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Ass Used And Abused

By Smoothbottom

submitted October 27, 2004

Categories: S/M

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I am a clean-cut MWM and I like to have sex with men once in a while.

I met a gay couple on the net and told them that I wanted my mouth and ass abused and used until I begged for them to stop. After a month of waiting, I finally drove 30 miles to their house in the country. I was met at the door by a tall masculine man who was naked with an eight inch cock sticking straight out. He was hot and he told me to follow him to the basement. I watched his tight ass as I followed and my own ass twitched in anticipation.

I was given several drinks and told to get naked and into the sling hanging from the ceiling. My hands were tied to the chains. His partner walked in also naked with a very thick uncut cock dripping precum. His dick was beautiful.

I was given four hits of poppers and my ass loosened up. My head was pulled back and the uncut cock was forced into my mouth. I sucked on it with a need to swallow it entirely. I felt something being shoved up my asshole and then an electrode was lubed and inserted into my urethra. I felt an electrical current entering my body and my cock sprung up with a surge. The cock was being forced down my throat as the current was turned up. My rectum and penis was filled with a tingling sensation. It was thrilling. I was given another hit of poppers and suddenly I felt a thick dildo being forced up my asshole. It spread my cheeks open and entered. As it went in, it forced the electrode deeper up my anus and the sensation became more intense. It was becoming painful. I begged for the man to stop but instead he turned up the current. It felt like my anus and cock was being tortured by a thousand needles. The dildo was forced in and out and pushed deeper with each stroke. My throat was filled with smooth silky cock as my lover’s balls slapped my face with his inward strokes.

The torture became pleasure after taking two more hits of poppers. I even began begging for more. The dildo was pulled out of my hole and I felt Crisco being pushed into my butt. Three large gobs were forced into me and I knew what was coming next. The uncut intruder was pulled from my mouth and a string of precum stretched from it. Without warning, I felt three fingers enter my anus and then two more. My lover massaged my hole and gently went deep after pulling the electrode from my butt. His fingers spread my anus open and as he formed a fist, he shoved at the same time and his whole hand went past my sphincter and entered me. My naked body convulsed with pain. Poppers were fed to me and I was told to relax. I did my best.

My butt was throbbing but the poppers turned me into a whore. I needed more fist in me and I shoved down with my ass to force him in deeper. My ass was telling me it needed abused and stretched. I was going to make it happen. I begged to be hurt. The fist opened inside of me and worked its way deeper into my second canal. I pushed as though taking a shit and with a sudden push, I felt it going past my second sphincter and deep in my bowels. I felt as though it was in my stomach. Fuck, fuck, please fuck me I begged. My cock flopped on my stomach as I tried to force more fist up my guts. My lover pulled his fist completely out and applied more Crisco. My empty butt was throbbing and felt so empty.

Suddenly I felt the fist enter me again and I shoved down onto it to force it in deeper. My anus was stretched beyond belief and I pleaded to be hurt. My butt hole was abused hard and fast by the intruder and the poppers made me want it all. The wrist and finally the forearm went into my hole and I never felt so full in my life. My cock began spurting huge loads of cum onto my heaving belly and I moaned with pleasure. Oh God, It is so intense. As my balls emptied, I felt the fist being pulled from my ass and it felt like my insides were being pulled out with it.

My butt hole ached and felt so good at the same time. I was released from the sling and ordered to lie on my stomach on the nearby bed. The man with the uncut cock got in front of my face and forced his thick penis back into my throat with one quick plunge. I gagged but loved it. More poppers were pushed under my nose and then I felt the cheeks of my ass being spread apart. I felt a silky smooth cock massaging the opening of my slimy anus. I lifted my butt and told him to fuck me hard. He obeyed and with one hard shove, his dick was completely inside of my hole. It felt so good to be filled again.

My body controlled my actions and it told me I needed cock and more cock. I sucked on the foreskin in my mouth and licked it with my tongue as my butt was being fucked. I couldn't get enough. My naked body did everything possible to get more cock into my mouth and rectum. Within minutes, I felt a huge load of delicious man cream coat my tongue. I savored the taste and worshiped the cock providing the warm load. I held creamy liquid in my mouth before swallowing it. The throbbing of the cock in my mouth made it even more intense.

As I began to swallow, the lover in my butt began to scream and told me to get ready for a huge load of cum. I flexed my ass on his cock to increase his pleasure and suddenly felt his warm cream spurting from his balls, through his cock and finally into my asshole. My anus was sending pleasure through my naked body and I did everything possible to make the pleasure more intense for my lover. I squeezed hard on his cock with my ass muscles and drained his balls of their precious fluid.

My body was so satisfied that I begged them to stop. I have had enough. Before they let me stop, I was turned on my back with my legs raised and I felt the uncut cock being forced into my cum-filled hole. Since he had already cum, it took him a long time to cum again. My legs ached as they were pushed back to my head. My asshole hurt but after taking two more hits of poppers, I was back into my whore status and did everything possible to satisfy the dick in my butt. I flexed my anus and squeezed the man cock in my and finally I felt my poop chute becoming coated with another load of man cream.

Finally, my hole was empty again and I lay on the bed like a limp rag. My mouth and ass had been used and abused just as I had wished. I fell asleep and awoke several hours later. I got dressed and left the house on my own. I had never found out the names of my lovers but I didn't care and the next day I contacted them again and made plans to meet again.

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