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Poppers Changed My Sex Life

By gentilly

submitted December 26, 2003

Categories: Bathhouse Tales

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I was always a top in bed. I wasn't exactly an ass virgin, but I loved to fuck ass and always went after bubble-butted twinks. The baths were perfect for me (of course I'm talking about before the Age of Condoms). I loved fucking as many pretty things as I could. And I did. And they loved my 9-inch cock up their asses. Most of them used poppers, but I thought they smelled funky and never used them.

One Friday night it was pretty slow at the baths. A guy was cruising me but wasn't really my type. He looked like a top, too. But in the coffee room we got to talking and he seemed like a nice enough guy and I wound up back in his room. Sure enough, he tried to climb on my ass. I tried to be polite, but had to let him know I didn't get fucked. He fumbled around and pulled out some poppers. He said, "Well, if you're gonna fuck me, I'm gonna need these." I climbed on him, he sucked up some poppers and handed them to me and then grabbed my hard cock. I didn't know what I was doing, but I inhaled deeply from the brown bottle.

All of a sudden, I was in a different world. The room was spinning, I started giggling (I never giggle) and the sensation turned quite pleasant until I went to fuck the guy. I had lost my hard on! I said, "We gotta wait a minute. Those poppers have done something to my dick." He rolled over and put the small bottle under my nose. It felt good but I still didn't get my hard on back. He sniffed some more and said, "Let me fuck you."

Well, my ass was twitching and didn't want to seem like a wimp, so I rolled over and he mounted me, getting me to sniff more poppers. To my surprise, his dick up my ass felt wonderful! He knew this from my moans of pleasure and started pumping me hard. I loved it and said, "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me!" He went wild and did things to my ass I never thought possible. He pumped his cum deep inside me. He kept his cock in me as I sort of purred. I rolled over and saw my cock was still soft. He played with it for a while and started to get dressed. "I gotta go." I put on my towel and went back to my room. I thought for a while, fished for some money, went to the office and bought some poppers. I sniffed and sniffed and jacked off with a semi-hard cock and finally came. I was exhausted. I rolled over and fell asleep.

I had left my door slightly open and I woke up with a hand on my ass. It felt good. The visitor started working my asshole. I turned and saw he was a big handsome guy, the type I would have admired and passed on just a couple of hours ago. I reached for my poppers as he got in position over my ass. He saw my lube and greased up my ass. I sniffed. He plunged. I loved it. He had a really big dick and it felt so good! He was big enough to manhandle me. He sat me on his cock and kissed me hard. I tried to get more of his cock inside me. I sniffed some more and squatted as much as I could. He said, "You got a hot ass, man!"

I guess I did because after that, instead of twink groupies, hot, big muscle men followed me to my room to fuck me. And it wasn't just that night. From then on, I sought out the big guys with big cocks. I was never without poppers.

I bought a big dildo and walked around with a butt plug in me. In a month I was able to take even the biggest dicks up my ass with no problem. What a difference a month and a carton of poppers can make!


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