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Showing My Little Brother What I Have Learnt

By Geoffas

submitted December 22, 2003

Categories: Family Fun

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When I got home Todd was all over me “What happened, what did you do, tell me everything, blur, blur, blur.” He wouldn’t stop all day long. Not even when we hit the sack. “Come on Miles tell me what happened please”. I finally gave up and told him everything. Even about Matt teaching me how to fuck by fucking me. I told him about fucking and eating Jenny and the other girls. I told him about how I would suck the pussy juice off Matt’s cock and how I would keep sucking until he shoot his load down my throat and I swallowed it all. I told him how we couldn’t stop fucking until he unloaded up my ass. I told him everything and how much I loved everything.

Todd got up out of his bed and walked over to me until he was standing with his dick directly in my face. As I looked at his dick, which was about 9 inches long and 5 inches fat it started to leak pre cum as he said, “I guess that makes you bi then Miles?”

“I guess it does.” I couldn’t finish the sentence because Todd had slid his hardon down my throat. “Oh fuck. Suck that cock Miles. Suck my virgin cock dry big brother”. Todd held my head still and faced fucked me like I have never been faced fucked. He would pull out till just the head and then slam all the way in until the balls hit my chin. He kept doing this at the same pace the whole time. Even when he started to cum he kept face fucking me.

“Oh fuck, Oh fuck Oh fuck!” Was all he said as he shot about ten big huge loads down my throat. I couldn’t sallow it all and some of it spilled out of my mouth and onto his balls. After he had cum his cock was still as hard as a rock and as he continued to face fuck me he said, “Fuck man, that was or-some. Can I fuck you in the ass now man? Can I fuck another load of cum up your ass Miles?” He didn’t wait for an answer. He just pulled out of my mouth, pulled back the sheet, ripped off my jocks, got between my legs, placing my legs over his shoulders and then shoved every hard inch up my ass. He didn’t even let me adjust to it. He just fucked my ass the same way he fucked my face, with long hard and firm fucks. He pounded my ass and I loved it. My cock couldn’t get any harder. I thought it was about to snap off. Then Todd did something Matt ever did. While he was fucking me Todd grabbed onto my cock and started jerking me off in rhythm to his fucking. Then it happened “Oh fuck, Oh Fuck, I am cumming up your ass!” On the first Oh fuck I started shooting my load all over the both of us. One of my loads was so powerful due to the fucking I was getting that it hit Todd on the bottom lip. And Todd just licked it off and swallowed it. I don’t think he even realised he had done it.

After Todd had calmed down and stop shooting he collapsed onto of me. He gave me a big hug, kissed me on the lips and then went to sleep with his head on my chest and his cock embedded up my ass. I was awoken in the morning by feeling Todd’s cock growing and moving inside my ass. As it grew he started to fuck automatically. He was still asleep but he was fucking me--little slow fucks at first. Then they started to get harder, longer, and faster. Soon we were both awake and in the midst of another amazing fuck. Todd then did another thing Matt even did. While fucking me he grabbed my head and started kissing. Our tongues became one. I was going crazy. Todd was going crazy. He was fucking me at both ends at the same time. His nine hard inch cock was fucking my ass and his tongue was fucking me mouth. I couldn’t help it. I wrapped my legs around his back and ass and started pushing him into me harder and faster.

“Oh fuck Miles. I’m going to cum again! Where do you want it? Up your ass or down your throat?”

“Down my throat Todd. Please Todd, I want it down my throat!” Todd pulled out my ass, crawled up, sat on my chest and fed his dick down my throat.

“Eat up and drink up big brother!”

All of a sudden Mum yelled from the kitchen. “Breakfast, come and get it”. Todd screamed back “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming!” Then he whispered to me, “God am I cumming!” as he unloaded down my throat. I swallowed every drop this time. When Todd had finished he pulled out, rubbed the head of his dick against my lips, and then jumped out of bed. Todd then put on a pair of shorts and just before he left to go to breakfast he lend down kissed on my lips and told me “Don’t rush down, I’ll tell mum I feed you breakfast in bed.”

The rest of the day we acted like nothing was any different. We were always close and I know he wouldn’t tell anyone about what had happened. That night when we went to bed Todd stripped naked and jumped into bed with me. He hugged me, kissed me on the lips and said, “1. Mum and dad don’t know this but I’ve been fucking girls since I was thirteen. 2. I’ve been jerking off under the sheets every night since I was twelve. 3. Last night was the first time I have ever had sex with another guy and 4. I hope last night was not a once only thing because I want to do it with you again. I don’t want to jerk off under the sheet every night know that your lying there and able to met my needs”. “And what needs are they”. “I need to cum every night. I love having my cock sucked and I love fucking. And I loved fucking you and have you suck my cock and swallowing my load”

“And what do I get out of it?”

Todd took a deep breath, “I don’t think I could suck your cock or let you fuck me up the ass but, I’ll jerk this huge thick cock of your off anytime you want”. Todd started jerking me off and kissing me. Before I knew what was happening Todd’s cock was back up my ass fucking away. Over the next six months Todd was fucking me every night and in the mornings I was feed cock and cum for breakfast. Todd was good to his promise. His was always playing with my cock. He still managed to jerk a load out of me even thought I came every time he did. Whether it was up my ass or down my throat. After awhile Todd did start to rim me and sometimes when he got carried away he would rim me out after he came up me ass.

He would get so carried away sometimes that he would eat his own cum out of my ass. And sometimes while eating me out he would lick my balls and cock. He would not however put his lips over it and suck it. But, he would lick all over it and lick any left over cum off and swallow.

Matt had turned my life around in ways I never thought possible.

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