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The New Minister Arrives

By Tom Hanks

submitted June 25, 2004

Categories: Men Of The Cloth

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The new minister arrived in our little country town. At the senior pastor's request, I agreed to remain at the parsonage and make the new minister feel at home, by showing him true southern hospitality.

The new minister, whom I will call Reverend Mike. He was single, slender, but very firm and athletic. He eyes met mine with a hint of a smile. When our eyes met, for a brief moment-but it felt like we were locked in time.

We sat down to a delectable meal which the pastor's wife had prepared. There was small talk, fine conservation. I could not help but notice that the new minister was stealing little glances at me and always that faint smile was present, almost seductive and playfully devilish.

It was summer time and I had just finished my freshman year at college, so I was out for the summer and fun in the sun. I have always loved the water and sunbathing.

I was about five years younger than the new minister, so the senior pastor volunteered me to keep company with Reverend Mike, showing him around the town, the beaches and inviting him to soak up some rays...

We all thanked Mrs. Johns for the beautiful dinner and homemade apple pie as dessert. We visited for awhile, but the evening was still young.

Pastor Johns and his wife both agreed that it had been a long and busy day, so retired to bed early. Oh, wow! I was so nervous. Here I was with this true to life, drop-dead gorgeous man -alone!

Reverend Mike took the edge off and relaxed me when he broke the silence, “How about riding out for a coke?”

“Sure!” I said.

The town was buzzing with a lot of movie-goers, lovers, cruising and such. We got our cokes and sat in the car. He was taken aback about how loving and very friendly we southern people had made him feel. He seemed to be looking and evaluating me as he questioned how I had come to be so involved in my local church. I explained. Two hours had passed and it seemed time had flown as I was also eyeing the guy’s every move and looking at his package at every opportunity. I think he caught me looking, but didn't seem to mind as he took another gulp of his coke, smiling.

“Hey, Tom,” Reverend Mike said, “I was here years ago, but could never find my way around as this town has really grown.” I agreed that it had undergone several facelifts as it were in the name of progress. He then asked, “Are you sleepy?” I said, not really. He said, “Good! What you say, we go over and visit the beach?”

“Well, sure,” I said, I loved the water and I could never resist the opportunity to see the beach or spend more time with this guy.

As Reverend Mike drove, I gave him directions. About 45 minutes later, we were parked at the white, sandy dunes. We rolled down the windows and listened as the waves rolled into the shore. It seemed so tranquil and any tension just seemed to roll off our shoulders and out.

I couldn't stand it but so long. I broke the silence, “Wy don't we go into the water? I am sure it is warm.”

But, Pastor Mike said, “I didn't bring a swimsuit?”

“Me neither!” I laughed. “Let's go skinny dipping!”

“What?” he said, but smiled like a school kid. We were soon pulling off our shoes, socks, then our trousers, shirts, and underwear. We ran butt naked and…oh my god! He was hung and more beautiful than I’d even imagined.

As we jumped in, the ocean water was cool, but the day had been so hot and humid, that it was very inviting. However, I was very slim and light weight. The under current was quite strong and before I could say anything…I was being pulled under and I was scared almost to death. I just knew I was a goner.

I felt this strong hand reach out and grab me by the hair of my head and pulled me into him. I welcomed him and reached out holding him somewhere between the waist and his hips… Gosh! He was solid and I was grateful. I felt him as we pressed together. He was saving me and I was liking what I felt as he did so, pressing his maleness against my stomach....

Reverend Mike held me in his arms until I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Still, it seemed like such a small price to pray, after his act of heroism. I mean, I sincerely would have been sweep away to sea by the under current.

While he loosened his hold on me, Reverend Mike continued to keep his hand around my naked waist. As we got back to shore, we talked for some time, allowing time to drip dry. Once again, I broke the silence, “Reverend Mike, that was too close for comfort! Thank God you were there for me!”

Reverend Mike responded, "I am glad I was there for you Tom. You gave me a bit of a scare.”

“It scared me too, Reverend Mike.”

He smiled, and pulled me into him again as if he were either elated or just won a prize. I swear I believe I felt his cock, either twitch or pulsate or throb or something with excitement as he held me. “Naw! What in god's name is wrong with me? Listen to yourself Tom; you realize what you are saying?” I told myself, dismissing such thoughts.

It was beautiful! I didn't like thinking I might have drowned, but loved the closeness of my rescuer. As we drove back home, Reverend Mike asked me if I'd like to spend the night with him?

I told him my folks might get worried, when they awoke in the morning and I was not there. His face seemed disappointment. So I quickly spoke, inviting him to my home for the night...

He paused, “Well, I don't want to be intrusive?”

“Not at all,” I said.

“But, what about your folks?” he asked.

I told him, “My folks are not church goers; they’re out partying and will be out until 2 or 3 am...besides I have my own bedroom and a large double bed. That is, if you wouldn't mind sharing a bed with a guy?

He smiled, and immediately said, "No, at all. I was raised with several brothers and sisters and we often piled in several to a bed.”

“Then, it is settled,” I said and we headed for my home...

To be continued…

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