night I slept very well but when I woke the next morning I was thinking of my new Policeman master. I had always been the dominant person but now he was dominate over me. What a sudden change, I had made in my sexual attitude. When you like a person, you do things you never thought of doing before. ... read more

Trucker's Parking Area

Feb 25, 2004

Story by Richard Barber EyeMrich1@hotmail.com Part 1 The Parking Lot Encounters I left the Trucker’s Bunkhouse and headed for the truck parking lot outside. This area was reserved mostly for trucker’s overnight parking; however an occasional auto would wander into the area. These were mainly “ladies of the lot”. (Prostitutes)... read more

By Richard Barber eyeMrich1@hotmail.com Part 3: Sharing with your partner. I looked around and saw the other cop, Larry about to use my body and my ass. I had seen him several times with Bart at the apartment He was a bit taller than Bart and had a thin chiseled face and narrow tight lips. He had light blond hair; deep blue eyes, nice white teeth and smiled more than Bart. He was... read more

If you are offended by anonymous sexual contact performed in a public restroom, or you are under legal age, then please leave now. Otherwise, enjoy the sexual experience of male-to-male contact. If you’re looking for role models, standards of acceptance, or safe behavior, you shouldn’t be reading erotic stories. By Richard Barber EyeMrich1@hotmail.com Part 1 Relief is just a... read more

Story by Richard Barber EyeMrich1@hotmail.com I took a long drink from the bottle of water I brought with me along with some breath mints, Vaseline, some condoms and a book. I hadn’t had time to read much this time but had no complaints. I was having a good time but was still hoping for more cock to suck and more cum to taste. I heard more talking outside as the door opened, and in... read more

¨COP SUCKER By Richard Barber eyeMrich1@hotmail.com Part 4. Family Trait I got up from my pool chair, grabbed my book and towel and headed towards the stairs. Joe followed closely behind me as I directed him to the men’s sauna on the 3rd floor of the apartment. I was a bit nervous about these proceedings, but continued up the stairs. I had met Joe the night before in the warehouse as I... read more

Park Rangers

Jan 01, 2006

Story written by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@hotmail.com I was still in high school when I purchased my first car. I began cruising the parks to convene with other guys for immediate sexual encounter or friendship. I discovered that one of the local park zoos had many acres to explore, with secluded bushes, forest area, and several obscure public restrooms for private rendezvous. Summer... read more

By Richard Barber eyeMrich1@hotmail.com Part 3: Sharing with your partner. I looked around and saw the other cop, Larry about to use my body and my ass. I had seen him several times with Bart at the apartment. He was a tad taller than Bart, and had a thin chiseled face and narrow tight lips. He had light blond hair, deep blue eyes, and nice white teeth and smiled more than Bart. He... read more

Lost In Transfer

May 30, 2008

Lost in Transfer. I'd completed my training at the Bainbridge, Maryland, Yeoman School with high honors, and now I was to be transferred to a ship of my choice. The ship was still out on maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico, so I was to be transferred by Navy Transport to the ship's homeport at Norfolk, Virginia, to wait for the ship there. I had discovered early in my Navy service that the... read more

Mardi Gras Sailor The continuing story of Mike the sailor. Part 01, Off to New Orleans After my time with the Pacific Fleet, and my frequent stops in the Port of San Francisco, I was reassigned to the Atlantic Fleet and stationed in Key West, Florida. I had some extra ‘liberty time’ coming to me, and decided to make a jaunt to New Orleans during the Mardi Gras. I saw a bulletin on... read more

Biker Man

May 30, 2008

Biker Man Near where I live is an old drive-in theater, which on Saturdays and Sundays becomes a big Flea Market. It’s a hot place to cruise, and sometimes I would spot a hot looking dude and when the opportunity would present itself, I would invite a stud over to my place and seduce him. One day while shopping I spotted a guy all dressed in biker leather. Wow! This guy was hot. I... read more

Bareback City, Part 01

Oct 30, 2008

Bareback City, Part 01 Story by Richard Barber Clint meets his Big Brother. My name is Clint and I had booked passage on a train out of Los Angles and am going to meet my stepbrother at the train station in Maricopa, Arizona. I am terribly excited because this will be my first time on a train and the first time I have left California. I was 18 this month and I have just graduated... read more

Bareback City, Part 02

Nov 02, 2008

Bareback City, Part 02 Clint Gets Tailored Story by Richard Barber Jason and I got dressed after the relaxing shower in his bathroom. I put on the only clothes I had with me. My extra long white shirt, my long legged walking shorts, my white tennis shoes with white sock, and my baseball cap. He was going to take me to his tailor to outfit me with western gear. Jason finished... read more

Bareback City, Part 03

Nov 02, 2008

Bareback City, Part 03 Jason Rides Bareback. My brother Jason and I left the tailor shop and strutted down the wooden sidewalk to the firehouse. It was a shame we didn’t have someplace to go so I could show off my new western clothes. Jason continued to gaze at me as we walked, and then slapped my butt. “Damn brother, you really look hot. I hope you don’t get tired of me commenting... read more

Bareback City, Part 04

Nov 21, 2008

Bareback City, Part 04, Introduction of Sam. “Come on cowboy. It’s time to wake up. You’re in the country now. I’ve already started some breakfast, so take your morning piss, and then join me in the kitchen.” Jason said as he leaned over kissed me on the cheek and grabbed my piss hardon. I was not an early riser but the aroma of coffee, bacon, and pancakes filled my nostrils. I was... read more

Bareback City, Part 05

Dec 03, 2008

Bareback City, Part 05 The Blacksmith Jason, Sam, and I had completed our morning breakfast, and now Sam was going to take me on a tour of the small stables in back of Jason’s Firehouse Loft. It had been my first pleasurable morning with my step-brother Jason, and my new friend Sam, the stable boy. I’d lost my virginity to Jason the previous night, and had sucked my first cock of... read more

Bareback City, Part 06

Apr 03, 2009

Bareback City Part 06 Jail Lockup Gangbang. It was another excellent night with my step-brother Jason. Soon after we showered and went to bed we made love. It eventually completed in a wonderful temperate ass fucking. Mine. However, tonight Jason flipped me around in a ‘69’ position and we sucked each others cock. I had become quite a proficient cock sucker and enjoyed the experience... read more

Bareback City, Part 07

Apr 09, 2009

Bareback City, Part 07 Story by Richard Barber eyeMrich1@cox.net Sheriff’s back in town. The sun had begun to set and the sounds of workmen’s hammers had ceased. Many of the city workers had gone back to the employees’ hotel across from the Blacksmiths barn and stables to clean up before going to the restaurant for dinner or to the bar for a refreshing beer. It was still a few weeks... read more

Bareback City, Part 08

Apr 09, 2009

Bareback City, Part 08 Desert Rangers Jason quietly left the bed and headed to the showers. I thought it was time I got up and did my chores tending the horses in the stables behind the Firehouse Loft. I joined Jason in the shower room. He looked so handsome under the stream of steaming hot water. To me, he looked like a Greek god preparing for another day of guiding and directing his... read more

Bareback City, Part 09

Apr 09, 2009

BAREBACK CITY, Part 09 Taking a tour. I took the two Desert Rangers 1st Lieutenant , Blake Bricks, and Lieutenant Hank Hanson, to the employee’s cafeteria called ‘The Country Kitchen’, to eat. My brother Jason, Jerry, the stuntman, and the two Sheriff Deputies Jeff and Bo were already seated at one of the large tables. When Jason saw us entering the cafeteria, he come over to the entrance... read more

BAREBACK CITY, Part 09Taking a tour.I took the two Desert Rangers 1st Lieutenant , Blake Bricks, and Lieutenant Hank Hanson, to the employee’s cafeteria called ‘The Country Kitchen’, to eat. My brother Jason, Jerry, the stuntman, and the two Sheriff Deputies Jeff and Bo were already seated at one of the large tables. When Jason saw us entering the cafeteria, he come over to the entrance... read more