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Native American Adonis

By pike_2018

submitted March 16, 2004

Categories: Bathhouse Tales, Foreskin Fun--Uncut, Interracial, True Stories

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This story is about male - male sexuality, and raw, good old - fashioned unimpeded bareback sex, just the way it was meant to be. It's quite simple; if you don't like, approve, or accept bareback sex, or know about it, don’t read any further...

I'm Chris, 21 y/o, masculine, moderately muscular, (I’m not perfect, but I'm not bad either.. .) I have golden blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and a tight ass that just loves milking sperm out of a rugged man's fuckpole... I am writing this because of an awesome time at a bath - house called Steamworks, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada..

I was at Steamworks for the first time, I *THINK* it was during August of 2002, and I hooked up with a very sexy, extremely mind blowing man. If the same Native American man is reading this, you are about 6 ft tall, approx 27 - 32 years old, short black / brown hair, decent shape, if not quite muscular, and goes to Steamworks quite often, if not every weekend...

Every time I had gone there, (every three months or so, attending Tae Kwon Do tournaments,) you always wanted bareback when you had recognised me, pulling me into your room, and making me get that Indian dick slick with my saliva before you had me sit on your sheathed manhood. Fighting against me to slip the rubber on your hard, uncut glistening manhood, and looking back I wish I could have had the balls to ride that Indian cock and make it spray over and over into my aching ass as much as you wanted... And I was stupid enough not to take your word for it, I *knew* you were HIV negative...

Love to hook up, now living in Edmonton, and can be reached at: pike_2018@hotmail.com .. If ya want to send a picture along as well, I might easily be open to meeting some other Native American men out there... :)

Fuck, I can still remember every moment, it was my first time at a bathhouse, but I was uninhibited. I only wish that hot Native American man was slam fucking my tight boy ass full of his sperm, instead of into a sleeve of Latex. This is the encounter, but with the bareback action substituted. Hopefully you guys like the story as much as I had living it. Ah well…

Slowly walking down that back alley, I tried to look confident while making my way to that nondescript yet glaring door leading to Steamworks... With 10 years martial arts experience, and a first dan black belt, I knew no gay basher in their right mind would ever want to attack me, but yet there was a confidence I needed to be satisfied.. I was aching for cock. Tired of living in a small, hetero - heaven city in Alberta, I went with my 3rd dan former TKD instructor to attend tournaments, winning medals by day, and ditching the inevitable after- tournament celebration in favour for something far more to my liking.

Legs shaking, but my own manhood stiff, I made my way down the stairs, opening the door to my right, the entrance to the bathhouse.

"Hey, “ I almost mumbled, trying not to sound nervous. I knew that attempt had failed.. The bald, green-eyed toothpick of a man smiled knowingly, and pretended not to notice my obvious nervousness. Thanks to this kind gentleman, my nervousness was slipping away fast, and I figured I may as well try the "out in the open " strategy.

"I'm from Alberta, small hick mining city in the deep north. I've never been to a bathhouse before, maybe you could let me know what the rules are, and what do you do?”

Obviously, I wasn't the first young guy to ask such a question; I wasn't in the mood to get laughed at.

I had snuck out of the hotel earlier, pissed off at my TKD instructor for getting shit-faced drunk and shooting his mouth off with his regular arsenal of anti- gay jokes, walking around the hotel room naked, ranting and raving, his fiancée running after him, trying to cover him up. In some ways, I wasn't sure to be pissed off or turned on. I seriously suppressed a need to deflect his homophobia with a few explanations of his more serious fuck-ups. His fiancée, a young lady of 26 years, was an old friend of mine.

"Fine,” I thought. "You deal with dumb ass, I’m going to get laid." Taking an opportunity to slip away, I felt the immediate need to get involved with some gay, and available dick.

Twenty minutes later, walking in a light Saskatoon rainstorm... Feeling my tight ass, scrubbed clean and twitching in mere anticipation. If only my mind could conjure up the very sexual feast that I wished for. Common sense be damned, I was horny, willing, and my inhabitation obliterated...

Keeping my cool, and keeping that innocent expression on my face, the bathhouse clerk was quite open yet masculine about his response.

"Yeah, it's quite simple,” he began… Bending down under the counter, he picked up a decent sized towel, a key and lock on a plastic connected coil bracelet, (or anklet, I didn't care, just as long as it didn't fall off...)

"First, man, you go to the change rooms, go to your locker that corresponds with the key you have, strip, then put your clothes in the locker. Then walk into the main area with just the towel and the key." With a smile, the guy dropped these few items in my arms, my senses blazing with adrenaline and excitement.

Fuck, my first time at a bathhouse... Passing the first row of lockers, I soon found out that I had passed my locker, #23. A fat troll of about 52 years old passed close by me, too close, the Viagra junkie tried to make eye contact with me, but I turned away, disgusted. Making my way toward the changing area, I slowly stripped, critical in my appearance.

I'm 5 ft 4 inches, short, but bulky, in a good way, however muscular. I'm 155 lbs, golden blonde hair with white gold streaks, ice blue eyes, and a nice treasure trail from the center of my solar plexus, all the way down, to where the towel now covered. One thing I am especially proud of, is that I have a nice meaty ass, lean, but tight as fuck, and the target of every man I had been sexually involved with since my first encounter with another male.

Padding softly into the main hallway, where the rooms were, I took a deep breath and stepped into one of my fantasies. A tall, Native American man dominated my vision. His chiseled chest was mesmerizing, stepping into the showers, I watched as he soaped up his muscular body, even in the pale miniscule light created by the hallways, I could see every bit of soap being washed from his sculpted body.

"OK," I thought, furiously racking my brain for something to say to this version of a Native Adonis. What would he want with a skinny, yet kind of built Caucasian boy, was staring at his ever-growing manhood, uncircumcised, and slowly unsheathing itself, glistening with water and precum. It turned out that he had quite the interest for me, since he soon guided my hand, slowly jacking his hard uncut pole, easily 7 and half inches, maybe more, I didn't care about exact length. All I knew was that this man deserved to be pleased.

My own throbbing 6 and half cut inches was starting to rise, obviously revealing that this near perfect native man was practically a dream cum true. And yet I never clued on to what came after. Almost slithering his body against mine, a thin stream of hot water dripping between us, he pulled himself to me, encasing my lips with his in a passionate kiss, his hands groping down toward my butt, opening the cheeks and probing with one finger against my very tight asshole...

"Mmmm,” I moaned, pushing back onto his finger, gripping the tip of his index finger with the muscles of my ass... Slowly, gently, but with unrestrained passion, I swept the red-skinned manhood into my mouth, devouring it, tasting each drop of leaking precum drip down my throat, my tongue worshipping the sheathed Native manhood. Sliding his fingers through my silky hair, he whispered to me how much he liked me pleasing him, that deep voice describing how much he wanted to shoot his load.

Suddenly, he was pulling me out of the showers, still groping for towels on the hangars... With a hand still on my soaking wet ass, groping my hole, he led me to his room, number 7. Opening the door, he pushed me inside onto the bed, turned the light a little brighter, and let me gaze at the Native manhood I was desperate to please...

Pinching the head of his uncut monster, it had to be at least 8 inches long, and thick, I swept the tip of my tongue over the slit, making him shudder in agonizing, barely contained lust..

Reaching back and feeling his manhood, I felt the strength of this man within his dick, throbbing and barely holding off of slam fucking my ass with no lube. Feeling with two fingers how tight my ass was, I quickly heard the sound of a bottle of lube being opened. Two lube-covered fingers groped my extremely tight asshole, slicking up the entrance to my cavern of love, probing deep, feeling his fingers gripped by the vise my ass was becoming.

"Fuck yeah, boy, I love opening up a tight ass, “ the Native Adonis murmured. He paid special attention to how my ass sucked up his fingertips, thirsty for attention.

"You like to take a man raw? The way it was meant to be?" He started jacking my 6 inches, enjoying the way I bucked my hips to meet his palm jacking my manhood. He caressed my face, looking into my eyes, "You're gonna milk my Indian dick, all night long, boy, and I'm gonna claim that white ass, it’s gonna be mine to fuck and breed, whenever I please."

He took both my hands, opened them palm up to him, and squeezed a liberal amount of lube into the palms of my hands.

"Holy shit,” I thought. "This guy has split open a virgin or two, and even though I have taken a good share of dick before, he knows it's gonna be a tight squeeze."

I slathered his Native fuck stick with slippery lube, covering his sheathed manhood in slowly warming jelly, paying close and eager attention to his manhood slowly unsheathing itself, glistening with precum. Careful to cover every inch of his dick, I would look into his eyes every so often, watching his eyes flicker to hungrily eye my aching boy hole... Fuck, what more did I want than to have him unleash a torrent of his warm sperm into my guts?

Now lubed, and no patience left, this strong Indian brave pushed me onto my back, legs spread, pulling my exposed asshole to him, he knelt in between his conquest. Almost kissing the slit of his Native manhood, was my puckered ass, throbbing, yet unyielding. Pushing me against the wall of his bath-house room, and pulling my legs over his hips, hands on the bed, he buried his fuck stick into my protesting asshole, giving way to the lust and unstoppable power of this man.

Looking into my eyes, he moaned, and whispered to me…"Boy, fight me all you want, but your ass is mine." With that, he made a final shove, and my ass ring gave way. His Indian manhood drove deep, his sperm laden sweaty testicles bouncing against my ass. I gripped him like a goddamned vise, and I knew he was enjoying every second.

Me, on the other hand, my ass was on fire. He was in no way merciful, and I knew a strong man like him deserved only to give me his gift of sperm as often as he liked, and had no need for my comfort. He knew I existed only to please him, and he so desperately wanted to be pleased. I was only so happy to oblige him.

Finding his rhythm, drilling deep inside me, pulling out slightly and shoving back inside my tight orifice, he was moaning madly, playfully slapping my ass, pulling my hips toward him every time he pounded his dick home. Impaled on this Native man's cock, I was shuddering, hearing this hunk's loud moans and groans, I pushed back; hammering my hips back to meet his cock, slam fucking myself on his fuck pole. I could smell the sweet scent of aged sperm, long since lost in the pubic hair, melding with the scent of sweat, on this man, the scent was intoxicating, it put me over the edge.

Flipping me onto my right side, he began hammering my tight ass, paying no attention to my pain or discomfort. "Aww, fuck, I love how you grip my dick white boy, love to claim you as mine." Resuming his fucking, I tried to pound back on his manhood, force myself to acclimate myself to his invasion, but he continued to throw me from position to position, not allowing my aching butt any remorse. I almost admired his ingenuity, if it were not for the continued pain in my bowels...

I was lost within sensations I almost never knew existed, this Native Adonis was ravaging my dominated ass and I was enjoying every minute, laying on my stomach, legs spread eagle, his muscular body blanketing my frame, humping his manhood into my tight ass, gripping this man like a glove, molding myself to the demands of his sexual appetite.

His moaning became more tortured, more intense, pounding his hips to meet mine, whispering loudly in my ear, "Fuck, I'm getting close, you want a warm load of Indian sperm in you?" He kept pounding, and I gave my response, suddenly slamming myself back on his manhood, I wanted every drop, I was not going to be denied this pleasure, of milking this man dry, of hearing his masculine song of a man in orgasm.

"Yeah, I want you to mark me with your sperm, make me yours, let you slam fuck my ass full of your load, remind me that this ass is yours to breed...” I kept slamming back, gasping for breath, feeling his testicles pull upward. I felt his manhood swell inside my guts. It would not be long, until I heard this Adonis unleash a torrent of his warm man juice where it would belong.

"Uggghhh," he moaned, holding onto my hips, watching his manhood thrust in and out of my tightening ass grip. "I want to flood your ass so bad, boy, want you to enjoy my gift, want you to take my cream whenever I want, “ I could almost swear I was bouncing off the wall on the bed, he was pounding my back end so hard.

"Love that ass!" He was gasping madly now, pounding away at my body like a crazed maniac, "Gonna make you take that load," Closer, I could feel his Native manhood engorge even harder, his balls gripping his body, I only wish I could be there at anytime he wanted, to make him feel such pleasure whenever he wished. " Fuck, I’m cumming, gonna breed your boy ass, take it, take my load like a man, let me know how much you want it!"

Squeezing my asshole harder, I gripped his dick as hard as I could, at roughly the same time, I felt my Indian brave take one final thrust and I felt a joyous sensation as he gave one final plunge, down to the hilt, burying his manhood to the pubic hair, into my asshole. Warm spurts erupted into my bowels, painting my asshole a creamy white. Two, three, four, five, no, SIX squirts of Native man-cream shot deep into my ass. With each new spurt, my Indian brave seemed to thrust every new spurt deeper and deeper than the last, moaning like a wounded animal with the intensity of the orgasm, even as he was spent, he seemed to relax, then with a final plunge, pulling his manhood out, and with my ass muscles squeezed to keep this sperm treasure deep inside where it belonged, he pounded his manhood back inside, past my clenched sphincter, and again back to his hilt.

The seventh, final, and largest spurt, burned my ass interior, warming my entire body with the heat of his sperm now kept deep inside my body like a priceless treasure... Collapsing onto my back, he gasped for air, and slowly tried to extricate his softening manhood out of my clenched asshole, all the while savouring the dripping of the remnants of his sperm from his manhood. Obviously, he enjoyed the feel of his slowly softening manhood being massaged by such a hungry ass, still dripping semen in to my guts, while lightly kissing my neck. I felt his arms encircle my body, curled up with him, in a spoon position, felt his hips slowly rock back and forth, as he felt his warm sperm inside the ass that this Native Adonis had claimed as his own.

I awoke two hours later, to find the key to his bathhouse room on my leg, his semen still dripping in small streams out of my aching boy hole. It seems he had left, and left me the key to his room, but I wanted him. I had gone back to that same bathhouse a few times over the period of two years, only to seem him once or twice, and each time forgot to get his name. Since then, he's been on my mind, and I only wish I had the balls to let him empty his balls inside my ass...