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Swallow Away

By cggiym01

submitted June 28, 2004

Categories: Tales From The Moviehouse

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Saturday mornings are the best for me, my wife works on Saturdays and I am free until around 3:30. I showered and shaved my lower body including my cock, balls and my entire ass like always. Around 10 am I headed for the gay movie house a few towns away from me.

I had on my whore clothes which to say is a tank top and a pair of cut off sweat pants that are cut real short, which I wear very low on my waist while in public and then indoors I pull them up and it exposes my butt cheeks. Because I shave my ass there is a line of hair around my legs that is covered while in public.

It took awhile for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the place when I arrived, I made my final adjustments to my shorts by pulling them up around my waist and I could feel the coolness on the bare cheeks of my ass. I took a stroll around the place and checked things out as my cock hardened in my pants.

I put a pair of nipple clamps on under my shirt and stopped near the front row when I saw two older guys stroking their cocks as they watched the porn on the screen. I was thirsty for some cum and dropped to my knees in front of the first guy. He took hold of my head and placed it right over his cock. I took him into my mouth and started sucking his cock. He moaned a little as I took him deep into my mouth and played with the head with my tongue.

As I was sucking him I felt the guy next to him moved and he started rubbing my bare cheeks and moving his hand under my shorts. The guy I was sucking started moaning and telling me to suck him deep "you slut" as he put it. I deep throated him as the other guy placed a finger into my ass. I tasted his pre cum as I sucked and licked his shaft licking his balls between sucks. I could sense that he was going to cum soon as his legs tightened up as I was working his cock.

I gave his balls a little tug and felt how swelled they were as he let out a gasp and wait for me to swallow his man juice. I could feel his cum starting to run up his cock and shoot out of the head of his cock. I kept sucking and started swallowing his juice as fast as he was producing it. I must have swallowed at least 6 ropes of cum as this guy really shot a huge load. He started squirming in his seat as his cock got real sensitive as I continued to drain him.

I was so intent on draining his cock I didn’t realize that the other guy had put four fingers into my slut hole and was trying to get his fist into my ass. I moved and his hand and slid it away from my ass as I took his cock into my mouth. I couldn’t believe the size of this guy. His cock had to be at least 10 inches and as thick as a bat.

I tried to take him in my mouth but it just wouldn’t fit. I took hold of his cock and started to slap my face with it as I licked and sucked its head. I looked up and saw his face and he said for me to sat in that position and he would jerk off into my mouth. I stayed on my knees and waited for him to jerk off the monster he had, and saw I had a crowd of guys watching me.

Someone had moved in behind me and was feeding their cock into my ass after they pulled my shorts to the side. As the guy was jerking his cock I would lick the head and give it a suck every once in a while. The guy fucking me was nearing shooting his load and was saying out loud that he was going to shoot into my ass.

I moved around to get a better feeling as the two of them blew their loads at the same time. I felt my ass getting a fresh cum enema as my mouth took a thick creamy load. I licked my lips and felt my ass being creamed.

I sure was thirsty that day and went back for more a few days later.

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