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College Football Pits

By gentilly

submitted January 3, 2004

Categories: Arm Pits

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When did this start, this obsession of mine for men's armpits? Way back, as I think about it, playing Slip 'n Slide with the neighborhood kids. Their smooth pits fascinated me. And later, a bully would pin me down and make me sniff his pits. Far from being intimidated, I'd seek him out and always came away with a hard on. But it was in college that I came out to myself--armpit-wise.

I never had a doubt that I was gay and it never bothered me. I was pretty and gregarious, so I was never without sex. In college, though, I knew I needed pits! As a freshman, I was the first to apply for water boy for the football team. Since I was the only applicant, I got the job. The football players soon adopted me as their mascot. Being small, I was 5'6", 125 pounds; the players had fun tossing me around the field like a medicine ball. Talk about your hardons! And the team knew it. They knew I was gay, but I became a protected entity. I also became something of a confessor. More than a few days, a player would stay late with me and pour out his heart, putting his beautiful armpit around me and wait for a little kiss as we ended our session.

A few players confessed they loved me and we would wind up in their dorm room, having great sex. Great sex for me included worshipping their athlete armpits, moving them to ecstasy. I would lick and bite their pits and chewed and sucked their pit hair, all the while being fucked by big football dick. I was discreet, but apparently my fuck buddies weren't. Word spread though the team that the kid was great sex and what he did with armpits was unbelievable. The guys started to take me into the private shower stalls. At first it was the gay boys and they wanted pit work and a fuck.

One day, the quarterback, a strapping, beautiful boy, came up to me as I was folding towels, got his mouth close to my ear and asked, "Will you give my pits a workout?" I didn't have to be asked twice. We got into a stall and I did his pits like I never had done a pit before. I was possessed and inspired. The quarterback almost melted. After we were done, he asked if I would be home tonight. I said, "Yes, I've got that calculus exam tomorrow." At 8 o' clock, humpy quarterback shows at my dorm room door with flowers! He said, " I loved that pit action. You're so pretty. Could we do more than pits?" He fucked my ass like a pile driver, like the player he was. And I had my way with his pits. He had soft, blond pit hair, a rare treat.

Long story short, I saw the quarterback almost every night for the rest of our college years. Of course, I didn't neglect my other football buds Coach came to me one day and said, "You've had a great influence on the team and I think I know why," He raised his arm and I lunged for it. He took me into a stall and I gave him excellent pit and he soaped up my ass and fucked me. He said, "You're it, kid. The team wouldn't be winning without you!"

One night, as I was kissing the quarterback, my door opened to half the team and the Coach. We had an armpit/ass fuck orgy. The guys watched what I did and started in on each other's pits. Coach fucked one of them and soon very few football players had not been fucked. Talk about team bonding!

But graduation had to come. I got a good job at the job fair and began life as an adult. It was sitting at my desk in my new office that started this reverie. There were two desks in the office, one as yet unoccupied. With briefcase and business suit, in walked the quarterback. He gave a little start seeing me as his office-mate. But he locked the door and lost his jacket and shirt as he came to me. I wasted no time working his armpits. As I chewed his delicious, silky blond pit hairs, He said, "I thought I lost you. Baby, I love you. Will you be my lover?"

Okay, guess what my answer was.


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