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Anthony's Parting Gift - A Frottage Story

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Man, I thought I was good at soccer. But, these guys were great. They have been playing soccer most, if not their whole lives, and it showed.

I am part of a small neighborhood soccer league in Los Angeles. There are about seven teams in the local area. We practice on weekends and play two games a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The guys that I play soccer with range from age 20 to about 35. Most of these guys are from outside the U.S. They’re Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans, Bahamians, Africans, Iranians, Cubans, Koreans, Europeans and everywhere else you can imagine. Some speak only Spanish or had really deep native accents that were hard to pick apart.

Still, the majority of these men spoke English or at least enough for you to understand them. Many of the men have been in the US long enough for them to speak really well, probably better than me. A lot of the guys formed really strong bonds or have gotten to be good friends here. Others have known each other well before they got into the league. I was one of the few native-born Americans on my team.

The men are in great shape. Most are stocky and muscular. Others are thin. A few guys are tall and lanky. A few have a little belly on them. But, they all have one thing in common. They all have awesome legs with well-shaped calves, cuts around the shins and super-thick thighs.

The team uniforms consist basically of a plain white T-shirt with a colored collar of yellow, blue, green, black & red. My team color was red. The uniforms came along with some really short mesh pants that matched the collars. When the players had their shirts tucked in…damn, the field was a sea of gorgeous legs and buttocks. It was sometimes hard to keep your head in the game.

We play our games at high school or college fields, public parks and sometimes on open fields with nothing but two goals and orange cones to set the boundaries.

Today’s game started early on Saturday morning, at about 7:30. My team and I were practicing at a dingy high school a few miles out of the city. The place was almost always empty until later in the afternoon. We got our practices done there and left soon afterwards.

Today, however, was different. I stayed to get more practice with a couple of guys from the team. Both guys were Dominicans in their early 20’s. Both were pretty good looking, too. They had some of the best bodies on the team.

The first guy was named Danny. He was about 5’ 9” with tan skin and a Caesar-styled haircut. He had an average build, but strong stocky legs.

The other guy was Anthony. He had dark brown skin with jet-black curly hair, thin piercing eyes and thick heavy eyebrows. He was about matched with Danny, probably an inch shorter and a few pounds heavier. You could tell they’d known each other for a while. They had chemistry on and off the field that was something to behold. They were forever playing off each other’s jokes and constantly making them. They were always pushing and shoving each other like a couple of kids. They always kept the team laughing.

We stayed for about two hours after practice, just kicking the ball around and trying to shake the ball past each other. It was only the three of us, or more like the two of them goofing around and me watching.

While we were all playing, every once and a while the two would start speaking Spanish to each other. It would be quiet for a moment and they would have a little dialogue. Then they would stop talking and they would both seem pretty upset.

I didn’t want to ask what they were talking about. If they were speaking Spanish they obviously didn’t want me to know. So, I just ignored it. The dialog started off mellow, with downcast eyes and shrugs. Then it started to get a little heated. They were arguing about something. Danny kept staring at Anthony. But, it was if Anthony didn’t want to look at him in the eye.

It seemed as if Danny was trying to defend himself for something he did or was about to do. I tried to start up conversation in English. But, they kept ignoring me and kept their little dialogue going. Danny said something that set something off in Anthony. Anthony put a foot on the ball, stretched both his hands outward and started yelling.

Danny just stood there shrugging his shoulders in response to everything Anthony said and kept looking at him.

I looked at them both and asked, “You guys okay?”

They both gave me this look like I wasn’t supposed to be there…as if I wasn’t there with them for the past two hours.

“Everything cool, man,” replied Danny as he gave me one of the fakest half smiles I’ve ever seen.

I had a headache that was out this world. My brain was thumping and I was hungry. So, I decided to leave.

“I’m gonna go wash up in the locker room and head home,” I said. “I’ll see you guys next week.”

They both nodded and continued to juggle the ball around.

I went back to the locker room and took a hot 15-minute shower. I got dressed and laid back on a bench in the locker room. I rubbed my temples for at least two minutes, trying to ease my headache. The room was empty and dead silent. I then fell asleep for I don’t know how long. I woke up half an hour or so later, to the sounds of laughter and the showers going.

I stood up and saw them both taking a shower, about 10 feet away from each other. They were talking loudly above noise of the showers. They were speaking English this time. It sounded like there were joking about one of our games, and how this goofy guy on our team kept fucking up. I was straddling the bench and crept back to make sure they couldn’t see me. I was across the locker room and about 20 feet away from them.

The laughing continued for another two minutes. Then there was silence, for no reason it seemed.

Anthony turned toward Danny with a look that was so deep that I was frozen in place. His eyes were wide like he was about to cry. Yet, they were lusting at the same time. He face was expressionless and his mouth was open half way. Danny could feel Anthony’s eyes on him and had the same sad expression on his face, except he was staring into space in front of him.

The soapsuds dripped off the bodies of both men as they lathered the same parts of their bodies over and over again. It continued this way for a long two minutes. Anthony looked back and forth at Danny. Danny was staring forward into space.

Then, Anthony broke the silence. “Six months, man. What the fuck, Danny, six months…” he said in a soft low voice.

Danny broke out his trace and shouted back, “I don’t have a choice. You know I gotta leave.”

“You don’t even know when you’re coming back. Shit, you don’t even know if you’re coming back.

“You keep on talking about it like I wanna go back. Quit making me feel like shit. Quit making me feel guilty,” said Danny.

“Man…fuck you, Danny.”

Anthony went quiet and his face converted back to the solemn look. But, there was anger behind it this time. He didn’t as much blink while the water rolled over his hair and down his face, till it dripped heavy off the tip of his chin.

Another two minutes of silence passed. I crept further forward and locked frozen on the tip of the bench looking to see what happened next.

Danny looked back at Anthony like he was waiting for him to say something or at least look back at him. He left his shower. He slowly walked over until he was standing right in front of Anthony. He slowly knelt down until he was eye to eye with Anthony’s bellybutton. Anthony looked ahead as if Danny wasn’t even there. Danny softly nosed his friend’s stomach and dick in circles and squeezed his face into the front of Anthony’s thighs. I heard him lightly kissing and watched as Anthony’s dick rose up in front of his face.

Danny nodded his head left and right into Anthony’s belly. Anthony’s eyes were closed shut and his head titled back. His arms stopped lathering and rested heavy at his sides.

Danny hugged his waist and looked up and smiled up at him. “You wanna give me one for the road,” he whispered. Danny gripped Anthony’s waist and pulled him down. “One last time,” he said with a smile.

Anthony paused for a minute and crept down to his knees and then lounged across Danny. Anthony kissed him hard and pulled Danny’s face into his neck.

Danny kissed and sucked hard on Anthony’s neck and reached down to start tugging on his dick. They rubbed, kissed and jacked for a hot two minutes.

I felt my dick rise up and strain to get through my jock. I crept forward, almost falling off the bench to get a better view. The steam rose up around them, clouding my vision.

Danny laid Anthony on his back and proceeded to nuzzle his face into his buddy’s crotch. Danny kissed, nudged and suckled Anthony. Danny jacked his own dick and put his lips on Anthony’s ball sac.

Danny sucked one nut and then the other and then moved to the skin between both balls and the penis. He wiggled his head back and forth stretching the sac in his mouth, sucking and letting go, sucking and letting go. He kept looking up at Anthony with a half smile, as Anthony writhed and yelled in pleasure. The way he was screaming it sounded like he was having his balls crushed instead of being sucked.

After a minute or so, Anthony reached up and tried to grab for Danny’s head. After about one or two grabs of nothing but air, he grabbed Danny’s head instead

Danny took one last lick from the base of his friend’s balls to the tip of Anthony’s hard-on. Anthony pulled Danny’s head up to his and started kissing him profusely.

Damn that’s a lot of Slobber, I thought to myself. You barely ever see two men kiss passionately in your life. But, when you see it like this it blows the lid off.

The men were both sprawled out on the shower room floor now. They were slippery wet and covered with soapsuds. They lay there with stiff legs wrapped tight around each other. Both men's pelvises moved back and forth in rhythm. Their eyes were closed and their lips were moving just as much as their heads were tilting from side to side. It was like they were trying to swallow each other, the way they were kissing. Danny would whip his tongue all the way out of his pal’s mouth and lap the warm lips and checks like he was devouring a melting ice cream cone.

Meanwhile, their hands and bodies were going wild. All four hands and arms were busy grabbing, groping, squeezing and slapping someplace on the other’s body. I had never seen something so intense in my life.

Smiles turned to moans…and sometimes to looks of pain on the young men’s faces as they moved in tandem. It was like one was trying to pull the other’s body into themselves by osmosis.

I felt the sweat bead on my forehead. I was humping the bench I’d been straddling for the past two minutes without knowing it. After some thought, I decided to unbutton my fly. I grabbed my towel and balled it up under my crotch and pushed my bent dick on top of it. I kept my jock to hold it in place.

They paused for a second and Anthony whispered something to Danny. It was said far top quietly for me to hear. I watched as he crossed his legs tight, like he was trying to burst a water balloon between his legs.

Anthony straddled Danny’s waist and stuck his dick in between his thighs just below his balls. His face winced as if he was plunging his dick into boiling hot water. He let out a solid, “Umph,” and then started a smooth humping motion.

He lowered his upper body toward Danny’s chest. He did it so slow that it looked like it was moving independently of his lower body, which was humping away at full speed.

Anthony sucked Danny’s neck and kissed him hard. More slobber issued forth. Danny moved his legs in a rolling motion. He was like a little kid that rolls his legs together side to side in the bathtub to make waves.

Danny’s squeezing of his thighs like that was having its effect on Anthony. Anthony changed his motion and moved his hips back and forth. This motion allowed his abs to grind against Danny’s stomach. This seemed to drive Anthony wild.

The grinding continued for another two minutes. Without warning, the two quickly got up and switched places. This time, Anthony was lying on his stomach with his legs stiffened like Danny’s were just a moment ago.

Danny inserted his dick between his friend’s legs just below the balls, put his hands on both sudsy asscheeks and started pumping. The transition was fast, taking only three seconds flat.

I thought to myself, these two must do this pretty often.

Danny squeezed Anthony’s bubble-butt. He bounced up and down along the crevice like he was riding a horse. You could see the ecstasy in his face as his bottom lip quivered with his mouth wide open.

“Yeah, yeah…uhhhhh,” came out of his motionless lips over and over.

They then did another switch that was fast as hell. I don’t know what initiated the change. It seemed to be subconscious or something. Anthony moved his legs in a straddle position on the shower floor. Danny sprawled on top, in the exact same position as Anthony. Anthony's stomach was flat on the shower floor.

Danny lined up his dick with the soft deep crevice of Anthony’s bubble butt. Danny went to work grinding into the soapy valley. Anthony had one hand underneath him and was whacking away at himself. Danny grabbed his hips and thrust harder than ever.

All I saw were shiny booties arching up in the air, jiggling and flexing. The moaning continued from both men. Their backs arched in a simultaneous motion. The pumping continued. There was no stopping this action.

They switched positions again. This time, Anthony turned over and was on top of Danny. They were now both face to face. Danny’s legs wrapped around Anthony’s waist, his ankles were crossed in the middle of his buddy’s back.

Anthony lined up his member along the other and started to grind in one of the most primal maneuvers I’ve seen. It was like the way teenage boys hump their pillows before they knew how to cum. He was humping like a wild dog. His cheeks puffed as he exhaled a stream of air out of his mouth. He had both hands on Danny’s shoulders.

Danny was beneath him jacking both of their bones using both hands. Their moans turned into double moans. Both men were “uhhing” and “ohing” simultaneously. It created a kind of harmony in my ears that sent me over the edge. They kept on getting louder and louder. Danny cracked a smile at the deep-voiced symphony.

I whipped my dick out of my completely soaked jock and leaned my back against the wall. I started jacking-off like I was churning butter. I was breathing hard in quick spurts. The harmony of the noises both men were making was at a frequency that sent my body into a tailspin.

My heavy exhales transformed to, “Ummrrrrppp…hupthhhhh”, and low groans that I tried to keep buried deep in my throat.

Then, I nearly blacked out. I felt my eyes jam shut and a little tingle behind the retinas. Everything around me fell dead silent. I felt a warmth rush over my body and converge in my crotch. My whole lower body was heating up. Next, I felt the warmth surge into my dick. Everything contracted; my pelvis, my asshole, my prostate. My nuts, dick, legs and body twitched. I felt the warm spurt of cum shoot out the tip of my dick. My whole body arched and lifted off the bench, balanced on the back of my head.

I was breathing hard pushing air out of my lungs like it was nerve gas. My eyes were still closed and felt like they were throbbing. The room was black and silent as I eased my ass back down onto the bench. I relaxed and squeezed the rest of the jizz out of my cock. My body felt paralyzed. Slowly, a satisfied smile cracked into the side of my mouth. The room was quiet…a little too quiet.

Suddenly, someone tapping on my forehead interrupted me. I scrunched up my face and strained to open my eyes, as if looking at the sun. The tapping continued until I felt a full-on wet slap across my face. The slap echoed in the locker room and my eyes opened wide.

I saw both men staring at me with a pissed off look on their faces.

“Oh, shit,” I mumbled under my breath.

“Hey! What the fuck you doing man?” asked one of the pair.

“Uh…uhhhh…” was my only reply.

“We though you left here like an hour ago,” the voice continued.

Danny said, ”You been sneaking around and looking at us. You weren’t here last Saturday, were you?”

“No. No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I blurted. “I fell asleep on the bench…and woke up to you two…uh...going at it.”

“Don’t you dare tell this to anybody, man.” warned Anthony.

“I won’t,” I promised. “I won’t. Why would I? Look at me.” I looked down at myself. My dick and stomach were covered in jizz.

They both laughed and shook their heads. Anthony said, “So, what the fuck man? You got a free show. How you gonna pay us back?”

I looked around the room searching for an idea. My eyes stopped at Danny’s shiny dick dripping with pre-cum. I tilted my head toward the side and said, “Uh, I could help you finish.”

Both men looked to the other and had a little wordless conversation with their eyes. Two seconds later they both looked at me and shrugged their shoulders nonchalantly.

“Okay!” came the dual response.

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