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The Long And Hard Road To WrestleMania 4: The Seducer (Prequel to First Time Pleasures)

By charliehaasishot

submitted March 9, 2004

Categories: Wrestling, Celebrity Fantasy

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"Brock, oh Brock." Chris Benoit mumbled as his hand explored his long thick cock, pumping his fist up and down, as he dreamt about the sexy muscled stud. Still jerking his pole off furiously, his balls began to tighten and a soft moan escaped Chris's lips. He softly stroked the tip of his head as he felt himself near his climax. He rubbed his solid pecs and built six-pack, as he felt sensations runs through his body, still moaning the name Brock Lesnar.

Chris working full force on his large manhood yelled "Oh Brock!" and shot his load all over his sexy muscled body. Panting heavily after his imagined fantasy came to a closure, Chris slid on his casual tight red briefs, which showed off his amazing package, pressing against the fabric. Chris grabbed a towel and went for the door to head to the shower room.

Chris felt free as he walked down the wide hallway basically naked, with a weird feeling at any moment that his tight package can be exposed to anyone. To his amazement he heard familiar moaning, deep moaning, somewhere near. He peered into open rooms until he came across the FBI locker room. It appeared that the only FBI member that left was Chuck, leaving Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli, getting his huge Italian member getting sucked off by Nunzio on a couch.

Chris rubbed his again hardening crotch, watching this muscled stud getting a blowjob from a man who is somewhat of a sight himself. Nunzio reached up and played with Johnny's nipples as he rubbed his own ripped chest and hard-core bulging abs. Johnny looked up and smirked at the man who was watching him as he was pleasured, and invited him over.

Chris who did not think much of Nunzio, due to the fact he is giving this gorgeous man a blow job and not him, pushed him off the amazing man's cock, and resumed Nunzio's position, sucking Johnny's massive pole. Nunzio stood up angered, but knew he could do nothing, knowing that Johnny wanted Chris for as long as he could remember. Nunzio just looked on, upset that his fantasy had thrown him out for another. Johnny looked down at this stud and ran his fingers through his hair and thrust his face closer to cock, giving him the que to take it in his mouth.

Chris licked the tip of "The Bull's" head, and slowly worked his way down farther. Johnny pulled his cock out of Benoit's mouth and slapped and rubbed his manhood all over Chris's face, "Deep throat it baby." Johnny demanded.

Chris of course, without hesitation, engulfed Johnny's huge cock in one shot like a pro. He looked up and saw a man in pure ecstasy, with his head thrown back, enjoying every inch of Benoit's mouth. Benoit played with "The Bull's" balls, as he sucked on Stamboli's pole, tugging them for Johnny's enjoyment. Johnny finally pulled his dick from Chris's mouth before he let his load spill, "I want more." Johnny requested.

"Someone looks a little eager for more himself," observed Chris pointing in the direction of Nunzio, stroking his cock.

Nunzio abruptly sat up and made his way to the horny muscled stud. "Get over here and sit on this." Johnny demanded of his group leader.

He got over top Johnny and lowered himself on Stamboli's cock, shoving the entire thing in hole, not wasting anytime. Chris could only imagine Nunzio's pain, taking Johnny's large member in his ass, as he watched on. Nunzio bounced on his dick riding up and down, back and forth, leaving Johnny spent, with little work to do. Just then Johnny grabbed Nunzio's hips and guided Nunzio on the ride of his life, getting to ride one of the sexiest men in the WWE. Stamboli's balls tightened leaving him near an orgasm, he pushed his rider off his cock and demanded him on his knees.

Chris had to have gotten some of this action and dove in front of Johnny alongside Nunzio as Johnny beat his Italian meat in their faces, moaning from the extraordinary pleasure. Chris eager to taste Johnny's seed, rooted him on, saying "Cum baby please."

Johnny let out on last moan and shot at least half a dozen loads on both man's faces, Chris catching and swallowing most of it. Johnny collapsed back on the couch, and to Chris's surprise, he asked both men to leave. Chris just grabbed his towel and head back to his destination, the shower, with now some more to clean.

He swung open the doors and head to a shower, and started it. Steam rose and Chris rinsed his cum soaked body under the warm soothing water, and grabbed some soap, and cleansed the rest of the cum off. Chris turned the shower off and dried his athletic body, and wrapped the towel around his waste.

Chris now head to the main locker room where the rest of his belongings remained. He pulled his clothes from his bag and sat it on the sturdy wooden bench next to him with the entire locker room empty, Chris dropped his towel. Still going through his stuff, the locker room door opened and in walked in Benoit's fantasy man, Brock Lesnar.

Brock in shock seeing this man nude in front of him, did not know what to say, but his he was in awe when he saw the size of Benoit's cock, not as big as his but thicker. Brock normally would not care, but would be uncomfortable. "Hey Brock." Benoit said, knowing this was his major chance of fulfilling his fantasy.

"H-Hey." Brock stuttered.

Chris turned around facing his bag, and bent over, sticking his ass in the air to pretend to get something from his bag, attempting to seduce Brock. It worked, Brock had only recently thought about men in this way, and Chris bending over woke the snake in his trunks. "So what's up?" He asked Brock with a smirk on his face, still "searching"?

"Uh-um, n-nothing." Brock stuttered, still staring at Benoit's ass, trying to figure out why he was drawn to it.

Chris got up, and looked at Brock and said, "Damn man, how much are you pushing? Your arms are huge!"

"Yeah, yeah I guess I've been lifting more..."

Chris walked over to Brock still fully nude, and asked Brock to flex his chest, which he hesitantly did. Chris felt one of them, and whispered in Brock's ear. "Do you want this?"

Brock just nodded, and Chris pulled up Brock's shirt, showing off large muscular pecs, and bulging ripped abs, which quickly got Chris hard again, knowing his fantasy is coming true. Chris played with Brock's nipples as he brought Brock in for a kiss. Brock somewhat eager to explore something he has thought about a lot lately, "experimenting" with another man. They slid each other’s tongues into their mouths, enjoying the new territory. Brock pushed Chris to his knees, and Chris pulled down the trunks of this amazing man, leaving his long manhood bounce freely.

His mouth invaded Brock's cock, without delay. Brock moaned because of Chris's pro cock sucking. He by this time was already deep throating the throbbing boner that belonged to Brock, and his nose breathing in Brock's masculine scent. Brock already felt himself near an orgasm, and told Chris to stop. "I want you, I want to feel you in me."

"Are you sure?" Chris hoping for the positive answer, so he could fuck the tight virgin asshole of Brock's.

"Yeah, I'm more ready now than I'll ever be."

Chris just smiled and bent Brock over on the wooden bench, and got to his knees. Chris spread the meaty cheeks and licked around the tight hole, making Brock shudder. Benoit told Brock to loosen his hole, and he slid his tongue into Brock's now willing hole. As Chris ate his ass out, Brock moaned thinking this should hurt more, but only felt pleasure and warmth from Benoit's tongue.

"You ready?"

"Bring it on." Brock nervously said.

Chris stood up and told Brock to flip over on his back, and he aligned his pole with the hole he just ate out, and slowly pushed it in. "Ahhh!" Brock yelled, trying to contain himself from yelling.

"Shhhh, it'll get a lot better."

Brock only trusted Chris and told him to push it all in. Brock tightly gripped the bench, as this tool pushed further in his untouched hole. "Wait, let me get used to it." Brock pleaded.

Quickly getting used to it, told Chris to continue. He pulled his cock outward until the head only remained in Brock, and thrust deep in Brock's ass again. "You okay?"

"Faster." Brock told Benoit, he began to enjoy the Benoit's manhood push in and pull out of his hole.

Chris picked up pace and started to thrust faster, pleasuring himself, as he gave this big man a new experience. He grabbed Brock's hard cock and started jerking it off, leaving Brock in pure ecstasy. He panted away as he fucked the tight hole, moans escaping from both men. Brock who was experiencing this all for the first time, who had already came close to spilling his seed, was now ready to shoot.

"Oh! I'm about to explode, my god it never felt this good before!" Brock shouted as he finally shot his load on himself and Chris.

Brock's orgasm, caused contractions in his tight hole, leaving Benoit spent, as he unleashed his load in Brock's ass. Chris collapsed atop Brock, nearing the end of his perfect night, getting two hot buff men. Brock panting and sweaty from amazing sex said, "Wow." That is all he could say, still in disbelief in what just had happened.

"I can't believe my whole planned worked, just by seducing you." Brock laughed.

"What? I was the one who tried to get you." the baffled Benoit responded.

"Ha ha ha, I just happened to walk in on you getting dressed." Brock smiled as he brought Chris in for another kiss.


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