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Seducing Straight Men

By obet

submitted January 14, 2004

Categories: Asian Delights, In Filipino, Bisexual

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I'm a Filipino guy 35 years old who works at a computer company. I'm married with 3 kids, but work out and keep myself in relatively good shape. I'm 5'11" and 175 lbs.

I have a keen interest in psychology especially Filipino behavior. Filipinos are quite modest and shy about exposing themselves. Even males wear towels around their waist in the shower room and men try not to expose their organs when urinating. Subconsciously they are conscious about their small penis size. When peeing they sneak a glance to compare themselves with the guy next door. Walking into the toilet they try not to pee beside a guy with a big dick and try to get a stall rather than pee beside him. This is because although the average Filipino is about 5 inches except for those with foreign blood, the sex organ looks a lot smaller when soft.

I like to expose myself and see the reaction of men beside me. I hide my penis and do not expose all of it so I don't intimidate anyone. It looks average even small other than the fact that it is a bit thick. Once the guys have started peeing and cannot change stall or back out, I pull the whole thing out which although about 7.8 inches hard (This is real no bullshit bragging here) is an impressive 7 inches soft. This usually results in a quick glance, shock and an attempt to stop staring and peeing faster in order to get out of there as fast as possible. Remember the guy has a 2 inch soft penis and suddenly has seen meat much bigger soft than he has ever been hard his whole life. It's even bigger soft than he has seen on his biggest friend or even those in "toro" live sex shows. I then slowly ease my pee and wag my organ a bit and slowly allow myself to fill up a bit to about 7.5 inches so he suddenly is seeing more meat than anywhere except the porno videos he used to watch in secret as a kid. Suddenly he can't help but stare and slowly get a little hard. Without realizing it he has an erection and even if he thinks he's straight he's staring at my dick and getting hard staring at a guy's dick.

I pretend not to notice as he keeps staring even if he's finished peeing, pretending to fix his pants and delay leaving as long as possible. I normally break the ice by saying something light. In movie theaters I say. Scary movie really wants to make you pee. Normally they reply, “Yeah, scary movie” and try to button up. I normally follow the guy and move my seat to a short distance beside him. However at this point he's not thinking of the movie, just how a Filipino who doesn't have foreign blood can have such a big dick.

I then wait for a sexy scene in the movie and slowly force a nasty erection at my full 7.8 inches, which results in the head of my organ popping out from my pants. I don't make any effort to hide it making sure he sees it, but since I'm not stroking or doing anything kinky his guard goes down, but my big dick is now burned in his mind. But He thinks I'm not gay and I have no nasty intentions. I then offer to drop him and his companion home pretending to live nearby. I'm chatting with him and his girlfriend in the car as we navigate traffic to get them home.

By this time we're on friendly terms and I find out his name is Ferdie. I ask about his family and compliment him on his beautiful girlfriend and how good their relationship is. Once we've dropped her off, I now make my move. I share that I have a girlfriend who is really horny and would like to have sex with more than one guy.

Suddenly he's interested thinking how he's such a man that a guy with a big dick needs the help of his 5-inch dick. He's telling himself (it's a Filipino myth) that since my dick is big it doesn't get totally hard and my girl friend wants a smaller but really hard dick. He agrees.

I have a really kinky girl friend named Gina at the University of the Philippines who has her own flat. We drop by her unit and I'm getting so horny about making my latest conquest. I take my dick out and she pounces on it sucking me for all she's worth. Ferdie is stunned as my dick grows to its full 7.8 inches. It is obvious to him that it's not at all soft, but rock hard and solid, not floppy like myths would have him believe. Gina can't even get the 6 inches down her throat, but she's slobbering all over it and invites him to fuck her from behind.

Ferdie is quite inexperienced and fumbles around trying to do it doggie style, but he can't hit the right hole since he's only 5 inches. I tell him to fuck her in the ass. He hesitates, but Gina suddenly pours KY all over her ass and suddenly pushes back hard forcing Ferdie's rock hard dick up here ass. I pull out exposing my huge dick in front of Ferdie's face giving him a chance to appreciate the full size of it. He pauses and can't help what he thinks is a playful grab, unconsciously his hand closes around it and he realizes he can't get his hand around it and my dick is thicker than his wrist. I thrust into his palm allowing the length to sink in and giving him the chance to subliminally compare the size of my dick to his as he jacks off. I pull back and tell Ferdie that Gina wants us to fuck her at the same time. Him in the back where she's tight and me in front.

Gina's all wet and I easily thrust in but she gasps as she feels my huge size. Ferdie can now feel my dick through the thin layer of flesh between her cunt and her ass and we both start banging away. Ferdie cums really quickly for him a large amount of cum. I feel almost 15 contractions as he pumps his man seed into her ass. I pulled out and amazed Ferdie as I proceed to suck myself. I put the slimy head of my dick into my mouth and licked around it. Ferdie is open mouthed and his relaxed tongue hangs out of his mouth and his eyes close as he slips into fantasy.

I suddenly pulled my head put of my mouth quickly and suddenly stuffed my huge head into his mouth. At first he's stunned and wants to pull back, but he's just had an awesome cum and saw me suck myself off, so he thinks he can give it a try. Anyway I've gotten him a great lay.

He starts to lick it and can still taste pussy, so his nose tells him he's eating pussy and not sucking a huge dick. He tells himself he's not really gay since it tastes like pussy. But suddenly the size overwhelms him as he suddenly starts sucking and trying to take more of my huge man meat in. He can't even make it near the circumcision band of my dick since he can only handle 4 inches before he gags.

Gina suddenly sucks his dick, which is hard and back for more. Ferdie's lust grows and he can't now help but enjoy blowing me as Gina blows him. I cum and spew white spunk in his mouth. He gets about two warm spurts, but I quickly try to pull out so as not to be rude, but Ferdie doesn't back off and I wind up spraying cum all over his face and clothes. He himself cums dripping a few but intense drops in Gina's hungry mouth.

My big dick has made another conquest.