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Carolina Rest Stop

By rimpig

submitted September 7, 2004

Categories: Fetish, Sex On The Road, Straight Men, Gay Sex, True Stories

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by RimPig ¨ 2003

It was late, around midnight. My friend Anne and I had been to the antique shows in Brimfield, MA and had come down through New York City to Washington, D.C. to go to the Smithsonian. It was also my one and only experience with “The Wall”. I never wanted to go back again. The way that it affected me emotionally was something I didn’t want to experience again.

We started driving back to Florida but we were going to make a stop in Buckhead, the wealthy suburb of Atlanta. There was a dealer there who not only liked Anne but who liked her merchandise. Anne sold mostly antique jewelry. She specialized in Victorian which was a very popular period in those days. Still is, actually.

We had decided to drive straight through to Atlanta but had gotten a late start out of D.C. so here we were, on some God-forsaken state road in either North or South Carolina (at that time of night, who the fuck can tell which!). I was driving and Anne was asleep in the passenger seat. I should explain, Anne and I are like brother and sister. We’ve been friends forever and she knows all about my lifestyle and my many sexual encounters. One of the things I love about Anne is that nothing phases her and she never criticizes anyone about anything. She is one of the most nonjudgmental people I know.

At any rate, here we were on this lonely, dark state road and I had to piss! I mean really bad! I hadn’t seen anything like a gas station for hours and, as far as I knew, there were no ‘rest stops’ on this road. I was seriously beginning to look for just somewhere to pull over when suddenly a sign appeared saying that there was a rest stop up ahead - 2 miles. I was thrilled! My foot hit the accelerator and we flew that last 2 miles. When I got there, it was nothing but a cleared out area with parking. The sign at the entrance said, ‘No Facilities’. Well, luckily, I’m a boy! I don’t need ‘facilities’ to piss! All I needed were some bushes or woods.

Well...woods this place had! Lots of woods surrounding it, and no lights so that all there was to see by was star and moonlight and I don’t remember there being a moon that night. As I pulled the car to a stop in the parking lot, Anne sort of came to and looked at me. “I’ve got to go piss. I won’t be long. The doors are locked so you’ll be okay.” I said.

She vaguely nodded, still half asleep, turned her body the other way in the seat and went back to sleep. I headed towards the row of trees that started the woods beyond the parking lot. I did notice that ours was the only car in the lot. All the rest of the lot was filled with trucks. And I do mean Trucks! Big Rigs! 18-Wheelers! Now, I’d had plenty of experience with truckers in my life. Maybe one day I should start writing the stories about a truck stop on I-75 south of Cincinnati that I used to literally spend the weekend at sometimes, sucking trucker cock and getting fucked in the sleepers of those Big Rigs. But that’s another story.

As I got closer to the line of trees, I noticed that there were definite paths leading through the underbrush--paths that were well-worn and seemed to have been there for a very long time. I began to wonder if this was one of those rest-stops I’d heard about but had never seen - the one’s where a lot of male/male sex went on almost all the time. I took the first path I came to, heading back into the woods.

As soon as I cleared the trees and was in the woods, I quickly pulled out my cock and took a long, long piss almost groaning at the relief it gave my aching bladder. I had to laugh to myself as I stood there, my cock hanging out of my very short cut-off jeans and pissing free (no hands). ‘If only there was a piss freak around when you need one! Somebody could really get a shower from all this!’ I thought to myself as I stood there relieving myself into the undergrowth.

Finally, I was finished relieving myself and I put my cock back in my shorts (I was, as usual, cammo) and zipped up. I decided that, rather than go back to the car and leave; I’d head a little further along the path into the woods and check things out. I figured it would only take a few minutes to figure out whether or not there was any potential for sex or not.

I followed the path and it led, over a slight rise, down into a hollow. There I saw a number of men, obviously the inhabitants of all those 18-wheelers in the parking lot. They were either standing, leaning against the trees or slowly walking around. Well! I didn’t need a tree-branch to hit me on the head! I recognized what this was and what they were doing there. It would seem that what they were all waiting for was...me! They all wanted a blow job (at the very least) but none of them seemed inclined to give one. I was more than happy to offer my services as a premier cocksucker!

I walked up to the nearest one. He was tall and slim. He was wearing the trucker ‘uniform’ – cowboy boots, blue jeans, a plaid flannel shirt and a baseball cap. He looked to be in his mid-30's and I could see the bulge in his jeans which told that he was very ‘hot-to-trot’. We didn’t say a word, as is common in these encounters. What words were necessary? He knew what he wanted, I knew what he wanted and I was willing to give it to him! His hand dropped to his crotch and he slowly stroked the outside of his jeans where his hardon was jutting out. I immediately dropped to my knees, letting him know I was more than willing to service him. That’s all it took.

He stepped closer, pushing his crotch of his jeans and his hard cock in my face. I was immediately inundated with the heavy scents of sweat, man-musk and diesel fuel - a mixture finer than any ‘cologne’ ever made! Bottle that scent and you would make millions selling it to cocksuckers like me everywhere!

I pushed my face into his crotch, breathing my warm breath into him and gently biting on his cloth-covered cock. He moaned softly and I quickly undid his belt, popped the top button on his jeans and slid the zipper down. His cock was wrapped in a very well-worn jock--a jock that had obviously seen better days and had hardly, if ever, seen a washing machine. It was the source of more of the sublime male odors! A strong source of those wonderful smells of musk, sweat and just a dash of dried piss! I eagerly began sniffing, licking and sucking on it.

He reached down and pressed my face deeper into his fragrant jock pouch, grinding his hips at the same time he was moaning at the feel of my mouth on his mesh-covered cock. I quickly reached up and pulled down the waistband of the jock, freeing his hard, uncut cock and sliding the jock down around his ankles where his jeans now resided. His cock was about 7 inches long and thick - a very nice mouthful. It was leaking cock-snot which was tasty - strong and salty.

I put my mouth to the head of his cock, sucking his foreskin into my mouth and using my tongue to slide into the hood between his foreskin and his cockhead, licking up all the wonderful cock-honey that I found there. I then used my hand to slide his hood completely back so I could check for my favorite treat - cheese!

Well, this boy must have been born in Wisconsin! There was a wonderful buildup of smegma which immediately released all it’s very male, very pungent scent into the night air! At least the guy didn’t apologize for his cock being in this natural, unwashed state as so many I found did! I immediately started to clean his cock of all the smegma I could find, moaning in my throat as the pungency of it burst on my eager tongue. I let him know how much I appreciated this meal of maleness as I licked and licked until there was no more smegma to be had.

I than slowly began to sink his cock deeper and deeper into my sucking mouth, tonguing the underside of his manmeat as I did so. He put his hand behind my head and began to actively fuck my mouth, giving me the thrill of watching his hips and groin pumping into my face like it was a cunt or an ass! I love when men forcefully fuck my face - almost as much as when they pound my very hungry ass!

In my peripheral vision, I could see that we had begun to draw a crowd. The other truckers were standing around, some openly displaying their hard cocks thought the fly on their jeans - some even stroking themselves, as they watched me service this trucker’s cock. I knew what they wanted. They wanted me to service them when I was done with this first trucker and I was more than happy to do so. To let them know that I was available to service them, I reached out and took hold of the closest naked cock and began slowly stroking it. I heard another moan come from this guy as I did so. I figured that I was not going to leave these woods hungry.

The young trucker I was doing was quickly reaching his climax. I didn’t figure he would be able to hold out long, and I was right. I knew with his horniness and my technique, he’d be shooting his hot load of spooge down my throat in no time. He grunted a couple of time and his cock delivered about five or six good volleys of thick, salty man-juice which I swallowed gratefully.

Once he came, he quickly pulled up his jeans, shoved his cock back in his jock and walked off. The trucker who’s cock I’d been stroking quickly took his place. He quickly dropped his jeans (he wasn’t wearing underwear) and shoved his six inch cut cock in my mouth. The smell of his crotch was delicious! One thing I loved about truckers! They always smell like men! No fucking colognes or deodorants among this crowd. If you don’t like your males ‘natural’ stick to those perfumed boys you find in gay bars - don’t go after truckers!

This one was in his mid-to-late 40's with somewhat a beer gut on him. I didn’t mind. He had a hard cock - that’s all that mattered to this hungry little pig. The problem was, they’d all been evidently waiting out here for a while for an eager cocksucker like me to show up because they all shot rather quickly. I had lots of cum in my belly and lots of man-stink up my nose but it was all over rather quickly and I didn’t get off once! Before I could, they’d cum and it was on to the next one.

I knelt there long enough to do the five or six of them that were around me. None of them were all that memorable. None of them had a dick longer than eight inches and, while they tended to be thick, none of them were really any kind of a challenge for me. More importantly, except for a few of them grabbing my head and fucking my face, none of them did anything to me. None of them played with my tits or stroked my head or shoulders. All in all, it was not very satisfying.

They’d all left to go back to their trucks, leaving me kneeling there. I started to get up when, from the covers of the trees, another trucker came. I learned later he’d watched me service all of these guys. He walked over to me and offered me his hand to get up. Did I say hand? Paw was more like it! Huge! And, as I looked up, I realized it fit him perfectly! He was a huge man! He was at least 6'4" - 6'6" tall, shoulders as broad as a mountain range, a huge barrel chest, thick arms and a somewhat thick middle. He had black hair and a full, neatly trimmed beard and moustache. He looked to be in his late 40's - early 50's, a real ‘Daddy’ type! He was dressed as the others - brown very worn and scuffed cowboy boots, jeans, a green plaid flannel shirt and a green John Deere baseball cap.

He helped me up and as I rose, I began to catch the strong scent of him. A very male, very intoxicating scent! I stood there looking up at him (he was at least a foot taller than I was!). He looked down at me and then in this deep voice he quietly spoke. “Did you have enough? Are you worn out?” he asked, his eyes dancing in merriment.

“Fuck no! I’m just getting started!” I grinned.

“You into anything besides suckin’ cock?” he asked.

“Oh, fuck yeah! I love to eat butt, get fucked, even like gettin’ pissed on or in when the mood hits me.” I told him.

“Well, I ain’t into pissin’ but I sure love to have my cock sucked and my butt eaten. And I love to fuck but most guys are too tight for me. I like it loose.” he said.

“I can give you whatever you want. I’ve got good muscle control!” I assured him.

“It would be more comfortable in my sleeper.” he said.

“Lead the way!” I grinned at him.

He led me to a huge, black Kenworth opening the passenger door and climbing into the sleeper with me following. He turned on the lights and dimmed them somewhat. There was a small refrigerator and a TV/VCR combination back there along with a rather large bed. He offered me a beer, which I declined because I don’t drink alcohol. He said he needed one and hoped I didn’t mind. I said that I didn’t. He offered to put some porno on the VCR but again I declined.

“I don’t need it and I hope I’m good enough that you won’t either.” I smiled at him.

“Hot damn, boy! You are a hot one!” he laughed.

I helped him off with his boots and then began unbuttoning his shirt. He was one hairy motherfucker! Thick hair that went all the way to the bottom of his neck and covered his chest and belly. I pushed my nose into his chest hair, taking deep noisy breaths of his intense man-scent.

“I ain’t had a chance to shower in a few days. With just me in ridin’ in the cab, I don’t much mind my stink.” he said in a half-assed apology.

“Thank God!” I grinned up at him. “I love the way you smell! You smell like a real man! I hate fuckin’ cologne and deodorant! Hate to have a man smelling like one of Yves St.Laurent’s farts!”

He laughed at this and I continued to undress him. I got his shirt off and noticed that the hair was everywhere--on his back, on his arms and disappearing below his belt. I attacked his pants next, unbuckling a large oval belt buckle with a cowboy riding a bucking bronco on it. Around the outside of the oval, it stated that it was a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association) buckle. I looked up at him. “Did you ride rodeo?” I asked, awed to be in the presence of one of my heros (other than a Marine that is!).

“Yeah. Used to, when I was young. I won that down in Amarillo a long time ago.” he said bashfully.

“Holy fuck! A real rodeo cowboy! You have no idea how much I look up to you guys!” I said.

“You go to Rodeos?” he asked.

“Sure do! I come from Ft. Lauderdale. We have a rodeo arena out in Davie which has PRCA sanctioned events.” I said. “I’ve also been to the ones held in Madison Square Gardens in New York.”

“I never rode down in Florida but I did go to New York City twice. Didn’t win there, though.” he said. “What’s your favorite event?”

“The one that’s on your buckle there - bronc riding!” I said.

“You don’t like bull riding like everybody else these days?” he asked.

“Nope. I love horses. Grew up around them. Nothin’ to me is more beautiful than a cowboy on a horse!” I said honestly.

“Well, little buddy, seems we got something in common then! I don’t feel really comfortable anyplace but sittin’ in this rig or sittin’ on a horse.” he grinned.

“It would have been a pleasure for me to do anything that you wanted. Now, it’s an honor!” I said.

He grinned. “Well, we ain’t gonna do nothin’ ‘til you get them pants off me!” he said.

I quickly undid the belt buckle and popped the top button of his jeans. I leaned forward and grasped the tongue of the zipper in my teeth and pulled it down. I don’t know why, but guys seem to find this stimulating, watching a guy (or girl) pull down their zipper with their teeth. I guess it reminds them of what’s coming or something.

As his zipper parted, the smell of his warm crotch really was released and I started breathing deeply of his manly odor again. I pulled his jeans down and off, him lifting his butt to help, and then pulled off his socks as well. This left him in nothing but a well-worn jockstrap which was obviously unwashed for a long time. You could tell by both sight and smell! But I wasn’t about to start things in the middle!

“Ain’tcha gonna take your clothes off?” he asked.

“Sure. I didn’t know if you wanted me to.” I said. Some guys are funny about that. They’ll get naked and let you do them, but don’t want you to.

“Can’t very well fuck your butt with them little ‘Daisy Dukes’ on!” he smiled.

I quickly pulled off my t-shirt, slipped off my sandals and pulled down my cut-offs and was naked.

“Well, you really are ready, ain’tcha?!” he laughed looking down at my hard cock. “I ain’t never seen anybody strip that fast in my life!”

“Hey! Why waste time?!” I grinned at him.

He was laid out on the bunk with his hands behind his head, displaying his wonderful hairy body to me. I immediately buried my nose in his very hairy pit, breathing deep of all the sweat and musk I found there. I knew he could hear me snortin’ his scent.

“You really do like mansmells, don’tcha?” he grinned.

“Oh, fuck yeah! And yours are about the best I’ve smelled in a long, long time!” I answered.

“Well, then glad I could oblige! Have all you want!” he grinned again.

I buried my nose back in his pit but just smelling him wasn’t getting it! My tongue slithered out and I began to lick and suck on all the fur in his pits, getting a great taste of his salty sweat in my mouth. As I licked deeper, his musk began to fill my mouth as well and I moaned at the taste. He was moaning softly as well, a deep sound that seemed to come from way down inside his massive chest. I soon had his one pit soaked with my saliva and was about to move to the other one when he spoke again.

“Why don’t you reach over and hand me another beer, li’l buddy, before you go chompin’ on the other one?” he asked.

“Sure!” I said and reached over in the little refrigerator and popped the top on another Bud for him. I handed him the beer and then moved across his chest to get my face in his other pit.

“I ain’t gonna need now shower by the time you get done!” he laughed.

I smiled to myself. Sounded good to me! I would have a great time dragging my tongue over every fucking inch of this man’s body! I’d soaked his other pit and now moved down to his chest. I had a hard time at first finding his nipples in all his hair but I sure had fun hunting them down! I love men with hairy chests. I love men with smooth chests. I love men! Period! Just so long as I can smell their natural scent!

I found his nips and began sucking and nibbling on them. His big paw came down and grabbed my head (literally almost my whole head!). He held me to his nipple like I was nursing and I started to get those feelings deep inside that I always get when I’m shown any kind of affection by an older, ‘Daddy’ type. I didn’t get any affection from my father growing up and have found what I need with older men. I instantly started fantasizing that this was my Dad and I was his boy. I guess him calling me ‘boy’ earlier had started it, even though I was probably only 10 - 15 years younger than he was at the time. That didn’t matter. It was the image of him, and it was the way he related to me. He seemed to get into me being his ‘boy’ as well. After all, I was so much smaller compared to him.

“Yeah! Fuckin’ suck on those tits, boy!” he groaned as he held my face to his chest.

“Mmm!” I groaned, my teeth worrying his nipple.

He let me suck on that one for a while and then let go of my head. “Need another beer.” he said, beginning to reach over to the refrigerator.

“I’ll get it!” I said and quickly jumped up and got another can, popping the top for him. “You gonna be able to drive after all these?”

“I’m stopped for the night. I don’t need to be back on the rode before mornin’.” he informed me.

“Okay, I just don’t want something happening to a man as nice as you are.” I said quietly.

He looked at me funny, like he was trying to decide whether I meant that or not. I guess the way I looked at him told him I did. “Thanks, boy. You’re a damned nice little feller, yourself.” he smiled at me.

Now it was my turn to wonder. Was that statement meant to be completed by “...for a cocksucker.” Or not? He didn’t seem to be one of those. In fact, he seemed like this was something that he did on a regular basis, considering what he told me that he likes to do. I decided, as gentle as he’d been so far, to take the statement at face value. I smiled back at him and lay down beside him, taking his other tit into my mouth and starting to suck on it. “You must be one fuckin’ good cocksucker, the way you suck on my tits!” he said.

I grinned at him. “And sucking cocks not even what I’m best at!” I said.

“What is?” he asked.

“Well...if a guy likes it done, most of them say that I’m the best ass-eater they’ve ever had sucking on their hole, other guys, love fucking my ass. And I haven’t met very many men who don’t like my blowjobs. So I guess you’ll have to experience all of them and decide for yourself what I’m best at!” I grinned.

“I guess I’ll just have to at that!” he grinned back. “Because I surely do love to have my cock sucked, my ass eaten and I love to fuck a nice butt!”

He’d said earlier that he didn’t get into pissing, but the way he was downing those beers, I had a feeling that I could talk him into letting me drink straight from his spout! We’d just have to see! “Can you cum more than once?” I asked.

“Buddy, as backed up as my balls are right now, I surely could cum more than once!” he laughed. “I ain’t had nobody swing on my cock in a couple weeks now!”

“Why not? Great looking guy like you should have girls and guys hanging all over him!” I said.

“Well...’ya see, I’m kinda choosy. I don’t want just anybody swingin’ on my meat. I watched you for a while tonight. You weren’t just good; you seemed to really love what you was doin’. That’s the kind of guy I want.” he said.

“Well, then you hit the motherload, cowboy! Because I sure love making love to a man’s body that looks like yours. But what I love best, is a guy who’s nice and who appreciates everything I’m willing to do for him.” I said.

“Well, I do appreciate all you’ve done so far. Can you cum more than once?” he asked.

“I can usually cum at least three times. My ex-lover used to call me ‘the Rabbit’!” I grinned and he laughed. “Plus, it’s been a couple of days since I was able to be with another guy.”

“Then I think we ought to get started on lettin’ loose of some of this cum in our balls, whatcha say?” he grinned.

“I’m all for that, cowboy!” I laughed and moved down to the foot of the bed.

“Whatcha doin’?” he asked.

“Just wait. You’ll see.” I said.

I took one of his bare feet into my hands and began to gently lick up and down the sole of it. He immediately started groaning at the feelin’.

“Ahh! Fuck! Ain’t had nobody lick my feet in a coon’s age!” he moaned.

I just kept right on licking, up to his toes where I shoved my tongue between each of them and gently sucked on each one. Then I tried to suck them all in my mouth, but his foot was much too broad for me to get all of them in! As big as he was, I figured he must wear a size 13 or 14 boot! But that didn’t stop me. I just did three at a time. (No! He didn’t have 6 toes! I did the middle one both times!). I then switched to his other foot and performed the same service.

Leaving his feet, I began to lick up his legs. When I got close to his crotch, I looked at him. “You want me to suck you off before I eat your butt, or after?” I smiled.

“Boy, you got me so fuckin’ turned on, I need to unload now! If you eat my butt, I’m just gonna shoot this load all over the fuckin’ bed!” he moaned.

“Can’t waste good cum like that!” I grinned and moved up and began licking at his very fragrant and sweaty balls.

Well, at his very sweaty and fragrant ball hair! I licked his balls for five minutes before my tongue ever got close to his skin! This guy was a real ‘Bear Daddy’! I loved the challenge though! I had him moaning and carrying on very quickly.

“Ahh, fuck! Yeah, boy! Suck my nuts!” he moaned.

I tried to take his nuts into my mouth but they were just too big for me to handle! Instead, I sucked one at a time and gently nibbled on his ball-sack as well. This really got him going and I figured I better get on his cock before I was licking up cum out of the hair on his chest.

I haven’t mentioned his cock yet. At first glance, I’d figured it for seven or eight thick inches of uncut man-meat. However, looks can be deceiving! When I actually got up close to it, I realized that it looked that way because of the size of his body! This was a BIG man - not fat, in fact everything about him was tight! That cock was at least 10" and a hell of a lot thicker than I thought at first! It was drooling cock-snot all over his abs and I immediately pulled it up and began to lick up the pool of glistening honey that had pooled into his belly-button. Oh, fuck! This man’s pre-cum was the reason some people called it cock-honey! I don’t know what the fuck he ate, but this was about the sweetest pre-cum I’d ever tasted! I thanked God for making him a ‘leaker’ because that meant there was just that much more for me to scarf down! I licked inside his hood, holding his cock upright in my hand and then sucked his foreskin into my mouth and began to gently nibble on it. He moaned at my efforts.

“Fuck, boy! You sure do know how to handle a man’s skin! Ain’t a lot of cut guys who know how!” he moaned watching me service his cock.

I looked at him grinning. “That’s because I love a natural cock as much as I love a natural man.” I said and then went back to nibbling on the little rosebud of wrinkled skin that I’d gathered over his cockhead. But I didn’t do this for long. Since I already knew he hadn’t had a shower in a while, I prayed that he would have a lot of smegma for me to smell and taste under that delicate skin of his hood. And my prayers were answered! I pulled down the hood of his cock and the aroma of smegma immediately filled the cabin of his sleeper! I was in man-heaven!

“You love uncut and man smells, boy, you gotta love that!” he grinned.

“Oh, fuck! Do I!” I cried. I had hit the motherload of head-cheese! Thick and creamy, the scent enough to drive me half out of my mind! I didn’t know what to do first! Smell it or eat it! Well...that was stupid! If I ate it, it wouldn’t be there to smell! And GOD! What a smell! My nose was filled with the maleness, the raunchiness of it! I drew the scent deep into my lungs and exhaled in a long moan!

“Ahh! FUCK!” I moaned as I drew in another deep breath of the rank maleness of his cock!

That was enough! I had to taste it! My tongue brushed against the creamy smegma and the rich, pungent taste burst on my tongue! Oh, fuck! It tasted good! I couldn’t stop myself. I licked and licked and licked, gathering it all into my hungry mouth! I wanted all of it! What a greedy little pig I am! But I don’t care! I gotta have it all before somebody takes it away from me! Who the fuck would do that, I didn’t know until I saw a finger come between me and a load of the rank treat. It was my Cowboy Trucker, gathering a load of his own cheese on his finger. I thought he was going to enjoy it himself, but instead, he held it to my lips and I looked at him. He was grinning, offering me this wonderful treat from his own body! I smiled and opened my mouth. He stuck his finger in my mouth and I sucked the smegma from his finger.

“Oh, fuck, boy! I wanna feel that mouth suckin’ on my cock!” he said as I continued to suck and lick at his finger, just as if it was a cock. He pulled his finger from my sucking mouth and I turned my head and went down on his beautiful cock. He groaned as I took more and more of him into my mouth and gently licked and sucked at the mass of man-meat that was sliding into my mouth. God! Did it taste good! I could taste his sweat and just a hint of piss as I worked his cock in my mouth, listening to him moan as I did.

“Oh, fuck, boy! You can suck cock! Fuck! Yeah! Eat me! Suck my cock!” he moaned and I smiled at him around his cock. Yeah! I could suck cock! I could suck cock good! I knew it. Too many guys had moaned this as I worked on them for me not to know it. But it always thrilled me to hear it - especially when it was a guy that turned me on as much as this one did!

I moved my mouth, up and down his cock, taking more and more of it each time I went down on him. He continued to moan as I began to move faster and faster. I knew he was close, but I knew he wanted to cum. And I wanted to taste his cum! His cock kept getting harder and harder as I sucked and I knew he was almost there. I figured that I could send him over the edge by grabbing his nuts and squeezing gently on them.

“AHH! FUCK!!!” he screamed and his cock started pumping man juice into my mouth at an amazing rate!

I swallowed and swallowed and I still couldn’t handle all of it! It started spurting out of the corners of my mouth as his cock unleashed more and more into my sucking maw! He must have really been holding back this load because I don’t remember having a guy ever cum this much! Finally, his load began to lessen and I swallowed the last of it. But I wasn’t finished. I immediately started sucking through his pubic hair, gathering up all the cum that had leaked from my mouth. When I had licked up every bit that I could retrieve from his hair, I grinned up at him.

“You are fuckin’ amazin’, boy! I don’t remember ever havin’ my cock sucked that good!” he panted at me. “But you didn’t cum!”

“That’s okay. I guarantee I’ll cum when I eat your butt.” I smiled at him.

“Hot Damn! Boy! You just got my nut! I gotta have me another beer before you eat my ass!” he laughed.

I went over to the fridge and grabbed another Bud for him, popping the top like all the others. He took the can and tipped it back, swallowing about half of it before pulling it from his lips. Then he belched loud and long, grinning sheepishly at me afterwards. I just laughed. “So, what’s your name?” I asked. “I want to be able to scream it when I cum while you’re fucking me.”

He laughed at this. “You are a hoot! You know that?” he laughed. “My name’s Buck. Well, that’s what everybody calls me. Have since I was a kid.”

“Well that’s interesting! You’re named Buck, I just gave you head and I’m heading for Buckhead!” I laughed.

Buck laughed too. “That’s outside Atlanta, ain’t it?” he asked.

“Yeah.--a suburb of it. I’ve never been there.” I said.

“So how’d you get started doin’ guys?” he asked.

“I was in Military School. I was 14 and got the chance to finally get my hands on some cock for the first time in my life. I knew I was turned onto guys when I was like 3 or 4.” I said.

“That young?! Jesus!” he exclaimed.

“I didn’t know what I wanted them to do to me but I wanted to be close to them. I knew I wanted a guy to hold me. I wasn’t very close to my father. He was mentally ill so I never really got any affection from him. I guess that was part of it.” I said. “How’d you get started?”

“I got started young. Probably about 10 or so. Jackin’ off with other kids. You know, just messin’ around. In high school, I had this friend who was gay. I learned that guys give a lot better blowjobs than girls do. I also learned about ass fuckin’ from him.” he said.

“What about on the rodeo circuit. Ever get together with any of the other cowboys?” I asked.

“I did, a couple of times but there weren’t many that would admit that they like dick. Now, there was always ‘fans’ that would take care of you if you wanted. Girls, guys - it didn’t matter.” he said.

“I notice you don’t have a wedding ring on. Did you ever marry?” I asked.

“Nah! I don’t like bein’ tied down. I like bein’ free to do what I want.” he said.

I noticed that he’d finished his beer and his cock was plumping up again. “You ready to have your ass eaten better than it’s ever been eaten before?” I smiled at him.

He grinned. “That’s quite a claim, boy! I sure want to see you live up to it!” he said. “How do you want me?”

“Well, my favorite way to eat butt is a guy sitting on my face, but I don’t think I can take that with you because you’re so big! Can you lie across the bed on your back and pull your legs back? I can get at your hole easiest that way and you can watch while it suck your butt!” I said.

“Sure! I can do that!” he said, moving around on the bed.

I wondered at first if he could, if the bed would be wide enough, but he did it! Better yet, his butt was hanging off the bed, giving me even better access. I got down on the floor of the sleeper and brought my nose to his hair-filled trench. He had, without doubt, the hairiest ass I’d ever seen! I knew that I was in for some ‘hair burn’ on my tongue but I didn’t give a damn! It was worth it to suck on this butt!

Buck had no more laid back and pulled his legs back than the scent of his butt started to fill the space in the sleeper. It was a heady smell, my favorite of all - hot male butt! I couldn’t get enough of it! I’ve been snorting guys’ butts since I was 14 and I never, ever grew tired of it! And this was an ass of monumental proportions! My nose began the trip up and down his trench. It was a long trip but one filled with the best in ass-scent that any man had ever offered me. I breathed deep of the rich, dark odor as my nose brushed against the hairs of his butt.

One of the things that I love about a hairy butt is that the hair seems to trap the scent, holding it longer. I knew, however, that I was really going to have my work cut out for me, licking Buck’s ass. Trying to get through that forest of sweaty, fragrant hair so that I could get to his hole! But I was certainly looking forward to the effort.

I decided that I would take my time. My cock was in my hand and I was lazily stroking it while I gathered in all the butt scent from his trench. I must have had a very satisfied look on my face because I suddenly heard Buck’s voice cutting into my reverie.

“You really do like the smell of a guy’s butt, don’tcha?” he said.

“Oh, fuck yeah! I love it!” I enthused.

“Well, you just get all you want.” he said.

I took him at his word and reached up and pulled his butt cheeks apart while I buried my nose as deep in his trench as I could get it. The dark, moist, rich aroma of sweat, musk and ass-juice made for the most wonderful mixture of scents that I drank in a deeply as I could moving my nose up and down his trench. But sniffing his butt was not enough! My tongue was demanding equal time! I pulled apart the hair and could finally see his winking dark, rose-colored hole. The wrinkly skin that I loved so much to taste and smooth out with my tongue! When the most secret and private place on a man’s body, exposed to my senses was always, to me, a moment of revelation. No two holes are alike. Each has its own unique configuration. Some are almost perfectly round, some are longer ovals and the opening is more like a slit. Some are puffy--especially after being fucked - a type of butt I especially love! Love to suck out another guy’s load from a just-fucked ass! Some are almost smooth. But no matter what they look like, they all eat really good!

I began licking lightly at his hole--just barely touching it, still smelling all of the sweaty musk that his ass-hair trapped. I love being able to eat a guy’s ass and still smell it while I’m eating. It makes for an overwhelming ‘doubled’ experience. Buck grunted at my initial tasting. His ass was definitely musky - not dirty but with the build up of sweat and ass juice which I love so much. I couldn’t hold myself back. My tongue just started moving on its own, up and down his trench, circling around his hole. Buck had one of those large holes - not from being fucked, I didn’t think, but just from being a big man. There was a lot of area for my tongue to cover and, as I licked deeper into the wrinkles of his hole, Buck began to really get into having his butt licked, pushing back at my face to get my tongue in deeper and moaning.

“Fuck! Eat my fuckin’ butt! Shove that fuckin’ tongue up that hole! Eat my ass!” he moaned and I proceeded to do just that.

My tongue pressed at his hole, trying to dig my way into his body. At first, his opening was as tight as a virgin. I couldn’t get anywhere inside it at all. Buck must have realized the trouble I was having and pushed down hard on his butt muscles to force his hole open. That’s all I needed! That hole blossomed open and my tongue was digging its way to heaven! The taste of the inside of his ass had that tang that I loved. It was hot and wet inside and my tongue was thanking me for getting it where it loved to be once again! I’ve never tired of eating guy’s asses. I hope and pray I never do! I was licking and sucking on his butt and grunting like the little pig I am as I did it. My hand was stroking my cock and sending those delightfully overwhelming feelings through my body as well. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to cum with my face in his butt.

I kept slipping my tongue in and out of his hole, which now was loose and open for my invading tongue. I was licking as deep inside his butt as I could while I was sucking on his ass lips, drawing them into my mouth. Buck was moaning and wiggling his butt, trying to get my tongue in deeper. “Oh fuck, boy! Yeah! Eat my butt! Shit! Get that fuckin’ tongue in there! Get it all the way in my ass!” Buck groaned.

I was sorry, as I have been so often, that my tongue wasn’t six inches longer! I would have loved to have given him more tongue but there was just no more to give. But I used what I had to the best of my ability, truly enjoying his hole. My hand was almost a blur on my cock as I started to go over the edge, moaning loudly into Buck’s ass. He knew what was happening and, as I buried my face in his butt, his hand came back and held my face in his ass as I came.

“Yeah, that’s it, boy! Get off on my butt! Shoot that load with your tongue in my butt!” Buck murmured as I unloaded volley after volley of cum from my cock.

I sat there, my face buried between his butt-cheeks, breathing in his butt-scent and trying to remember who I was! It was a mind-blowing orgasm and I took a few minutes to recover from it. Buck let go of my head and relaxed back on the bed, letting his legs relax on the floor as I pulled my face from his butt. I looked up at him, grinning, my face sweaty and covered with his butt-scent. I was one happy little pig and Buck knew it! He grinned back at me.

“Well...you didn’t lie. That was the best fuckin’ ass-lickin’ I’ve ever had!” he enthused.

“Thank you! You have a beautiful ass for eating!” I told him.

“Well, don’t go gettin’ no ideas! The only thing that goes up my ass is a tongue!” he laughed.

“Oh, no problem! I don’t really like to fuck. I love to get fucked.” I assured him.

“And that’s music to my ears because I surely do love to fuck boy-butt!” he grinned. “But I gotta have me another beer first.” he said.

I reached over to the refrigerator and popped the top on another Bud for him. I was wondering when he was going to need to piss and could I get any of it. I really wanted to drink this cowboy’s piss. The fact that he’d never done it before didn’t really mean much to me. He would be far from the first guy who’s been a pissing virgin before my sucking mouth drank from their spout.

Buck quickly finished his beer and then looked over at me. “Well, you ready to get your butt fucked?” he grinned.

“Yeah. But I hope you’ve got lube. I left mine in the car. I didn’t expect anything like this to happen.” I said.

“Just so happens I do! I may love fuckin’ butt, but not ‘dry’ butt!” he said.

He reached over and brought out a bottle of lube. Thank God it wasn’t Vaseline or KY! It was a good, water-based lube. Buck handed the bottle to me and then leaned back, waiting for me to lube up his cock. I lubed my butt first, using two and then three fingers to stretch myself so that I could take the thickness of his cock. Then I lubed his cock up well, making sure he was good and hard.

“How do you want me?” I asked.

“How’s it best for ya?” Buck asked.

“I like it best ‘doggie style’ so that I can jack off while you’re fucking me.” I said.

“Then that’s what you get!” Buck smiled and got up off the bed, allowing me to crawl on.

I got into position and Buck asked me to hand him the lube. I wondered why because I had already lubed him well. He got behind me and then I realized what he wanted it for. I heard him squirt some of the lube out and then I felt his lubed fingers begin playing with my hole. He slowly worked one up inside me and then two. He was using them to fuck in and out of me, getting me ready for his hard cock. I guess he did like fucking boy-butt because most trucker’s I’d been with had not wanted to play in my hole, only fuck it. Buck, however, seemed to be getting pleasure from fingering me. He finally worked three of his huge fingers up me and I knew then that I was going to have no trouble taking his thick cock.

I could hear Buck re-lubing his cock and then I felt its blunt tip at my opening. I pushed down on my ass muscles as hard as I could to relax my hole as much as possible. I didn’t know what Buck was like as a fucker. A lot of guys want to just slam their cocks right up your ass! These are usually jerks who’ve not only have never been fucked but never even talked to the guys they fuck about what the best way to enter is. Now, I know some guys like that kind of shit! Some guys like to get beat with whips, too! (NOT me!) That doesn’t mean that everyone does! And if somebody’s going to give you their butt - a VERY sensitive part of their body! You ought to at least ask how they like to take it! For me, it’s very slow and easy on entry every time! Do that and, after a few moments, you can fuck me as hard as you want!

Before I even had a chance to discuss this with Buck, he started a very slow and easy entry into my ass! Well! A guy who knows how to fuck! I hate to say this, but the best fucks I’ve ever had in my life have been from guys who mainly fuck women. They know better than to go slamming into a hole and causing pain. It could well mean they never get the chance to fuck that hole again in their lives! Buck was one of these. He’d evidently fucked a lot of women or was just a considerate man. Whichever didn’t matter, but I took his whole cock as easily as if it had been his little finger because of the gentleness of his entry.

Once he bottomed out and his balls were resting against mine, he stopped, making sure that I was used to it. After a few moments, I could feel my hole relaxing around his cock. He felt it, too, because it was at this point that he began to slowly withdraw for a few inches and then ease it back into my hole. Damn! Such a nice fuck! Too bad I was never going to see him again!

“Buck, I’m fine. Go ahead and fuck me. You can fuck me fast and hard. I won’t mind.” I murmured.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yep! I’m sure. I love havin’ a guy pound my butt!” I said. “Once he’s in my ass and I’m used to it.”

“Okay, here it comes!” he said.

At this, he drew back, almost taking his cock from my ass before slamming it all the way into my hole! Fuck! What fucking strong hips this guy had! I thought his cockhead was going to end up in my throat if flew in so hard and deep! But that’s what I’d asked for! And that’s what I love! Within a very short time, I felt that tingle in my balls that told me that I was going to get off without even having to touch my cock. Good thing, too! As hard as he was pounding my butt, I needed both of my hands planted on the bed to keep from getting knocked out by my head hitting the bulkhead of the sleeper.

Buck was slamming away in my ass but I didn’t think he could last all that long at it. After all, he was extremely turned on already by the ass-eating I gave him and, as with most guys who don’t get to fuck as rough and hard as they want to most of the time, giving him that freedom pretty well guaranteed that he wouldn’t last long. I decided to see if I could help the process along. A lot of guys love when the guy (or girl, for that matter) who they’re fucking verbally stimulates them by talking dirty.

“Oh fuck, yeah! Fuck my ass! Shove your cock up my slut-hole! Give it to me deep and hard! My ass loves that cock!” I moaned.

This seemed to work like a charm on Buck for I had no more started talking dirty to him than he began to slam my butt harder and faster. Then, his rhythm went hey-wire and I could hear him groaning. His cock began to swell in my butt and I knew he was about to cum. I was there myself and when his huge cock began to spasm in my ass, it triggered my own orgasm.

“AHH! FUCK!!!” Buck yelled out as his cock began squirting his ball-juice in my ass.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” I answered as my cock began spewing cum all over the bed beneath me.

Buck slammed my ass eight or nine more times until his balls were drained and there was cum running out of my hole and down the inside of my thighs. Fuck! This cowboy could shoot! I slowly lowered myself to the bed and Buck followed me, his cock still buried in my hole. At first he seemed reluctant to put all his weight on me.

“It’s okay, Buck” I said. “Come on. Lay down on me. I can take it.” I said softly to him.

He finally relaxed on top of me. His weight pinned me to the mattress but I felt very safe and secure with this big cowboy on top of me, his cock still buried in my butt. He put his arms around me and nuzzled my neck, licking me on my neck and shoulders. This came as a surprise! There had been no affection between us throughout this encounter and I wasn’t expecting any at all.

“Mmm! You know you could kill a man with that mouth and butt of yours?” he murmured.

“I haven’t had any die yet.” I chuckled. “Don’t you dare be the first!”

“I’ll tell you what, any man that did would die happy, that’s for damn sure!” he said quietly.

“I take it that you liked that?” I smiled to myself.

“I liked everything!” he insisted.

We lay there for a while and then Buck’s cock finally softened and my ass pushed it out. I would have loved to have lain there all night with it hard up inside me, but that was not to be. Buck’s cock no more than slipped from my butt and he rose up off me and went to the refrigerator for another beer. I got up and looked down at the cum stains all over the sheet of the bed.

“I’m sorry, looks like you’re going to have the change the sheet before you can sleep tonight.” I said.

“That’s a small price to pay for feelin’ so good.” he smiled at me as he popped the top on another Bud and swallowed half the can.

“I certainly enjoyed myself.” I told him, and I meant it.

Buck finished his beer and looked at me. “Now, I’ve really got to piss! All them beers have built up on me.” he said.

I looked at him with obvious longing in my eyes. He said he wasn’t into watersports, but I was and he knew it. I wondered if perhaps he was beginning to change his mind.

“Well, looks to me like you need somewhere to take a piss. Of course, to do it out in the woods you’d have to get dressed again.” I said.

“Uhh...you got any other ideas?” he said softly while he gave me a very intense stare.

“Yeah, I do. How about you piss in my mouth and I drink down all that recycled beer right from your big spout?” I grinned.

“You really think you can handle it all?” he asked, obviously skeptical.

“Oh, I think I can! I handled three guys one night during a keg party.” I said.

“I ain’t never done nothin’ like this before.” he said. “But I really got to go.”

“You just sit down on the bed here and I’ll sit below you. You just close your eyes, relax and let go. I’ll handle the rest.” I said.

He moved over to the bed and I sat below him. My cock was already raging hard from the excitement of getting to drink from his meaty hose.

“Hand me the lube. I want to get off again while I drink your hot piss.” I smiled up at him.

That seemed to definitely surprise him. “You get off drinkin’ guy’s piss?!” he asked.

“Not any guy! No, it has to be somebody really special for me to want to drink his piss at all and he has to have drunk a lot of beer so his piss is real weak. You fit the bill - on both counts.” I said.

He smiled at this and handed me the lube. I lubed up my cock and took his cock into my mouth. Since it was already there, I decided I might as well clean it. I loved a cock that had the taste of cum and my butt on it. I licked under his hood and down the shaft.

“Whoa! You do that and I’m gonna get hard again and won’t be able to piss!” he said.

“Just cleaning you off first.” I said, pulling his cock from my mouth for a moment.

I put his cock back in my mouth so that the head rested on my tongue and then I sat there quietly, allowing him to relax and get himself started. I was only a couple of minutes or so and I heard his voice. “It’s comin’.” he said, quietly.

A few seconds later, the first burst of his hot, sweet piss hit my mouth and I swallowed it gratefully. It was very mild, from all the beer and was decidedly on the sweet side. I sat there as his piss poured out of his fleshy spout, happily drinking down every bit of his hot manjuice while I pounded away on my cock. Drinking a guy’s piss - especially a guy like Buck, who turned me on every possible way – really gets my nuts worked up. I only hoped I could hold back cumming long enough for his bladder to empty. Buck seemed to get into it as well.

“Ahh, fuck! Yeah, that’s it! Drink my piss! I got a lot for ya! Damn! This feels really good! I wish I had you around to drink my piss while I’m rollin’ down the road!” Buck said.

I looked up and he was looking down at me, intently watching me drink his piss from his huge, thick cock while I beat my own meat. I was getting closer to cumming with each passing second when, all of a sudden, Buck’s piss flow started to slow down and I knew that there was very little left. I speeded up my stroking of my cock and before Buck’s piss subsided, was blasting another load of cum while I drank down the last of his sweet, yellow nectar! As I moaned around Buck’s pissing cock, I heard him encouraging me.

“Yeah, that’s it! Get your fuckin’s nut while you drink my piss! Get off on my piss, buddy! Damn, you are one hot little pig, ain’tcha?!” he said as I proceeded to swallow the last of his piss stream and shooting the last of my load.

I smiled up at him and grinned. His cock, still in my mouth, was now limp. I had gotten two loads out of it, one in my mouth and one in my ass and had taken his full piss load of recycled beer and I had cum three times in the process. All in all, not a bad night’s work!

“Damn! You are a wild one, boy! I ain’t never done that before!” he grinned.

“But you liked it, huh?” I grinned.

“You bet! Hope I find more guys who want to drink my piss!” he said.

“Well, I bet you always remember me for being first.” I said.

“Yeah. I will.” he smiled and reached down and ruffled my hair with his hand.

It was late, I didn’t know just how late until I looked over at a small travel clock that Buck had in the sleeper. It had been three hours since I’d stopped to take a piss. I really needed to get going and get back on the road to Atlanta.

“Well, I guess you need sleep and I need to get back on the road.” I said, letting his cock slip from my mouth. “I really enjoyed myself.”

“I did, too, buddy! I guess I won’t see you around these parts, though, huh?” he asked.

“No. I live in Fort Lauderdale. I’ve never come this way before.” I said.

“Well, you drive safe and have a good trip. It’s nice to have met ya.” he said, sticking out his huge hand.

I shook hands with him and he pulled me into a bear hug. It was so nice, his hairy, warm, sweaty body against mine and the strong scent of him in my nose! Then I put on my clothes and began to climb out of the sleeper. I smiled at him one last time and he smiled back. Then I walked back to the edge of the woods - not for anymore sex but because I had to piss myself. I stood there for several minutes emptying out all my own piss and maybe part of Buck’s, too, and then I went back to the car.

Anne was still asleep as I unlocked the door and slipped into the driver’s seat. She woke up for a moment as I turned the ignition and pulled the car out of the parking space and headed back onto the road to Atlanta.

“You have a good time?” she grinned at me.

“I had a great time!” I said, as I drove on through the dark night.

The End of

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