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Dad Finally Fulfilled My Needs

By Cum freak

submitted September 5, 2004

Categories: Caught In the Act, Family Fun

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When I was 18, I walked into the bathroom and caught my Dad removing a cum-filled condom from his huge cock. His torpedo cock glistened with cum covering it. He threw the condom into the trash and left quickly. I took the rubber from the trash and there was a large load of cum in it. I put my tongue into it and sucked every drop of warm semen out of it. It was pungent and tasty. I was addicted to cum ever since.

When I was 19, my parents were out and I took the opportunity to invite my friend Hal over for hot sex. He had been fucking my ass for six months. I would first suck his mushroom shaped organ. I massaged his low hanging nuts and sucked with a sloppy saliva soaked motion on his hard dick until his man-milk would coat my tongue with above average loads of salty cum. This was my way of making him last longer as he fucked my anus with his warm tool.

After receiving a huge load of cream in my mouth, I laid flat on my stomach with my smooth ass up and lubed. I continued to keep the cum in my mouth to savor the taste. Hal laid over my naked ass and I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks. His cock was only 6 inches but was very thick. My anus opened slowly and I felt the cockhead entering me and spreading my hole open. It felt warm going into me and I flexed my anus upon the intruder to tighten my grip. Hal began plunging up my hole hard and fast. I moaned with pleasure and begged for more.

Just as Hal got his dick deep into my ass, I heard my Dad's voice ask what the hell was going on. Hal and I froze. We had no response. Dad said that he suspected that I was gay and said he knew I had taken all of the cum out of his condom.

Hal just lay on top of me with his cock still in my ass. Dad said to continue what we were doing and started to remove his clothes. He stood naked by the bed and his cock stuck out hard and the torpedo head brought back memories. I couldn't believe what was happening but I knew that I wanted to suck Dad's cock and taste the cum shooting right from his balls. Hal pulled out and Dad had me lay on my back with my legs up. He told Hall to fuck me more and to give my ass a deep ass pounding. Hall put my legs over his shoulders and shoved his dick back up my moist hole in one thrust.

Dad straddled my face and placed his cockhead on my lips. My tongue still had a little of Hals cum on it as I engulfed Dad's organ. I was like a male whore. I needed to get every inch of my father into my mouth and to feel him deep down my throat. I sucked his smooth cockhead while my anus was being fucked by another thick cock. Dad forced his flesh down my throat and gagged me. He order me to drain his balls and to be a good boy. Hal fucked me like never before as he saw my Dad's bare ass as Dad forced his meat down my throat. My body was being filled with cock and I wanted to be treated like a whore. My father was moaning and he pulled his throbbing meat back to let a jet of cream shoot onto my tongue. I was in heaven tasting my Dad's cum directly from his nuts as they banged against my chin. I kept it on my tongue shortly before swallowing it. Hal let his load fill my asshole and stopped moving as the final drops of his jism filled my insides. Hal pulled out of me and so it Dad. I needed more cock and begged somebody to fuck me again.

Hal sat on the floor and I reached down and grabbed my father's cock. It was slimy and still hard. Put it up my ass Dad. Please. I turned over flat on my belly again. Cum was leaking from my ass. Dad straddled my sweating body and rubbed the leaking cum around my hole with his finger. I felt three of his fingers enter my anus and work more of the cream out of me. I felt his cockhead at my entrance and slowly my hole was spread open. His organ got thicker at the base and my butt was being stretched further my own father's cock. I begged to be fucked and my Dad obeyed by plunging deep into me with one fast stroke. His meat fucked my hole for almost 10 minutes. I was forcing my ass back trying to get his whole body up my insides. My cock shot a thick load of my cream onto the mattress as my hole throbbed around his cock.

After 10 minutes of two naked males going crazy in a sexual frenzy, I felt my butt being filled with oozing semen. My hole was coated by the same cock that created me. I had never felt so much satisfaction. I wanted to keep the intruder inside of me but I felt it slipping slowly out of my cum filled hole and leaving me empty.

Dad felt guilty afterwards and almost cried. I assured him that I wanted it as much as he did and that I wanted to do it again. “Please fuck me again Dad,” I begged. “Let it be our secret.”

We had threesomes with Hal several times and I enjoyed the thrill of two cocks of my ass at the same time. I would go to bed with cum leaking from my butt. Dad and I got together a couple times a month when Mom was out and I continued to feel his throbbing cock up my ass until he died years later. I have sucked the salty cum from his balls and his seed has become a part of me.