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Old Age Home

By stevieg

submitted June 14, 2004

Categories: Older/younger

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I’m a 22 year old guy who secretly would love to get fucked by a mature grey haired guy so I jumped at the opportunity to help out with swimming classes at a nearby . I figured that there was bound to be some horny old men who just wanted a fuck even if it was with a guy.

The classes went great and I befriended a man called Roger who was a widower. Roger and I had similar interests so we became friends and I thought that was far as it went for the two us, but I was wrong.

After class one day, I came out of the shower and was deep in thought when I saw Roger undressing nearby and I walked closer to say hi. I greeted him and he stayed silent, I then realized that I was naked and Roger was trying to hide his hard cock.

It wasn’t bad, about 7 inches when erect. I smiled and asked him if I should help him get some relief and he just said nothing, so I told him that I was going to a cubicle, which was used by those who preferred to change in private, and if he wanted to he could join me.

I waited for about five minutes before I saw Roger enter my cubicle. I told him to sit down on the bench and I walked closer and began to sit on his lap and eventually his cock was inside me. Roger let out a groan as I slowly began riding his 70 year old cock. It felt so good, but it lasted only about 3 minutes as Roger released an almighty load in my ass.

After that, Roger fucked my ass after every swimming class.

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