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Bath House Virgin

By rimpig

submitted September 7, 2004

Categories: Bathhouse Tales, First Time

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Disclaimer: This story is true. It actually happened on Saturday, February 8, 2003.

by RimPig (c) 2003

It doesn’t happen often, but every rare ‘once in a while’, especially if you go to the baths as frequently as I do, you run into someone who has never been in a bath in their lives. Who knows what finally brings them? The lure of abandoning themselves to their own inner desires to have anonymous sex? The overwhelming horniness that is undeniable and sometimes infects us all? Or perhaps just being bored and tired of the bars and all the games played there with no action resulting from the time and money spent. Whatever it is, eventually they are drawn to my favorite place in the world - a gay bath house.

This particular one has been in business now for twenty-five years and I am proud to say that I was there the night of the grand opening. It is called the Clubhouse II and is on East Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Anyone who wants to meet the author should consider going there any Saturday between about 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and you’ll probably find me - probably in Room 6 - my favorite room.

Now, why Saturday afternoon, you might ask. Why not a Friday or Saturday night? Well...it is my experience that things tend to get started late on those nights - far later than I want to be there. Also that is the time that the “attitude” crowd is there. I often wonder why they bother since all this crowd needs is a full-length mirror for sex. However, the real reason is that it is crowded on those nights and, quite frankly, I have discovered a rather unusual thing about this bath house. When it is crowded, there is much less chance of connecting with anybody. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.

Mostly, I think this is because, when they are very horny, guys are a lot like little boys. They get petulant, possessive and easily distracted. Offer them too many choices and they tend to “freeze up”. They can’t decide who to go after or rather to wait and see if something better shows up soon. So they just stand there or walk around most of the night, unable to make up their minds.

When the bath house is not crowded, you quickly get the picture that this is the crowd you have to work with so you better make up your mind quick before someone else beats you to whatever it is you want. Anyway, that’s my experience.

I always take a room. I don’t like wandering the halls looking for sex and I like the comfort of the small bed to lie on waiting to have a guy approach my doorway. How you place yourself on the bed or in the room gives clues as to what you want. Standard positions are rather obvious. Lay on your stomach with you head away from the door, legs spread and you are looking to get fucked--period. Lay like I do most of the time - on your stomach, legs spread but you head towards the door and you’re looking to suck cock and get fucked or either one or both. Lay on the bed on your back slowly stroking your hard cock in your hand and you’re looking to get sucked.

Now some guys, who just want to suck cock, will sit on the side of the bed and wait for someone to walk in and stand in front of them as this position puts the guy’s crotch nearer the “suckee’s” face. However, I tend to be a little less subtle (Less subtle?! I’m about as subtle as a sledge-hammer in the mouth!) Because I want to do a lot more than just suck cock. I want him to lay back on the bed on his back with his legs in the air while I sit on the floor, my legs under the bed, and feast on his butt-hole! I also, if it’s the right guy, want to either drink or be covered in his piss. (For those of you who’ve read my other stories, you might have some idea of how into piss I am.) So I literally kneel on the floor next to the bed facing the door. When a guy comes by that I’d like to do and looks into my room, I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, showing him the warm, wet oral cavity that is for his enjoyment. See what I mean? Subtle!

Now, on to yesterday:

I’m sitting on the bed in my room, having just sucked two guys at the same time - well, alternating between the two - and eating their butts. It was a great 3-way, each of us doing everything to each other. But none of us wanted to cum right then. This is another bath house “phenomenon”, having sex but not cumming. A lot of guys can only cum once in an 8 hour period (the amount of time you get in the bath before you either have to pay again or leave) and so they have sex with several people, stopping just before they cum so that they can intensify and prolong the experience. That’s okay with me most of the time. However, I can cum 3 to 4 times during that period so I don’t usually hold back cumming. I did this time because I had literally just gotten there and these guys followed me from the shower. Since I’d been there less than 15 minutes, I didn’t want to cum the first time so soon.

So I’m sitting on the bed relaxing after these two and I see this young guy, early 20's. We get some of those sometimes but mostly this is a bath house for guys 30 and over. Sometimes WAY over. But since I like older guys, that’s fine with me. Older guys? Fuck! Who am I kidding here? I like younger, older, tall, short, fat, thin, in-shape, outa-shape - in other words, as one of my friends put it, my “type” is “Male and Breathing”! He isn’t far wrong.

So I see this young guy passing by my room several times and looking in. Looking? He was fuckin’ staring holes through me! He was interested but that doesn’t always mean that he’ll screw up the courage to come in. I’m sitting there having cigarette and just watching the flow of “traffic” outside my door. This young guy goes past about 8 or 9 times - always staring – but doesn’t slow down. Now most of the time, if somebody is smoking a cigarette, this means they are taking a break and not interested in any ‘fun’ for the time being. So I figured I’d put the cigarette out and see what he does.

What he does is - the next time he passes my open doorway and sees that I’m not smoking but just sitting there idly stroking my hard cock, he makes a bee-line for my door and walks in about 3 feet. Nor far enough in to touch, but far enough in to be in the room. He says, “Hi” and with the tremble in his voice and the way his eyes are darting everywhere, I can tell he is scared to death! Well, horny and scared to death which can be an interesting combination.

“Hello, yourself. How are you?” I ask him. I’m taking this slow, don’t want to scare him and have him bolt off. Kind of like hunting.

“Ok, how are you?” he says.

“Horny.” I say. Let’s cut to the chase. Does he want to or not.

“Yeah. Me, too.” he says with a shy grin.

Oh, yes! This is a hot one! He’s about 6 feet tall, dirty blond hair cut very short, not a great body but a smooth one. Nice smile. And he’s breathing - heavily! Yep! My type!

“So what are you looking for?” I ask.

“What are you looking for?” he asks.

Ahh. Doesn’t want to commit himself. I understand. However, the answer to this question from a guy, at least where I’m concerned, can be a very dangerous one. If I give them the entire list of what I’m into they usually stand there looking like a deer caught in headlights! They can’t make a choice from the smorgasbord I give them. So I decide, since this one is young and nervous, to answer in a different way.

“A man.” I say, simply. That stuns him. He’s expecting a list of possible sexual positions and that’s not what I give him.

“Oh...” he says like he’s thinking about whether or not he fits that description.

“Now, if you want to know what I’m into sexually - I like to suck cock, eat ass, and get fucked.” I said. He’s so nervous, I leave out the watersports figuring he can’t handle that at this point.

“Oh...” he said again, I guess considering the options.

“What I really love is giving a man pleasure, any way I can.” I say, lowering my voice purposely.

“I’m your man!” he says very quickly.

Oh, yeah! He’s hooked! And eager as hell! That’s why I like nervous ones - those nerves often turn into eagerness.

“So I take it that you liked something on my list?” I asked.

“Well...I don’t usually fuck, but the other two are great!” he said as eager as a puppy (if a puppy could talk, that is.)

“Okay, then close the door. I don’t like giving ‘performances’ - do you?” I asked.

“No!” he said as he quickly closed and locked the door to my room.

There are some guys who like to be exhibitionists and leave the door open. Sometimes I can get into that. I love having an audience when some guy is pounding my butt with his cock. But too often people you don’t want try to insinuate themselves into the situation rather than just watching so, for the most part, I like my sex with the door closed and no audience.

I pulled on my kneepads. (Kneepads??!! I hear you say. Yes, kneepads. Soft, fabric covered foam kneepads often used to play basketball. The floors are hard and I’m on my knees for long periods of times sometimes so I want to be comfortable! Sex shouldn’t hurt! To my mind, if sex hurts - you’re doing it wrong!) He watches me pull them on and then I get down on my knees in front of him, pull off his towel (which is all he’s wearing) and take his soft cock in my mouth. I love getting a man hard in my mouth. I love to see how quickly I can take him from soft to fully hard with the actions of my mouth and tongue. I also love to hear the first moans of pleasure as the blood flows into his cock and it becomes more and more sensitive.

He starts groaning and running his hands all over my head, my chest, my back--anywhere he can reach. I love this! (A word to any of you - show your appreciation to the guy sucking your cock physically! Touch him, caress him. You’ll be shocked at the quality of oral sex you’ll get in return!) I’m touching him everywhere as well. Stroking his balls, running my hands over his butt, down the back of his legs, his inner thighs, and up to his chest and nipples - as far as my arms and hands can reach.

He’s leaning over me finally and feeling in my butt-crack which I eagerly stick out for him. Maybe he’s had second thoughts about fucking me? He also reaches down and plays with my cock. This is getting very interesting. He wants “mutuality” in his sex. Well, that’s just fine with me. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and turn him with my hands on his hip. I lick a trail around his body from his groin, across his hips and over his beautiful butt mound until my nose is in his ass-crack. Mmmm. The scent of warm, young, horny male ass! There is nothing better! I part his buns and bury my face in his butt. He’s about to find out just why they call me RimPig!

I drag my tongue through his trench tasting him. He’s had a shower sometime recently but the nervousness has cause lots of sweat and the horniness has caused that wonderful scent and taste that the sweat glands in the ass can manufacture. I am a total pig where these scents and tastes are concerned. I could happily suck on this boy’s butt for the next millennium. He crawls slowly up onto the bed, not wanting me to lose contact with his wrinkled pucker but wanting to get into a position that give me even more access to his butt. I continue to lick and gently suck at his hole and he moans long and loud at the action. I feel him playing with his cock and move my hand under him, pushing his hand away with my own. I don’t want him cumming too soon! I want this to last. I slowly stroke his cock and balls while I continue to feast at his hole and he continues to moan and move his ass back and forth, sometimes not being able to take the intensity of the feelings I’m creating in him. His hole is a very tight. If he’s ever been fucked, it wasn’t often and it wasn’t recently. I can barely insert the tip of my tongue inside him, no matter how hard I suck on his hole or lick against it with the flat of my raspy tongue.

After a while, I pull my face out of his ass. He turns and slides down off the bed onto the floor. The next thing I know, his mouth is at my ass and he’s licking just the very top of my crack. I can tell he’s into the scent of ass as well because he licks tentatively and then takes a deep breath, his nose pressed to my crack, and then licks again. I bend down to give him fuller access and feel him licking deeper into my trench. He finally finds my hole and begins to very gently lick it. Ahh! Another Ass Lover! Just my kind of guy!

Now, I have to admit, I don’t usually like guys to rim me. Not because I don’t like to be rimmed, but because most of them are no damned good at it! But this boy’s gently licking of the lips of my ass is driving me fucking nuts! I look back and there he is, laid out on the floor on his back, pounding his pud while his face and tongue are buried in my butt. It is one of the hottest sights I’ve seen in a very long time. I don’t want him to stop, but I don’t want him to cum yet, either.

“There is a bed, you know. We’d be a lot more comfortable up there.” I say to him.

He pulls his head from under my ass, kind of like a mechanic sliding out from under a car. “Well, you started out down here.” he grins.

“That was because I like to suck a guy on my knees. We can get on the bed now.” I smiled back. Fitting actions to words, I got onto the bed and lay down on my stomach, spreading my legs so he can go back to licking my butt. He does for a short time but then rises up and over me and begins to fuck his hard cock between the cheeks of my butt, rubbing it up and down the trench. This reminds me of my teen years in Military School where this was the way guys would fuck me. It felt incredibly good! His cock just brushed the lips of my hole and I tingled from the feelings. He would fuck me for a while this way, and then drop back and lick my ass some more. He went back and forth this way for a long time and then finally I could hear from his breathing and his moans, that he was close to climax.

“Can I cum on you?” he asked.

How sweet! Asking permission! Especially asking permission for something I want! “Of course you can. You can cum on me or in me, your choice.” I said tenderly.

Evidently there was no choice for, no more had I said this, and I heard the plaintive grunts as he reached his climax and felt streams of hot cum fall in stripes across my back, clear to my shoulder. By the time he finished, my entire back and butt were covered with the warm, slick essence of his manhood.

He sat back on his heels and then grabbed his towel. “Lemme clean you up.” he said softly and then very gently wiped all his cum from my body.

I turned and smiled at him. “So, what’s your name?” I asked.

“Eric.” he said. “Yours?”

“Bobby.” I said. “So, you from here?”

We get a lot of tourists in Fort Lauderdale this time of year so I thought he might be one of those. From someplace where they didn’t have bath houses. Sorry! I could NEVER live somewhere like that!

“I’m from here, Lauderdale.” he smiled, knowing what I was asking.

“Do you come here a lot?” I asked.

He smiled sheepishly at me. “I’ve never been here before--never been to a bath before. Some of the ‘protocol’ is confusing” he said.

I explained to him the positions that guys lay in and what they usually mean. I also told him that I come there a lot but that I’m always there on Saturdays.

“Saturdays, huh? Always?” he asked.

“Always. Unless I’m out of town which isn’t often.” I told him.

“You’ll be here next week?” he asked.

“As usual.” I smiled.

“I’ll be here.” he said emphatically. He then paid me the highest compliment one male can pay another.

“I’m gonna go now. I know I can’t top being with you so I’m gonna go home.” he said earnestly.

“Thank you.” I said. “I really loved being with you. So I did give you pleasure, like I said I wanted to?” I smiled.

“Oh, YEAH!” he enthused and grinned.

I got up off the bed and we hugged. And then he put on his towel and left. I sat on the bed thinking to myself how nice it had been and, even though I had not gotten off, how satisfying it was to give this young male such pleasure; and how maybe I ought to write this encounter for all of you to share.

Some people have asked me “Why do you like the baths so much?” Next question!

The End of

If you liked the story, write me at rimpigfl@yahoo.com I always like to hear from my readers.

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