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Straight Roommate

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When I moved in with my buddy Zack, I knew he had been after my cock for years. We've been friends a long time and he has frequently offered to give me a blowjob, but I had never taken him up on it. I'm straight and have a girlfriend, but it turns out I don't have a problem with a guy sucking me off...

I had gone camping over Labor Day weekend, and hung out with this chick I had been interested in (this was before my girlfriend). We had made out and fondled through our clothes a bit, but didn't actually end up going any further. Needless to say, I was horny as hell when I got home for the weekend.

Zack was in his normal spot in front of his computer and I went in to talk to him. We chatted about the weekend, and I told him about how horny I was from hanging out with the chick. Predictably, Zack offered to "help me out" with that.

"Hmmm", I mused. It's not as though the thought had not crossed my mind... I just wasn't sure if things would be weird between Zack and me afterward. We are good buddies and I wouldn't want to screw that up.

But, my horniness got the best of me and I told him I'd be right back. I went to my room to find the pornos I had on videotape. Choosing "Naughty Nurses", I went back and asked Zack how to set the TV to use the VCR...

"Mind if I watch?" Zack asked politely.

"You can help if you want..." I responded...

We popped in the video and watched the opening scenes. Zack sat next to me on the couch and put his hand under the blanket over my legs. It was a little weird, having my buddy touching me like that, but arousing still the same. He moved his hand to my crotch and felt as my cock pressed up against my underwear.

Zack then got to the floor and put his head under the blanket and began pressing his face up against my hardening cock. I helped remove my underwear, and there my cock stood in front of my friend... the first time he had seen me hard like that. Zack started to lick my cock from base to tip, arousing me even further, until finally he plunged his face down on to my rock hard shaft.

What happened next was amazing... I mean, I had heard that guys give better head than chicks because they knew better what to do, but I think Zack goes beyond most gay guys in their oral skills (not that I have anyone else to compare with). Zack took my cock to the back of his throat repeatedly, and I responded by pressing my hips forward to meet his motion. It felt fucking awesome. This continued for some time until Zack pulled off and went for my balls.... I had never seen a chick do this...

I never realized how erogenous the balls can be... Zack expertly licked them slowly, taking my balls into his mouth as he stroked my cock with his hand. Then, he traced his tongue from my balls up my long shaft to the head of my cock and moved his tongue around the head of my cock. Unable to control myself, my cock shot a beam of cum right into my buddy's mouth. The next one hit his cheek... and then I lost track because my head went backward as I thrust the rest of load out. Wow... it was rare that I was able to cum from a blowjob, but this one was the best I had ever had.

I looked down at my buddy, who was still sitting on the floor in front of me, his face covered in my cum. "Looks like you need a towel," I said.

But Zack said, "Not yet..." and smiled as he went to his own room to jack off.

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