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Molesting My Uncle!

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I really dig older men, especially bear-types. Too bad it's beyond my control.

The truth is that for a long time now I've been hatching a scheme of how I will rape my uncle. His body is large and wide. His legs are full and beefy, mixed in with a little chub. He's really powerful! And add to that the fact all this is taboo, he is my uncle after all. He's a hot stud, and not a bisexual or an easy-to-get horny bastard.

To my surprise, one time I found him alone at his house. But you know us men. The easiest way is to get us drunk! So, that's how it went. I bought lots of booze and whatever else he wanted. When we were close to running out, I asked him if he could bring me home since it's way past my bedtime. Of course, he was concerned for his nephew. So, he agreed.

We stopped at a 7-Eleven. I got more booze. The boozing continued at my home. I was stoned shitless and we both fell asleep. But, at about three in the morning, I roused and found him still asleep. He was snoring.

I went to his side. He was wearing jeans. The fabric was thick. I felt around, trying to find where was my uncle's penis. There! Some have theirs tucked upwards inside their underwear. His was tucked downwards and flaccid.

While I was massaging it, he snapped out of his stupor and became semi-conscious. I was still slightly drunk, but so very horny. I felt around for his jeans buttons. It took a while, since I was an amateur. But when I unbuttoned him, there it was! I pulled down the zipper and groped his basket.

Damn! He was fighting back. He didn't want to be molested by me. He was grabbing my hand, shoving it away. He persistently reached for my hand, moving it away. Too bad, I frequented the gym. Hence, I was stronger and more forceful. In addition, I was stone drunk and fucking horny as hell, so he couldn't stop me. He was like a helpless child when I stripped off his jeans, then his underwear!

Jackpot! Fantastic legs! Huge as logs! What a huge torso! What a really hot stud!

He was still so dizzy. He couldn't defend himself against me. He was aware that nephew he thought was so harmless was molesting him! Hehehe!

I took the dive!

I put his flaccid penis in my mouth, soft as over-ripe tomatoes. I was in his crotch. He forced his legs to close, but remember I had my head in there. What I did, I put my hands on each of his knees, forced them open so he couldn't scissor-squeeze me.

Very slowly my uncle's penis became erect. My tongue swirled around it, spat his dick out and swallowed it again. I licked his piss slit, put it back in my mouth and gave him a bitch blowjob! I didn't care if saliva was dripping down my face and neck.

A few more minutes passed, and he stopped struggling. He was enjoying my blowjob! I licked his testicles too, gently servicing each. Then back again to that hard dick, which was like a rock encased in leather.

My free hand reached for a bottle of lotion. I slathered my asshole, pushing some inside with my finger to make sure I was lubricated. Then I filled my cupped palm. My head was still bobbing up and down on his pole. He was silent. Not fighting back. He was pretending to be asleep!

After two minutes, the lotion was warmed up in my hand and I slathered it onto my uncle's dick.

I gently shifted position, hot and excited because I was finally going to stick his dick up my ass! I slid it in little by little, waiting for my butt muscles to relax and the burn to subside.

Slowly I moved up and down. The lotion oozed its way up my ass. Now, it was all slippery and burning hot! His eyes were still closed, still pretending to be asleep. A few moments later, I felt him thrusting in and out of my ass. But still feigning sleep!

This taboo fucking is hot! Imagine your uncle fucking your ass? Heaven! In and out, in and out! I'd let his dick slide all the way out, then suddenly shove it back in! His dickhead was reddish and shiny like a mushroom head! I tightened my ass muscles, so it'll squeeze his throbbing rod and make our ass fucking really mind-blowing.

I was first to ejaculate. I caught the jizz in my hand, so I wouldn't get him all messy. I have respect for my uncle!

I got off him and lay by his side. His horse-dick was still pulsating and hard. He didn't utter a word. I fell asleep for fifteen minutes. When I woke, I took a shot of booze and continued the sex trip!

He was asleep again and snoring. He repeated his ostentation of struggling and pretending to fight back. Since I was stronger, I forced his legs open again. I filled my palms with liquid hand disinfectant and rubbed it all over his flaccid penis. I quickly mopped him up with a towel. There, fresh and ready again for action!

The story repeats: The fighting back, the flaccid penis, the blowjob that got it hard, lubing it up, shoving it up my ass, around ten minutes of him fucking my ass. It was so delicious…a sex trip overdrive!

Round three, he was sobering up. He was now really putting up a fight! He turned away and lay on his side avoiding me. But, his ass was exposed facing me!

I got some liquid hand disinfectant again. I again cleaned up his ass and mopped him dry with a towel.


I ate my uncle's ass. My tongue circled his asshole and probed my way in. Adamantly, he pretended to be asleep!

After a while, his asshole relaxed and opened up. Slowly, he allowed my tongue inside, letting it slide in and out! His butthole was opening up more. It felt soft and rubbery. I got some lotion and fingered his ass. He still pretended to be asleep. First in went one finger…then two. After a few more minutes and more lotion, I got three fingers in. He was ready!

My dick was already hard and waiting. I slathered it with lotion and shoved it up his ass. He made a sudden jerk. Oops! In my excitement, I forgot that I should ease it in. I slowed down and used more lubricant.

Moments later, everything was fine! I was fucking my uncle. I could see he was enjoying it, because his dick was erect! My fuck-stick was moving in and out of his asshole. I took all of it out, then suddenly shoved it back, took it out again, then shoved it right back in! In and out! In and out!

Suddenly, he flipped around and my penis fell out. He grabbed my head, violently forcing his engorged penis inside my mouth! He shoved it deep down my throat. I relaxed my throat muscles and stopped breathing, so I wouldn't gag.

What a sensation of his hard uncle dick lodged down my throat! Delicious! I lost control and grabbed his waist, ramming his dick further down my esophagus!

Then I felt his cum washing down my throat. I didn't have to swallow; it freely flowed down inside of me! So hot! So delicious! Oh my uncle, how he fucked my ass, how I fucked his asshole, now how he fucked my face! He deep-throated me and ejaculated inside!

Now, he calls me everyday. On weekends, we're beer buddies. His former beer buddies were puzzled! Why the hell did he vanish?

I told him, “Why don't you bring them over to my home?”

“Next time,” he said.

So the continuation is next time, too. How we got his gang stone-drunk and how we fucked the clueless gang of beer-sluggers senseless!

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